Virgina Beach Municipal center shooting

There was a shooting not too long ago. Let's blame someone for this. I vote Nick Fuentes, just for shits and giggles. 11 are dead.

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I hope no one was hurt #MAGAwithDACA

The anonymous 4-chan hacker known as Sam Hydeberg


Nick Fuentes is probably the most SIEGEpilled person in the US. It really isn't a surprise that someone would be inspired by his rhetoric this way.


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don't be a faggot.

I heard it was zionist Steven "kill all the niggers" Crowder

Polite sage

Isn't sam hyde down there on summer vacation?

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That is the picture let's do it.


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I'm not a white nationalist

European nationalist ftw

You don't have to be a white nationalist to resist white genocide. You just have to not be a kike.

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Where does this guy live? Anyone have his home address?

I see someone tried
Although 11 is very little to get the high score.


Dewayne Craddock
Birthday: 10/15/1978
Political Party: Democrat
Ethnicity: African American
Religion: Christian
Income: $30 - $39,999
Net Worth: $25,000 - $49,999
Relationship: Married

It’s like a closed mouth soy grimace

Damn, Nick.

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Nigger…I can do that shit TOO! Come the fuck on…

Jason Avery
Birthday: 8/14/1983
Political Party: Democrat
Ethnicity: African American
Religion: Islam
Income: $35 - $75,000
Net Worth: Unknown
Relationship: Single

Friendly reminder to be skeptical of mylife, as it can be edited by anyone.

A "Dewayne Craddock" who works at a municipal office certainly exists though.

Look up "DeWayne Craddock with Virginia Beach Public Utilities". He exists, and was said to be the suspect on a police scanner (haven't confirmed myself, going to listen now)


always good to be skeptical user.

yet, police don't say anything about this at all.
in the usa they start to hide black/migrant crimes away just like here in europe.

We all know who did this. We knew it was coming

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Yeah, the article says "The identities of the gunman and the victims were not released", which almost always means "shooter isn't white".

They're more than happy to get it wrong multiple times if the shooter is white so they can start their gay op-eds but hide the killer's race if it doesn't fit the narrative.

Is this real? Better start posting links, I'm tired of the no-planer and laser beam crowd that fucked 911 truth also fuck this place up

Leave Nick Alone

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This came as no surprise from Nick "I'm two percent African" Fuentes… smh


No shit, retard. Read the thread.

The story will be promptly deep sixed by tomorrow morning.

It’s ogre. The police announced that a nigger is dead “so people can sleep better tonight.”

What foreigners don't seem to understand about (((Americans))) and guns is that we don't want guns, but -need- guns.

It's the prisoner's dilemma, (((Americans))) are living in a shithole where violent criminals and lunatics can all have access to fully automatic weapons with hollow point bullets. We can't give up weapons to defend ourselves with because getting robbed and shot at is just a part of life to us. There's a mass shooting every day and getting a gun pointed at you is nothing special.

Countries like Australia managed to convince people that they don't need guns for safety and haven't had a single mass shooting since, enjoying a much lower crime and murder rate, but they also have one of the highest standard of living. Good luck convincing the average (((American))) that the world isn't out to get them or that someone won't be breaking into their home tonight.

No one's retarded enough to think the constitution and the fucking -AMENDMENT- is unchangeable and infallible. No one's retarded enough to think they can fight against tyranny with assault rifles when they can just use drones to shoot missiles at you outside visual range. They're just sad, pathetic, scared little people trying to defend themselves in the hellhole they were born in.

Don't disparage our backward ways, pity us.

1,052 mass shootings in 1,066 days

Its another episode of jewish attempts to attack someones character.

He is openly anti jewish and openly racist. Fuck off.

You aren't even American you fucking jew.

Australia also doesn’t have niggers like the ones who keep trying to break into my shed and steal things.

You must have never seen his stream if you're calling him jewish, you dumb Zig Forums shill. This guy is more anti-jew than nearly everyone on Zig Forums, is openly against miscegenation, and blatantly deems non-whites to be intellectually inferior. He's also very careful to not get his social media accounts banned.


Yes we do, we have african gangs in our major cities consisting mostly of sudanese "refugees".
Jewgle the term 'Apex Gang Melbourne' and look at all the articles showing the niggers chimping out in what was once a white ethnostate in the 70s.

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Fuck you.
The mind is a weapon.
Legs are weapons.
Teeth are weapons.

Natural rights are rights which will continue to exist no matter what the law says, and that's why weapon ownership was recognized as essential by the founders.
Laws are supposed to codify normalcy. Civilizations collapse when they don't.
Weapon prohibitions do not represent what is normal; therefore, they contribute to the collapse.

He can't keep getting away with it!

But people are retarded enough to think that the US can drone strike its citizens within its borders with no negative consequences?

The violent crime rate in Australia for other crimes went up you kike.

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Drone pilots for the US sleep in the US.

Next time have a Nick Fuentes manifesto ready to go. Create your own board and then send it to as many media outlets as possible when the next shooting occurs.

tnx, will do.

No footage , no names , how are we supposed to make memes out of dis?Disappointing to say the least