Lefty Stream with Reactionary Humor

Hey Zig Forums, I’m a lefty and I know you guys are going to hate me for that, but I’m doing a political livestream/podcast that starts at 1:30pst and I think you or guys will enjoy it.

You are free to ask questions in chat, and I’ll take calls(through discord) around 2:15pst. Thanks!


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Fuck off commie Jew scum

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I’m polish, german, and irish, not Jewish. Even though there is nothing wrong about being a Jew. We can discuss this on stream.


Into the gas-chamber, faggot

Don't care.

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You reactionaries are so mad about having your ideas challenged. lol

Zig Forums FUCK OFF

Sure it is.

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We can break this down on stream.

Natural order isn't reactionary. Constantly needed to create need like tier degeneracy is.

Id be more than happy to explain exactly why it is reactionary on my stream.

No one wants to give you shekels or views, fag

This is now a redpill thread

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Yeah no one is interested in your fantastical nonsense thank you and fuck off.

Dislike and leave

Nigger, communism is a death political identity. Modern Day leftwingers would be reactionary by Marxs definition

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Global report.

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No, you can't.
You are not able to bury all talmud copies to hide the truth.

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