Gen Z at it again - Nazi bathroom graffiti is on the rise and making national news

Doing something as simple as drawing a swastika on a bathroom stall door is now newsworthy in current times. All it takes is a little black sharpie marker and a few seconds of your time, and you too can become a neo-nazi subversive!

Wilton superintendent addresses swastika found in school bathroom

Swastika on a Bathroom Stall: Anti-Semitism Still Plagues Upstate School District

Swastika Found in Bannockburn Elementary Bathroom

Swastika found in Hellgate High School bathroom under investigation

Swastika Found in SF State Bathroom

Swastika found in bathroom at high school in Easton

Swastika found in restroom of Montgomery County middle school

Seven swastikas found on women’s bathroom stall

Some of these incidents resulted in lengthy, time consuming investigations by the school districts and even law enforcement were called in on some of the incidents – all because of that hateful symbol that anyone can easily draw on a bathroom stall door in under 5 seconds.

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so evil

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Kek it would be a lot funnier if the zoomers used drawing huge fashtags everywhere. It would be like an inside joke that the out of touch boomer teachers wouldn't understand.

A huge amount of teachers are millennials these days. Teaching doesn't require prior experience for entry level like most other fields. Boomer teachers are retiring.


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Try to keep your based, white affirming graffitos to ZOG property (parks, rest stops, courthouses, your school, your kid's school) or obviously kike owned businesses (walmart, banks…)

I bring this up because I used to work for a regional chain of gas stations owned by a good white family and as much as it made my day a little brighter to occasionally see swastikas and "kek" scribbled on the stall walls, I still had to clean it off.

Dumb. Endlessly dumb. The elite of this world spend their lives dying so others will die, withholding “rewards to the unworthy” and suffering blind to their own ill worth, when they could be living so others could live, and partaking in a world beautiful even into their own corners of it.

All this, and we are still to fight the obedient pointless war of fake nazis vs real nazis? We are to be as our so-called leaders, living where joy is a lie, bowing when love is raped by the “sober” psychosis of racial collectivism?

Learn some pride!

We should given humanity’s present knowledge of epigenetic influences seriously consider implementing affirmative action.

(((Psst, fake nazis, graffiti the shit out of places where real hateslaves will have to obediently scrub it off. Let’s make ‘em work until they remember how to once more have pride in autonomous again!)))


Dumbass. You need help. Part of white privilege is being presumptively unsuspicious enough that dumbass broken beigy-slaves get help more readily than dumbass broken browny-slaves. It’s one of the hidden foundations of the concept. Slavepeople refocused the argument on high because they lacked the strength to survive free speech.

How the fuck is this newsworthy. I live in Eastern Europe, you can find some swastika or SS symbols in pretty much every single public bathroom.

Oy Vey they know that white nationalism is our weapon

This type of shit has always been around, this isn't new at all
The only reason that this shit is hitting the news is because "nazis" as a whole are getting noticed again & millennial newfag teachers are "shocked" to see that kids are still kids

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since when did you think we would recieve help regardless of WN existing or not

Might buy a sharpie pen and the next time I use the public bathroom at my shopping centre draw a few swastika's just to see if it hots my local new.

certified 300 iq

Why don't you already own a Sharpie? I never leave home without my Sharpie.

It was made by a jew.

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Yeetards need to die.

Who fucking cares

you because you didn't sage.

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only if you report it as a hate crime for reparations, rabbi

What would be amazing if we were to witness a grass roots sharpie intervention, the posting of bathroom artwork ad nauseum, and yet it is doubtful we will see it, even based on national news reports of widespread bantz.

so they are making this shit up too


who has never drawn swastika to bother teachers?

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I still talk to the guy who blamed me for drawing the swastika, said he didn't know it might have been me. Him and another friend that I regularly hang out with comes here daily.

HI bros.

This would be a fantastic idea for next winter.

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12 year old arrested for drawing symbols of pure hate…

Arrested for exercising his artistic freedom! A 12 yr old political prisoner.

"Los Angeles police said they’re hunting for an injured man Monday after a trail of blood and what appeared to be bloody swastikas were discovered near the city’s Holocaust museum, according to several Southern California media reports."

Blood swastikas? WTF!


It's always the whites, women, and kikes.

Yep, if you think zoomers are going to bring in uncle A, you're wrong. Zoomers aren't even as edgy as millennials were growing up. And it's nothing more than to be edgy. And the ones that do become political are the worse J left trash shabbos goys.

You guys think millennials are bad? Wait five more years when zoomers are indoctrinated in college.

Zoomers and future generations aren't going to save us, be politically active now and don't push it off to your children.

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Anybody born after Reagan was President pretty much has no hope of not being a cuck.

according to what data? I can't find any in the articles provided.

Anyone can do it and say it's the evil nasties you fucking mongoloid!

Amazing, the user calling out the jew got deleted.

Well in case you missed it.

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Oy vey. Mossad getting sloppy. Grrrrrr kek. Nice try kike

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Gen Zyklon is like the GET WOKE GO BROKE meme, for lazy dunuffinz useless faggots who think they can just sit their comfy ass here shitposting and everything will resolve itself with magic (or the gwgb case, with the invisible hand of the market).
The truth is the Gen Zed is te more pozzed, more mutt, with more trannys ever born.

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Thank you White Nationalists. We appreciate all the hard work you do for us Jews.

Have a free stencil.

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90% chance that this is just some edgy faggot trying to get a rise out of people.

Wow…. that's news.

When I was a kid I drew swastikas all the time. They look cool and are tough and scary. Plus they are easier to draw than a pirate's skull and bones or devil's pentagram.

People just ignored it back then.

Now it's a police investigation.

most teachers don't make to retirement, they barely last four years on the job on average.

Teaching sucks. The pay sucks. Kids suck, and you choke on PC rubbish everyday.

You mad?

Gen Cuck is the literally the gayest most socialist generation in history.

oh they ain't socialist. If they were socialist they'd have health care, housing, and decent wages.

Instead they get raped by corporations that call themselves progressive when they stick a rainbow on something.

It's straight up unfettered jewish capitalism.

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Our symbol does not belong in a fucking bathroom, or tagged in graffiti at all. This is incredibly disrespectful to your people. Fuck you.

We used to do this all the time when I was in grade school just for lulz. Now the kids mean it.

Gee, I totally can't see the difference between those. Cumskins sure are pathetic.