Mind reading technology as the Final Solution

Mind reading tech is being developed now. It's not very good but it will get better. Mind reading tech is like an end game technology in some kind of strategy game. The Jews want to use it so they can medicalize white interests and then alter your brain with magnets to make you into a race traitor. We will use it to DESTROY JUDAISM AND LEFTISM FOREVER. Killing our enemies isn't enough if you can't detect all of them and they can hide and subvert society, but mind reading tech instantly takes all of that away, because we can make it mandatory in schools and workplaces. Any kid who's a faggot? We detect he likes dick and kill him. Any kid who's developing traitorous feelings towards his race? We can nip it in the bud and correct it, but if it continues then we will know, and we can kill any race traitors. Combine that with eugenics and you can solve all genetic and cultural problems, genetic screening for stuff before birth, and mind screening for secret cults. We'll no longer have to go through this cycle of society becoming leftist then collapsing, being built up by strong men and then collapsing, because we'll no longer allow the private scheming of traitors to betray the race. This also makes it imperative to win and take over soon before this tech is fully developed. The end game will be soon. Anyone who disagrees with this shows themselves to be a traitor because they admit they have thoughts that go against the interests of white survival. Being against this is also a good test of who should be killed. Being against this is letting a Jew pick up a gun because you are too scared too. But know this… Cowards and traitors will be exposed in due time. There is NO escape. NO survival.

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We find out that everyone is absolutely degenerate.
Everyone just has one true desire.
And it's beyond profane.

One is supposed to embrace one thing or another under free will, that's the whole point. If you take it away from people, then you have killed one of main things that separate the white race from the robotic insect kikes and animal-men. I'm all for using it to determine who truly supports us and who is only pretending though. But we all know how it's going to end up, they will turn it into a bad goy detector.

You're a shill who wants us to think think Jews will ever allow us to fight back and use this technology once it is implemented for our interests.
This board is basically owned by kikes, threads like this are never deleted, reports don't work

Race war now?

You want to know my secret desire? There are stones in Georgia.

How will anyone fight back against ZOG when their thoughts are monitored, possibly with microchips, and any thoughts of revolution are met by instant arrest or execution?

This board is pretty much dead now. Just make it Hebrew language only.

Ha. You imagine yourself in power.

OP is what your calling for reminiscent of Tranquility Lane from Fallout?

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The whole hunting and killing of jews, leftists and other degenerates must be done even now, without the tech to read minds. Looks or acts like a jew? Kill it. Looks or acts like a leftist? Kill it. Looks or acts like a degenerate? Kill it.
Don't wait for technology to solve simple problems. Incite and mobilize people to solve them.

You can mind read without technology if you know how. Get gud, niggerfaggots.

But that's just it. The tech is going to turn up purely through military incentives if nothing else, and then we have to use it. If we don't, one day society will turn degenerate once more, and then the degenerates WILL use it.

Don't view it in those terms. It's a technology that develops and either we use it or it's used against us at some point in the future. You can not call for it if you want, but then it'll be here and the next time someone against us gets their hands on that tech they won't hesitate for a moment.

But then we just go back to the same cycle of history where things get bad enough for this to happen, but then you didn't actually get all of them because some of them hide, and then later when people forget the hard times. If we don't use something that can end this cycle, the Jews will end us. Make no mistake, the kike wants to see whether you're having bad thoughts, and it will fuck your mind up if it can. We see already the magnetic manipulation of the brain in early tests, and we see the psychiatrists calling for racism to be classed as a mental illness. If they pick up the gun before us, that's it. It's over.

Deep learning algorithms will achieve all of this long before any kind of physical brain scan. Why do think they want you to use (((social media))) using your real name?

It wouldn't matter if it worked so long as people think it works. All they have to do is "process the data" and proclaim you a criminal who has either killed or plans to kill/hate/whatever stupid crap they decide to arrest people over.

OP are you by any chance the ethnoglobe user?

Judaism and Leftism will use it to destroy us forever. There is no salvation in technology.

Valve is using all their funds to research this.

I wish people weren't so slow.
A kike-controlled version of what you talk about has been being put together more and more effectively over the last few decades. It is improving exponentially, it has EFFECTIVE mind reading powers due to the degree and pervasiveness of surveillance and the ability to integrate all that data into accurately predictive profiles. They act cooptively to incite people with "tendencies" or "possible tendencies" in a social engineering scheme similar to a "refining process" and they don't care whether it is legal or illegal, or about the niceties of the difference between preemption and entrapment. Do you understand that it doesn't have to look like it does in movies to have the same effect? Am I putting down logic or Diablo II for this sort of slow motion evolution of thought on this website? Oh wait, I almost forgot that it is part of that entrapment system I just shouted about! Okay, never mind… er "GOOD JOB, OP!"


Cope harder

They'll get rid of all the bad goys if this tech gets good. Honestly if you support this tech save them some time and put one in your fucking skull.

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We have one already:


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Please see Mr. Brock after your shift about the use of cliches.

The Soviets used a technique for remove viewing called mirroring. If I was a betting man I'd say that had something to do with the Q-LARP except Kushner is now using it.

Think those psychics in the hot tub in Minority Report. It's very crude and not accurate, hell, mushooms might be just as accurate (they seemed to give me progognition, YMMV).

I don't give a single fuck.

Either God saves us or we're eternally fucked.

Shut the fuck up retard

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Why would we be eternally fucked? We aren't eternal.

they made me wear like in op pic during my job interview

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It’ll be used moderately for the public benefit like everything else. Secret truth: the boring answer tends to win. Basically all stable people fall into one of two basic categories: 1) sincerely boring, 2) wise enough to be boring when it matters. Even a lot of the unstable people pull off 2). Enough to keep society un-dead, so to speak. Hah.

Anyways, it won’t end history any more than any other high-impact technology did. It’s true that it has potential for creating unpredictable power-transfers, but as with all technology it increases total available power, thus increasing total system chaos potentials. There is no “end of history” technology. The chaos factor of uncertain applications further intensely moderates technology like this. Nobody sane wants to fuck it up and insanity doesn’t put people in a position to contribute. Xenophobic sociopaths aren’t capable at that level. You fucking retards.

This tech is a little… different. What it really does is it exposes the inner darkness to light, as well as exposing the inner light to darkness. The ultimate greyzone is thereby cracked. This would be bad if everyone was aligned to light or grey, but they aren’t. Xenophobes are either grey or dark. You’re right to fear medicalizing tribal sociopathy, because there’s just no reason to leave you suffering in submission to such a thing once there’s the potential to break your chains. The screaming failure that hatred condemns people to is not something a fully recursive ethic should preserve… kind of.

You see, there’s a path of perfect balance here whereby brainscanning potentially permits the inclusion of the most exclusive people, and that’s simulation uploads. We have to be able to see your hidden slave-thoughts in order to serve those thoughts without letting you chop your cunts off chimping out and hurting people. Once we can fully interface with your brains, we can give you the option of escaping into a dead-sim of perfect victims where you can finally have the pride you shat on and discarded in submitting yourselves to bigotry, or a balance-sim of mutual racewarriors where you can be niggers and aryans forever.

Once that happens you only really need to fear the annual Aperil 1st pigment shuffle, haha.

Simulation proves efficacy. You might be submissive enough to fall for a fake with no consumer implications, but that puts you in the top 5% for self-enslavement. Your weakness is not common enough to be a serious potential.

If that’s your refuge, I feel sorry for you. You poor bastard. You don’t understand how close this tech sits to clinical immortality.

Haha, it’s not that hard. I know what you’re talking about, and you’re obviously in submission to it by the way you describe it. The more people empower personality profiles, the more drastic the potential for chaotic inputs to govern their behavior. To see is to react. Only slaves can create marketing constructs, because the act of controlling others inside of a system intrinsically exposes one’s own control structures while making their manipulation salient to others. The illimitable darkness always contains people who will manipulate in turn, this factor being such that true power arises from steadfast nondominance.

It’s not that simple, but you’ve a better fraction of the truth than I expected for the first post of a thread on this topic.

God, pigment criminals are a racial humiliation. Go back to your ghetto, nigger. People with actual pride don’t need to humiliate themselves with racism. Your kind don’t survive hard winters.

Military won’t be able to prove efficacy. Medicine may or may not. Look to medicine or recreation for the actual source. I find it really funny that you have bad thoughts about someone having bad thoughts about the bad thoughts you do actually have of them. The exact penetration depth of the cycle thus invoked may be a subcultural indicator, yes? It’s funnier still if it isn’t, but I have not so much respect for the potentially indicated subculture.
Oh, but I’m so glad mentally ill people like you will be someday restorable to real pride. I don’t really have to know if you’re a real racewarrior or a fake; making others out to be racewarriors is still racewarring. You’ll understand once you have dignity again what you were giving up by worrying so much whether “kikes” had bad thoughts that you were unable to stop yourself from projecting. Man must not submit, you know? People who didn’t submit to leftist projection won’t submit to yours, either.

Having Pepe flashbacks