Saving the white race, but I'm MGTOW

Like the title said, I don't think the femlaws are going anywhere, but I want to do my part. I'm young, with a small apartment, and lack the mental strength needed to raise a child. But when I get a bit older, what should I do? Adopt a white child? Probably a boy, seeing as raising a girl without a motherly figure may have a big impact on her. Knock up some woman and pay her for the child and to leave (there is a term for those kind of women, but I don't know it). I'm following the /SIG/ threads, but I swear, I refuse to put up with women. For a daughter I'd go the extra mile, to make her feel loved, and have her know she's innocent of anything women are rightfully blamed for. But for a 'pay me child support, stop yelling when I beat you, you raped me'-ling, I just want distance. Help me, and probably other guys, will you? Tips, videos or readings. Other anything really.

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Find a girl you like who has a strong, not broken, family.
Cum inside her.
She will love you for it.

The term you are looking for is surrogate

That is, until the 'women's rights' rethorics kick in right? A woman's good will is something I'd rather not rely on. If the law changes and women start getting incarcerated, and men get rights, sure, I might. I know the importance of having her family in the relationship, reminder her that she has something good and if she cheats or goes abusive, she'll be alone. But that's not really enough for a woman to refuse all the gibs from the Jews is it?

Biggest thing you have to learn is to not give a fuck. Your neurotic and fearful, see how many retards out there who have perfectly stable family situations without splits and schisms? It's because they don't overthink shit. The user who said "cum in her and she will love you for it" is right, I never realized how drastically women's behavior changes when you nut in them, but it's true, and after that point you basically just need to not self sabotage. The only thing that could really fuck you up is new dick or not making enough money, but if you aren't a total pussy you can fix both with a little aggression, which despite what EVERA wining her and the family make otherwise, is what they want.

One of the things I wished I learned sooner is that people will screech and wine when you drop the fucking hammer, but it's not because they don't want you to, it's because they want to seem morally superior in addition to reaping the benefits. How do you know this? Because they're running their mouths and not actively stopping you, that's the key difference.

You gotta conquer user, the hardest part of having a woman is staying with her, seriously, they're like children or pets themselves. If you can take care of them, you're fine, but don't hold your breath if you're expecting her to help you problem solve or pass you mags and watch your six in the race war, the only women who I've met who can do that shit are rape victims with the demolished wombs and broken families, because they know the brutal truth of natural law. Can't cook in a broken crock pot though, so find you a nice naive girl with a ripe belly, nut in her, and figure out a hobby/vacation schedule to maintain your sanity amongst your kids and wife.

Or who knows, maybe you aren't as much of a dysfunctional prick as you think you are and you'll actually enjoy spending time with them.

In every relationship I have ever seen, the women yell and sometimes hit the men. The stables are the ones where the man accepts and thanks her for it. Relying on a woman's good will to not use the law against you is not a viable strategy. Hell, my mother hit me and the (((women))) at social security just shrugged it off. No woman ever gets punished, and calling it neurotic is simply saying 'that does not happen, a woman would never hurt a man.' Also, they are immune to the law, you are not. Hit them once, and the cowards at the police station will puffer their cheats as mighty saviors and take you downtown. She'll get even more money out of you, and you'll get jail time. I'm not sure whether you're a woman who turns a blind eye because only women are oppressed, or a boomer that thinks hitting a woman when she hits you isn't a crime. That advice does not work when they have the law on their side. This isn't the 80s

Surrogates are always an option. You can even choose to have sons in the selection process.

If she's gone to university, don't fuck her. If she's over the age of 22 don't fuck her. Find a girl in teh 18-22 age bracket that's never gone to university, and isn't a drug-addled whore. They definitely exist, I know a 19 year old girl who is pretty alright. Intelligent enough, smokes weed but nothing else, and generally would prefer a monogomous relationship.

Women never really 'grow up' which is why the romantic BS that works on 16 year olds also works on 40 year olds. Find a young girl to have your kids.

Quit saving the white race and start saving the right race: humanity. Skittles diversity is imbecilic.

Humanity needs exowombs. I got sexually molested by women and was eventually chunked out of activist spaces for “natalism” - even though I was successfully resisting having my genetic material extracted for that purpose. It was obviously unsafe for me to bring complaints anywhere. I was just supposed to obey without complaint the increasingly twisted hate campaigns to smear all wrongthinking people into misogynists and worse.

Other option; move to russia. They recently legalized domestic violence, if you can pop her in the mouth when she gives you lip, she won't give you lip.

sage and report

Get sterilized.

Get sterilized.

Get sterilized.

Did I hurt you fee-fee?

about to start family of my own with a nice czech girl. she mentioned wanting to have kids, didn't say a word. now been together a year, I mention "how about kids?" and she is all like "i wanna have 4. 2 boys, 2girls. but wild mix will do." why four? because its what czechia needs to not turn disgusting like germany or londonistan.

They did? I'll be. It's a bit more reassuring knowing she can't beat herself and blame you. Personally, I refrain from violence altogether. I migth if she tries to change the child gender, or feed man hatred on the child, but for the most part, I don't think hitting her is a necessity.

We now need to redpill someone else. I'm thinking, we need to red pill old white women who have nothing else to do.

Never adopt a white child, unless you're married. A child needs a mother and father to be balanced. Its no guarantee by any stretch, but you are not doing them any favors by adopting single. Its a step above being a faggot couple, but that's not saying much at all.

Depends on the Czech law, I guess. Best of lucks. Thanks for having white kids. I hope.

The only thing most 21st century women will give a child is bruises. I'll be damned if my future children get that treatment.

I bet her subhuman pussy smells like garlic. Just remember next time you go down on her she will never be aryan phenotype, race traitor.

The way to deal with abusive genomes permanently is to stop relying on natural reproduction. We can eradicate rape swiftly and permanently by zeroing its genetic advantage.

Aryan means pale criminal, you fucking submissive crimeslave. Quit glorifying prideless ancestral sociopaths.

Still hoping for artificial wombs. Single fathers are suboptimal, I understand, but in the current state, I personally see no other safe way for the man.

Surrogates are here and available. Most firms have options for foreign surrogates, so she has no rights to the child.

Yep its skin deep. Just pigment.

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There would be no problem if white lolis were red pilled.

I'm 24, in no way mature enough for a child yet, but that is good to know. If this continues, that may be my best shot at doing my part

Have your fun until the void gets too empty without children when you're in your 40s, then go Breivik or Tarrant, in minecraft of course

Finally realizing mgtow is the glove that fits the feminist hand? Both in the shape of a hand

You don’t get if, do you? Your beloved epigenetic construct is a social construct with less lifespan than a fucking oak tree. It’s not beyond human comprehension, the lifespan of an oak tree, but it might be beyond yours.

By the standards of genetically healthy people, YOU are a nigger.

No void here, he'll probably be using surrogates in his 30s.

Define this

Why aren't Sub Saharan African countries more prosperous than Denmark or Iceland?

Stop being a faggot, it's not impossible to find a good woman, If you're in your late 20s to early 30s or older, it's your own fault for not finding a young woman sooner in your life. If you're still a young man, just try to look in the right places. You don't have to be a complete asshole, but also don't be a wimpy faggot who lets women walk all over him. All the problems with women of our modern society will be coming to an end in the near future. After the revolution, we wont have any of these issues anymore. The man will legally be dominant over the woman, the wife will be subordinate to the husband, and beating women will be allowed in cases where they deserve it.

The current state of affairs is what fits feminism. Single mothers and forced child support for future transsexual children. Bring down the feminist laws, and I may get a woman. Until then, you are simply blaming the symptoms for the disease. I'm clearly saying I want to know how to help populate the white race, just not with a woman, and you are telling me that is still feminisms way? What is the solution then? Break the law and give them reasons to arrest you and play vicrim? Trust their good will? You do t have to be MGTOW if you don't want to, I've seen plenty of hate for it here. I just want to do my part for a better world. Not some gynocentric idiocrasy.


Because niggers, obviously, what is the point of this question?

Those people broke. They weren’t violent because they were genetically unsuccessful, they were genetically unsuccessful because they were violent. My experience with pacifism is that women were too forward with me and junked me on false pretenses when it didn’t work.

Violent people create a mind of death radius around themselves and then they whine about that. It’s weak. You probably shouldn’t be so passive people mistreat you as happened to me, see also I like seeing women armed, but neither should you idolize violence.

Read his other posts.

Then I'll wait until the revolution. If its so close, no need for a leap of faith when it can be a sure shot, right?

Get sterilized, wimp. If you need legal authority to live in peace with people that’s pathetic. I hope every woman in your vicinity is packing heat.

Unless you can find a nice, moral white woman as a surrogate, just wait until you have a woman to reproduce. If you donate sperm, they can give it to some nigger and create a half-breed mulatto abomination with your seed.

Fuck off roosh.

Drink a gallon of bleach, triggered whore.

Call me naive, but 'nice, moral white woman?' as in amish? Because I've seen my share of sluts pretending to be God fearing.

You don't need a perfect white woman to be the surrogate. Any race of woman can gestate a child of any race. All you need is one of the 200,000 eggs the perfect white woman can donate.

Personally, I'm not having kids until after our victory. I'm still pretty young, I can afford to wait a bit. But once our time is here, I'm going to start breeding like a king.

Histories of tribal warfare (soldier traumas and broken families), enslaving each other (slaves breed well despite everything trauma), lack of winter deaths to filter out stupid warriors and uncharismatic rapists, cultures that were insufficiently anti-rape, lots of diseases incubating in warm, wet, and eco-dense environments to reinflict traumas, granary law remaining too strong too late in civilization due to strongarm types guarding food stores being society’s only defense against famine, etc. It goes on.

The only part of this with zero social construction is the winter climate variation factor, and I’ll note global warming may take that away from everyone if we’re not careful.

It takes a White woman to raise White offspring faggot. Men don't and can't qualify to raise White offspring. They don't have the time or inclination.

Get some stability, triggered criminal, or get sterilized. :)

The problem is that we may not have that time. Women are not gonna give up their privileges. We may need to have children ourselves to continue. Consoder sticking around, and when you're a bit older, get a surrogate or an artificial womb or whatever suggested in this thread that suits you. But white children are needed, and our victory may not be in our generation

It doesn't take a white woman to raise a white child but it takes a white woman to give birth to one. Otherwise it's some race mixed halfblood

Surrogate firms ubiquitously use IVF. You can choose the egg donor.

She has to not be a whore. If she has been with more than one man in her life, she better be a widow. No crassness and vulgarity, kindness without being too naive, and being submissive to her man. The vast majority of woman were once like this, the whores ended up alone, kikes fucked up our women, we can and we will reverse the damage they've done. There are still a lot of woman like this, you don't have to marry a fucking 13 year old to have a nice wife. "God fearing" or not, I'd prefer a good atheist woman than a "Christian" whore who has had 10 nigger dicks inside her. Besides, if she respects you then she'll believe whatever you believe anyways.

Being a whore is criminal, and is punishable by torture and in some cases death.

I do not know a single chick that didn't get rammed by her sexual liberation, but maybe its just where I live. And that lolipill thing just seems pedophilia to me. 20+ to me.

Beige working class poopulations are largely descended from soldier stock and thus show many of the African psychosocial weaknesses like xenophobia, hatred, and counterproductive hygienic concerns. The beige populations are generationally farther from that origin with intervening factory and artisan generations. For that matter, beige soldiers historically spent a greater fraction of their time doing mind-healing things like maintaining their uniforms, going on parades, learning craft skills, and otherwise being image-conscious members of their community rather than self-defining wholly by how much injury they inflicted on the other. In the maddening and sickness-riddled heats of Africa, these things never worked so well, and warriors survived as well or better encamped near enemies as they did dying of plagues at home. Amidst such restless suffering the trauma loads were continually elevated, and a legacy of rape tainted bloodlines doubled down on trauma and xenophobia factors by making mothers hate their unwanted alien offspring.

It’s all about how people treat each other, long-term. Compassion saves everyone, but if we are not strong enough to be compassionate, we are ultimately all destroyed.

Those who torture others are always degenerate, scumbag. Learn to manage your emotional flux if you would seek purity.

Using violence makes you more prone to use violence in the future for sure. But remember that without punishment, anything is legal. Its about balance, or another forms of punishment. Sadly, violence works.

so are you a woman or are you just a sub-100 iq male?

BUMPED. MGTOW all fucking Day

Thanks and stick around. Hopefully we too can play a part in saving the white race.

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Compassion is good. Getting beaten over and over and believe next time will be different is idiocy. With all of these 'pay for a black woman's dinner' and 'we wiz kangs' movements, I'm starting to think to only sin our ancestors did was even talking to these people. Let them die of whatever thing the mosquitos are carrying these days. They are ungrateful as fuck.

I'll be leaving now, I have a long car trip ahead of me. Thank you for your advice. When I'm older, I'll probably get a surrogate if things stay the same. Moving to Russia doesn't seem like a good idea, they seem to be pretty into communism. Hopefully more countries will allow for that, and women lose another trump card in court. I'll probably have to check on the surrogate though, make sure she doesn't drink or smoke or whatever things that don't harm pregnancies at all in the 21st century. Do as you wish with this thread, by the time I return, it'll be either derailed or archived. Thanks you for your advices, and if you have a white woman, thank you too, I sure wouldnt go for one. Fucking feminist whores. Maybe artificial wombs will be a thing in about 6 years. Or maybe the collapse and the 'not all women were feminists, most of us loved men, we just wanted to be nice mothers' will come fast enough for the law to change and I may go for one then.


Women are brainwashed to show their most ugly side all day long.

Play the game better than they do

How? Knowledge is key
Make white babies to the max!

Men and women belong together. MGTOW is just another jewish trick to keep the white race apart. NEVER DEPEND ON A WOMEN!

NEVER BE EQUAL TO HER! (Always be one step ahead)

Then you have a chance!

You go first (((rabbi)))

you have done your homework, nice!

True. Be a man in all kind of things. Never appear weak. Take the lead. Make the children. Never show doubt.

A good argument in isolation, but torture can never achieve balance. It corrupts judicial systems and employs serial killers.

The system is designed to genocide you. That’s why the first real step is taking out the jews.

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The essence of political disaster is this: someone has honest cause to believe that a voice that never lies lied in an extraordinary fashion, corrupting history against a victim. Many causes fall to this. My own participation in social justice fell to it. I was mandated to be the one who lied, but willingly would I agree to brain implants to prove my honesty, for I did not. The left created a safe space for at least one abuser against at least one victim, and declared sacred lies and extraordinary bigotry against that person.

Imagine being scared of women yelling

I left the left for their sins of inquisition and FALSE ARCHIVAL. I have given information in this thread explaining race as a social construct in this thread precisely because the left’s inquisition has lessened, and they have become authentically accepting again, and thus I am among them once more. Yet I tell you, I have seen corruption, and known its fruit. There is no efficacy in bigotry, but you were all for a time INTENDED to believe in it, that you might more readily be destroyed.

Torture, though? To see that anywhere defended… You absolute fools. Torture degrades information quality severely. Those who pursue inquisition with torture do always eventually fail. It corrupts! Act they in fatalism or defiance, people are made chaotic by it, and only blind stupid fanatics of lying sociopaths can ever enact it.

If you seek purity in virtue, and turn on those who rape privacy, we will more swiftly see an end to all the sufferings of epigenetic injury. Always know that those who have all information can proclaim the contents of all information, and beware omniscience. Know also that the people who fight to exclude all sinners do fight forever even against their very selves! Find peace in this world!

Eternity beckons! If we can be honest enough we will overcome biological entropy and live amidst a million years of peace!

We have need of the intellects of women. Their dispersion is narrower than that of men. They have the same potential peak of intellect, though they reach it more rarely; they have the same nadir, though they reach it more rarely. Across that greater band of moderate capacity is a wellspring of potential. For the average is worthy, and all partake in and are rewarded by prosperity, even unto society’s edges! Be honest and compassionate. Have the strength to care for truth, which is the strength of all strengths. Turn on what is false while it is false, as I have, and return to it when it is false no longer, as I have. The capacity to do this is a yield born of truth! As I have not hated, I have shredded the unworthy hatreds of others, soaking and negating them. So too can anyone. As we dwell within our pattern we find eventually the fruit of our pattern; this is a material and not a spiritual enlightenment.

Be not hateful, but be strong in this world; suffer in silence if need be, or speak loudly of the good news of truth. For as truth is power, it is always good news, and we may construct ourselves to empower all alike. Kind is the way!

I'll be sure to read those, but it's not your decision, it's the states decision, unless you're telling me I should beat up the cops once she cries wolf. Also, MGTOW being a Jewish trick… I can see where that comes from, but in the current state of affairs, MGTOW is protection from crippling child support. If the law changes drastically, sure, everyone is still doesn't want a family may be in the jews hands. Until them, I disaggre.

Learning to craft rope is in my to-do list actually. Not even kidding.

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Back to tumblr with you, you didn't even read the posts lazy whore.

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Even Eris gives us permission not to fight, should we choose against her. That was what drew me for a time to Discordianism. Foolish, in hindsight, for though the Principia is beautiful, its followers are not quite as true as they ought to be.

We can cast down all sacred liars in this world. Medicine’s progress makes it somewhat inevitable. For how can the brain be rejuvenated without its secrets being known? The day will dawn when the last person who would choose death over truth will have died already. We need but have faith in causality.

Knowing the day of truth approaches, we should hasten it by turning on all that is false. That which will be is awesome in its beauty. We should be as merits it and as adores it. We should have integrity, willing even to confess our sins, and to dwell now in a world with one history as the advance of technology will someday compel of all.

Rhetoric is fun, but some people hate it, so rather than perform where it’s unwanted I’ll be here in darkness trying to stir shitheads to save them.

Seriously, we don’t need wimpy scumbags who chimp out into violence. That isn’t a pigmented observation, it’s an idealistic one.

No sweetie, nature did not made you for science. Science is stagnated because of your 'climate change is because white man bad' and wahmen in stem. Women have a offset. Your average is lower than the man's.
Around 70% of the women are behind the top 50% of the men. There is a reason why the Greek made the female symbol the hand mirror, and not the feather.

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Dear goyl, what’s a calculator?

Something I was not allowed to use in my graduation. We did the calculations by hand.

I've been pitching MGTOW on here since the 1st exodus. I used to just get constantly attacked by the ideological tards here who are as enlightened as a nigger in Africa for being MGTOW. Hell, I was a MGTOW before anyone had a fucking label for it. Long story. You're right though, women today are degenerate whores and the entire system is rigged in their favor. Only a moron would do the math on the risk and come up with a answer that includes women.

I don't have an answer for this problem. It will take generations to correct which is extremely unlikely with current cultural trajectories, or it will take a major event to destroy the status quo. I'm betting on the happening.

You're young right now. I'm quite confident within the next several years the entire country will collapse economically. I'd recommend that you prepare for that so you can make it through the happening. If you can make it to the other side, feminism will no longer exist. At that point, if you're well position, get yourself a nice YOUNG girl and start churning out kids.

A calculator is a woman who does mathematics for a man. Almost any woman do this. It’s not a special talent. It’s quite beneath the superior intellect of men.

Think. Hard.

if it collapses. If not, surrogates. I should start reading raising children and male / female psychology. Not the 'new era' books. And hey, MGTOW seek validation in themselves. Some people here have their arguments, others are just angry women. In the mean time, I'll continue trying to climb to corporate ladder as a software developer, betting on formations while at work.

Men have superior intellect if they study. We are born better than women by default,but if they work and we slack, we get left behind. So I try to look at most forms of work as 'not beneath me'. I appreciate the practice.

Sear god, slavish liars like you don’t actually do well in tech, you poor submitted person. Learn to rise above the temptation to project emotional fluxes onto others, and to value scientific history, without which we would not have a tech industry.

Learn to be proud in truth, not enslaved by lies and hatred. Open your eyes; reject your feelings; partake in truth. Reals over feels, as was said in GamerGate, when we fought to defend social justice from liars who cast judgment in its name.

Why am I a liar again?

Pardon, targeted my other post on the wrong one of yours. Look, you seriously need to be honest to succeed in tech. Without integrity your code will not pass tests. Women are valued in tech for the same reason they’re valued in math, and if your response to intellectual challenge is slack lies and condescension, the field you’re entering will eventually be a piranha nightmare if you can’t manifest more integrity.

You ignored scientific history.

Show me the history I ignored then.

If people aren’t liars for presenting false data as truth, when the fuck are they liars? Women have the integrity for math and science work far more reliably than men. IQ is nice, but honesty is what actually matters for accumulating information.

My IQ is an obscenity not to be believed, yet I would not be the intellectual peer of a more comprehensible and mathematical mind. That person is my better.

I'm already on the field, for 2 years. Tech Companies hire women for gender quotas, and the one I work with does not qualify as professional. I accept the challenges that programming gives me, and I consider myself a competent man.

It’s in thread. Quit performing for the audience and exercise your so-superior reading comprehension. You are honest, are you not?

There is no "if" it collapses. It will collapse. Mathematically inevitable. The only thing up for debate is when it will happen. Plan accordingly.

You’re performing, narcissist. I already caught you in a comprehension error. Cool the emotions and scroll back. :)

Mm. Given the rewards of not-collapse, I’m pretty sure we should mathematically bet on not-collapse.

Until I see women doing mathematics instead of 'Watson stole a woman's work' , I'll keep my scepticism. Talking is nice, let actions be your words. Saying women are better than men in science doesnt explain why men are the actual scientists that actual discover/invent, and certainly doesn't explain gender quotas. Tumblr is a click away ma'lady.

Good for you.

Yesss, let the lies flow through you.

Meanwhile, I went through GG, hateslave.

That's not correct. Women at the mean of the IQ distributions are practically double the number of men. However, the female IQ distribution has a significantly lower variance, that is to say while there are more women at the mean IQ, there are more men at the dumbass side of the distribution, and more at the high IQ end of the spectrum. The majority of women are mediocre intelligence and increasingly few as the IQs increase. There are none at the high end of the IQ distributions.

You play your cards as you see fit. If you're wrong and you're not prepared, you can always find some rope or an extension cord laying around and neck yourself. If I'm wrong, which means the math is wrong, well then humanity is totally fucked anyway.

My mother was a biochemist. She wasn’t a good person, but I’m quite sure she was both female and aberrantly intelligent.