As above, so below… - (((Occultists))) are trying to bring hell on earth

As above, so below… - (((Occultists))) are trying to bring hell on earth

What They SECRETLY Told Us At (((EUROVISION)))

Judaism = Satanism

Satan is who they get their powers from. He works through his chosen people…

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Eurovision is a comedy thing lol nobody takes it seriously at least not in the UK.

(((Anderson Cooper)))

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Yeah the Occult isn't jewish, kikes just use some slither of information they get by kissing Marina Abromovich's ass. Putting triple brackets around everything is retarded. (((jesus))), see, Christian's literally worship a kike. People of European decent worship desert kikes.

can we just meme eurovision as a satan music awards show?

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Satan hates these faggots and will enjoy torturing them when the time comes.

End Game

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never watched

It's a rigged jewish occult ritual ceremony to force people to accept Conchita Wurst and the like…

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Cut its head off. Burn it with fire.

That is the only way to get rid of demons according to Babylonian mythos. I think they are correct. When their bodies are burned there is no resurrection for them. If you leave the DNA intact they can resurrect endlessly on the planet.


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They're Preparing Us For The Prince Of Darkness

yep its boomer time

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As above so below is Hermeticism not satanic . masons and kikes stole basically everything from the real builders of the pyramids

odd way of writing talmudvision

Reminder that almost every occult text until the late 19th century is christian and that occultism is a christian movement.

reported for retarded christcuckery

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Mantling Lucy didn’t give me whewish slaves, lads.


yep this is more along OP's speed.

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Literally what the bible says but what the fuck ever right

“We have such kikes to show you!”

Holy shit at the second pic with the human sacrifice shit on the wall. Nice fucking find user!

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Why are they all going to bed together in the middle of the day? Are the mexicans? Is it 'siesta time' at the Cooper household?

it's part of freemason / illuminati dual world MK ultra programming

Yeah he is totally normal goys, nothing to see here, an upstanding clean cut citizen…

How trauma based mind control works:

He was probably ass raped by his handlers and given that hands peeling off from flesh make him merely curious you can guess what else happened…

What happened to Anderson Cooper’s brother?

Oh good, more kosher spam.

This jew has been advertising for weeks.

the common end of abuse victims - suicide

Why did you crop the most incriminating part of the photo out?

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You faggots keep posting (((wikipedia))) yet no mention of his intership as a glownigger?

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Totally normal to have a black puppet always watching you.

Totally normal that you want to merge with your surroundings…

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This theme of merging stuck with Anderson btw.

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It's just a joke goys…

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Wuf wuf

Satan doesn’t exist, good goy

A dozen identically formatted spam threads.