Just for fun

So what would Zig Forums want to buy from this gift shop?

What souvenirs would you sell to the tourists?

What slogans would you put on the T-shirts?

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This reminds me when I visited Dachau in summer 2017. They has a big cafeteria and a giftshop which sold books and menorahs. It was almost comical. Not to mention that most of it was (((reconstructed)))

Wish you were hear postcards for the jews in my life.

I hate it when a typo ruins a joke.

I wonder if they ash trays… you know,, really big ash trays.

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I would probably buy my foreskin back.

That is terrible enough to be a real item.

Is it for real or not?

You're not on 4chan.

It was funny anyway.

Cans of ashes and bars of soap, mein neger.

A ballpoint pen.


That can't be real.

T shirt or a coffee mug of Anne Frank

I want the testicle milker? Do you think they have that?

A nice lampshade

They have wooden dildos and rail car ejection seats. It’s incredible , a nice selection

How would I know, I just hope she's hot.

Did you get to see the legendary sign?

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hey everyone

send nudes, gore, and all kinds of indian/black hate speech to 1 (925) 525-0402 - the person behind the number can go fuck themselves

thanks Zig Forums!

Is that the Israeli Chamber of Commerce?

You mean the shit they say about Whites? Most of them say that shit in that Mexican garbage that they call Spanish.

What did JC do to you user? Point at the doll where the bad person hurt you.

You should at least send it from a temp phone number. {rolling eyes}

Somehow I missed that. I didn’t look around too much since 95% is a gravel lot

It's here, not hear.

Duh…literally the very next comment is him correcting the type.

Souvenir T-shirts?

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You will need to do better than that fed fuck.

Go back to bed user. No one knows what you are talking about.

Umm why has no one suggested stick on tattoos?

Cost too much to make them sequential


A gallon of jew tears.

candles and lamp shades too.

good one.

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