Whites in (((NYC))) finally wake the fuck up

The plaintiffs - all white women - accuse Schools Chancellor Richard Carranza of creating what they call an "Us vs. Them" culture within the Department of Education.

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Explain how 3 people in a lawsuit equates to a mass of white people in NYC waking up to the plan kikes have for us. Go ahead nigger, act like a white man and elaborate.

Wow, I bet they're really, really scared. 99% sure the demoted are jews, too.

explain how you're not a useless kike that's starts banter with arbitrary "no use goy" ad hominems followed with typical goal-post moving?

99% sure the demoted are jews. Bare minimum one is, I'm sure of it, and you know it, too. You've purposely made sure to craft your green text leaving it out.

kikes play the antisemitism card, not the anti-white card. keep posting though maybe you'll get me to say jew instead of kike.

Except I didn't do that at all, I pointed out that you equated 3 women starting a lawsuit to whites in NYC, therefore making your shit clickbait. One thing's for sure, you really are a nigger since you're unable to read.
That's not what moving the goal post is. Nice deflection btw, too bad its brutally obvious to anyone with an IQ over 60.

There's white people in New York that aren't (((white)))??

There are no White people in New York.

Why I would never live there.

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Nice to see feminists finally tasting the lash of their own making.

wow, look how "white" those women are!

New York is Dutch.

Whites waking up would involve them destroying the system but it is progress to see them at least challenging it. This won't go well for them but hopefully it serves to inspire more than it instills fear in.

Yes of course rabbi, we all know that every single white person that's involved in anything, whether perpetrator or victim, is actually a mutt, tranny, or jew because the only real white people do nothing at all but post on 8/pol/. Kill yourself.

That's not how race works.

It is an official court action meaning it gets recorded. People are hearing about it. It's women vs. shitskins. Enjoy the fucking show.

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Those are the rules you jews gave us to play by.

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They spelled it out rather plainly. Let the jews run point on this one. They can take the heat nailing the shitskins to their crosses.

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No, its racism. Everybody does it, because race is real, but coloreds are just pussies about their racism, because they're treated like goddesses and taught the big strong Aryan man is the only racist.

The khazar tiddies vs spics

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"Reverse racism" has been a primary tenant of idpol for years that white people have tolerated. Now that it's become institutionalized, we'll see them play their hand more.

Cue more "White women are problematic and not allies to the melinated" articles.

What am I trying to sell your dumb nigger ass?

NYC is lost. It needs to be bombed out and destroyed.

Sure thing.

its because cicilians are insecure about their non-whiteness so they have to get rid of the pure breeds to feel superior to the somalians. fucking pasta niggers.

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the judge will throw it out for being racist.



I knew there was a catch. Likely a (((white))) woman too.