The Africa Problem

Biannual reminder: There are 1.26 Billion Africans
Discounting any white expats, you're still left with over a billion of these defective humans, all completely useless. Unlike the Chinese bug people, you cannot put them to good use in a modern economy, and they're far too stupid to understand the long-term consequence of their population trends. While you are wasting time online, they're just infesting the planet in an uncontrolled breeding frenzy, but then very few people are trying to solve this problem. If your neighbor had a rat infestation, perhaps you wouldn't care at first, but eventually those rats are going to find their way into your home. Forget about Ebola, she's too slow and even if she took 10,000 per year, that's just a drop in the ocean. Increasing conflict is an option but that has been occurring naturally for hundreds of years and has the immediate side effect of creating legitimate refugees.

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Slide nigger.

No it isn't you dumb faggot.

Bill Gates and the Israelis were right. If we just sterilise every nigger on the planet they'd be gone in a single generation without having to fire a single bullet.

They've been pushing the idea to westerners that Africans are always in crisis, always starving and suffering from aids, and poor drinking water. It can't be too bad if they're reaching these population numbers. The Democratic Republic of Congo has about the same population as Germany! DRC I would assume, has abundantly more natural resources too. Alas you don't hear too many people talking about quality DRC engineering. What a waste of people.

Ashkenazis and Russian jews know whatsup with these chimps.

And then you have the Alex Jones types pushing back on Bill Gates as though he's committing crimes against humanity to those poor niggers.

You are the retard. The CIA could bifurcate any of these nigger nations with sectarian conflicts tomorrow if they wanted. It's absolutely an option and you're dumb to pretend it isn't. Option does not equate with an optimal solution.


Such a horrifying thought. 1/6th the planet and 0 innovation.

Do you run the CIA?
Then it isn't an option.


The concentrated forces of Zig Forums alone could probably start an African conflict.

It's by design and part of the world poverty racket. Aside the endless criminal exploitation, they've bred them into these numbers to now use them for migration warfare for their attempt to overthrow the entire world under official jewish leadership. Also Africa was given to China as a loyalty deal, which means the blacks will be enslaved or exterminated after the whites are gone, because then they have no other purpose for the jews. And of course the only demographic that would speak up on behalf of blacks was white. So yeah, those numbers won't be problem anymore in the near future, which is very near because occupied Palestine has a certain breeding problem with black israelites, which needs to be fixed asap.

He's an advocate for the poison shots EVERYWHERE, thus he is an ENEMY/traitor.

Okay, and.

I was going to say that we could probably get a few strike teams of whites to find a hotspot on the continent, identify two tribes, and slaughter to the last child a single village of each, leaving a note that the other tribe did it and get them to go to war… but then I remembered that there aren't any native African languages with written words. I suppose we could leave it in French or English in most places…

Just stop feeding them.


They're clearly feeding themselves just fine. The image of the poor starving African is true in a few places, but largely unrepresentative. Those scams you see on TV are to suck some cash out of white boomers who look for opportunities to get into heaven.

I doubt that.
Barely a single person here even knows anything about African politics and we have virtually zero influence over the political landscape there.
But on the off chance you decide to prove me wrong, I will lend my aid. I happen to be very well educated on African politics. Your best bet today would be igniting a civil war in Camaroon between the English speaking western part of the state and the central government. That conflict is on the verge of getting serious and many analysts expect it to get hot some time within the next 2 years.

Other conflicts you might be interested in is overthrowing the current unpopular government in Eritrea, exacerbating the conflict in Darfur, Bringing the Arab Spring to Sudan and overthrowing the military government that just seized power there, assisting ISIS alligned Boko Haram in reestablishing control there, and execerbating the violence between Whites and blacks in South Africa.
Oh yes, and I hear that there is unusually high unemployment in Liberia this year. That makes it more likely to experience a civil war.

Vlad you forgot to switch IPs, you start off by telling people increasing conflict isn't an option, and proceed to then outline a plan of action. Good points all the same, these could be looked into. The reason Zig Forums won't do it though, is owing to a limited attention span of 2 days.


I have zero doubt about this. These niggers cannot survive without whites, not a single race likes them, and they're already proving too uncivilised for kikes to control. They're also fucking useless.

Simple as that.

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Investor Relations in African Holocaust:

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Sounds good like a Alois Irlmaier prophesy. The other option is siding with pygmies and other African groups being enslaved and genocided by the Bantu currently. They're definitely a lot more peaceful and civilised than Bantu subhumans.

We're limited to people we can reach with a computer though.

Well, they were enslaved when they were thousands of years behind other races. They never had a chance, and the jews never let them have peace, instead they designed the blacks into a weapon that spreads poverty and violence wherever it's been directed. Rhodesia is the best example for this, when after the whites were gone, the remaining "liberated and docile" blacks where run over by savage nigger hordes. Same in the US or South America…alone they can adapt to white neighborhoods, but as soon as they get numbers the nigger problem emerges and becomes a deadly threat to everyone including the blacks. It's terrible and so very few blacks understand just what the jews did to their entire race.

Relevant reading on the Africa Problem.

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I remember that being brought up in the 80s by white European scientists to get control over the African poverty problem, just to be savagely attacked and shut down by jewish media and their human rights councils. I mean how dare those white devils try to make Africans have less offspring? Fast forwards and we have hundreds of millions of African children in poverty, starving to death, dying from deceases, getting raped, genital mutilations, slave labor, human trafficking, organ smuggling, child soldiers, donation racket monkeys etc.

On the contrary. This isn't a plan of action. For one, because no one here will actually do it. But mostly because I didn't outline an actual plan.
You know, I've been here for years and time and time again I get proof that most of Zig Forums is too stupid to tell the difference between a vague idea and an actual plan.
And yet these same doubel diget IQ imbeciles think that they're the master race.


Again, this is not an option. Moreso because the pigmies are neither politically organized nor in any location of importance. They're barely armed.

Why limit yourself to just that?


We could change that.


An ape is smarter than a bantu.

Doesn't matter : when a big collapse will come (and it will) those 1,26 billions will go down very fucking quickly.

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We can use their low IQ's against them in a number of ways.

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Perhaps you ought to spend less time larping as an Africa expert, and working on your reading comprehension. You display the characteristics of a 120 IQ person, being smarter than the average has convinced you that you're highly gifted. Remember kiddo, you're talking to actual 140+ geniuses here.

Is there only one solution?

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I'm very dumb, but and if we force communism into africa countries? If their countries adept to real communism, just like Venezuela, they will starve and kill each other for anything. Of course they will try to imigrate to other countries, but this happen all time, every day.

I don't know what my IQ is but I really would like to encounter smarter people. Or at least people who can distinguish between a vague concept and a plan.

It will destroy South Africa and kill all of the Boers.

They already are commies.

Do you think opening with
is conducive to creating smarter discussions? Also you literally did flip flop from "no option" to listing what you thought were options.

what a waste

It's not an option because no one knows how to do it.
OP mentions the CIA but we're not the CIA and even the CIA couldn't kill one fucking guy (the Lumumba escapade) in the Congo.
This kind of thing is simply beyond the reach of an anonymous image board.
Take Cameroon for example. They're on the verge of civil war but we'd need to physically go there and meddle to start it off. Posting memes on Twitter is not going to cut it. Especially since most people involved in the conflict are French speakers and almost none of us speak French.

Meh, the elite have wanted this for years. Remember the days they were constantly calling for global population control and everyone save the chinks rejected it? Them causing the nigger population to spiral out of control is just a way for them to punish everyone and to smirk just so they can say "we told you so". Obviously this will work because everyone cannot stand niggers then they'll reward the chinks for their first adherence to global population control by making them the new world hegemony. They have already given them Africa before it gets cleansed. Looking at media lately, it seems the elite are setting the world up for massive global depopulation. If you aren't useful (and niggers are most assuredly not), you're just going to die.

If we left niggers to their own devices. The majority of them would die out. The reason the nigger population is always booming is because (((humanitarians))), Christians and rich shabbos goys like Bill Gates love niggers so much and subsidize them. Get rid of the subsidization and all nigger populations will fall.

North africans and sahel africans are not as atrocious as the bantu people. I'm just being honest. Some upper east african populations, like those from eritrea or ethiopia or somaliland can give birth to children with blue eyes. I wish I was kidding but somalis are actually better than bantu people. We should focus our hatred on bantu people. Hausa speaking nigerians are also not as bad as bantus.

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This isn't true, africa is a relatively safe place compared to south asia or indo asia. Natural disasters are mitigated by the large distances between populations (like plateaus and rifts).
What really should be done is arming northern africans (not just north africans but everybody in the sahel as well) to genocide the south. Just like Sudanese did in the Darfur genocide.


have you guys ever looked into the different tribes? The ashanti, Igbo and Yoruba from the west african area are actually fairly smart they're generally the origin tribes when you hear about nigerians at top flight american universities they include some of the best scrabble players in the world.

They had a pretty sophisticated civilisation in the past, ironwork, incredible pottery statues. there's a famous portuguese explorer who remarked on their sophisticated pillars and trading empire
this was before the the jewish slave trade empire turned the area into a war zone though

I don't care what they do as long as they stay out of the west.

To be fair, we're inundated with so much nigger retardation that any bright sparks are going to be dulled by dark masses. It's far easier and safer to just assume every nigger you meet is fauna rather than a civilized human.

I'm just trying to point out that not all tribes are created equally
bantu should be hunted down and eradicated though

looking at their chess ranks nigeria's best chess player doesn't even score above 3000 on FIDE…

bad typo above 3000 would be alpha go level

why do I even try…

They don't fair very well on project-euler (mathe competition) either. Only 243 participants from Nigeria, and only 13.6% of them made it past 25 problems.

Compared to:

(Half Hitler checked)
If whitey is out of the way and push comes to shove the chinamen will fry up the jews and crunch them down like kosher wontons. The Chinese leadership is wise to their games and doesn't need to worry about appeasing a bunch of voter-proles who weep for the six harambion.

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once again pol was right
My thoughts were based on something I read a few months ago
after further research Zambia and Zimbabwe are both better at chess Zambia even had a grand master…

there's a thread up about guangdong and another about how the jews started and ran chinese communism.

Cut aid and they die.

Just a prank bruh. It would be the greatest stunt in the history of the internets, but you guys are too lazy to pull it off. You'd rather wait for Mohammed to detonate a bomb in a European capital, so you can get synaptic arousal , get /comfy/, and enjoy the adrenaline pumping as you watch the "happening" unfold.

I understand your point, but both you and (>>13337242 ) are over simplifying. Africa largely lacks the infrastructure of developed and developing countries outside of their main cities which are basically just used for coordinating mineral exports. There can't be any collapse because nothing is even built. Dirt roads are normal in most parts and using a car is impossible in some areas because it will just get stuck and you will get beheaded by ugandan warlords (this happened to some couple who volunteered from the UN or something)

Any white who enters africa is usually watched by whatever spy agency the local government has. Also good look getting a passport. Most dont allow tourists i.e. Chad, Angola

Don't call it Boko Haram. Also Abubakr Shekau got ousted from ISIS as the governor of his wilayat because he was killing his peasants for no reason. Helping them doesnt help because they actually organize pretty well, which is the opposite of what would be advantageous to destroying the continent.
What should be done is arming people like Mauritanians, Western Saharans, Chadians, Sudanese (like you said in Darfur) and getting them motorcycles so they can drive south and pillage and murder the darker bantu speaking populations.

Good explanation.

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This is the true Blackpill nya~
Because rape is the normal mode of reproduction in blacks, and because of anti-racism and white guilt (thanks Jews) The west WILL BE BLACKED. I really don't see anyway around this, except for destroying the power that the term 'racism' has nya~

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The planet of the apes is upon us nya~

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They will do that Anyway.let then do that.wich racist really care about THEN?
The white race is a weak race.they also not belong there.are you a white Supremacist? Are you want to help the withes ? Ha ha the white race.
You are a weakling.go to help THEN THEN.nobody will really help's hero talk.nobody will really go shoot or really care about the withes there.
The whites got to be death there because of don't accept the law of nature that the strongest race wins.
IN SOUTH AFRICA THE NEGRO'S are stronger .they are very powerfull there.
They have the right to Kill THEN there because they are stronger there.
You idiot low low.what are you want THEN? Help the withes in south africa?
'Oh let's be the hero and help or Brothers in south africa'.'if you do that they Kill the withes in south africa'. Who care's ?
Let THEN do that if they want.
He is a traitor that try to that nobody believe in his race and the low of nature.
Why you would be a white Supremacist?
They laughing at you.'white' Supremacist.
There is even not a white race.
It is simply normal to want anything for your own race and nothing for the negroes.the name 'white Supremacist' is really crazy now. They really laughing about that.go to be a white Supremacist if you want,you are not a real national socialist.death death death.
' White supremacy'THEN they will think like whites and blacks.
Death death death traitor.

Sieg heil!

MLK was their last chance, their golden nigger, and he too turned out to be a subhumaniggerapist.

They are all out of chances now, there is no redeeming their wicked Curse of Ham shitskinned race.

Or rather, "being racist against blacks is needed for simple self-preservation," and this statement must be accepted as truth by the majority of Whites, or there is no hope nya~

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Not just birth control, sterilisation. There should be a program that pays niggers to get sterilised. At this point the sterilisation via vaccination is actually a good plan for helping the niggers. That the Jew elite wants to use it on Whites is concerning, but let's take their schemes and use them against (((them))) nya~

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4.3 billion niggers by 2100. the Africa question is the single biggest problem facing the white face. which is why we need to rapidly exterminate the kikes to be able to devote our full resources to exterminating Africa. the only hope i see is to position tje 4.3 billion noggers against the 5.1 billion gooks. hopefully the gooks will nuke the niggers for us in a Phyrric victory, and then be so weakened that we can eliminate what remains of the gooks.

worst case scenario is the gooks overwhelmingly exterminate the niggers, then colonize Africa and fill it with billions of gooks, and then it will be 1.7 billion whites versus 10 billion gooks. i don't see humanity existing at all on Earth after 2100.

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There is actually something similar to that, believe it or not.

What could I hypothetically personally do in a virtual life-simulator videogame to solve the problem you describe that wouldn't get my character banned or killed.

I think the niggers in Africa would really laugh about this. They're rich, very rich.
and they have a huge racial territory.they have the whole African continent.and they are scattered all over the world,even more like Jews.and where they go,they have a lot of influence on the culture.Jews barely.Jews are a peaceful race that gets blamed for everything.probably also the Jews laugh at America.
While the right-wing extremists focus on the Jews, Africa, India and China are a terrible threat.
And also the internal culture of America is getting even crazier and breaks down.
Hitler wasn't like that at all. These are really useless idiotic ideas.

AHAHAHAHAHA, have you read the bible, the talmud? lol
Yes, because they control our local governments, not the niggers, Indians or Chinese nya~

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As it stands either we do it, the jews do it, or the chinese do it. The arabs might do it too if they didn't prefer them as slaves so much like in those libyan, uae, and saudi slave markets I guess they might castrate every nigger on earth then slave them to extinction. Fuck, latino gangs in the usa are genociding them as we speak. The worst part is most of them don't even know why everybody hates them, the blacks have zero self reflection abilities. The blacks can't even pass a mirror test when every other race can.

I can smell the matzo from here, kike.

There's a problem with kikes, they always act like they're the fucking Amish or some shit but they're the most evil fuckers around to the core of their code


I don't think the Arabs will bother. Just look at Al Jazeera + (also known as AJ+) it is the Qatari government's propaganda arm that creates a fifth column by pandering to negros. Arabs hate negros as much as any good person does (even Anwar Sadat was hated for being darker than the average egyptian) however Arabs know they are too swarthy and feel threatened by race supremacy ideas. That being said a lot of guys in Anbar province Iraq and Syria and parts of North Africa are pretty white passing and would probably be fine with genociding negros if they were shown video examples of the destructive behaviors of american blacks on society.
A few months ago Chinese police called a black woman with 12 kids in China (how the fuck she got there I dont know, maybe shes a prostitute for some oil drilling chinese businessman) the nigger word (black ghost in chinese). They had to apologize but everybody in the chinese comments agreed that the negress should be deported with her niglet children. Many smart Chinese people hate Africans and look down on America (rightfully) for having black popuation. Of course this isnt always true since like any population China has some cuck losers who apologize for savages.
I think the Jews will eventually realize their 'universalist' or 'humanist' space colony fantasies cant occur with niggers. However they will probably CRISPR-edit niggers to be smarter, which wont actually help much, since they will still be niggers.

I'm banking on a 3rd world war that incentivizes the West, China and Arabs to scramble for Africa and kill negros for resources.

India is not a threat. Pakistan maybe (pakistan is part of indian pashtun hindustani ethnicity) since they have nukes, but the pakistani army helped kill Bin Laden so they should be fine.
Indians hate niggers. Look at the caste system. Also, the majority of Indians speak an proto- Indo-Aryan language family
I agree BUT without JUDEO-CHRISTCUCKS we could focus on the threats. Right now we cant since they are burying us alive.

The Africa Solution.

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europe will become like India, Indo europeans smeared with dravidians.

They were starving because of failed post-colonial socialist and communist states. Now they are starving because we are feeding them and they keep reproducing oblivious to that fact they can at most support only 1/8 of their current population.

I don't have an Africa problem, because I don't live in Africa, and this isn't a Communist boars.

I can see the light.

Mugabe and Mandela were both fucking commies trained and funded by china and russia the west should never have let them them take zimbabwe.

the whites were stronger in south africa for decades they only failed because outsiders told them not to treat blacks like animals
they could have annihilated the blacks if they'd wanted to.

If no one helps them africa will be decimated from some horific tropical disease


Just fucking google it. Blacks take 3 more years to pass the mirror test (if at all, considering most are literal retards with 65 IQ)

I once met a really smart Nigerian in pharmacy school. To this day I'll never forget, we were talking about European rule of the continent and he was convinced Africans were much better off under Euro rule than left to their own devices.

Nope, far worse than India. Imagine the orcs raping all the white females (and males) or middle earth. That kind of thing nya~

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Are African Berbers white?

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White maybe, but not Aryan.

Tarim was that but smeared with Hanzu. Afghanistan was that but smeared with Arabs. Why won't it stop?

The world… so sad nya~

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