IMPORTANT: ww3 this weekend!

Ww3 starts this weekend anons. I have my sources. Keep this thread alive. U'll see.

Stay away from big cities just this one weekend.

Also remember, an actual AK is one of the best weapons and has a higher penetration than most which are made to cripple while an AK is made to kill.

If you live in the US, buy a survival handbook that's based off the american field guide.

Make yourself mentally ready to be without consumer elements such as toilet paper. You have to be ready to rely on nature.

Do not look into the nuclear flash.

Nukes won't be immediately dropped. Prepare for civil unrest.

It will start with iran.

I know most posts on here feel like satire but this is not.

Please no insulting comments, this is literally dead serious, let's keep it productive. Post away.

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fake and gay

Oh yeah also please repost this to 4/pol/

not it


Also, while AKs are great (I have one), you're much better off getting something in 5.56/.223 simply from the sheer amount that exists in the US

Fuck me for falling for this shit. What are your sources?


I pray you're correct but I know you're just another faggot.


Stop praying to faggots. FAGGOT

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Absolutely disgusting

Source: dude, trust me. Kill yourself OP.

My body is ready.

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Post some credible sources or fuck off back to cuckchan nigger

A jewish invention.
Nuclear weapons almost certainly don't exist.
Free money
Fear and control
Concept allows Israel to exist surrounded by hostile powers, too afraid to invade due to phantom threat of "nukes".

Give us the sources immediately.

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Give us the sources immediately.

Give us the sources immediately.

Give us the sources immediately.

Give us the sources immediately.

Include me in the screencap.

How the fuck were the entirety of Hiroshima and Nagasaki destroyed then? They clearly had some weapon of mass destruction, people were quite literally incinerated for miles around the initial blast.

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Intense (fire)bombing.
Besides, just because there aren't any nukes, doesn't mean fuck-huge bombs don't exist.

If nuclear power is bullshit how does a fission reactor work?

Fuck off, nothing ever happens, you absolute faggot.

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This, My wife is a nuclear engineer but they don't actually teach how to make bombs. Mostly because we are proliferating.

I want a nuke
I want a dozen of them

Yeah, if nuclear fission reactors work then it means strong nuclear forces do exist and that's all the theory you need to prove that fusion bombs are possible.

You can't just say all of this and have nothing to back it up.
Low-tier larp user.

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Sage and report.

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Do you seriously think there aren't any nukes? Why? All of the technology is there.

Whistle-Blow That Jew!

shut up kike

Do I need a hat?

the smallest one you can find.

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+1 upboat
punch nazees

What technology? Nuclear power =/= nuclear bomb.



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Will this be necessary?

Yes, nuclear power means nuclear bombs. A nuclear bomb is just an uncontained fusion reaction with enough fuel.

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Sweet, I won't have to go to work then.

Show me then pictures of the blast holes left by the Chernobyl NPP when it blew up.

You are a fucking larper retard and thread died because of your stupidity.


Because that's a reactor based on nuclear fission, not fusion, the latter being thousands of times stronger than the former. The bombs at Hiroshima and Nagasaki were both fusion bombs.

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Fake and gay.

And (((purple user))) minus the namedrop got his coworker to dump the "nukes are fake" schizo bullshit to make his "WW3 NAO" prediction look more "legitimate".

“keep this thread alive because I’m sad and bored of my life and this is the most excitement I have..”
Go post this on GLP you fucking queer and don’t forget to cry uncle intel.
This thread died because you tried to get a rise out of AR15 owners

Hey I'm just trying to teach user about nuclear power, okay

Rolling for ww3 this weekend

Q predicted this


3rd time is the charm

fuck off

Fuck off LARPer

Wrong. They were fission bombs.

Good fucking try faggot, it's always the Chinese, it's never been Iran.
I should know having been killed by the bastards so many times, it's not going to happen for at least 5-10 years, probably.

Good, bring it on.

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Source: your ass

They were FISSION bombs. Fission bombs came BEFORE fusion bombs.

Oh good, more of the bullshit larp. You already had a thread moshe.

But who will be the Jews use as slaves then? The spice must flow.

I wish.


Last roll.


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Fucking newfags. You don't beg for digits. You get them when you deserve them.

if it happens i will be happy

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Mfw nothing happens, again

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Yea sure Jesus Christ will show up with the rapture while Obama takes our guns and Trump drains the swamp. This weekend for sure! Hopw they don't reschedule again.

Let's face the bloodshed.
No need to dehumanize your self.
Read Aurelius!

Good luck, Anons!

Doesnt make sense that troops firing TNT would not be communicating with the troops who, in a very close proximity, are seeing the explosions of as you say a faked nuclear bomb. I'd imagine those soldiers doing test fires would except to be they themselves in the roation to view a live detonation.

Gay News

One last time, if not then no WW3.


you post my rushed OC so often I remade it properly. ;^)

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