The women of California have spoken: End Women's Suffrage

The women of California have spoken: End Women's Suffrage.

Aren't you glad we gave women the right to vote?

half/pol/ made fembots get #endwomanssuffrage trending on twatter years ago

The only way to end women’s suffrage is to unironically take away all their rights so they have bigger problems to worry about. “Suffrage” won’t ever be satisfied, it wasn’t during ww1 and it won’t now either. Suffrage is when you put a overestimated price tag on pussy and think you can pay for it by increasing the price even more.
Creating a feedback-loop, which creates an artificial “price” bubble, which HAS to pop at some point and when it does; the “rights earned” via suffrage dissipates like snow infront of the sun. And essentially you’ll have reached the exact same spot you would have if you just took away their rights in the first place, only being worse for wear due to pointless resource consumption and energy wasted trying to placate the suffrage movement.

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Taking away women's "rights" would not give the "more problems to worry about", it would remove a massive burden from the shoulders of a group poorly qualified to take it on.
Women evolved to follow, to take instructions, to be experts at a range of duties not requiring responsibility in the leadership sense:
Taking away "career" burdens, financial responsibility, the responsibility of being a "bread winner" does not give women something to worry about.
It liberates them.
Clear rules and clear responsibilities, compatible with genetic predisposition and natural abilities.
Feminism liberated women from the chains which did not bind them as much as support them.
Women have never been less happy.
The only reason a woman wouldn't wish to return to her natural role is FOMO (fear of missing out.)
This is why traditionalism can't succeed on an individual basis, as the wife would constantly have to battle against FOMO and criticism from other women.
The rechaining of women has to happen at the societal level.
Men would also have their chains restored.
No man is as happy as the man serving in his proper station, under his proper leader.

Giving up female intellectual productivity is dark age bullshit. We need a massive expansion of the sciences, and women are slightly better at math on average than are men. Male genetic variation demands inclusivity due to wide performance dispersions and unpredictability; absolute peak performance is a masculine trait, but so is absolute failure. Across the great range of mediocrity wherein dwells most of humanity women perform slightly better, and must therefore not be removed from the economy, lest we all grow poorer for the failures of men to shoulder those burdens for which the obediently violent gender is unsuited.

I think we should switch to exowombs and seriously consider a 2:1 sex ratio to make more of the economy operated by women, thus increasing resource generation and basal mathematical competency, while preserving variability factors and increasing available resources to deal with them.

You may want to be a slavewarrior dying for corrupted leadership, but other people do not.

Female intellectualism is a meme you nigger. Females think what they are told to think by their fathers and husbands. In this day and age where lots of them are whores without strong fathers the (((media))) takes this role. Half the reason (((democracy))) is so flawed is because easily manipulated women can vote.

If women really hate men, let’s just… give them the truly woman-dominated world. We don’t have the technology, but it’s obviously possible, so we could have it in the future if we start towards it. If we can birth sheep in exowombs, we can birth humans in exowombs.

I think women are more natalistic than men, which is a thing they hate admitting to, and yet which fuels a lot of resistance to cloning. I think this because I believe in social justice (yes, present tense), never wanted children, never partook in unsafe sex, didn’t sexually harass people, promoted policies for their hidden antinatal potential, and found myself eventually intolerable to feminists for… natalism, supposedly. AKA what I’d focused down against. I think they projected. I got hit by weird sexual pressure once, too; I obviously didn’t have anywhere it was safe to report that to, though hopefully things are better in that respect today. I think they are. I wish I could be a child again in this era; it’s already better than the one in which I grew up.

I had four sisters, bud. None of them took up lineage-thinking like that. Traditionalist cultures are all about acculturating men, who are so obedient they march to war and die for nothing.

anons don't let faggots like this onto pol.

Women's suffrage started being approved around a time women had illiteracy levels two times higher than men's. 'The ones above us' really didn't want to have the most informed of us having a say in politics.

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Before you properly kys, make sure to set up ongoing donations to our patreons, thx

Mark Kikce stole The Man Show's bit.

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My Great-Grandmother was an Anti-Suffragette and said that only by ending Nigger Suffrage will White Women stop these demands. See, by the White Man allowing himself to be equated to the Negro at a legal level the White Woman's emotions of knowing herself to be worth more than the Negro felt she'd be at least deserving of what the Negro man had and then of course more because the White Woman should always have more than the Negro.

I don't see a possibility of restoring only White Men to be allowed to vote so its going to get much worse as everything is pulled apart. There's at least two decades of peacetime left I bet, so ready yourself for what needs to be done.

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Top-tier bait

This proves women shouldn't have the right to vote together with over overwhelming evidence
If a male refused to tell holes what women's suffrage means what then? Holes are barely capable of thinking and rely on men for information, we could easily lie and say it means women's suffering.

Kimmel isn't pretending to be opposition to anything. He's just a jew-media pawn.

Hello JIDF

Alternative is men and women cooperate to make a culture of secure attachment to each other. Married women with children vote the way their husbands do as long as they have a secure attachment style to them.

Are you clinically retarded? Your average man or woman is near useless in these fields. It's only exceptional people who matter, who are all but exclusively male. So you want to push out more men to promote more diversity hires who will not only be less useful but will also create a much worse working environment for getting shit done creating an impossible situation.

and women aren't better on average at anything except having a stronger immune system

Men and women aren't partners, they're rivals. How can you be so stupid as to now see this? Women want the chad children with beta bucks to support them as much as possible. Which is why their hormone cycle makes them shift what they find sexually attractive depending on where they are in it. They can fuck chad then cuddle with the beta as he pays for the kids.

Women don't care about men, never have and never will. We get this misconception from our mothers who care about themselves, which in turn makes them care for their children. But this applies less to male children than it does female children because women have value in mating and men don't.


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Maybe 1% of females have the capability of "intellectual productivity" but from all historical metrics the large percentage do not and are a corrosive force if left to their own devices. I'd rather have those few women who are so super-smart raising their children then instead of laboring away in the lab.

Further, the small percentage of women who are smart should understand their place in the natural order and that them selfishly overcoming this because they can means the destruction of the whole society.

Whites have evolved the capacity to behave as a nobile race, securely bonded to their families and community in harmony. There’s still some very ancient Apefrican genes in whites that we have almost gotten rid of completely. You’re welcome to go join a tribe of niggers if you don’t want to act white.

So you feel that you're of such low calibre as a man, that in a traditional society you would not be in a position of command over anyone?

That would explain why you're an individualist with no conviction in anything but your own gratification.
this is what happens when young men listen to Jordan Peterstein
What you want ("freedom") is at total odds with the entire history of human society up to the point that humanism was introduced.
Good luck being an atom.

Great insight. Than you user.

Why are you even here?


Better at math? Maybe when behaviour counts more for the final average.

I watch the video. They don't know what suffrage is. They associate it with suffering and say 'oh yeah, absolutely.'. The only one who understood say yes in the most sarcastic tone I've ever heard. They'll eat and eat until everyone feeding them starves. Then they'll cry because there are no men who can fulfill they gender roles.

You can't even lead yourself, faggot.

Where do you think you are?

I too have seen that study which shows more women mathematicians in Iceland than men, it does not mean shit. Kill yourself. No women working while full male employment to support their wives and children is superior to Jewish economics on the devaluation of wages by flooding the market with subprime female labor.

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Didn't you know that more of something makes it less valuble :^)

His street question shows highlight why democracy is a bad idea: the average person is a fucking retard. I remember he did one where people were picking a block of silver over a chocolate bar – I'm joking, it was the other way around.

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Sufferage is simply the result of the egalitarian mindset.
If you believe that all featherless bipeds are equal, the logical consequence is to give them identical rights and privileges

Of course the jew doesn't believe in such nonsense which is why different racial groups are NOT given identical rights and privileges but non-Whites are elevated by the law above White people.
But dumbass egalitarian liberals are too short sighted and simple to figure out the hypocrisy.

White MEN have evolved this capacity. Women are children. The average male brain has 23B neocortical neurons while female brains have about 17% less. The african elephant has about 11b and chimps have 5-6B. Sex and age are the main determinants of the total number of neurons in the human neocortex, kids have less on avg than adults. Women did not evolve the capacity for conscious thought anywhere near the same level as men. Without a white man instructing them, white women will behave as uneducated, spoiled children. Women do not have intellectual productivity, it's why women despite being allowed into careers still lag behind men when it comes to discovery and achievement.

White women belong in the home, anything else is shilling that will reduce birthrates, create incels that shun society while damaging the family unit.

Something Something votes for everyone but white males. That's how we maintain control. ;-)

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This is actually older than 2016.