Are Poles white?

I'm interested to see the general consensus on this board on this topic. I see plenty of discussion about this issue, but it is never easy to pinpoint what the common view is.
Thanks for your time frens
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Yes otherwise heebs wouldn't attack them so fervently.

The fact that shills can even make this into an issue is one of the reasons why we'll probably lose.

Didn't Hitler say the Poles where one of the greatest races they invaded and have high respect for a Polish general?

There is no "White™".
And "Poles" are Polski and make Pierogi and the Bagel. The latter being stolen by the jews like they do everything. They are the best, after the Dutch who made the Pickled Dill, that is.

No, the letter he supposedly sent to Himmler was a meme, but Hitler did have immense respect for Poland's dictator, Jozef Piłsudski, who died 4 years before the war.

Kazimierz Michał Władysław Wiktor Pułaski
Father of the American Cavalry

After a close and meticulous racial inspection, I must indeed conclude that Poles are in fact people of color.

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Are Jews Neo Nazi White Supremists?

Stop Racist Nazi Apartheid Israel (ES)


I heard some people claiming they were jews or mongols, so I wanted to see how widespread this view is.

Not as White as these Aryan gentlemen. Hon hon hon

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jews are mongols and once lived mostly in Poland.
Now they live mostly in the US, Palestine, and East/West Francia.
jews "project", which means "accuse others of what you are doing while pretending you are not doing it".
It is a type of lie.
jews are liars.

Pol White Eagle

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Some are but there are a lot of you jew fucks there just like most places.

See, here's one of the niggerjews now.

Poles are the reason hitler went to war. Look at a map of europe pre 1939, western countries a few hundred thousand jews, eastern europe maybe nearing 1 million then Germany's neighbour Poland 3 MILLION JEWS???

Poles are utterly sub human for failing to protect them selves and giving jews white genes needed to penetrate the west, yes they may be white visually but culturally theyre worthless and have helped the jews got to where they are now, the sooner poles are genocided out of existence the better.

shill, just letting you know that i feel genuine sorrow for how hard you shattered your parents hopes and dream, my sincere condolences to them.

Sure is E Michael Jones here.

I understand the concern for d&c shilling - I don't like it either - but I'm just here to see how many people believe Poles aren't white.
But yes, I did shatter my parents' hopes and dreams. That is unrelated though.

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shake shake

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A lot of the Jews in Poland came during the Pale of Settlement, when the Russians moved them there because they understandably didn't want to deal with their shit.
Could've done better after, but you can't just go gassing kikes without the (((League of Niggers))) interfering.
The jews took over Europe by taking over the most powerful European countries, like the UK, USA, France or Russia, and since the Jew usually only penetrates his host, it is safe to say that it was those countries that gave them the white genes needed to penetrate the west.

Is that a jab at the guy you were replying to, or National Socialism in general?

That picture is genuinely disturbing to look at wtf