Happening of the 4th Of July

Alright so, I've got informations which may be of interest of you guys.

I was browsing 4chan's pol when a thread about a guy pop up, didn't precised if he was in the government or anything else but, he claimed that in the 4th of July, a huge fucking reveal will take place, enough to shake the world.
Right afterward, in the next 2 months.

>The only weapon still in (((their))) arsenal is the media behemoth they've created over the past 80 years. This is the propaganda machine that's been turning since the fucking 50s and it's not going to be gone over night. Nor should we want it to. These arrests and dismantlings have to happen in a timely manner otherwise it was cause civil unrest.

Now, I don't know what to think of all this but, the 4th July is Independance Day for you American right ?
Maybe Trump actually has something up his sleeve for that day.

Link to the thread : archive.fo/awxDJ

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Well I won’t be holding my breath

Fake and gay

The mere mention of Q addles my fucking brain.
That shit was like “lets invade iran”
Mirroring isreal.

Maybe , who knows, but he did precised that the media will try to pull off a last attempt by making huge outrageous announcement to distract the public from the revealations that are coming.

Sounds like r/The_Donald 4D chess conspiracy theory bullshit? Why would this even happen anyway? Is Zion Don draining the Swamp?

It's a nothing burger. Screenshot this.

Kill yourself.

Hello Qoomers

It's never going to happen.

Funny how when David Wilcock, the obvious inspiration for Q, promised mass arrests in 2012, pretty much nobody bought it. But now that the "truth movement" has been hijacked by Trumpniggers this bullshit actually gains traction.

"Revealations" aren't coming.

I think this is a fair question: how much longer can we go without mass arrests before you accept that it's all a LARP, and ideally have the decency to commit suicide out of shame?

No like really they are gonna arrest Hillary and make her build the wall. Like for realz


This isnt halfchan or a LARP board

OP pls

If it sounds to good to be true…… fill in the rest.
So some sort of miracle is supposed to happen right?
Yeah well, i guess we'll find out on the 4th then huh.

My prediction, nothing will happen, and nothing changes.
If i'm wrong then that's great .

2 months = 35 days lol ok really trusting you

this is the wishfulliest thinking I've ever seen from a LARP

Here are two more threads by the same LARPer


this is bullshit Q larp garbage confirmed
especially when I saw these two images

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yeah Cher was qlarping also not long ago
anyway wake me up when fed, world bank and IMF ceases to exist with govts returning to interest free money
in the meantime just in case of ayy false flag

It's not going to happen until the fat lady gets built.
Vid related.

telepathy and time travel, good shit, wish I could time travel to before I read this fucking post

Q was a failure but I guess you guys take the "If you don't succeed try try again" addage to heart. Things based on a false premise, perpetuated by lies, fail. These are the things you should stop trying. They are unnatural things.

I see satan.

Trust the plan, Zig Forumsniggers. Trust us me.

Reported for Q-LARP.

Every word of that screencap is nothing more than a lie.

Man, this post really pissed the shills off.

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Nice cuckchan filename, Qtard.

holy shit guys, im literally shaking and shitting myself, this is totally true and not a shitpost. omg PLEASE almighty god, i as a god fearing american, protect this good nation.

Why would Satan tell the goyim to 'wake up'?

I'll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today
circa 1957


Uh huh, learn English
Fucking disgusting
Holy fucking shit please learn English or admit it's your second language if you want to be taken seriously.
So you admit it and still think your amazing info isn't entirely fantasy? Oh boy, why do I still visit this site.
I hope your .25 shekels per post are paying your rent.

change your diapers gramps.

kinetic weapon dropped on OP

anyone who believes this is irredeemable

And you still bump this thread. Almost as if you want other people to read OP's garbage, or maybe you want them to see how smart you were calling him out

The only thing that might come as a surprise is video of Ivanka Trump taking 100 Rabbi cocks at the Dome of the Rock in some freakish Jew Bukkake ceremony ushering in her husband Jared as the Anti-Christ or simply doing it for the lulz. Either or….

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Q boomers out

s-should we trust sessions user?
GTFO. Qlarpers have been saying the same shit for the last 3 years.
Put up or shut up. Lock her up or one term presidency.

also he says that we're engaged in a war of telepathy so well you're gay

Every year there is a thread like this, another one usually happens around September.

Keep on believing Bloomer, you've earned it.

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shut your faggot mouth. sage is for filthy natives. bumperoosky

Come the fuck on man

If they arrest anyone it will only be goy. Notice how they are only talking about Clapper, Brennan and Comey now? Suddenly wire wearing (((Rosenstein))) is in the clear. So sick of these retarded Q people. Zionald Trumpstein aint gonna do shit, unless its to help himself or jews.

Why announce it this early and give "them" time to prepare?

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Calling fake and gay on this one.
Nice try, though, Shlomo.

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Last three replies confirm, (((shills))) and newbie kids below age of 24 all lol
Plan proceeds as per schedule!

When nothing happens will you admit that you're retarded and were duped by a LARP, or will you just make excuses?

>arrests of many (((Hollywood producers)))
This is Alex Jonestein tier bullshit. Trumpstein won't arrest any of (((them))) in Hollywood or in Washington.

This is now a Yang Herbs thread.

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It's literally just Q but this time rephrasing his words to be someone else. Q is a team of guys anyways so it doesn't matter. So long as the likes of Bolton and Pompeo is in the White House war with Iran is always on the table.

It's the Patriotard LARPbox

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now that i read the picture it looks even more retarded why didn't op paste the first half of the post.
>magic weapons are neutralized DUMBs are still in the bad guys control (you are the dumbs)

LOL you "kikes" are simple as milk.
Keep your shit on your own bed, son.

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People are taking the loli pill. Who the fuck cares about your Q bullshit? Get laid incel.

LOLOL this is how we know (((you))) are done. Predictable as summer rain in india.

I just saw the picture and thought it was funny how much I can relate to the people who crucified that degenerate. Galatians 3:28 bro.

All of a sudden all the entire 20 or so man (((shill))) team gets all over this thing and runs their mouths over the net.
This is how we know lol
Nice job OP, giving these fucking brats something to bellyache and kvetch over.
msm and israel are the main antagonists in this fight. good part of china and middle east based (((shills))) doing their best to poison the water in every possible manner.
No one in the world is fooled.

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Color me surprised.

What's the excuse going to be when nothing happens on the 4th?

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yall won't shut the fuck up until we rape and/or kill you all and we know it ;)
Keep praying, you'll need it as we chase you down hahaha

I guess that's an ok way to cope, I think just killing yourself would work better though,

how'd you like what we did with khashoggi? ;)
necklacing you little fuckers will be a pleasure we assure you.
None of you are safe.

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People area taking the loli pill. GTFO

I have noticed that we are getting an upsurge on more normie MSM media relating to ayy lmaos.

(((they))) have been doing that shit since the fucking 2017 with johnny podesta. that fucker actually started talking about aliens and ufos while the entire foundation was going down.
A lot of pedo defenders and (((shills))) are basically being targeted according to word in the "grapevine". The justice will be even more sweet than what we have seen so far.

I know. What I mean is, I noticed another uptick now that the fisa fiasco is going bad for brennan, clapper, and comey.

People in DC are working hard to dismantle these top level scum that really do hold a lever in making sure shit like ferguson, race wars in general, and all that goes down per schedule. Using individuals like brian tarrant et al was a poor attempt at the same, regardless of how one feels about its results.
People must understand just how fucking important it is to ensure that these financiers, these lever controllers, these puppeteers both high and low level have to be neutralized before the true street level healing can begin, or simply moving towards pacifying/muting these "asset" class demographics who are mainly used by such groups, but people fully understand also how hard it is to simply not act when we are all under active attack.
The key here would be to hold steady and make sure we do everything in our power to keep the households and families stable, but meme war is an important component and I do wish the folks up top were a bit more proactive in putting down some minority/jewish elements on the ground in a way that leaves no question who holds power in our countries.
There are ways to achieve it in such a way as to neutralize the backlash, but sometimes we feel as if some viewpoint and talent is lacking in DC.
Not to mention it's a bitch of a town to be honest in and you can't do this shit without being lethally honest in every way in the first place.
aka stop stabbing every turbo nigger in the back, in one form or another we all fight the war.

Reported for Q-LARP spam.

There are no revelations. There are no distractions. There is nothing coming. Your god is a hoax. Trump is a jewish puppet. Nothing has changed. You are brain damaged. Kill yourself.

Trust the plan.

No jews support race war. No one is working hard to dismantle the jewish power structure. You’re a fucking lunatic.


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what the fuck are (((you))) even tryin.

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Sounds like LARPing.

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Is that Tulsi Gabbard? Is she a tranny?

she's got polynesian chin genes

i'm not particularly swayed one way or the other on the topic but when this many kike faggots flood a thread you should probably at least take a look at decide for yourself what's going on. look at all the fags "oh no don't look at this goy, it's just xyz! associate with this other rotten topic!"

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Would it be too much to ask for some examples?
Curious because fuckin' AYYS

People have been saying shit like this for the last two years. Wake me up when something actually happens.

No, it is a much older general narrative. Goes back to the early 90s and rumor mill news, adapted years ago into the "Drake" narrative promulgated by David "Raa" Wilcock, and carried through by Benjamin Fulford.

Just because Qlarp is doing something on july 4th does not mean other people should stop doing their bit to understand the weaknesses of the security state nightmare and bring it crashing down.

Yeah that's her.
I'm pretty sure she's an actual biological female.

Her mother actually reminded me of Savitri Devi a bit.. she's of German descent and is a Hindu.
Pretty cool stuff, should be an interesting election season tbh.

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anybody else read that as Madonna, kuato - Eurovision Song Contest 2019?

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and tanks in 20

Tfw Trump is the antichrist

Holy shit

Nigger, shill that qfaggotry somewhere else.

Creepy but interesting.

I thought that was Kushner.

Imagine being so retarded that you not only screencapped that garbage, but thought it was a good idea to make a thread about it here. You're one stupid motherfucker OP.

This is some trust the plan Q bullshit. I'll eat my words if it happens, but I'm not going to count on it.

Ah, real posters. It's no wonder the board lost most of its teeth since 2016. It was rightly seen as too powerful by the left, and was basically shilled and slid to death. The quality of the content took a major shit. The whole Q thing, while I had my doubts at first, has largely come to pass. Rothschilds selling old family estates, right wing parties coming to power. Brexit. Central banking being set up to fail. The people controlling society, the satanic, moloch-worshiping fucks got fat and lazy and just got their shit took off by a very stable genius. Not hard to see when Tesla's lab was raided by his uncle. Look it up. Faggots h8, slide, and talk shit about q. Reality is, his time frames were wrong but not much else. Say somethin' asswipes, or send one of your stupid journalists to try and login again. Fuckin pathetic. I'm going to take great joy in the immolation of this fucked up deathcult and the release of my fellow humans.

Fuck yea. Party on. Shareblue blackpilled faggots can suck their own dick cause David Brock said so. I'm talkin to u faggot. Come at me. I'll fry your ass like Duke Nukem.


That property was on the market and sold long before the LARPer mentioned it, but the Mansion Global (or whatever the outlet is called) article was published after. Even clicking the source in their article gives you much older non-English article.

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Nothing will happen. Prove me wrong.

Consider large destructive force that can commit to no substitute damage to a place or institution of fire bombs.

Do you want to be smart enough to know how terrorists are guerrilla intelligent and how to handle explosives?

In training and terrorist acts(those that target the establishment), simple relationships are possible, there is no difference between other cultures [as all cultures are and all nations must deal with the same globalist elite] and with successful guerrillas depend on planning and determination.

It's important that the bird breeds the greatest compass and determination.

Although terrorism has been made, it must return to training and executions, such as the systematic burning of real estate, property, farms, etc.


She's German-Jewish, sorry

Ok Mueller. Get off the computer you septuagenarian faggot.

weak af tbh

Q was wrong about what, exactly? You realistically don't even know because you wrote it off years ago and don't know what's happening.

Fact of the matter is you're the fake news now.

Man I always want to believe this stuff. It makes it seem like there’s some light at the end of clown world. But the second post (as always) starts going into “fractal reality” and shit that just makes me roll my eyes. It sounds like that Galactic Federation of Light shit. And Hopium kills too…


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