So according to Serrano, Shaivism and Tantrism is the way to go. So what should i do, what practices, meditations? How do i "win" this world?

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It's called sexual transmutation. Essentially the will of the 1. monad is to multiply, and by doing so expanding the sphere not reality.

You can redirect this will by storing it up like a hydroelectric power plant. Essentially you say: "I want to have many children and females with good blood, to have that I need soil, to get soil I need to do XYZ.

So then you will have an inner drive that pushes you to do XYZ which is in line with the will of the creator / monad.

If you are interested in Shaivism look into Kashmiri Shaivism and also look into Neoplatonism.

(Essentially people love themselves, enlightenment is to see the self in all things therefore love and support all things that follow darma / are good / create order and hate and eliminate all that follow adarma / are evil / create chaos.)

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Parsifal, by Delville

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Que the music

Tantra is indeed power. But not just about sex. It is human body technology. Explained by a Guru:

ITT: Shills try to misdirect people towards universalism

It's not Shaivism but Vaishanavism , among many other things

So CERN is our guys?

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You could try not being a weird fucking degenerate. Who cares what a bunch of "guru" types have to say? This is just the 14 year old version of "deep".

The "New Age" must die. It's just Crowleyan satanism in bubblewrap. Same shit.

The Dravidian system is the Antithesis of the Aryan system.

To win this world. You need to not only manage the modern technology but also the body, emotions and mind. Create a personal wiki and organize all external technology. Information, memes, projects, business, health, interests etc.. But you must also practice organizing yourself with meditations. Balance both, chain their benefits and you get sucess.

Muh Dick

exoteric you mean

Could you go into more detail?

What are the cannon Aryan scriptures and the cannon Dravidian scriptures? How do they differ?

Kikes made countless corrupt iterations of various philosophies, religions, myths and occult practices in order to mislead Aryans and keep them imprisoned in service to their sand devil. Going through the labyrinth of false gods requires a lifetime devotion. That includes Christianity, Satanism, and any other form of belief (or disbelief) that you may encounter. Glowniggers and Tavistock goons are quite scared of Serrano's works so are now trying to corrupt and misinterpret them on purpose, for the more weak minded to be either misdirected or dissuaded from pursuing it. That doesn't bother me since the real content was intended for a very specific and very small group of people so they are practically doing us a favor by weeding out the unworthy, it's just that these kike faggots piss me off and I'm compelled to fight them and their schemes wherever I encounter them.

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Kikes made countless corrupt iterations of various philosophies, religions, myths and occult practices (as part of the Theosophy Project) in order to replace major religions but WITHOUT absorbing their power or taking their place, i.e. so the Church loses its power and Trade & Commerce becomes the sole big player. Not that the Church is of any value, it is/was simply a big player who has/had to go and make way. You'll probably find useful stuff in every religion, especially if you interpreting it your way which is also true of Serrano. But it is obvious that Serrano is simply a disinformation agent for people who are ways ahead of others. There are agents on every level and they don't fear baiting you with lots of true things because they're not spreading anything, those (few) people who are attracted to this stuff already know most of the useful things. You won't learn anything of value from Serrano. You either know it already or it's irrelevant like science fiction.

you don't need to bother with any of that larp stuff. just read the bhagavad gita and don't masturbate or have premarital sex. read some norse stuff like poetic edda too if you want.
the whole "tantra" sex stuff is retarded. people like bhisma and hanuman never did any of that and they were way more powerful than some skinny twink who just likes to get his dick wet. real brahmacharya is the most powerful.

Reported, jew.

If you had read or understood the first thing about hinduism, which is what serrano is trying to address, then you would understand the concept of "winning" is itself masturbatory and meaningless. The brahman plays at reality, it is called "the vishnu lila" or "playing of god". It happens out of its boundless joy and strength and for no purpose as we humans could conceive of.

I broke through veil using kundalini meditation from the avatar cartoon. Not even kidding. That shit works.

Shitler, Poos…

It's no wonder Whites are dying off.

This user gets it. Once you break through to direct knowledge right action is done spontaneously as an outflowing of your divine nature in line with divine and natural order. Just work on aligning thise chakras. Dont skip to end. Work from bottom up and be disciplined.

I think I’m going to take the dharma-pill soon. Vaishnavism is the final redpill

The Dhammapada says that Indra conquered the world by observing it, by watching it. To see something is to grasp it. Observation of the world is ruling it. Because with observation eventually ones mind grasps it.

Hippy fucking babble. The world is the inheritance of the progeny ofthe Aryan race the only way we take it back is by quelling the nigger and jew pandemic

Real talk. I have been an extremely devoted advaita vedanta practitioner for about 6 years, and im being absolutely sincere when i say, in giving Christianity a look now that i have digested what i believe to be the most complete and detailed look at metaphysics, which is hinduism. Having that and looking at christianity through this lens, i see that christianity addresses things beyond even the ken of eastern mysticism. Eastern mysticism is the undisputed kind of the philosophy of what is, however, christianity speaks to what is beyond the ability of the senses and reality. Christianity speaks of God which is a spirit beyond the existence of reality.

Read some enlighting stuff:

Miguel Serrano - The Ultimate Avatar

Devi, Savitri - The Lightning and the Sun

How to be the UBERMENSCH:
The Art of Worldly Wisdom
by Balthasar Gracian

I’ve never heard anything more false in my life. Serrano is full of essential knowledge about the origin of our race and the nature of the Demiurge. I prefer Savitri Devi though personally

What does it mean to "win" in this world?

Already corrupted beyond recognition. The church played it's role (just like communism did in Russia for example), so they got rid of it to replace it with something even more kiked (which would not be possible if the societies were not previously poisoned by corrupt major religions). That does not make them a valid alternative. You need to retrace the steps and undo the corruption ALL THE WAY, which is exactly what Serrano was doing. And that goes way back, even before contemporary Hinduism (which our poojet friend ITT fails to understand, but he is forgiven due to being an animal-man).
What would be his role? There were zero reasons for them to produce something like that. Everything points towards it being very harmful for their agendas. That "everyone who threatens us is a disinfo agent" shilling (that is just an extension of a "Hitler was a Jew" pilpul) might work on some clueless boomers, but you are not fooling any people to which his works were actually addressed to. In other words, trying to shill against it is absolutely redundant and you are just wasting your time.
Maybe not in the value system that you adhere to. You see, in order for such statements to hold any weight, you need to provide an alternative. Which of course, you are not going to do, and we both know why.

I'm heading down the same path user.

Lol stick to what you actually know, dingus.

Just do the work: practice yoga and chi gong, read spiritual texts, practice ritual, carefully use psychedelics, learn astrology, keep a journal.

I appreciate the effort post but they aren't scared of a bunch of navel-gazing sex obsessed cultists.

They do this shit to every group of racially aware white men, push the extreme esoteric to turn active people into hermits that are obsessed with otherwise irrelevant characters. You admit you aren't concerned with actually helping our people.

Don't be so quick to discount spirituality in your fight. There are many spiritual brothers among you that actively and daily perform anti-Toral rituals to fight the Jew in the non-material world.

Jews wish you to act like a m'lady atheist who proudly rejects an entire front of warfare and existence, which is the spiritual world.

It is funny that you posted this, as I just started doing chigong. I created a few affirmations that I try to say daily, to serve the role of basic rituals, and I am working to make meditation a daily practice.

Chigong, to me, seems like a good supplement to my normal physical exercise. I was particularly drawn to it as a way to stop wet dreams, which occur to me do to my practice of nofap.

Interesting. Why Christianity instead of Vaishnavism? What is it that you see in Christianity that you cannot find in the sanskrit literature?
There are aspects of the New Testament that I like, but the Abrahamic god has seemed repulsive to me for my entire life. I've come to realise that the teachings that I found appealing in the gospels were dharmic, however the abrahamic god has the characteristics of a demonic asura. My current interpretation of Christianity is that Jesus was practitioner and teacher of dharma in Palestine. Perhaps he arrived at dharma through his own meditation, or became a yogi in Persia or Afghanistan, or was an empowered avesha avatar. His teachings and actions gained a popular following, but he really ruffled the pharisees and disrupted the business of the money lenders; these two groups convinced the Romans to have him executed. The Christianity passed down to us was first abrahamised by Paul, but was somewhat repaganised by mixing with the western legacy of the Proto-Indoeuropeans as it was spread through Europe. It therefore seems to be hybrid of abrahamism mixed with dharmic elements from the eastern and western IE traditions . Meanwhile modern Judaism inherited the talmudic aversion to Christ from the legacy of the pharisees.

Most of his works have barely any mention of sex, in fact he is seeing it as a corruption of the divine, but does not ignore it or tries to run away from it like many contemporary religions do, he accepts the reality of it, as well as that of this world in general. There is mention of transmuting sexual energy into something more refined though, certainly nothing to do with cryptokike, glownigger backed degenerates like Crowley. Also, unlike Theosophy that is indeed a mish-mash of everything and nothing with no real message or content, he actually provides the very code that can transform a man into a god. You need a lot of prerequisite knowledge to decipher it properly, but it's there. I'll give you a hint, just like various groups used "demonic" (which were actually heathen) symbols to scare away gullible christcucks and other servants of the Jew, Serrano is writing in a mythical way that's so outrageous that it scares away the self-proclaimed "rational thinkers" who are the same type of dogmatic ignoramuses. (SJW's = Christians). I could provide a very rational account (going down to the very laws of physics and mathematics) in support of everything that he is claiming, but that would beat the purpose. You were not supposed to read Serrano before you make a "full circle" with rational thought anyway.

And his entire point is that you should keep struggling and fighting in this world no matter what, meaning that it's the "cultists" who will keep on fighting for our people when everyone else has long given up. We do recognize a state of existence that's infinitely superior to this one, but it's being won on this world. I'd suggest you either read his works, or just completely disregard them as science fiction. There are many other authors covering the more base, or "realistic" layers of our struggle, and they are perfectly legitimate as well. Ben Klassen would be much more up to your taste I believe.

You've read Serrano, so there it is.
He knows nothing of our origin. There is no Demiurge.

Did you even read what I wrote?

His role is to waste your time. Why should it be harmful to their agenda? Only a very small minority is reading his stuff, his information is not being spread at all. Those who are reading it already know what the big problems are. And those who don't know it yet will be put off by his writing and stop researching because they don't want to be lumped together and marked as nuts. All the "new" stuff he provides is irrelevant, mumbo jumbo or he tries to whitewash and mythologize jewish organizations like the Templars. His supernatural stuff is trying to hide obvious inconsistencies of historical events that were sloppy outcomes of hoaxing and faking, based on real events or entirely fabricated. There is no harm being done to their agenda at all. But I already wrote this. So I'm asking you again, did you even read what I wrote?

If you're normal, you already know what is good and what is bad. Worshipping the Green Ray behind the Black Sun is not that uselful.

An alternative to what? Serrano himself has no alternatives except searching for a cope why Hitler lost. How about doing real research and getting to know our enemies' real names like the descendents from the Jagiellonian dynasty or the Vasas, or how the House of Medici bought the Papacy or all the crypto dukedoms from the British peerage and whatnot who rule in your face and are setting up their children as Hollywood stars, etc.? How about the same names popping up in all fake events, from 911, Sandy Hook to Brandon Tarrant. Maybe then more people would stop believing every new face that pops up on the right. This is a lot more constructive than believing in a Demiurge. If there was a powerful Demiurge, they wouldn't need to engage in such pathetic hoaxing. There is more than enough real research being done on the internet, but you wouldn't know, because you'll waste your next years reading Serrano's weird books. The Jews originated in the Desert of Gobi, my ass. How about researching the earliest globalists who liked to trade red-dyed cloths instead and going from there, but you won't end up in Gobi, that I can tell you.

No. You're preaching theosophism, and you don't understand the hindu philsophy you are butchering.

Pack it up boys, I guess Serrano’s been been BTFO

I stumbled across Serrano as someone with almost no occult knowledge. I was a generic "Gnostic" who was coming out of Christianity. While reading his works, there were many myths and references I didn't understand; some words were used that I would look up, and the definition would be completely different from how he's using it, or there would be no other definition. But still, something in me knew to take what he said as gospel. His words flowed through my mind so well. They're like music on paper.

But I don't understand the practice, the magic of Esoteric Hitlerism. This is why I'm speaking to you, because you seem to understand things. How do I fight the spiritual war? How do I purify and elevate my body and Self?

How do you justify practicing the kabbalah and being a WN?

With technological advance and expansion of consciousness, it becomes a very likely outcome. With cyclical time, inevitability. As after, so before.
Wanted to stress that out anyway in order to clear any potential misconceptions and make a statement that might not be a direct reply to your post, just related to it.
And my time would be better spent … doing what exactly? I'd beg to differ, reading his works was one of rare things in this life that was not a waste of time. In fact, he reminded me of the only thing that truly matters.
He gives the weapons to fight the occult war to the worthy and activates the "sleeper agents" , the vanguard in this world. Of course, you might completely disregard that whole aspect and focus solely on the materialistic perspective, but that would be extremely foolish. I won't try to persuade you otherwise though, we are our choices. Provided you are not a golem and had one in the first place.
You are not seeing the bigger picture. Our army keeps growing, theirs remains always the same. For a timeline where Hitler actually wins WW2, or rather, the one that was supposed to come after him for the final victory. In this life or the next. To reach a point where you have zero doubt about who you are, and what you need to do. Such people terrify them because they are powerless against them, even their "god" is. Those without death. Only the perfected man, the total-man, the overman can successfuly fight the corruption and entropy personified, the eternal Jew.
He is providing a lot of information that you won't find anywhere else, with the exception of some literature that's not publicly available in any form.
His works were never meant for NPC's , not even redpilled normies. If you are so socially conscious (a cuck to social norms), you will just disregard him. It's really that simple.
Why of course, the organization that was (at least near the end) fighting the center of Jewish power of the time (The Church and certain monarchies) and which made an alternative banking system that was a direct competitor to (((them))), leading to them being hunted mercilessly, burned/executed and their wealth to be stolen by what are to become the banking families of the more contemporary times, was Jewish. No, they were Zig Forums of their time.
Who sets the norms? For whose benefit? Are you sure you wish to be "normal" in this clown world? Normies get out REEEEEEEE
You are absolutely clueless and it's quite obvious
You do realize that some people here are waaay beyond those? You are just some boomer from Reddit who came here thinking that he got it all figured out, aren't you?
It's Brandon Torrent actually. You don't even know that much.
You are always welcome to make a thread about it rather than attacking things that you know nothing about.


is the demon the jews, christians, and pisslamists worship.

Technically, it's just a jew name for tapping into the quantum. This is something we have done long before jews gave it a name.

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Think about it. Why the fuck would the creator of EVERYTHING be jealous of anything? jew fairy tales or a legitimate demon. Decide for yourself.


Bhagavad gita 16.4
Bhagavad gita 16.17-18

Sorry boys, from a redpilled Dravidian, I must discourage ypu from wasting your time with English translations of Hinduism. It has been heavily kiked like so many other religions.

As the Ashkenazi have done in Europe, the Sephardi have destroyed our great empires only a few hundred years ago and today we are but poo in the loos. I would recognize a Sephardi name anywhere, and (((Serrano))) is one of them.

There is only one non-semite religion and it is the cult of Sol Invictus as expressed in our individual races' ways. Respect your ancestors and do not sully your traditions by looking elsewhere, as it leads to the same end regardless of where you begin.

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Hinduism is a white religion. In the past white Aryans ruled over you Dravidian shitskins and brought culture and civilization to the subcontinent.

You don't read too much, I gather. Keep LARPing.

And even if that was the case, you should feel severe shame that the son of a refugee poo in the loo has learnt Latin and Sanskrit, and has done more to connect with the world's magnificent ancestry than you have while reading your Sephardi Fantasy books.

Aryans ruled India for centuries after conquering India. The caste system was expressly set up to keep shitskins in line and to prevent miscegenation

Look up Genomic Formation of South and Central Asia, Narasimha et al 2018

There's some nice graphics that show the relationship between europeans and indians. The corresponding bolshepedia summary, found here:


Narasimhan et al. (2018) conclude that ANI and ASI were formed in the 2nd millennium BCE. They were preceded by a mixture of AASI (ancient ancestral south Indians, that is, hunter-gatherers), and Iranian agriculturalists who arrived in India at ca. 4700–3000 BCE, and "must have reached the Indus Valley by the 4th millennium BCE"

i.e. well before white Yamnaya showed up, Iranians farmers and native (read: black) hunter gatherers mixed and spread through india. The Vedic race (or ANI, ancestral north indians) were descended from a mixture of fair Yamnaya and brown ANI leftovers of brown IVC.

The study also shows that the Dravidians of the South (who largely avoided the Yamnaya invasion of the North) and the mixed Aryan-IVC brood of the North (and writers of the Rig Veda) mixed freely for ~2k years before the implementation of the caste system in 50AD (or 50BC, I forget, but the diff is minor).

The Rig Veda itself is an amalgamation of Yamnaya and IVC cultures, and it would be evident if you ever learnt the fucking language and read an unkiked transcript. Though, I would sooner recommend you learn Latin, Greek and Old Germanic and connect to your true roots. The Germanic/Scandinavian hero cycles are absolutely beautiful and if I had the time it would be the next thing I read in its original tongue.

That the PIE counterpart gods are all described as blond and fair is no surprise, since these are the same God-men worshiped elsewhere in Europe under different names. Howvee the presence of dark and black-skinned gods, like Krishna, Shiva and Murugan with no PIE counterpart show that there was a clear mixture of culture.

Like the Scandinavian boatmen that integrated their sea culture with the Yamnaya to become thr Vikings, the ANI integrated their IVC religious culture with the Yamnaya to become Brahmis.

Close your eyes and meditate. It can be done any time, anywhere, for any duration, for free. Gently allow every thought to pass until your mind is silent. Continue practicing this, and the love and humor and good will arise in you naturally.

I feel you.

I always had a certain pre-natal knowledge, a memory of a different existence, an idea of a vastly superior world and that of a corruption of this one and it's agents. It compelled me to seek something for most of my life, having ideas, visions, experiences etc. that I had nowhere to get in my environment, at least by exposure to external sources/literature. I was convinced that I held some unique ideas since childhood, only to discover that some ancient Greek philosopher or mystic had them long before me. Being raised as a Christian but always feeling disgust towards it and abandoning it early on, over the course of my life I ventured through Atheism, Buddhism, generic Gnosticism, Masonry, Luciferianism, Science, Philosophy, Metaphysics, Hermeticism, Myths/Heathenism, etc. always finding something missing, seeing some inherent corruption in it, despite the premise itself making a lot of sense. There were also many experiences, such as feeling "awakened" every time I saw runes or NS symbols and recognizing great power in them, despite being taught to see it as something "evil" for most of my life. Until one day, after lurking on Zig Forums for a while (and reading some other NS authors), I discovered Serrano. To my utmost awe, I found that he covered almost everything that I have experienced and known previously to a great detail, and I got to discover the few missing elements. At that moment, everything converged, and finally, I remembered fully. Reading his works was like talking to an older, more ascended version of myself (As if a future me appeared to talk to a younger me). I've read a fair share of books and that did not happen with any other author. Intuitively, I knew that was what I was looking for. Not too long before, I had obtained a more rational, left hemisphere account of the same message, helping me to understand the perfect logic behind what was seemingly an outlandish myth.

Well, first you need to understand that everything is a vibration/frequency, then you need to learn to tune those frequencies and reach a certain mental state/memory. From there on, you will know what you need to do, it will come naturally to you once you align with certain centers/archetypes and higher Self, once you rediscover your divinity and complete yourself by reconnecting with your waifu. Then, you will reunite with your brothers in Kalki's ultimate battalion, which will once more "march in the devil's land", but now for final victory. The process is mostly mental in nature, but you can facilitate it with certain symbols, mudras, sounds/music, ideas, by visiting certain places etc. I can hardly tell you to do this or do that, that would not be possible. What I can do, is tell you my own perspective on certain matters, but you'd need to be much more specific for that.

As for Serrano, you should not take it as a gospel since he did not intend it that way, it's just something meant to help you awaken, that's why he is comparing many different myths instead of focusing only on one. He is a poet and a mystic whose role was to awaken your right hemisphere and higher mental facilities that are intentionally kept sealed by the enemy, but you should not disregard the left one either.

By growing and overcoming. Once you perfect yourself and achieve victory in this world (in this cycle or another), you have also achieved it in the other world and for all eternity.

Kill the subhuman parasites.

I will keep posting this until you wake up from this kike's spell, brother.

He shares the name with the kike that made the piss christ, and many other prominent Sephardi jews.

Get back to your roots and stop being misguided by lies.

Do you have any idea how many Spanish speaking people have such surnames? Are they all Jewish? Inb4 Alfred Rosenberg was a kike too because his last name ends in -berg . You'd need to think of a better pilpul than that.

I don't follow internal political struggles between the rabbis so you'll excuse me for not being aware of such "art performance"

Some Jews change their name like Hitler.

I will repost what I posted in the other esoterism thread re rosenberg:

No, but if you're not always suspicious of those who betray their own blood then I don't know what else I can tell you. Suspicion is healthy when it comes to semites, and with the topic he chooses to cover you should be additionally suspicious.

I've read The Mysteries but found it lacking in substance. Inb4 "you just don't understand it bro!": why not read older works about esoterism from the sources these kikes are watering down for you? That's what I am working on now and I suggest you do the same.

Anyone with a serious interest in the mysteries should be learning Latin and Greek and consuming the scans of old authors from Look up Ooge's Latin and Ahn's Greek and just jump in.

Remember the kikes still learn Latin and Hebrew in their little kike schools. They have us all beat on the classics while we waste our time with garbage like Serrano

Pretty redpilled post, thanks.

Do you really think that most of us approached those authors without skepticism and suspicion? Who betrayed their own blood and how?
Such as? Inb4 some Egyptian memes or Renaissance grimoires
Seems like a waste of time when you can figure out those things on your own by reading translations. Language does not change the meaning that much, language is only a tool for communication. I was reading Upanishads and was surprised how many words that are commonly used in my (European) country are written there (with similar meaning)
You (or someone with similar opinions as you) were not able to hold up the argument with me on most of those matters, despite me "wasting time" with authors like Serrano while you were "enlightening" yourself with the classics. Many of which were garbage that was just the "pop culture" of it's day, but it stuck around because posh people made it a meme that you need to know them in order to be considered "classy" or "educated" . And that's because I'm versed in actual philosophy and knew where the real value lies.

Very organic post

Fuck esoterism; devour history, religion, and art through the ages. What the fuck are you looking for? Your purpose is in your blood's past and in securing your blood's future.

Nothing else.


Real science died long ago, your popular science is BS, for the most part. And where do you see any expansion of consciousness, I only see regression. You also need to prove that time is cyclical, finding and evaluation primary sources, which is a bit difficult because we don't have access to them…
Great way to weasel yourself out of this. Did you really think that I wouldn't call you out on this?
Do you always need other people telling you what to do? But I indeed made suggestions, you only had to read to the end. So what is it that matters so much to you, what did Serrano teach you what you didn't already know? And this is exactly what I was talking about, he REMINDED you, as you say, but nothing else.
Yeah, what a load of BS. You'll do exactly nothing with your "occult" weapons. So how exactly are you fighting right now outside my materialistic foolishness and who is "we"?
What army? What are you talking about? Our birthrates are decreasing and the youth is as brainwashed as ever.
Sure, we'll die and our children stay enslaved. Serrano fought his "occult" war, died and nothing changed. You'll wait for Kalki until you're an old man and then you die.
This is dogma, you have no evidence for anything you say, and you'll do exactly nothing. They have you where they want you, wasting time studying occult BS instead of doing real research, unmasking PEOPLE and not gods.
What exactly is he providing that is of value? I probably read more than 10 books of his, he had me real good, that I must admit.
I am not talking about normies, I'm talking about people who could do real research instead of beating off to nonsense. There are more than enough real people out there doing real research, not wandering off into science fiction. You could be one of them, but you're simply a redpilled normie yourself who got pulled into this nonsense because of feelings.
Don't play stupid. It's very obvious what is normal and what is not. If this weren't inherent they wouldn't need so much subversion and propaganda. They engage in this for so long and there are still people who hate this shit, ask random people what they think about modern art, for example. Most will tell it's shit, this is my experience, at least.
Don't bullshit me, do you want to convince me that there are no invocations in Serrano's books? Look at his fucking live videos. Hitler is basically Christ, for fuck's sake.
Sorry, I don't care about your Demiurge or your pure-blooded rabbis who engage in dark magic. You aren't beyond anything. Jagiellon, Vasa, or Komnene, you're hearing these names for the first time. You also don't know anything about the cryptos in the British peerage or other aristocracies, because Serrano didn't know it either. He had only good things to say about, e.g. Isabella of Aragon, although she was an Arpad.

About the Templars: (from mileswmathis. com/phillip.pdf)
Hugues de Payens (founder of the Templars) is most probably Hugh, Count of Champage. Hugh was related to the King (Philip I), the King was his uncle, to be more precise his step-uncle. Thus a primary Templar was nephew of the King. This connection was established through his grandpa, Ralph of Valois, who married the Queen, his cousin (!), because it's being told that "the union broke the rules of consanguinity". Thus Ralph was closely related to these "Slavs" from Russia. If you research the Yaroslav line, you'll find out that they're cryto-Jews. But Hugh was not only the nephew of the King, but also the son-in-law, because he married Philip's daughter Constance. They named their child Manasses. What could be more crypto… His hometown was Troyes, an important trading center (cloth fairs, etc.), a premier market for leather, furs, and spices, which ties us to the earliest globalizers who did exactly that and also to the East India Company later on. These fairs self-regulated through a "merchant law", and dominated the commercial and "banking" relations. And the Counts of Champagne were extraordinarily involved in the protection of these merchants. Then there's Baldwin II, closely tied to the Templars. His father was Hugh I, Count of Rethel, who himself was the son of Manasses III and Judith of Roucy. His siblings: Manasses, Beatrice, Hodierna. The same names, always tied to Jews…

The King of France was Philip IV (also from prominent Jewish lines). Through his Queen Joan of Navarre, he also officially ruled Champagne (which we discussed above) and was thus indirectly related to our Hugh. If you dig deeper, it's not even indirectly, because he was related to his Queen by blood, i.e. consanguinity, they were cousins. Joan's 2g-grandmother was Irene Angelina of Byzantium (a Komnene). Her father was Isaac II Angelos, Emperor of Byzantium. This links the Templars, the Kings of France, and the Emperors of Byzantium to the same family. So this was an inside job of major proportions. One arm of the family called for the Crusades, and another arm showed up to lead it. So, basically, King Philip IV of France and his Queen Joan of Navarre were Templars. So when they tell you Philip IV destroyed the Templars, they are relying on your ignorance of these genealogies. Being from the same family, there is no chance the King of France was an enemy of the Templars. So the end of the Templars was just another hoax. They didn't end, they just changed names. The assets remained in the same family, they just shuffled the paperwork. The Popes were part of the project, you can also link Clement V to them, but it's more difficult. This means the Crusades were an arm of and precursor to what would later become the East India Company, with the Templars, Armenians, Byzantine Emperors, and Kings of France, Germany, Bohemia and Hungary acting as the agents of the Western leg, from Acre to Western Europe. It wasn't about Christian pilgrimage, it was about money. This is why the Champagne cloth fairs were such an important clue.

No, it's Tarrant, do you lack the ability to read. Come on, I looked it up right now. Tarrant's cousin said in the news that Brandon came from a "very respected" family, "pretty high in the community”. Other cousins include Woolfs, Silvers, Harrisons and Bryants. You can find them all in Australian royalty, it's a couple mouse-clicks away.
I probably read more of Serrano's books than you, even in different languages to compare. I was a fool. I already posted sources in the other Serrano thread.

I rephrased and summarized bits and pieces from the paper, so if you want to read the whole thing, go ahead.


Real science is dead (It's called Jewish science for a reason you know…), but quantum physics has been around for quite a while, it's not exactly "popular science" . Consciousness did regress nearly to the animal level for most people, but we can assume that there is a timeline where technology is used to enhance it rather than suppress it
It's been proved mathematically. Inb4 abstract mathematics is not real.
It's like having a student ask you a question and then give an answer to the entire class
Well, you are saying that I'm wasting my time, so it's only natural for me to ask you to provide a better alternative. You sound like one of those people who are first to criticize something, but don't offer anything better. That's not a good approach, it turns the society into a bunch of cynical, petty people who keep trying to drag the others down rather than improving themselves or making themselves happy. As for your suggestions, I'll cover that later
He helped me wrap it up, and the reminder was not literal, but it would be very difficult explaining the concept of knowing something throughout your life but it only getting the right form of it later on, to someone like you (I don't mean this in a derogatory way, your brain is simply wired differently). He never even claims to provide something new, he knows that what he thought was thought by people before him, and will be thought by people after him.
And you are doing something with conventional ones? We are reaching a point where the enemy will control every individual atom on this planet, do you have an answer to that? They have teams of deterministic, materialistic, empiricist scientists (geneticists, psychiatrists, etc.) developing methods of control that an average man has no chance of countering (if we go by the game theory), and the upper echelon doesn't really believe in anything non-materialistic (it's just a story for the plebs, or eat least they think so), they are as robotic as it gets. Occult weapons might be our last chance (and they always have been, if you know real history), and I'd rather spend my time developing them than fighting a linear projection where the odds of victory are close to zero. I would actually encourage you to keep it on that level, because someone will have to develop things mechanistically once we make a proper opening (just like the Reich had people working on all levels, including exclusive materialists). So no, I'm not trying to argue against your approach, I am just defending mine.
In this timeline … our army is not bound by time and space
I'll become Kalki. And everything dies, even the physical universe itself. Having something with an "expiry date" as your ultimate goal is rather foolish. That's why I laugh at these kikes, from our perspective, they are already dead.


Agenda often becomes greater than individuals. Never underestimate this. All of those so called "powerful" people are controlled by forces beyond their understanding. Mechanistically or not.
I already know who runs the world, I even know all the methods by which they keep control and expand their influence and I can recognize it anywhere and in anyone. But what does revealing all of it actually accomplish? Will it get the people who can bribe entire governments arrested? Will it make the masses revolt? Congratulations, you have just documented their success story. If you really want to fight them on a more "practical" level, start developing counter-measures for their kikery. Otherwise, you are "wasting time" as much as I am.
Good point. But you should also wonder how many things that are the "old norms" are actually a result of centuries long subversion that people just got too used to.
By all means, make a thread about them. You realize that Serrano is being read by a very small number of people and that it doesn't have much of an outreach (for better or worse), yet you have obviously invested considerable time and energy criticizing him and his works. You either got affected by it on a subconscious level and are now trying to shrug it off, or, you wittingly or unwittingly serve certain agendas and interests which don't want the right people to read them. Rather, I'd let people read them and make their own conclusions, if his narrative is as outrageously ridiculous as you claim then you have nothing to worry about, eh?

And no, I have not even once claimed that Serrano is some kind of prophet or that he got the ultimate truth, he made a lot of mistakes and was simply wrong about many things, but that's nothing in comparison to things that he was right about. No one is expected to take it as a gospel, and he clearly states it many times. Nor was it to be taken literally for a good part.

Esotericism is mental illness.





This is a Jewish (((gnostic))) indoctrination thread. Soon you'll all be trannies. Fuck Rabbi Yeshuah too.

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This is true.

Buddhism is translated as an (((anti-ego))) or (((ego-annahilation))) cult. This is false = Fruedian terms by way of ((((gnosticism))).

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This thread really oy'd some veys …

Good luck on your journey, user. I plan to seek out some IRL Hindus soon to learn more before I make any final decisions. I need to try to learn some Sanskrit and read more of the Vedas too. Dharmic governance is what our race needs.

I have been learning about the occult. I have read The Kybalion, by the three initiates, and The Arcane Teachings, by William Walker Atkins.
I have mostly agreed with everything those select books have had to say. They made sense to me.
Is this a bad thing? What can you tell me about the occult?

Good looking out. Unlucky that I won't get to read vedas. I'm only interested from an historical-religious angle. You don't know of any trustworthy German translation either?

Essentially all the old traditions(even philosophy schools) were destroyed and you had two choices:

1. convert to Roman Christianity
2. convert to Juda=ism

All of Western occult comes from traditions of Gnosticism (Alexandrian Jews of Egypt). Paul even condemns them for fucking their kids/sisters and scamming people out of money in a letter called 1st Corinthians, as they were a gnostic occult group.

Unfortunately after 2000yrs (6-800 in Western Europe) of Christianity-Judaism-Islam there is no REAL traditions left. It's all hidden versions of the same predominate matrix. Redpill yourself and study philosophy or eastern aryan trad

Jews are in charge here.

They push fake versions of Celtic culture "druidpol/" and fake version of Buddhism for 100yrs. You have to work hard and not accept things like a NPC college student

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dude, tell me you're not talking about Demolition Man with Stallone. You rock brain retard

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Do you have any pointers?
I have two sizeable libraries of occult studies and books from /fringe/. The most popular namefag there said boldly that most of it was bullshit but really great for complete mental mastery. Is this true?
Should I delete my occult folders, after having already learned so much?

C’mon, user

Can you just tell me yes or no?
I haven't read any sort of theology-type stuff. The Hermeticists and William Walker Atkins apparently don't subscribe to that type of thinking, although they fail to actually discredit any of it.

The only way to fully comprehend all of the dimensions on any topic… not just this one… is to become fully aware of the bullshit about the topic. If your goal is to gain "full mastery" then the subject ought to interest you… but if you're more pragmatic about the immediate utility of the topic then I guess not.

As someone who is most likely older than you and the chans in general… as far as research goes… DUMP IT.

Start again. You want "occult" study Plato, Pythagoras… deep dive on real "idealism".
You want deep reason and conceptions of reality, study the pre-socrates. You want "mental mastery" study Nietzsche, Stoics, Zen, Jung, and Martial Arts (allan watts 1970s guy – is a good starter for Zen/Buddhism/Hinduism because he was a linguist and spoke about most of the stuff /x/ does but as a Western translator.There is a reason why Western buddhists and rightwing esoterics hate him and call him a drunk —- same way they attack Nietzsche).
The term "spirit" = breath
Learn to breathe, "Danial son".
The key is to find balance. Balance is the secret to adaptation in the ocean of life. Escapism is 'storytelling'.

Be Sith (see dudu films on youtube) and not so Jedi (passive acceptance). The truth is "Magic" properly translated from its origins in "craft". The ability to craft metal or masonry once made you a practitioner of magic; ancient locals might fear or hate or want you for this "magical" craftsmanship so most people attributed it to some god or ancestral ghost to keep themselves from being persecuted.
Craft also means arts and craft. To create music/stories/religion/perception = high magic.
High magic (elite craft) was able to shape perceptions of civilizations. Hence you get "black magic" now properly called black propaganda. The warlords of the most ancient times knew the priesthoods they created would craft narratives to protect not only their authority but their lineage.
Just think about how much music (the bard) has had an affect on modern society going all the way back to the first Jewish owned record companies. Think about the craft of "news" is sooooo fake.

black magic = seed planting

white magic = wisdom, reason, real world useful knowledge.

= (((gnostic))) larping and stealing basic philosophy
= math magic – the creation of fantasy world based on vector line geometry (the big G of Freemasonry).

A REAL magician, mage can see through all the "spirits" of ideas and craft them for their own memes/means. Jews understand this better than people born Christian-Muslim because they have only one goal: craft their dominance and demoralize opposition. Hence these "hidden/arcane/esoteric/occult" groups that have existed since 20AD with a goal to make Judean culture (Torah) more appealing and appreciated amongst the goy. Of course you can see this behavior in many subversive fanatic groups. Jews are really just programmed idiots from ancient memes and writers. These craftsmen of opinion, law, "ways" are storytellers

people who are fans of a story crafted.

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Is that a time traveling Dubya to their left?

20 BC sorry

holy fuck i needed this
thank you brother

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aren't you advocating the caste system there
this should be good. speak sanskrit do you?
nice atheistic theory you have there, Hans.


never trust "confirmation bias" even in the "esoteric" realms

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what's the masonic meaning behind the word wayne?

Kek, your projections get weirder every month. I sincerely hope your colonoscopy came back negative.

This explains the supplication of Indra by Krishna and why the Asuras aka the Aesir are the antagonists in the Mahabharata. As for Serrano being a yid, his name just means ‘from a mountain ridge’. All sephardic jews took common Spanish surnames during the inquisition to hide. It was the original ‘my fellow whites’ meme, so you haven’t proven anything. . Additionally, if Miguel Serrano was a kike CIAnigger, he probably wouldn’t have outted Jung as a (((Mason))). Lastly, the life of Serrano would be a tremendous effort to distract and subvert less than a thousand people over 60 years.

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Gracian is great

You are aware that the Templars at their founding and those who got forcefully disbanded in the end were two entirely different organizations? Part of this is true, they were founded by you know who and had the role of a private army of sorts. They were your typical deluded christcuck shabbos goyim and cryptos then. However, being in the center of events, acquiring a lot of knowledge in their pilgrimages and learning the truth about (((them))) as well as the truth about (((Jesus))) , they broke off and used their parallel power structure to oppose the old order. Which worked for a while, but the kikery of some monarchies and the papacy (Jesuits) eventually got to them. Jacques de Molay was /ourguy/

As for the cryptos, if we extrapolate that guy's logic, everyone except the most remote and isolated tribes is one, even you and me. Many of them were opposing the (((tribe))) over the course of history, you need to have sufficient admixture to be a proper Jew, everything else is a meme (psyop) made to make whites reject those who are on their side and for people who are not Jews to consider themselves as part of the tribe and work in it's interests (this is what actually keeps them going since proper kikes are criminally incompetent).

You wrote Brandon instead of Brenton so a joke was made
I guess it was not enough to prevent him from spending the rest of his life in prison, eh? Proper families would displace him with a double or a doppelganger who would be paid good money for "buying the sins"
Linear processing is such a waste of time. While I suspect that the English translation might have some "edits" since some parts are not quite adding up with his previous works, I don't need to read it in different languages in order to "get it"
No you were not, you just got duped by someone more elaborate. Does this Mathis guy offer some kind of goal? What is his premise?

Plato created the Demiurge and Alexandrian Jews aka (((gnostics))) made him into a bad guy to subvert the popular NeoPlatonist intellectual elite of Egypt.

Jews interpretations of our race.

You may get that vagina you so desire to implant in your pelvis, or upload your brain to the Facebook-Cloud server but it won't be (you) and it wont be true.

Larpers are not the vanguard, they're losers cutting themselves to larp stories. They only reason they ever produced anything of note or had power was because the Jews/Templars/Cathars and a whole host of homosexual judo-christian used secret socities for revolutionary purposes. Their actual beliefs are mind control 101, but it layed the groundwork for spycraft in Europe.
The Founding Fathers of America were a break-away version called Deism (right hand path) from the left hand path of (((gnosticism))). But this died out after the Civil War.
Since then the occult is nothing more than obsolete and used by the (((Military Industrial Complex))) to brainwash elite and celebs as science (created by the Right Hand Path) has made it obsolete.

The Overman is not a larping esoteric faggot. Nietzsche defined it as a new human body (genetics) with the morality of the ancient greek warriors like Achilles. It's closer to the Sith in starwars than anything in the realm of your (((gnostic))) christian-jew larping. You're out of date.

>The Templars fighting the center of Jewish power of the time (The Church and certain monarchies) and which made an alternative banking system that was a direct competitor to (((them)))
Their "Alternative banking" was usury. They invented fake coins with no value, exactly like the masonic Central Banking Marxism of today. They weren't challenging anyone. The king of France was in debt to them for a Crusade and he went to the Pope to get out of debt. The Pope knew they were a homosexual cult with the goal of rebuilding the Jews Temple.
Usury was outlawed by the Vatican and monarchies of that age, idiot.

Your entire post wreaks of Mossad

based and redpilled

Some sources say he was half Muslim and part of the Sufism esoteric Islamic groups, directly related to the "Order of Assassins" who later became competitors.

It's the most popular hippie science. Joe Rogan loves it.
"Inter-Dimensional fantasy escapism realms" = using geometry to write science fiction

Homosexual usury knights who wanted to rebuild the Jew's larp temple are not /ourguys/ unless you're referring to the (((alt-right))).
The Vatican outlawed usury then. The later Templar off-shoots brought it back with the help of court-Jews.

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For the love of God can someone please make a translation of vedic teaching not completely full of unpronouncible poo words?