Christcucks side with Feminists

This lovely video was released by Channel 5:

The pic is a compilation of the subhumans who complain about the happy couple. Feminists are seething, but stupid christcucks are also angry. 16 years is not Pedophilia and it's completely legal. When will the right see that as long as christcucks continue to spread their foolishness, feminism will never be stopped?

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Christcuck cunt is angry, she does not want competition.

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How can you defend this, christcucks? You enable feminism.

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According to a feminist, men are not even allowed to choose their own girlfriends.

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Where is the connection to Christianity in what you're showing us?

There is none. Op just wants to fuck kids

History will not remember my misgivings, because hour cameras and phones don't belong to you, and everything you've done will only ruin your reputation.

Remember, we control the tech and databases, not you.

Also, watch 12 monkeys, then you'll understand.

16 year olds are no longer children feminist christcuck.

Sorry, I meant this post:

They are in a Christian lead state, what makes your Jewish mind think Christians are cucks Asia?

How hard is it to wait two years?

Look at the tweet and the guys who comment on it, they are all christcucks. Besides, I had this discussion before and all the christchucks have invoked their slave morality.

Can you justify your position logically? Why do you think all the feminists are so angry? You defend these subhumans because you follow the Christian slave morality. Just like the
secular liberals.

What is with the breed of trannies that have enough self awareness to know they look like abominations so they hide behind an anime avatar?

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chistcucks have become servants of capitalists. all chistians need to be purged fo the false kind.

You already have a spam thread, jew. You don't get any more.

These are all unwanted and ugly creatures who are angry that there are better alternatives to them.

I do not spam. And no argument, christcuck.

They aren't Christian then.

Trannies hiding their appearance on
a text based site.

user, I don't know how to tell you politely, but you're an idiot.

Asians trying to copy the jew neoliberal. To make up for their non-whiteness they try to compensate with rabid rightist bullshit. The only way to get to them is to purge out the false christians who have a false agenda.

Sage and report for spam.

Age discrimination is a thing. All those intersectionalists and their christian collaborators should be banned, since those are hating a protected class. It's a reportable hate speech category.