In Defense Of The Amerindian Holocaust

The American Indians experienced a genocide, I support what happened to them, I support the genocide that was done against them. It was necessary. Ethnic cleansing is sometimes necessary.

We have historically a LARGE white population in North America, in Latin America you have a color spectrum with few Whites. This means that ETHNIC CLEANSING was necessary to preserve the white color in North America. White lives matter.

In other words in order for there to have been so many White lives, there had to have been a sacrifice of American Indian lives. And I think whatever has to be done to create White lives is a good thing. And I like American Indian culture, but my first loyalty is to my folk.

Hail to my folk, hail to the white race.

I also support Hitlers Holocaust of The Jews. My only problem with Hitler is that he failed to exterminate all of them. Holocaust deniers are horrible people, we shouldn't be denying the holocaust, we should be celebrating it.

I personally support lawful behavior, and I am against people engaging in illegal acts. That being said I respect that some people may disagree with me about this. People can do what they want, but I am a law abiding man.

White America has guilt about the genocide of American Indians, this has a lot to do with the anti-White policies supported by White America, Whites have guilt over what happened to American Indians.

I am willing to face this head on. I support the genocide that was done against them, I like their culture, but I love my folk. So I feel no guild over the genocide that was done against them. In fact I love what happened to them. But I like American Indians and I respect the reservation system.

American Indian reservations should be respected as sovereign nations. It would be immoral for Whites to claim Indian tribal land because they fought for that land. The American Indians are no longer our racial enemy.

The enemy of the white race is The Jews. It is important for all white people to speak against the jews every day. I advocate people obey the law, I advocate people use their free speech to denounce the jews. But if others disagree with me on that I will not try to impose my way on them.

Different people can approach things differently, I approach things the law abiding way.

Even though I obey the law I would never inform to the authorities of something a white brother did that may displease the authorities.

One last thing on the American Indian genocide, some have made the argument that the settlers had no choice but to ethnic cleanse the American Indians in order to avoid themselves being destroyed. Survival above all.

I am a Native European living in America, and I love my people.

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Most natives (like 80%) killed each other when we traded them firearms for fur. Long before any serious push out West

One thing on the Jews: all jews are the racial enemy of our folk. I advocate people obey the law, but all jews are the enemy, and all jews must be spoken against. There is no such thing as a good jew. The so called good ones carry the seeds that grow the bad ones. All jews must be forced to leave America and go somewhere else. And all blacks must be sent back to the ghetto, and whites must secure a whiteland somewhere.

Literally didn’t happen But it should’ve

We must take credit for the glorious deeds our ancestors did, they most surely ethnic cleansed the American Indians, and I thank god they did. We shouldn't shy away from this fact, we should wear it with pride.

You are so transparent, fellow white man.

This is a tactic known as wellpoisoning. We are opposing the genocide of our own people, not supporting the genocide of others, real or imagined. There were fewer than 2 million Amerindians north of the Rio Grande on this massive continent, many of them died after Europeans inadvertently introduced diseases against which they had no immunity. Then, because whites had agriculture and extremely high growth rates during the expansionary period, while the hunter-gatherer lifestyle was keeping the birth rate of the Indians stagnant, the whites became destined to rule the land. It's not fair, it's not nice, and ultimately whites have been poor stewards of the beautiful land we conquered, but it isn't wrong either.

tl;dr The natives warred with each other perpetually in their quest for resources and we beat them at this game. Let's act so that our foes don't do the same to us.

This, dumb kikes want whites to take the blame for inner-genocidal tendicies already present with native populations because we da ebil whyte man be taking dey land and killing dey family abd brags about it, when in reality they sold their land for shiny beads, killed or sold their rival tribes, and we’re supposed to act like this was avoidable if only we weren’t so darn racist like when other (((fellow whites))) intruduced slavery to the black american population who then were busy for years making a buck out of their own nigger family only to later go “ayo whyte man yuz need to ban slavery n sheeeeiiit cuz goldberg said I deserve da rights cuz he said I be human just like u” “sheeiiit nigga you be tryna steal mah slaves? Dis be da civil war naow!”

Kike and nigger alike can’t stop thinking about how to use “history” as they see fit without any accuracy to gain the maximum benefits, and when somebody finds out it’s “Das raycist” or “SHUT IT DOWN” because those darn whites can’t stop bragging about their genocides amirite (((fellow))) whites when in reality white people don’t “ponder” alleged memeocide and thus don’t fucking care. It’s never enough is it slomo? Always gotta project and demonise yourself while claiming to be white must be so tiring.

Just saw this but I’m still gonna post

Brother, the white man is based on genocide. We must accept and love it.

Hail to our folk, hail to our people, hail to the glory of the white race. Genocide is good.

Even though I say genocide is good we must obey the law, or at least I obey the law. You do what you want.


Then why did their numbers only increase as time went on? Moron.

You’re not fooling anybody. This is just getting very sad at this point.

Your the moron. We cleared the land of these red devil. WE DID IT. WE DESTROYED THE NATIVE AMERICANS. WE DID IT. Our people did it, and I am proud. Hail to our white people.

*you're *red devils, so you bastards don't get on my ass about typos

It'd be less of a problem if they didn't make deals and false promises. If it was always going to end in slaughter, then they should have made war outright. There's nothing honorable about the way it went down. What use is being proud about any of it if they couldn't act like men? It's a bitch move, man.

When ethnics and lefties try to imply to me that my society is "a tyrannical conqueror" or somesuch, I tell them "yes, and? Societies are organisms that are born, live out finite lifespans of struggle and conquest, then become senescent and die".

It tends to shut them up, and give the impression that you view the universe in terms of cause and effect rather than moral terms, which in my case is true.

You're low IQ trash likely

I understand what you are saying, but bitch move means womanly. And I think we should respect the womanly way of doing things as well as the manly way of doing things. OUr people are man and woman, so… a bitch move is okay sometimes. If it's white it's alright

Youre low iq trash.

This is a good strategy. Own it. Own everything they accuse you of, then they can't use it against you.

I am a white man. My ancestors committed genocide and I am proud. My ancestors enslaved the africans, and I am proud. My people did the holocaust against the jews and I am proud. Our people must destroy in order to live. We must protect the trees though, the trees have always protected our people from the outlanders.

Our people above all. Hail to the white race, hail to our folk.

I advocate we obey the law though. But anything my people do I support, I am law abiding, but others can behave differently than me. I won't stop them. I won't encourage them one way or the other.

When it comes to women in this context, I'd only make room for warrior women who adopted honor too. Not conniving bitches and Jews. They shouldn't have any place at all in any society.

And here we go again:1 bumpspamming kike riling others to reply to him so he can keep his slide thread going,protip: DON’T FEED THE KIKES (troll) and just hit that report and hide button. Follow in my steps and do yourself a favor of not talking to unironic glowing yids.

I would like to point out that there is one main ID that is bumping this thread. They really do think we are stupid cattle who can't see right through them as they project their latent genocidal fantasies onto their historical enemy.

Nice try muddying the waters, chaim. Holocaust may have not happened yet, but it will and you subversive liars are among the first to die.

Listen you bastards you really got to get your heads out of your asses. and get in the game. If you can't support the genocide your ancestors did so that you could exist then you got to reform yourself and learn to support the genocide your ancestors did. This is serious business. Supporting the genocides of history is important. Again I advocate people obey the law, I am law abiding. But I celebrate history. We must celebrate the holocaust. We must celebrate what OUR ancestors did to the native Americans. We must OWN IT.

LOL, well you're only half bad

The Holocaust DID HAPPEN, come on bro. HITLER WAS RIGHT! The Holocaust was GREAT!! Dude, the Holocaust was brilliant. It was fucking awesome. OWN THAT SHIT MAN, come on. We got to pass some laws and elect a new Fuhrer. The white way is to obey the law, I obey the law. But I support the holocaust too.

I posted this, I am the thread guy, I am not saying we should commit a genocide in the future. I am saying that we should expel from our lands racial aliens.

genocide is a nonsensical term. hasn't happened in thousands of years. only small migrant tribes in the classic and ancient eras ever could be considered to have experienced the jewish term genocide. american indian population in north america was a very savage fragmented group. with the inclusion of firearms they pretty much wiped themselves out to a greater extent than small pox contraction which is another horseshit accusation against ebil whitey.
stop pretending your a council of rabbis in the turn of century plotting world dominance and the decimation of racial opponents. what matters is personal and societal honor. offending amerindians or mestizos as the early americans did was dishonorable. bombarding german and japanese cities was dishonorable. for the sake of european pride and world standing north america will be sacrificed because we are steeped in shit and have no dignity. even if american whites win the eventual street to street race war we will need to be recolonized and organized from europe. hopefully by then anglos will have also been beat down under more honorable societies of the homeland.

Percentages matter more than raw numbers

OP = edgy teen/retard

You're the retard, and for insulting me I am going to say a prayer to God that God bring down a curse from heaven upon you, and I will pray in Jesus name that all who have said such vile things to me will experience curses and judgements from our good father in heaven. I am a law abiding man, but I pray to God for God to curse my enemies.

Dude America rocks. We don't need Europe to rule us. We should be ruling Europe.

This ^

The genocide happened. OWN IT, White Man. That is if you're still a man. I know I am a man, and I am proud of the ancestors of my people. I worship the white race.

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no amount of 'amurica, fug yeah' propaganda could ever make me think this culture of con artists should face anything but total annihilation
problem is the willpower of the rest of the world to dominate our navy and tackle our strategic weapons stockpiles which has to be an inside job. currently we face a famine if flooding continues so perhaps counter embargoing of our grain supply can force the mutt population to start it's collapse

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propaganda can only be useful to inform the population. it's implications are either true or not. that we are a free society of technological pioneers is simply not true. bullshit and lies can only be spread so thin.

According to that logic, how can you be against white genocide? Might is right, right? America belongs to native Americans, like Europe supposedly belongs to whites.

We aren't going to take credit for something we never did you fucking retard. Kys pussy.

Don't act like you care about natives you just hate white people. And that's okay because it's normal to hate your superiors. I get it but we still have to erase you and your nigger family from the gene pool because you niggers look like home erectus.

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Are you that self-hating, alcoholic native american from that other thread a while back who was angry that the white man didn't hunt down and kill every last one of his ancestors? You're that guy, right?

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The only genocide to occur in North America to my knowledge is of the Celtic settlers who came here before the mongol hybrids crossed the ice bridge.

Many savage Americans only have female Celtic DNA which is irrefutable proof that they killed all of the men, and raped the women. Cause and effect.

where are the proofs?

The World Council is not a chess competition at the site, sometimes on the part of the cleaning of the race and war of the dominant economic and cultural rivalry. Ethnic cleansing is the name of the game.

The children of the Kingdom of God, but later saying that the pen is in white.

The people of the land, for example, programs could vary Chess class. The difference between thyself and King.

In the sign of colonialism, and recent governments will lead to a part of the country's refined "in-Parade" ethical Notebook. That's why it's forced to take India to the British government. CLIs noticed because the power of Hindus organizations rely on the train lines to the bottom and black, Hindus list and Hindus should not equate to the future of the Indian city of Perig fodder, and whether India will be clearing out the moral future.

High-class Hindu in England and the Empire, where the British decided to distinguish between the top and bottom levels of hinduus over, it has helped India cleanse the UK from small people.

This may be a good analogy for the government; "message" because it involves cleaning the color apart and a piece of time and the table removal. As the cultural conservatives go to the cleaners: beware, surround, harem, give up.

It is also so racial nationalism works, with collective harassment. Lefty and jews on the internet can neutralize the collective verbal harassment.

This strain is a combination of organic compounds of land and natural resources and other types and other species. Each species has no world plan.

White is heading towards the left arm, but unless it is buried in the jewish idea, they need to change their natural instincts by intuition.

They do not believe that the jews are lying. They are weak among us.

The misuse of words, even at home, the basic weapons are avoided and ignored.

The world can't be White, but White work works for everyone, and it's no different that we're rolling it out. White people like outsiders should not be given a rating.

The middle of the White man. There is White type without the world nothing, or White, or the world. The third man-fingernail White planet, the Earth, and White, but the wealth of the Kingdom of God and he gave to the world.

We must serve to a White person who is that body of God's light to the world. Jews are the symbol of the power of darkness and a desire to remove the lights. The White Nations are like a city on a hill giving light to all Nations. It is a White light to the Nations.

However, White is not in the Hebrew text of the Bible.

We don't need the White world, but we want on Earth, they can contact: White. It is not a reason to participate in anything. White is the totality of the universe.

Use only white colors. The White son of the people, the gods lived in paradise. White people are part of the black and white part of the jew. Elf-jews.

In Latin-White, Hispanic is not a breed. There are also friends in India and elsewhere. For time and place.

As a group, the jews are Satan. The jews are evil, and the Devil's realm is speaking on the planet Earth and tries to remove the White, which is indicated by pointing at the silo Truron that the Circle master takes over.

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You can organize an alliance with Whites and other ethnic people against the jews. A title friendly in white using jewish "Color notebook". You can use White "Lärarcentrerad" with friendship with other nationalities among jews. Many states have no need for Kekistanians. We cannot respect any other group in the country.

The traitor is the most unattractive.

Very interesting coded message you posted there, the free association manner of writing is a way for the subconscious mind to communicate truths the subconscious knows, however the way it is expressed requires some decoding, analysis, and intuition in order to fully translate it into a way the ordinary mind can fully grasp, interesting post.


People complain about current Amerindian culture of inebriation and sloth. But really it’s better than the culture they had before.

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