Virginia Beach Happening

So 11 gimps get blasted in Virginia Beach, and not a single fucking thread on it? This either reaks of a false flag because the media beat us to a happening or you faggots are slipping.

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It was probably a nigger. The shooter is also already dead.
Also, post a link you dumb niggerfaggot.

Shit OP is shit.

I just posted the archive to ZH.

They don't say who the shooter is so might not be Evil White Devil.

Feeling pretty bored honestly. White nationalists have set the bar too high.

It was a nigger, 100%.
Now cue the gun control kvetching.

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Looks like it was a disgruntled employee who got fired yesterday, or at least that's the glownigger narrative.

Busy getting those shekels aren't you kike?

It's getting to the point where these things happening aren't really worth reporting on. Soon enough there'll be "weekly happening roundup" threads where all 11 truck bombs, 27 shootings/assassinations, etc are collated and kept track of. Won't even be worth making separate threads.

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God I hope so.

We can only hope he subscribed to pewdiepie.

Already a better shitty op, nigger.

There’s a saying that the longer it takes to reveal a shooter, the higher the chance that he’s a nigger

the Coulter rule

I'm betting it's a beaner.

gay nigger thread

Part and parcel, goys!

Don't worry, the leftists are already hard at work on solutions.

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literal braindeads

Virginia Beach active shooter drill had been scheduled for tomorrow

Two nearly identical threads on this topic. There can be only one.

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Yeah cuz I’m just gonna sell my guns back to the ZOG. Brilliant plan, but at least I’ll be able to buy fried chicken for like a week

but that won't happen because it was a fag masonic false fag op

it was a fucking nigger shooting up his workplace cause he was fired.
like the innocent employees there have anything to do with him getting fired. its the people in charge youre mad at, you ingrate.
nigger logic

We should definitely ban ex-government employees. They are more dangerous than guns.

Dewayne Craddock is 40 years old and was born on 10/15/1978. Dewayne's Reputation Score is 2.77. Dewayne Craddock currently lives in Virginia Beach, VA; in the past Dewayne has also lived in Newport News VA. Dwayne Craddock, Dewayne A Craddock and Dewayne A Hamilton are some of the alias or nicknames that Dewayne has used. We know that Dewayne's political affiliation is currently a registered Democrat; ethnicity is African American; and religious views are listed as Christian. Dewayne's relationship status is married. Other family members and associates include Katrina Glascoe, Mary Glascoe, Shanae Foster, Dane Young and Tabitha Atkinson. Dewayne's annual salary is between $30 - 39,999; properties and other assets push Dewayne's net worth over $25,000 - $49,999. View All Details

Birthday: 10/15/1978
Political Party: Democrat
Ethnicity: African American
Religion: Christian
Income: $30 - $39,999
Net Worth: $25,000 - $49,999
Relationship: Married
Kids: Info Pending…
Current Home Value: $121
Home Purchase Price: $121

Yeah the shooter was a non-white who sperged after getting fired apparently. I find it odd that not long after this thread was posted that I see a bunch of degenerate anime posters dropping sketchy links in a bunch of other threads. Probably cohenencidence though

should I even care

what shooting? there was no shooting

You win.

This. Who the fuck cares anymore. At this point a thread is worth making only for over 1k high score.

I fucking hate niggers.


Mass shootings are boring unless you stream it. That Democratic guy that torched himself near the White House has viral videos from multiple angles to enjoy.

Nigger for sure

Getting there. As things go to shit and useless government employee niggers with apefirmative blaction jobs get fired and laid off there will be all kinds of chimpouts and murders.

Is that from

Kinda like White Nationalist retards.

He bothered to post a blue eyed ginger kitten. That was a reward in and of itself.

Please be white
Please be white
Please be white

Someone didn't want us (well not US, the plebs) to watch the Hannity show Trump told the country to watch tonight….


Also op is a faggot, and possibly a glownigger.

Even the MSM seems to have greeted this one with a big yawn, probably because;

If it was some white cracka Don Lemon would be ululating with fear nonstop.

check out the entry now. he's muslim and the political affiliation is gone.

Dindu with a silencer on his hi-point .45 except there were loud gunshots and cops quickly located him.

It is coming the more subhumans are here in this country the more violence will become endemic.

5/31 11 killed
9 11 killed

It's a shitskin. If it was a white guy, they'd be plastering his face and name everywhere.

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ls a dimdu, so the press will memory hole it just like the tranny couple.

They're bleaching his face

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For the past year kike shills have dramatically lowered post quality and driven a bunch of anons away.

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sounds white!

pic related

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Depends on how niggerish he looks. Halfbreeds tend to be the main ones they bleach.

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He a whi boi user shut yo ass up be4 I cum ov'd air and smack yo.

Into the memory hole it goes

He a whi boi anons…
He a white boi!

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Nignog confirmed
Memory hole in 3…2…1…


Also, they're trying to push mass shooting number too. Pics related.

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Blood looks dark especially being so fresh.

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It looks fake as hell. Zig Forums just has to be careful about believing this one just because they are presenting us a nigger gunman. I'm not going to rule it out totally, but I'm always suspicious of any "mass" shooting.

HAHAHA a niggers net worth is $25-49,000. How much of this are they lying about anyway?

Yep, that's why (((they))) took so long to reveal who the shooter was. If it was a White man, regardless of political affiliation, (((they))) would have spread his image and name all around the media.

except niggitry is as bad as they people promoting it.

Obvious raspberry sauce.

All that's needed is mental healthy issues…

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People are that much NPC's? This is a joke right? This is a meme they are making right? No way this shit is legit, if true then why don't we work up just to get a way to fuck the system?

This is the most obvious gun control false flag I've ever seen.

Yes. There's a reason why normies are referred to in such disparaging names. They truly are nigger cattle, regardless of race.

They gonna need ALOTTA BLEACH

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That is look yourself up and laugh at it's inaccuracies.

he was a 15 year + civil engineer probably more like 100k/yr if anything

Not entirely memory hole'd, but not so spread as to inform the common normie nigger cattle.

Its always

Standard 30 round mag
5.56, i can literally hear Zig Forums having a fucking aneurysm
Suppressor is more accurate, you cant truly silence a firearm

Every fucking shooting they pedal this horseshit out.

What possible use would a silencer be for a "mass shooting"? Those things heat up quickly too right? Seems like it would negate the "extended magazine" and the media notion of "full auto".


Only an aneurysm? I think at least a few of them are suffering heart-attacks due to high blood pressure by now.

I wonder how many gold diggers turn down guys, because of that site's inaccuracies? I wonder why he was fired… anger issues?

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Heinlein's vision of America is becoming more and more our reality.

Coulter's Law strikes again! Iron Ann would be a total bitch as President, but if she fought for a total moratorium and threatened to shut down the govt to do so, then real patriots could start deporting the Mesoamericans to the other side of the border, and through intimidation, the rest of the grab back of American melting pot ethnicities will go home.

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Jews are on it. His reputation score is increasing.

God damn

If you've ever been to vabeach or anywhere in the tidewater, that wasn't a bold guess.

I'm going to laugh my ass off if this was the city trying to jew him out of some kind of pension/benefits step up. If you're a public employee in a stressed budget locality just a few steps away from that big forever check, you should know to watch your ass.

Definitely a nigger if it was VA beach or really any where in the 757 tidewater area. Holy shit talk about coon town. Part of why I stay in the mountains in Southwest VA


Shooter's downstairs neighbor was a typical fat glow nigger.

Similar to 2009 shooting:



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Lol, the crisis actor even has a name tag.