I visited /d/ for the first time ever

I visited /d/ for the first time ever.
I am just speechless.

For the love of God. I always knew anime was degenerate and subversive, but this is just hideous.

Imagine your 12 y/o son browsing this shit in his room. Imagine him jerking off to this.


Jesus Christ's second coming can't come soon enough.

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nigga u gay

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Sorry Moyshe but I'm not particularly interested in fantasizing about my son masturbating. I'd prefer if you're stop telling people to fantasize about that I think perhaps you fear the samurai? I think you're mad because you want teen boys looking at 3DPD porn like Blacked.com but they realize it's disgusting and prefer cartoons and there's nothing wrong with that.

the fuck youre talking about you filthy weeb

ALL porn is degenerate

Anime is eternal. Get used to it. I would rather kill leftists and jews that hate anime, along with killing anyone who hates anime, instead of getting rid of anime. Anime stays forever.

Welcome to the party, you're over 20 years late.
And you should've known by now that trying to suppress this shit only breeds more of it. They've got their little pocket of insanity and sexual depravity, while you got your own puritan and holy little nest. Leave them alone, and they'll happily do the same for you.
Seriously, fuck off faggot, no one wants you there.

Writing "y/o" is a sure fire way to signal that you lurk facebook more than you do this place.
When I was 12, the common joke between kids back then was about pedophiles raping kids and giving them nice presents if they didn't say anything. Imagine 20 kids laughing their stupid moronic asses off everytime Jimmy came home to school with a new gameboy. "Ahahahh, Jimmy got buggered by his uncle!"
For fuck sake, we we're 12 and already perfectly aware that shit was:
And if think /d/ is disguting, you haven't seen half the shit I saw as kid. Horrible crap that thought me valuable lessons. I'm still thankfull my parents limited the amount of crap I could see, I might have ended stabbing small animals for fun, but ultimately, they had little reason to be concerned. I grew up nice and safely.
You sound like the kind of pansy that wants government policies to take care of your own kids instead of doing it yourself. Eat a bag of dicks, the last thing I want is someone else to decide for me what my kids can and can't see.
When my little boy turns 12, I'll marathon Gurren Laggan for him, and make a man outta the laddie. And you can't stop that.

Took you this long enough?
Anyway, most anime today is absolutely devoid of any grace or dignity. Japan is fucking lost in a materialistic and industrial hellzone, a cucking even worse then Sweden imo. Not like it matters because the worship of orentals is absolute gay. It's sodomisitc.

Congratulations, all leftists and jews support the modern zeitgeist of which anime dwells in.
By supporting anime you are leading to the destruction of yourself and your people.

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I see. So you think pedophilia is inherent part of human nature? If children aren't this cradle of absolute purity then who's to say you can't have sexual intercourse? Stange reasoning but ok.

This is like going to a board about real life porn and telling everyone to stop interacting real life women. I hope you don't visit boards about fetishes, Japan can't even begin to fathom the depths a jew will go to be degenerate.

Get out boomer

How the fuck do you read what I posted and pull that out of it?
Please recount your fucking chromossomes before posting again, you might be missing a couple.
Kids aren't blind/deaf. Massive pedo-scandals (especially in the church but everywhere else too) were blowing up at the time. Kids pick up on it as a sort of "cultural osmosis". They simply perceive that a pedophile is some sort of bogeyman, and the victims survive but are deeply upset, like Timmy when we still his lunch money, only maybe worse I guess?
So they make up jokes about it, "Oohhh, you better run, or the pedophile's gonna get ya!"
Kids wiill pick up on SOME sexual knowledge at 13-14, and then a couple of things about those Pedo jokes start clicking into abject horror in their heads.
How in the fuck did you get "pedoshit is inherent, hurrff duurrrf" is beyond me.
Read these two lines separatly. After doing so, please tell me how the ever loving fuck did your brain thought putting one after the other was a good idea and great argument to share with the class.
What the fuck is wrong with you. Seriously, get help. Just walk up to the closest gunshop and give a shotgun a blowjob, retard-o.

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anime fags strike again

neck yourself fag

I see what you did there

Why can't normies tell a difference between a depraved fantasy and reality? Creating sexual taboos and then "freeing" people from them is how kikes rule society.

paedophilia is natural and a good thing for the folk. I support paedophilia because it helps the generations bond

Being attracted to 15-16 year olds is not pedophilia. Actual pedos should be hanged though.

I posted this thing about paedophilia being good. I do advocate people obey the law. People should not engage in paedophilia because its illegal. But I do think it should be legalized. And once its legalized people should do it, but as long as its illegal people should avoid paedophilia. Breaking the law is something I am against.

Protip: the community that inspired moot to create 4chan was called "Anime Death Tentacle Rape Whorehouse". Where the fuck do you think you are? If you want to circlejerk with your fellow christnigger boomers about how degenerate everything is, there are literally hundreds of sites out there for you to do so without killing threads on the only National Socialist community worth more than the hairs on my ass.

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Disenchanted Ex weab, mad that anime isn't 90's GAR as fuck no more?

another weeb piece of trash

Christianity is more degenerate than anything you might see on /d/ , spiritual semites are just much more subtle about it.