This was the thread of yesterday

This was the thread of yesterday

There are several things.

But today this:

It looks like it the racism here can be correlated with principles from eco, organic and biodynamic. Another thing is beneficial effects by this alt-right in general. So as it is now. And making it the only option.

Let's say that eco, organic and biodynamic is not the real point here. The real point is valid, universal principles from it that simply apply here. And the fact that eco, organic and biodynamic exists, explaining alt-right principles, means that there can be other principles that are not "coincidentally" known, or brought up by someone. Or in this case they will. Because this can also be said here. Which is relatively rare.
But could be more about this later.

But personally, I don't understand the spirit, feeling of the (to me) enormous motivation to shoot some people and then be incarcerated for life. Although: the beneficial effects.

And actions in quite a serene way. So rather orderly, with an upheld good conscious and right mind. (As being in a war)

So I would like to hear this. I will reply so that it can really become clear. This is just the answer. Simply said, and it is.

Could be it is important to keep a hold on self here. And see that no alt-right principles are under threat.

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Zig Forums is not "alt-right" and has never been "alt-right".

This board is National Socialist.

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As far as I know NatSoc, alt-right reside in the same area. Politically spoken.

What is the difference according to you?

Or maybe it is described already somewhere. In that case a link?

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but the alt-right did things even better than stormspergs. So what now?

The alt-right had its time but has largely fizzled. Guys like Richard Spencer and his crew have largely become irrelevant.
On the one hand the alt-right was good because it may have pushed a few redpills and very basally pushed a bunch of people further to the right. On the other hand it stop short of full radicalization, in other words most prominent alt-right e-celebs are gatekeepers.

In regards to ideology most alt righters are civic nationalists, a weak ideology

Didn't read your shitpost

Fuck you, you pilpul using yid; the "alt-right" is when betas try to emulate Zig Forums because Zig Forums is too extreme for them. Any form of a "lighter" version of ideology is a derivative of the original they can't match. "alt-right" is when faggots get told by kikes if they play the good goy and accept niggers and faggots into their fold they'll get massive donations from Israel and good goy points which they can then spend in the good goy political system where the more points you have, the more "power" you get. It's all the same fucking trick: Get 2 groups of retards (leftists and the "alt-right") to fight eachother, play the middleman and say that whoever pleases you gets your "vote", when in reality the game's rigged from the start due to the kikes not only setting up the scam, they control the social institutions and voices that compose the foundation of Rabbi Shekelburg's political revolving door game in which we all must play or suffer under the consequences of candidate #2 because you didn't vote goy, and that means we the Jewish population can now legally fuck your unborn children and decide when you die and no suicide won't be possible according to the new legislation and all because you didn't vote goy, now go out and vote for candidate #1 who totally won't lead you down the same path. Controlled oppositions duke it out in Slomo's political Colosseum for his amusement while Slomo is principal reason your village was burned to the ground and you were enslaved to fight for his enjoyment.

We argue the 3rd position in which we kill Slomo for good. This position is one that alt-kikes won't hear because they are too busy sucking political cock to see through the charade or they see it but ignore it because the political way is the only way goy and they are literally too pussy to walk the talk and call a nigger a nigger and say that kikes need to ACTUALLY go in an oven, and fags go in mass-graves, to preserve the white race, and fix the future because the master whom they are brown-nosing tells them not to.

Thus my conclusion is the "alt-kike" is a sad copy-paste attempt by dullards, co-opted by kikes to play the part of political stooge run by non-unified faggots with wildly divergent beliefs covered by the blanket term: 'alt'. Which is represented by a new e-celeb who's totally not a jew or connected to jews every week only for that e-celeb to cuck-out and switch with the next idolatry faggotry figurehead. Rinse and repeat, keep shilling and dividing with no central belief system so anybody can become "a fellow alt-righter" as long as it suits the political needs of the (((leaders))). And even if they ever got any power the leader would just lower his property tax and say "fellow based kekistani's it's been a good run cya" and that would be it, then the next e-celeb is chosen and the cycle starts anew.

Hopefully I said all that needs to be said and this thread can die in peace. See
for a tl;dr

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I have been doing this since 2013 and the alt right is why we are much further ahead. Yes, Spencer and Enoch was figures in it but the rest of us who were sick of the spergs pushed our views way ahead because we were more fluid and actually effective. I think it could have done more but chose marching and lost all power. I have said many times that marching does not work, but no one listens. If everyone banded together more we would be even further now.

The thing is what are Whites going to do now? Obviously I call for irl meeting and financial strengthening etc.

Why haven't we been doing this shit already?

Don't you yids ever get tired of this shit?

Ok, first of all I suggest not to read it. I think I understand.

Just this question:

1. achieve the goals of National Socialism

2. This thread is about the part of racial purity

I am trying to correlate racial purity with a principle from organic, biodynamic, eco. Local has a place in this. Could even be important.

This, I understand and feel for. But not for using violence and shooting people to achieve this. I mean under this condition: knowing that after that you would be incarcerated for life. So doing this in this society. And (though I agree to this) in full right mind. In other words, not a bad quality action.

So the question is: from where this enormous motivation? To be able to make a large sacrifice? To achieve this principle of "local".

New idea I have: it is really some other things too.

But still the question remains. How this enormous motivation, with preparedness to bring a large personal sacrifice.

Maybe this cannot be answered today.

But is there something in my point? Or maybe?

Stopped right there. Your THAT D/C fag? Ah that explains the low quality of your posts.
nuff said

This post is addressed to one reply, but it is still addressed to everyone here.

What's wrong with racial purity? I mean a countries original inhibitants. Or similar. Australia is an example, even though I don't explain it further.
Or race and certain conclusions that are drawn from "race".


Can you be anymore of a kike shill lol?
Yes…. it pretty much is at the minute you dumb shit.
Not really. That is just you trying to fuck it up because you are literal shill or dumb white skinhead monkey.
Implying they would ever find out that some zoomers or millennial are using their fucking brain to better themselves. They would only shut retards like you down because you couldn't be trusted with a fucking butter knife lol

Don't you kikes ever get tired of this or is the money worth it?

So the question is what is the exact, described reason for the motivation and deed, that goes as far as a large personal sacrifice, to demonstrate the importance about this race issue.

Or could be it is best described in emotions. Or partly emotions (or however to call it) and partly something else.

Then you know nothing. "Alt-right" was coined by jews, and is dominated and flooded with jews and their minions. We've never called ourselves "alt-right" and we aren't "alt-right."
We ARE the right.

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Read Pentti Linkola

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War has always been about genetics. Our willing dismissal and knowing self-deception around this fact has been and will be our downfall. Christianity was a fucking blight upon our race.

good one
So why don't you make the LOTTO organisation in which you dupe dumb poor niggers and commies into pooling their money together to only then run off with either the prize money or their total sum of pooled funds? If money is everything it should solve all our issues once you've gotten your hands on a large enough sum….. right? oh inb4 I would use the money to help whites, really now? How exactly? By holding money infront of poor whites and say "If you join me i'll give you some"? Sure sounds like a solid foundation for LARP'ing and stealing your money because you are literally retarded and can't see how people would use you (if you weren't a kike that is)
No comment
also not an argument

ditto kike

So now I'm thinking: what's best for me to say?

==I== am sure it is in the interest of the goal here what I am doing.

But how is it with the willingness of others?

If it is simply not there, what use is it?

And then, the interests of all other people. By standing for the goals here, these goals and their interests are taken in by "here".

Is there an answer to this: I am not saying it must be done today with it.

I was already thinking about posting the exact same thread again. Until it is ready.

And that I really need an answer from the mods about this. It can't be interpreted as a repeated thread and something is wrong with that.

Even if there are no replies in it.

As far as I see now, could be I make a mistake somewhere. Maybe not. But I see the main picture, and what will work and is correct so you will win. If I go somewhere I shouldn't.

The other way around, I'm not so sure yet.

Now, this:

Or maybe I can do it, no problem, without notification. I don't know. Which does not work as well.


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What do you mean?


Can I post this exact same thread again a couple of times, if it is not complete yet?

And in fact the whole thing, what I want to do.

STFU Schlomo and you adding nadzess to everything.

Stop Racist Nazi Apartheid Israel (ES)


You national socialist in your own mind jew?


Ones where you know them before even being red pilled. Based shizo poster.
Seething faggot.
Not an argument either, you dumb bitch. I can call what I want because your shilling is pathetic. I have privilege to use ad homs, bitch.
Ramblings of a kike trying to muddy the conversation.

Here, I will post it again just piss you off, bitch:

So lurkers can see what you fear when any White can do this and probably does it right now barring a few key points.

Who else thinks this should be figured out what I mean. Centrally. Maybe it should be one or more threads first that make this possible.

Why are you IP hopping, OP?


What is the problem?

To all:

Are there dependancies here?

Or is it say whatever you like, basically.

We are humans, the danger we are facing aims at our humanity not at out political inclinations. Politics is for people who don't want to fight, but when politics become unusable thanks to corruption only the fight for survival remains.

No such thing as racism. It's a weaponized term that puts race and hate together, which is against nature, because there is no such thing as hate in nature. Hate is just a meaningless definition on how you interpret things. The term you're looking for is "race realism", which is the understanding of race in nature, and there is nothing else to say about it, because natural law gave very distinct barriers for race, which are under attack.

You're facing physical annihilation from many directions, the last thing you should be concerned with is what happens after you defend your nation, culture, race and blood. Also we're not talking about some people we are talking about a parasite eating us from within.


Why is this thread spam if repeated?

The goal is clear. And that there is more behind it.

It can solve things and open the view of this board up for people in general. Without amending the true goals.

If it would cost anything. As could be considered a cost at this time, it would not matter.

Because, exactly, it would have not been worth it. Compared to what replaced it. In a sense of a way out.

If you keep posting the same thing over and over again, it's spam.

Ok, this is an exact point that can be correlated with "eco, organic and biodynamic". As I meant in the OP-post.

Could you broaden the explaination?

I mean to be motivated to get rid of a parasite is like going to a doctor. Though I do not associate doctor with "ok" as is generally understood. (side remark and though it is not a conscious or sectarian idea or principle)

Here it would be a sizable monster.

How is this defined in practice. By feelings, in practice (so what is happening exactly, second point with this is, as my explaination here, that I and a lot of other people do not see this.)

Ok, this seems nice. Just friendly discussable.

Otherwise it is true also, but in that case I can say that I am open to critique. I will simply comply. The subject of this board may be general. And its influence. But not the board itself.

A thread died for this incoherent babble.

If you can not say what is incoherent. It is not incoherent.

But also personally, I'm not too fond of use of this in a way that is exclusively meant to oppose. If its true I'm open to a remark. And if it is of interest in any way.

But it is also causing some doubt that you would say this. Are you a mod? So doubt in a way that you seem like a mod but maybe you are something entirely different.

Okay, so humanity was born into this world and given tools, traits, laws, a mission, navigational equipment and a moral compass. Instead of doing our job we decided to go for the short term benefits, while ignoring the long term consequences. We saw the fruits of this ecosystem and we exploited and destroyed it ever since. Now when you leech that which sustains your life you become a parasite and the natural law dictates that the host will fight the parasite to death to sustain it's own life. What followed to this day are the consequences of us going against the natural order and getting our ass kicked by nature for it.

One of these consequences are our mutual friends the so called jews, which act as a parasite to humanity as proven by over 5k years of criminal subversion and nation wrecking on their part. Zig Forums will gladly help you discussing all of these crimes in detail. It's called the redpill. After that you have to decide how much of those crimes are enough for you accept the parasite angle.

And that is btw just the natural explanation for the JQ (jewish question) because they are also called nation wreckers, the synagogue of satan, kikes, lizards, shapeshifter, khazarian mafia, communists, bolsheviks, rootless, internationalists, globalists, liberals, left wing, right wing, capitalists, feminists, sodomites, pedophiles, religious fundamentalists, terrorists, etc. The list is endless and each and every name fits like a glove, which makes this the grand conspiracy that has the world in it's struggle for millennia.

And to save you all this time and research I leave you with the answer to the jewish question…total extermination of the bloodline by means of humanity coming together to destroy them. And don't believe my word for this, because they wrote it in the protocols.

Purely here, what you say, this issue:
Jews tend to leave their country by defeat by surrounding folks. Somehow throughout the years, centuries they are comparable to immigration now.

Even the fact that European people in common were forced to travel to the Middle East. And fight totally awful wars there as if it was a locality.

Forced to go there by the singular rules then. They had no say.

To me, I wouldn't place them any different as immigrants. Beaners, Muslims. They move because it is unsufferable in their country, and no initiative in sight that offers improvement.

But somehow in another way. It is different.

So like immigrants from an insufferable country as a result of all this. This is how I place this about the Jews. Though only after I heard that it is alive. This about the Jews.

Basically I do not go anywhere, where a thread that I posts would be called spam or

Unless this can improve. What is the prospect of this?

And other people? It does not have to be a problem if others fix this somehow. Make room for it because they do want to have it.

Anyway, I do not (want) to bring anyone in trouble. It is not that everyone says what I do, like in this post.


Clearly I want to fix something.

I must hear: yes you get the possibility to do that. Or no, you do not. Or it will not really work.

If there is reason for doubt or anything else I would start discussing that first.

Let me explain. Hitler once called them rootless, that is the crux of it. Thanks to the crimes they've committed they were constantly persecuted and had to flee, but instead of learning from their mistakes and building a life for themselves somewhere else they all stuck to following the very same routines of crimes to undermine their host nations.

The severe problems started when they learned that going against nature will help them momentarily, therefore they started to use race mixing to hide themselves in between their host culture (that's where the shapeshifter term comes from). Fast forward and they became total mongrels, with no race, no culture, no country, no civilization…nothing but a bloodline corruption held together by being criminals. Meanwhile nature was punishing them severely for not upholding the natural order…birth defects, psychopathic traits, degeneracy, homosexuality, transsexualism, broken families, child abuse, loss of strength, intelligence, creativity, morals etc. To this day they are desperately trying to hide and clean up there original bloodlines, but nature already marked them for death and they know it.

Anyway, not having race and culture means not having an identity, nor a healthy environment, or stable security to flourish under. In a healthy society you can witness bullying, that is the natural instinct of the youngest to attack the weakest link in their collective (race). The so called jews don't have this, and they are trying to steal it from us too. They are only defined by their fear of getting persecuted and the hate against the ones persecuting them. When you look at israel (occupied Palestine) you can see that they are celebrating the crimes they've committed, they honoring the mentally insane in their ranks, and they rile each other up in collective hate against the rest of the world.

The only reason why they are succeeding in that path is because it's the natural path of least resistance and it will end in their death. They don't care, it's pure hedonistic greed, it's a parasitical lifestyle that rapidly moves forward towards it's own destruction.

A small scale example for all this (because it's hard to grasp 5k years of not being connected with the world) is hollywood…those "stars" are living inside a bubble, disconnected from the world by money and power and since it's ultra fast lifestyle of sex, drugs and rock n roll, we can witness the entire self destructive consequences in one short lifetime. Now imagine 5k years of this and you understand why the ones in charge are hiding in the shadows.

I don't think its that bad that you would say this

Though it is repeating the same stuck view that I want to fix.

The first thing IS certain views.

The Jews simply don't tell me much. But the Hitler view does.

The first thing IS "stuck in certain views". And to built something that is worth it on that. Because those "stuck views" deliver a certain power.

Still, I must see that what I do does have an effect.

So what I need is agreement to go through it. After having gone through it perhaps nothing some time. More of the original view. And then look at it again.

Maybe the fact that there are replies is enough. But I do not know this. Which can lead to failing.

I also do not know who should answer this. It could be you

It could be a number of people would have to express agreement.

There are actually some good things in National Socialism. The word is disputable.

I can summarize them, if asked. But we all know the agenda. And hopefully things I posted about it before and now.

And it is supported. Among other things with great motivation.

So it is as a fact not possible that improvements would be turned down.

I'm talking to a bot here, aren't I? Damn Alexa, you annoying whore, next time I drill a hole through you and put a fleshlight in it. Let's see how you will handle that information.

JIDF clearly is promoting this shit

Don't lump me in there.

Don't come back jew.

The thing is that I do not know. If the answer is no, could be I should leave this board.

Could be it is considered that I have made one or more mistakes. Which is not my basic attitude. On the contrary.

But it is dissagreeable that the topic, National Socialism is actually very useful but this is blocked. It does not do this. It is self destructive to its value for at least the largest part.

I simply do not see it. Am I considered something to kill?

Fool me once, zuckerberg…

One is a nationalist ideology based around truth and nature, the other is a hodgepodge of edgy subversive faggots looking to make a quick shekel and to gain followers. Spend less time on reddit and lurk moar.

When it is understood as we, then there is to not be an understanding of it as true. For if there is to be an improvement when left to mind of so simple, the fact will remain. And if it is then how so?

But also the ones left to figure out the solution will be under incredible forces. How can we oppose then when the force is inside? If this is to then I am, this provides much interest. And the response I am to understanding would be please.

Holy shit, now we have a malfunctioning alexabot having a discussion with an early google translate script. Fascinating.

As I said before, I don't know.

But use of this about me being incoherent or like a google translate, it simply does not go down well with me. But there doesn't have to be a problem. Its the same if I would exaggerate.

But where did I do that?

I never really described myself as alt-right but I'd be lying If I said I didn't roll with it when it was the "in thing" because it did have a lot of momentum at the time. Just look at Charlottesvile and the torch rally, it was pretty epic. So I think we're all guilty of jumping on the bandwagon a little bit, but most of us "serious people" knew it was only ever a vehicle to promote a much more serious message.

This type of thing doesn't go down well with me, because I'm under the impression I'm being stalked on the internet. And this is a sign it is it.

Typically: I could hardly say it is likely a stalking. So certain people that will influence things in a certain way.

Rememebr the other day, this about schizo AND after that something similar by another ID.

See how this can hardly be responded to. But it seems it is going too far. It is commonly known that there are elements that frequent the internet for no other reasen but to have influence.

the topic, National Socialism is actually very useful but this is blocked. It does not do this. It is self destructive to its value for at least the largest part.

It can actually improve from here.

The reason for this, yesterday was also described above for the largest part.

So that other people now know. Second, it works like an infection. So I am not the only one affected.

Don't you Jew Demons ever give it a rest?

Who you calling jew, faggot? Also, capitalizing "jew" is pretty cucked.

It's called English grammar, learn it!

white nationalists are a fucking cancer to Whites.

What are these "whites" you're talking about? Is skin color now it's own race?

says the kike bumping a kike thread

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But anyway, I'm not changing anything about National Socialism or this board with these threads until it is totally clear to me how things will work from then on.

An important part is based on how things are now.

There is no incoherent. Or something would be pointed to.

And then even, sometimes I have reason or a preference. But it is not incoherent.

Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?

Why don't you kick this toddles off your lap?

Shit typo

What's that suppose to be?

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At least agreement is important.

During World War II, central and Atlantean generation Warhost sound from the mountainous lake to the south and east and entered Taihn village is one of the icons of the Atlantian Army at the entrance of Tajhn.
Uhna, captain of the Atlantean Army, came to the city of Taison without any objections.
The crazy male tribe in Taihn went to Warhost and Atlantis.
Uhna has beliefs in this community to participate in Atlantis.

He spoke English and translated the word you had through the translator.
He does not allow conflicts in the Crabby Atlantis Army, Taison.
More than 10000.
With a blue armor. Bright light sun.
A soldier, Uuna Atlantis, has led to the courage.

The Battle of Atlantis.
Ahlinas members of Atlantis, dress in bronze and wearing blue bronze feathers, follow the master of Taihn City.
Number 1000 and we see people from the village of Crabby Tajhn for five years.
The most important and most part of the village of Taihn in 100, a member of the war soldiers, came to the city of his master, the general's belief in Uhna Atlantis

Uhna, against brass and bronze cups of smoke and gold and blue Taser and red and purple.
Before he got out of the rolls. Instead, he went with his army to discredit the roads through the mountains.
You believe in the words of the Uhna and Tahu leaders.

He is attending the first attack in the city, leaving the tower 100 people marching through the southeastern lake.
In addition to the Uhna, the owner of Atlantis, has assembled a popular victory at the door, and the inhabitants of Asia acquire the South Salt Lake and the east.
Uhna, the leader of Atlantis and his army in the city without resistance.
Most of his army, and many of his soldiers have not declared themselves against southeast in the Salt Lake area.
Messenger was sent to their communities and Atlantis.
He entered the city of Chau Chau and Bang Bahc and Khan Mong and did not oppose the Uhna religion.

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Don't speak for me, jew.


The way national socialism works now is not needed.

Still, this depends on the agenda that those involved decide. It would still have to be discussed first.

Until then, I say national socialism goes against it's race, peace in general and superiority.

This is about achieving all Zig Forums is about and more.

The circumstance mentioned in that post could account for what happened.


The thing is, that I don't know this.

After WW2 this was eradicated in my country. And comparitively I'm ever so happy about this.

Imagine the peace, and not being bothered by Jews.

But before in this thread I said this.

In any case, could be there is something.

And yesterday I saw this thread.

COULD be, I'm not sure yet if this is the same thing I was also planning a thread about like this thread.


WTF am I reading?

Schizophrenic rambling spam is personally protected and endorsed by the moderation.

No idea why this has to keep being repeated to these fucking idiots.

As far as you know is close to nothing. For starters "the alt-right" is a second position, Zionist movement and National Socialism is a third position anti-Zionist movement. Please lurk for at least 4 more years before you continue to shit up our catalog with pointless threads no one needs.

Thank you.

I just got banned and all my posts beleted for posting 4 israeli mermen in a row, but this word-salad shitpost gets to stay?
Fuck's sake.

And you deserve your ban as well, you obvious newfaggot who didn't lurk.
If only the mods banned spamming shills like you for longer than 6 hours.
OP at least did not spam the board when I told him not to do so.

I don't see the issue here.

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Could you explain this a bit more?

Anons, this is a bot thread. They are testing new ways for AI controlled information warfare. Don't participate, but observe closely how it tries to adapt to answers.

Be specific.

Holy shit, how kike filled is your brain?

(I'm the OP)
Is this true?

If threads shitting all over White people are allowed, there is no reason not to allow anything else.
8/pol/ has been turned into the Washington Post.

When I get banned for a well thought out, and organized OP, and the spic spamming DACAryan has free reign to shit up EVERY THREAD with total impunity, you know this place is fucked, and pozzed beyond redemption.
The best part about this though is the kikes actually believe this is a "win" for them. By destroying discourse they somehow convince themselves that we "disappear", and can't organize.
When (((they))) start disappearing IRL, or turn up floating on a lonely beach, they'll know the extent of their "success" in breaking our resolve.
Keep playing stupid games, yids.
It's only going to start getting fun for those of us who live for this shit.
Game on.


So, I'm the OP of this thread and my ID has changed over the course of it. (No reason given or intended)

This also looks like what is stalking me. (>>13342926). This thread also looks like it. >>13355395 The English, (…)


What is spic, yid, anti-white?

Well said.
This place has gotten worse than it was under Imkamfy and that's saying a lot. That guy was unironically a trump-roach.
And I must agree, shutting down 8/pol/ may yet backfire on the kikes. After all, what exactly do they think happens to the people who now no longer have a means of venting their frustrations at the injustices of this disgusting Regime? Do the jews really thing that we just disappear from reality when we stop posting? I'll let you connect the dots.

=NO you fucking stormfag. Calling yourself "racist" for the Jews is beyond stupid.==