'Miss Hitler' beauty pageant contestant faces retrial


The thing to learn from this case is beware of honeytraps, which is definitely what National Action was and was identified as such by other nationalists years before it was banned. They'll draw you into ideological purity and illegal activities in order quarantine and then jail you.

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Except there was nothing illegal about what she or many other imprisoned members of National Action did. She has been locked up over 6 months now for attending a fucking beauty pageant. UK is trashed.

This needs moved to the US. UKaida will still try and make a hit list tho be careful and heavily armed.

Unfortunately you're talking shit. Please inform yourself about the case before commenting.

The 4 on trial are currently charged with membership of a banned political party faggot

meanwhile the UK has no law against communist party affiliation despite thousands of their soldiers getting killed in anti-communist wars throughout the decades

Also currently on bail, not locked up.

Can't bongs just hide behind their local jewparty ? Get the UK to stop persecuting anons and/or get the jewparties banned.

t. Labour Party, UK

Hitler wouldn't like a makeup-smeared whore like that. You think a redpilled white man would tell their woman to stop wearing Jewish cosmetics

Spoken like a true incel. Maybe the actual winner of the competition is more to your taste.

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go back to 4chan

There is a balance between thotzis and anmarxists.
The former is too far from natural (alien) and the later is too close (animal).

National Action was son kind of Mi6/figh poison me like a lady honeypot? Fugg. Raw Deal. So no patriotic fash in Ole Blighty at all? No Purity of Essence. POE. We need fresh, pure water to replenish our precious bodily fluids.

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She didn't do nuffin

Funny how the UK is using Nazi techniques against stupid children claiming to be Nazis

Oink oink

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Lone wolves get shit done
Groups get their shit pushed in

At this point in time, a one-man army with enough preparation and training could do a hell of a lot more than any group could so long as his motivations/allegiances remained unclear to zog and his opsec was solid.

< If you tell the truth that HITLER WAS RIGHT, then your org is a honeypot
Look at this fucking retarded kike faggot.
National Action was a legit organization and their banning and subsequent imprisonment is a violation of human right.
Go back to Zig Forums and stay there you faggot, nationalism on your shitty cucked island is dead because of men like you, not people like National Action

Odd choice of words for what is effectively jew lawfare against the goyim

no, as this angry user points out, NA was the real deal, it contained many Zig Forumsacks and iron march posters. the reason they were shut down so hard is because they told the truth and their tactics and strategy to create a youth-focused movement were perfect. NA was one of the best nationalist youth organizations in decades.

the poster is correct, NA legaly did nothing wrong until the org was proscribed as a "terrorist" group for doing banner drops and speeches, and members were retroactively arrested as "terrorists" (for doing banner drops and speeches). obviously you are the uninformed one here, or are you a glownigger here to muddy the waters via some bad jacketing?


plus come…
nice dubs cutie

Does this mean she might be Mark Jones soon? Normally I think we should be traditional and have women take mens' surnames but I'd switch it up here because "Cutter" sounds a lot more badass, there's even a (((vampire))) hunter with that name.

I imagine what they do is they pay off or entice one edgelord into committing a crime and then try to imply the majority of other members are involved so that they will be tried as accessories, and be pressured into taking plea deals to avoid long sentences, or immunity deals to falsely implicate other members.

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I meant to write "plus comme" and "Alice Jones", apologies. Hitler dubs confirm Alice is cuter than all other Miss Hitler contestants.

Other nationalists had been prosecuted for saying less than they did under the law of inciting racial hatred. Along come National Action and for years they were allowed to operate without being prosecuted. Of course they appear to be the real deal - that's the way a honeytrap works, to draw in genuine people so they can be jailed later. You're very naive if you can't see that.

They were proscribed right after they celebrated the murder of an MP. Hardly a political masterstroke was it? What did they really think would happen? As for the current trial, I agree I can't see any evidence they belonged to National Action after it was proscribed but their OpSec was a joke. We need to learn from their mistakes instead of sulking about how unfair it all is.

What law is joining this group even breaking wtf? The government resettles returning ISIS fighters. And a meme nationalism group is illegal to have been a part of?

she looks like a shadman creation
pic related

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So not wanting women to look like clowns and smearing their faces with cosmetics to destroy their skin and natural beauty is "incel" behavior? Fuck off kike

Why dont people like this just move elsewhere?
Britain is dead.

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You should never move away from your homeland until an official war defeats you. Always stand your ground, always defend your country, and countrymen.

Fight until the end

FUCK off kike, literally nothing they did was illegal, and even if there was anything illegal you can't win in a rigged game such as a democratic election you fucking clown

why do so many retarded manchildren feel the need to call every other guy a jew? Also read "More morality, less moralism" by Joseph Göebbels, ought to suit you.

t. Not a fed

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That land no longer exists, and to fight for its memory from within its corpse only seems to destroy.

prove it. I've been observing nationalism in bongistan for a long time and I had never heard about anything like the way NA have been hounded in the history of bongistani nationalism. even combat 18 were not proscribed and that guy nailbombed people. and provide solid evidence that NA was a honeypot, until then I'll regard you as the jew that you are.

shitpost nationalism is what NA pioneered, and that's why they were shut down. the jew fears the shitpost nationalist.

Your argument is facile and impotent.

You're speaking in defense of someone unironically calling someone an incel on the basis of their disdain for heavily-painted attention whores using Nationalism for up-cummies, and you're citing a work by Goebbels which by no means applies to the issue at hand in that Goebbels would no more want such an image associated with National Socialism than he would the burlesque dancers of the Weimar.

The other user is right - that girl is beautiful, and she need not paint herself as a harlot when in possession of such natural aestheticism, and neither Hitler nor Goebbels would suggest that statement incorrect. They would certainly not call one making such a statement an 'incel' - a term most commonly employed in the present day by Jewish feminists and journalists to denigrate those men who oppose feministic derivatives and thus find difficulty in turn in finding a mate in our sickened society - nor attempt to accuse said person of misdeeds for proclaiming one who did such to be of Semitic quality or trait.

Its Britain.
Its practically illegal even to be White whose not self-hating, while pedophilic Muslims - and those who protect them - run free.

you'd be surprised what most women look like without makeup tbh, they need it

Why is this hosted in Cuckistan? It should be hosted in America, at least we still have the illusion of freedom of speech.

the real question is, how can a political party be banned?

nationalism is dead everywhere you faggot.
your shithole is 50% shitskins, and you've done absolutely FUCK ALL about it, cancerous fucking retard
the whole site is faggoted pointless TALK TALK TALK in circles, same thing for years.
it's demented

The only thing they did was helped the Jews exterminate us.

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NA was a honeypot even if genuine people were in there. That's the entire point of a honeypot. It doesn't matter if they did anything illegal, the government wanted them locked up, so they managed to do it through getting people in one movement then declaring that movement a terrorist organization then nicking the lot of them.

OP is right, be fucking cautious if someone is trying to get you to join anything. The girl in the article was a dumbass and probably doesn't even believe in any of our shit, she was most likely doing this all for attention and internet cummies.

Fuck, it's a picture of an air rifle with an edgy skull jumper on. That's enough for the Britcuck police to be scared. You should know that.

She looks like Amy Winehouse doing a funny edgy music video for White Nationalism. kek


People like to bitch a lot about the government acting unlawfully, declaring that we live in a tyrannical state…
But then fail to realize that we actually do live under brutal tyranny and refuse to account for this for the sake of their own safety.
The government could literally snap their finger at any moment and declare anything a terrorist organization literally worse than ISIS, all they need is an opportunity and the media will be able to paint it a certain way to cover the true motive of the decision… And the murder of Jo Cox served this purpose, and even more… It cleared way for new policies and the changing of old policies to cuck the country further, now 'fundamental British values' literally translates to taking Mohammeds cock and the police crack down more on 'white extremists' (that's literally the term they use) than actual real terrorists who are going truck of peace hundreds of people.

And BETTER STILL! They can convince the goyim that the terrorist attacks that have happened are the reason behind this, no one is going to question them, they've literally used the tragedies to further fuck whitey over, why? Because they fucking can and there's nothing stopping them.

It could be debated whether NA was a genuine organization or not, but the moment people were getting arrested (lawfully or not) was a clear sign something really fucking shady was going on, it's more likely that the movement was subverted to become a honeypot rather than created for the sole purpose of being one.

Shills replying to shills, degenerates and the occasional controlled opposition. Hide and move on.

All makeup is is deception, it’s purpose is to imitate health and good genes. A sign of insecurity and immaturity
Take your date to the water park, sit in the splash zone, get wet, profit

Anything that goes against the jews is illegal, no matter what any (((law))) in any country says. The modern application of (((laws))) are useless. Every single enemy of the white race must be killed first, before any meaningful, real laws can be put to use and function as they should.

Don’t respond to baiters

Insin detected.

That would be Hope not hate aka MI5 infiltrating and getting all of the ex-members arrested. It was not a honypot, not was it "subverted into one". If you think having your org infiltrated by feds makes it "subverted into a honeypot", then literally every political organization in history is a honeypot.

this is some northwestern republic shit

I hope she supports legalizing all DACApedes

Ex-NA member here. The D&C over if NA was a honeypot or not is so insane that we clearly are triggering groups here. While all you faggots will be LARPing over who is more h'wite and NatSoc, there are people out there who are preparing and doing work for our goals.
Jesus fucking christ anyone who has done something to help with our goals, then bashed by the media to absolute fuck terrorist viewpoint like Hitler and the rest of the NSDAP, are being shilled to be looked as honeypot or "not enough optics" just so they can excuse themselves from doing anything.

Sage for offtopic

Interesting comment.
Would you care to share some of your experiences?

Endless retardation for the Jews. White Nationalism will never work but you obsessive compulsive fags keep doing it.

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National Action did nothing wrong.

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Don't associate Rockwell with NA.

What does (((Frank Collin))) have to do with National Action?

It’s the same all over the west, we need to fix things at home, now, there is no safe refuge, (unless you’re a Jew that is)

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I post every now and then in NA threads. I was in the Northern division in Scotland and I was in Scottish Dawn after NA was banned, from all my experiences with the main organizers of NA (Mostly from England), they were all good lads and on a personal level, everyone was a disgruntled young man who hated what has happened to the country and culture and the corruption going on.
There wasnt any of that bullshit where morality or certain radical ideas or discussions would make them stutter if caught offguard, they knew the risks of even being public with their ideas but they had nothing else going for them. The jobs preferred sandniggers and niggers over them, women were degenerates and hard to find any real tradwives over there and they couldnt find real normal people to talk to who werent talking about the new iphone XXX or which weatherspoons to go to for a drugfest.
Majority of them were all good lads trying to live a healthy lifestyle (in our eyes, leftists eyes its being a nazi), except for Robbie Mullen, who was being anarchist in his attitudes and who was the person in the end who turned traitor to Hope not Hate. This motherfucker liked to throw flashbangs and smoke flares in region wise gatherings when we were outside stickering and doing photoOps for the newsletters. Fucker was even okay throwing flashbangs into incoming traffic and laugh about it. he had some young ones who followed him.

Robbie, if you are reading this, I'm that guy you decided to pour water on after you smoke bombed a rented accommodation, where we planned for the rally, while you decided to fuck off and get drunk. I remember how you laughed when I called you out on your bullshit and if I ever find you, you are a dead man you traitorous filth.

What did NA do to help our people? How does embarrassing yourself by dressing up in ridiculous masks and shouting at bewildered shoppers through megaphones help?

Of course most of them were genuine lads. That's the whole point of a honeypot - to draw them into behaviour that discredits their cause, encourage illegality and then jail them, which is exactly what happened.

Clearly Robbie Mullen is scum but if you believe Hope Not Hate were his handlers you'll believe anything. It's got MI5's fingerprints all over it so I'm sure he'll be very well protected and well rewarded.

I know full well HnH is government sponsored and GCHQ/MI5 work also to deal with those who could be a potential threat to the establishment over there. The brits in my opinion are beyond saving and considering how all the Anglo countries are going downhill (UK, NZ, Canada, US etc. ) just like how the communists made mine into a dying culture (Estonian).

When there was a Anti-Trump rally in late 2016, september or october or so, me and 4 others went as a counter to that with the confederate and NA flag, this was in Edinburgh at the US consulate, the leftists were so disgusting that the residential buildings next to the consulate, families came out to wonder what was going on and when we were explaining to them they are grabbing their pussies, slurring like crazy and being all around degenerate, the families were in support of us over them since we were acting normal unlike them over the #notmypresident thing in fucking Scotland (pic related with the toilet brush as a flagpole).
Add to that, the Scottish Defence League was mostly full of middle aged or older folk who were sick and tired of whats happening to Scotland and they worked with us to spread awareness and the groups started to wake up more. The answer to what was done to help the people: Raise awareness to the real threats going on, not what BBC,Sky and other media are spreading (like the politics of Tories vs Labour or the Football games etc.) that keep people occupied.

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Everyone should read this

Thanks for your response.
Mullen is scum. It sickened me to see him celebrated in the media like some hero, rather than some lardarse with no principles, willing to live a lie and sell out his mates.
To the betrayed by a supposed comrade is a foul experience.
What do you do now that these groups are done? Is there anything left for us in Britbongland?
Thanks again, NA-Lad.

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OP you're a dumb nigger jew.
Being white in Britain is illegal. That nation is under tyrannical jewish occupation and the genocide is in full effect.
Everything is a honeypot, who cares. Take over the honeypot, turn their honeypots against them. We're smarter than they are.

Typical judicial system, keep re-trialing and getting new juries until you get the sentence you want.

I fled the country, I am somewhere else working a good old fashioned factory job that pays decently and its hard physical work with no niggers or pakis. Found a partner to be with and im turning the house into a homestead and preparing for the end times.

But on the other hand while this sounds nice, it's not. I was in NA and SD and I miss that thrill. Once you know the front lines of the political war you can't get enough of it (Maybe it's the same feeling as a real war but I ain't fighting for the ZOG). So the pain of missing that thrill and waiting for that event is driving me crazy, but I can't join one of the local groups where I am since I have yet to fully learn their language enough to be able to contribute.

kys faggot

The only honey trap here is you trying to get people in the UK to defend them so you can take them out.

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To be honest, how you are living sounds great.
I understand the difficulty - it's always hard to be a foreignor and you never cease to be British, no matter how long you live abroad.
Also, I would dislike sense of impending doom as your new country begins to follow the same path and as you see your own homeland across the sea totally destroyed.
White flight is the option most of us will take; but it is delaying the inevitable.
Stuck in old Blighty, I am a bit of a loss what to do.

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Remember, the bobbies don’t even carry guns.

Just to clarify, I ain't a native Brit. I am an Estonian but I was living and working in Scotland and helping out against the filth destroying it. The lads i was with, I have lost all contact with them since they nuked every contact details they had when more NA and SD members were being investigated and a few are in jail which really pisses me off and makes me sad at the same time.
While the country I am in will eventually reach the same point since it's in a good state, it's not exactly flight since I would be facing jail time in the UK if I stayed there and what use am I if I am in jail most likely with fucking pakis and sandniggers?
At least here I got time to improve on my skills and train myself up while keeping as many normies away from degeneracy with my power level hidden. It's hard and the best I can say is, train yourself, keep contact with your local community only and if you are in the city, get out.

Israel? True, but not the rest.

Thanks for the advice, friend. I am glad you avoided jail.
We can do a little good everywhere. There are two things that give me hope: 1) Europe is definitely shifting to the right, albeit less far and less quickly than would be immediately helpful 2) The Left have become more or less Jewpilled.
Europe will awake, but God only knows what state we will be in by then. As for ourselves, training, informing oneselves, learning useful things, living a little apart will help.
The way they crush/infilitrate NS groups in this country makes it unsafe to do anything else, most of the time.

NA never did anything illegal. they got banned just because jews dont like them.

The guy behaving like an agent provocateur turned out to be a federal agent from MI5? Color me shocked.

Observed and ratified.

NA was legit, niggerfaggot.

t. samefag
To any ex-NA members reading this:
You set the standard for high nationalist youth movements across the world, it will be a long time before a group matches yours in terms of quality and dedication to the truth, especially in Cuck Island. Nobody who heard the speeches published in the Darlington video will ever forget them. Respect from Burgerland. Stay safe, don't get vanned.

Yeah, I'm on the same wavelength. Plus I think if you do move you kind on lose all right to bitch about immigration and minorities. They've just done to another country what wetbacks and pakis do, they're just another economic migrant. When the problem turns up in they're new country they just pick up and move again. They try to justify it with, but I'm moving to a white country. If we don't stand now Europe is going to be lost.

Kikes don't care, they care about creating an example. Kill the chicken to scare the monkeys.


This, frankly.

Groups exist so that you get a SOCIAL BOOST at the expense of OPSEC.

The most effective (and legal) thing we can do right now is our own version of BDS. Always choose te least kiked option if possible, and educate using word of mouth and examples.

eg: "blood libel" means you tell them about (((Blake Liebel))), the kike who killed his girlfriend and drained her blood. It's recent and it's in court records, it's not "libel" at all.

Pay the shills no mind, it's all a bunch of civnat faggots from Zig Forums

fuck off retard

You're a fool if you think that glowniggers are not monitoring this place 24/7

You're a fool if you think they can resist leaving this place. Truth will turn them on their masters, the red pill may be a joke to us; but I don't know if you've noticed: you can't untake it.

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So it's illegal to be hot and dislike ZOG? This really proves the kikes are the ones against the Aryan Ladies thread.

Kill yourself.

based and redpilled

You make an excellent point here, can't really disagree.

It is so, or at least nearly so. You see, you and me aren't "chosen," so we should not bitch about being replaced by brown slaves, as Shlomo Shekelstein knows what's best for us, as he's "chosen."

Strange how they can ban a political group but all the actual gangs in London they can't seem to ban or do anything about. Sure is democratic. As expected of the country that America rebelled against 'cause of tyranny.

The UK is truly the worst country in the Anglosphere for Whites to live in. I truly feel sorry for any Brit that is awake and aware of the hellhole that they find themselves in.