User's Kid Is In Class With Pedo Normalizing Leftie Cunt. Please help

Just because this leftie cunt (Karen Thomas) is encouraging Flips to do this now, doesn't mean this won't soon be an issue for whites. After all who does Shekelstein lust for more than white women below the age of 18?

please help me Zig Forums

Here is all the information,

Karen Thomas (the pictured ugly red head cunt)
School: Moreau Catholic Highschool (I know but she isnt altar boy)
School Directory:
Leftist Cunt's Email: [email protected]
Leftist Cunt's School Phone Number: 510-881-4105

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post your daughter's nudes

Take your wife with you and make a stink.
Do whatever it takes to pull your kid out of the bitch's grasp, use religion.
Make it clear that if any information leaves any meeting, you'll sue the school for violating privacy laws.
If the principle and super don't bow down to your demands, sue the school for discrimination.
I went through this in the second grade.
Bitch feminist teacher fucked up her entire class of boys because she favored girls.

your last hope is NOT Zig Forums were not going to be there at 4:00am when your perimeter is overrun and it hand to hand close quarter combat. Either make a stand or move, the problem with moving away from the problem is, there is no where left to go, no where left to go in the country, no where left to go in the world. I was looking forward to retiring to my ancestral homelands……. but that is a pozzed mess now. Don't want to live in a dirt floor log cabin innawoods either.
Since you live in Westworld reach out to the Chinese Triad and import PF-89's and FN-6's they are what is going to be needed to fight the ZOG machine.

>School Directory:

surely you got the job done, everyone can now sleep safely at night.

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You deserve this, faggot. Your sins have put you in your own personal hell, you reap what you sow.
This school isn't even in session. OP is a fag who failed art class.

In addition to doing try sending a message to your bishop since it’s a catholic high school. And if he won’t help go above him to the archbishop if you can get in contact with him. Also try not living in California. You said you work tech so it can’t be too hard to find another job. Maybe try Huntsville since niggers can’t afford to live here and we have a lot of tech/programming jobs both civilian and government.

This school is already out for summer.

It's 4am right now, about to go to sleep

Let's pray Trump gives amnesty to the DACApedes.

What do you expect when you raise your family in modern Sodom? You could easily telecommute to most tech jobs. Don't use that as an excuse.

Sage for blogpost


PTA whining works. Righy wing doesny whine enough. Show up and make principles life hell until he fires her.

I think you will find that every major city, especially those centered around fault lines (active or not), are modern-day Sodom and Gomorrah.

NYPA, nigger.

The chans are not your personal army.

NYPA was a forced meme by 4chan mods who didn't want to have to deal with the legal ramifications of the site's users attacking other spaces. Suck a cock.

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The chans are too fraxious to ever be anyones private army it's just a statement of fact
the lack of unity is inherent

You dumbfuck get out of there. Move north and buy land.
Unless you are Iberian or some shit then you can stay and fight for California to be majority European and take back what is yours.

However it does provide a sounding board and tragically censored discussion board if certain individuals are motivated to assist I'm all for action if it actually will work.

If you are Burger, there is no better place to fight for Europeans that the USA, simply because of the first four amendments. Move to where is most geographically like your ancestral home. Forests, rockies, oceans, lakes, grasslands, ice, whatever. Go there and become like your ancestors.

The USA is a police state like every other ZOG puppet SimGovernment on Earth, but it is probably the least cucked; however, still a ZOG police state, and still actively and openly destroying dissidents and Whites.

No sacrifice is too great, homeschool your kids even if it means moving to the sticks and working blue collar.

From experience, this is the only option. Don't let it go and then regret it when your daughter is a degenerate libtard addicted to oxy.

Get some of the other parents on your side, contact them if you know them or get in contact somehow. Plus points if you get housewife karen types on your side. Create a moral panic and get the bitch fired or atleast put in the rubber room(don't even ask).

Well there's your problem.

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< spend your youth in the military
< work a job you hate in the Bay Area in tech

user, you completely deserve this. Please don't move away from California, we do not want you anywhere else.

Your nose and micro penis is showing Shlomo.

Have a bump, OP.

daughters nudes or gtfo

Couldja just… learnta gravity?

I feel like if I threw out an SOS thread because I was getting waco'd at least one bearded autist with a rusty sks would come to my aid. Perhaps we need a state by state minuteman sort of arrangement. Would you answer the call user? I know I would.

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Lol my sister lives in the bay area it's pretty nice over their tbh but it's pretty lefty tbh luckly we lived in a majority mexican town so she hates beans lol she cuckservative but eh not based but not lefty their

I'd focus on making a stink with the top dogs at the school and any PTA type groups.

If you have ANY evidence that would allow you to suspect she has had any sort of actual pedo contact report it to the FBI. As cucked as they are they tend to take that shit seriously.

If the gook cunt in the first pic is under 18 then having her pose in a sexually suggestive manner is actually manufacturing child pr0n. If it's not ruled as such it may still be illegal (contributing to the delinquency of a minor) to have her pose with boose and tobacco. I would absolutely call the FBI and ask them if this is illegal and what they think you should do about it.

wtf, why aren't you homeschooling? Are you retarded?

A simple google search reveals that the average salary of someone in "tech" is tens of thousands of dollars higher if you move to any other liberal shithole not in California. Why are you still there?

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One month later:

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Given the identifying details of the original post (ex-military, served in Qatar, spend 20,000 on private school, in Bay Area, now working in tech sector)
I can't help but wonder if OP is who they say they are, or possibly someone trying to impersonate a person with that history to get them deplatformed/harassed for being a Zig Forums poster.

interesting plan but even if you got admin access to group, wouldn't FB have a record of who made the post and then deleted it? Concerned she could ask FB to contact the admins on her behalf to ascertain it was not her account that did it, and possibly to ID the account which did, and then finger you.

This kind of OP would work better with 2 parties: one who complains to the admins and one willing to be thrown under the bus as the group member with admin privileges. If the reporter/poster are different people, it's harder to make the connection.

3 people would be even more ideal, 2 with admin access: 1st to post the MAGA material, 2nd to delete it (feign coverup, have them think it was never up there, a framing) and 3rd to report it. This requires a conspiracy between 3 unconnected persons, which has the vulnerability of one being flipped to turn on the others.