Netenyahu falls israel going for elections again

King jew Netenyahu didn't get enough support from other parties, so it seems they are going for another elections.

We should meme and do black magic to make sure a pro Arab liberal party in israel gets to power.
open borders for israel

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Fucking irony is that one of things they disagree are DNA test to determine who is true jew kekek. You can't make this shit up, even if it sound like a punchline of "Adolf waking up from hibernation and reads newspaper" joke

Also Trump's deal of century will be postpone again i guess

If a left-leaning party leads Israel Jews are going to have a real shit fit
Yet I can't help but feel like it would be a bittersweet victory at best

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The thing with bibi is that he's a Polish-Jew, absolutely subhuman and lower class to superior German-Jews and Russian-Jews. He's lower than the fucking Sephardi and Mizrahi.

Wiki says he is first Israeli born PM ?

I'm in. What to do, though?

Could do what the gentile Balaam did.
"to cast a stumblingblock before the children of Israel"

That would truly test if (((they))) are the chosen people.

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Iran war will be declared and he will win.

So you're saying being born in israel makes one a jew? user, a whole bunch of Palestinians will be very angry with you if you don't take that nonsense back.

Israel should have the tightest borders.
No merchant should be able to get out.

I doubt it. A strong reason for his electoral unpopularity is that jews are too cowardly to want to get drafted.

I don't give a fuck about palestinians and being born as a jew makes a jew. But you point out German-jew or Russian-jew, so birthplace do matter yes ? That makes this kike Israeli-jew
Still you got a point. I'v done some digging and his father was from Warsaw. Guess that matters in kike land

In all fairness, women there can get drafted and vote too

Is Trump secretly /ourguy/ and the one creating these confusion for these jews.
Let Soros take care of israel.

You mean "Netenyahu falls, Israel going for elections again"?

Stop Racist Nazi Apartheid Israel (ES)


What's funny is this skirts the new trump-inspired law he passed that made it impossible to indict a sitting jew in jewland.
Top lel.

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This is obviously a dirty trick, we just have to discover why they're pulling the ruse. Bibi is their "Trump" card, since he can play puppet master of the U.S., there is no logical choice for them other than Bibi while Trump is POTUS.

So they're going to dissolve the government so they can make this guy the head?

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"pro arab"party. The arab party got outlawed years ago.

so much "the only democracy in the middle east" Zionist propaganda line.

Israel is for jews by jews. Nothing but Jewish Supremacy.

I say we encourage the religious zionists to go full zealet and rock down the 700 year old Dome of the Rock Mosque to build the third temple and start sacrificing animals to Yahweh. That will get some more support for the BDS movement.

encourage this loonies.

What the fuck makes you think a single jew would fight in the war against Iran.

That's what American Goyim are for!

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Fuck yeah it matters.

The Zionists were European Jews..they considered the MIddle Eastern Jews to be culturally inferior. So much so they stole their babies from them.

No.. I'm serious. They told them their babies died and gave them to European jews to raise in a "superior culture".

Israel is fucking evil.. The more you dig the more evil you find.

Bibi is good for us. He completely demolishes the myth of "poor little Israel", and makes jewish power obvious. Someone more moderate would honestly be a setback.

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Just wait until you see what's coming.

Henry Kissinger predicted the collapse of Israel by 2024… He said all the moderates will immigrate to other nations and only the most extreme zionists would be left.

This is going to fun to watch. I am hoping for full on Arab genocide combined with the building of the third temple, animal sacrifice and some asshole claiming to be the messiah.

fun for all.

and don't forget all those illegal Israeli nukes.


Because they know jews are mutts and it is worthless.

The other parties are worse

Open boarders for Israel!
Jewish women love Black men!

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Dead jews, good news. Yes, i can see you, jewish cunt, trying to spin it like everyone else dies.

No, it will only be you. Your overlords want to continue their interests and don't care about you fucks. At best they will go Soros's route and sell you earlier as slaves to arabs.


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Hey you stupid fuck….. Ever hear of the Sampson Option? That's where Israel collapses and nukes Europe just for being there.

It's a real fucking thing.

Israel is more evil than you can even imagine.

Fairy tale for stupid jewish children.

And destroys the rest of Rothschild empire and profits just like that, because useful religious idiots bought the "muh land" meme? Not happening.


Clown world. The actual democracies - when people are in power - get labeled as totalitarian regimes, because they don't allow (((democratizers))) inside.

If you dissolve yourself, you win

Any king of the jews can play puppet master to the golem the USA has become

Israel has nukes.

Jews think they are god's chosen.

Israel fails.

God has forsaken us.

Fuck the world.

Launch nukes

Rothchild money may have got the Zionists their start but this twisted dream of Jewish supremacy has a life of it's own.

Nazi isn't a bad word here.

Try Jewish Supremacy.. that's what I call Zionism now..

But otherwise.. Great post. Thank you.

Top jews think in their own profit terms, and religious fairy tales are for useful idiots, they dont make decisions to nuke anyone.

Plus its not certain if Israel has nukes anyway.

I'm telling you man, best outcome here is kikes have their own Night of the Long Knives, maybe split Israel into 2 entities.

as i understand it Netanyahu actually wanted this because the government that was proposed was going to completely hamper what he was trying to do
so dont celebrate yet dumbass

PM of Israel isn't king of the Jews. That would be Lord Rothschild, the family that took over Britain and founded Israel nya~

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Cool let's kill them both, as well as all other jews.

And dont forget the traitors/honorary kikes, the anglo race.

Pissrael is not a Jewish state, it's a central safehouse for Jewish criminals.



Israel will burn.
Fire raining down from the sky, blasting every inch of land.
It will come out of nowhere.
4 nukes.


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Rolling for stumbling block.

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Ethnicity matters. This is a mafia.

This, the only chance I'd the United States backing out at the last minute and Iran, Syria, and Russia collapses on Israel.

Democracies are not long lived. They break into a two party system, then a financial battle, and then the country revolts.

I don’t know the official status of the theory and any recent genetic testing that’s been done but I fully believe the khazar southern Russian origin hypothesis of many of these Ashkenazim. I know a half Sephardi Jew and even she looks much more ‘middle eastern’ than any other I’ve seen. She also told my friend who claimed he had some ‘Israeli’ heritage that you can’t actually be ‘Israeli.’

August 22nd 2022 the false messiah will ascend from the bottomless pit

Soviets built it for them, not just in Israel but also across the world hidden away from the pry eyes. I don’t know how many but maybe CIA do so why don’t you ask them?

Rothschild is king. Bibi is just the CEO of Israel.

Is Trump running?