Straight, white, Christian, male here

Straight, white, Christian, male here.

Nazi's suck dude. While I think antifa is stupid, and a bit melodrammatic and reactionary. Nazism, and white supremacy as a general notion sucks. It runs contary to Christian ethics and the indeed the values of Western Civilization.

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No one cares about your imaginary friend faggot.

I am White, Christian, Straight, National Socialist, and you sir are an idiot. Sage for homosexual thread.



Read something from the kikes themself and what they think about christcucks:

Cries about National Socialists, shows an example of an actual historical Fascist.

Fuck, are you people getting dumber?

It runs contrary to Catholic ethics seeing how they just let Jews in their churches over the war without telling anybody.

"The Nazi's didn't interrupt the Catholics in the church because they know Gods People were speaking in his house", then?

No, the only part of Deus Vultry that disagrees with Nazism is who should control Europe. Nazism is very German centric and Anglican Christianity is centered torwards a strong English monarchy which could be proven with control over India and the temporary control of the United States.

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Also why are all the Christcuck meme images historically inaccurate? The Knights Templar didn’t wear plate armor on their hands, or legs, Only their helmets were plate, rest was mail.

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If the values of (((Western Civilization))) include demographic suicide I want nothing to do with said society. I am for kin and folk and nothing else.
Are you one of us, or are you a traitor to your people, OP?

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They borrow imagery from all over because it looks cool. Templars were french. The plate is a german great helm. So teutonic knights/deutscher orden.

National Socialism is Christian, a real Christian would not tolerate a wicked society that promotes faggots, pedos, trannies, racemixing, and Jewish "rights," and daily reminder that this level of gay ass halfchan D&C along what ZOG and paid shills perceive as fracture points is allowed by the mods. A thread died for this and the mods will do nothing. They support the D&C of this board. They are subverted and will not ban this IP or delete this thread no matter how many reports it recieves.

Don't take the bait. Just walk away. There's no point or benefit in arguing with FBI agents.

Checked. Truth

bullshit op larping as christian

Commies suck harder…

I expect you can explain that

That's like saying;
It's a fact user.

Commies are generally faggots. QED commies suck harder.

Dumbass newfags can't even sage

Yeah sure user.

Why do you care so much about race? If the people still hold the same values it should not matter. You choose to care about something as arbitrary as racial origins which is antithetical to Christianity where you submit yourself entirely to God.

People have the free will to submit to God. If they want to engage in hedonism that's on them, nothing is stopping me from leading a Godly life.

Templars were not French, they were German, Scottish, Italian, Spanish, Slavic, and even Arab, Asian and French.

They were under the command of France, at first. Subsequent Crusades put their Order under the guidance of English Kings as well.

They were all Catholics though. The other Orders were not exclusively Catholic, or exclusively Christian.

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Trying to drive a wedge between Christians and the movement.

This is psychological conditioning to make you outgroup Christians, look how many other low effort threads and posts are like this.

They've been playing entryism and subversion on Parishes for a long time now. That is because Christianity strengthens identity, regardless of what these parasites would have you believe.

Find a church. Attend a few sessions, if it's cucked (a lot are, they've been attacking them) then leave and find another. There are legitimate churches.

Don't flounder and anguish alone. Trust in God at the least, look about you and see this world is experiencing a struggle between Good and Evil, Order and Entropy. We will rekindle the racial hearthfire in God and His glorious Son.

Yes, christcucks are anti-ethnic identity