What exactly do these idiots think Russia did?

I have thought this before, but never really said it out loud. Maybe if any of you have ultra liberal friends or family members you can ask them this question. Do they understand that Russia could not make an Electoral College vote change? Do they think that Russia hacked the Electoral College? Are they this stupid?

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Most of them believe that Russia tricked the public. Convinced them to vote for Trump when normally they never would have


Leftists seem to believe that Russians lied about hillary and trump, created a vast network of fake news reports and memes, and deceived the population to the point they believed things that were untrue so much so that they rejected hillary in favor of trump

The funny thing though, when you confront them and ask for specific examples, they either cannot give any, run away from the conversation, cite memes that we know started from places like this, or cannot refute any of the claims about hillary and all the underhanded shit shes done and so cannot point to any "fake news" or "lies" about here…. mostly though they just kvetch and reee at you (as they often do about any subject you ask them for irrefutable proof about… climate change, college rape statistics, the "greatness" of diversity, and so on… they are never able to back up their stances beyond refutation, and most cant even back them up period they just accept those mantras uncritically and repeat them as if they are absolute truths)

So yeah, thats about it, thats what most of them think happened, a dozen ebul russians were able to deceive an entire nation, because in their minds they cannot accept that half the country thinks the left is fucking insane (or that at least hillary was at TERRIBLE candidate that no one wants to be president)

QTDDTOT. Who cares what leftists think. It was literally invented by neocons.

I think a lot of them believe that Russians hacked the actual voting system. I'm gonna test it out, but idk where to find some that will engage me. Reddit?

Most of the unwashed masses do not have a specific example of Russian meedling. However, National Pharisee Radio (((NPR))) recently stopped being vague and insinuated that the Russians hacked Hillary's email.

Which is why you don't break the law and conduct official government business on an insecure private email server and put classified info on it like Hillary did…

…but it's not her fault of course. She was not "asking for it."

In general, the lugenpresse is as vague as possible about the meddling in order to prop up a very flimsy memeplex of lies. Specifics can be refuted or countered with other more damning specifics (such as the damning content of the emails, or the fact that they were stored illegally in the first place). So the media uses rhetorical tricks to continue imblying.

The word "hack" was used because few people understand how hacking works. It implies some predatory technological action, and the Leftist's brain begins to panic at this unknown evil perpetrated against them. It's basically the modern version of a hex, curse or magical spell cast by a witch. No one understands it, but the implication is that it's bad.

Pointing out that the supposed "hacking" was no different to Americans stating their distaste for Putin or Assad on an internet forum would destroy their position, but they are so absorbed in their mystical and incomprehensible word "hack" that they will still assume there was more to it, something evil and that they do not fully understand. This is why we call them NPCs. They do not care to understand or else are incapable.

Yes and no. The Kike media wants stupid people to think something along the lines of "They hacked the voting machines." It's a piggy-backing off the Diebold voting machine conspiracy nonsense from decades ago.
In actuality, it is a coded message about Russian media influence over a sizable portion of the Euro-"Americans." Too many people pay attention to what the Russians are saying, which is a problem for their propaganda efforts domestically.
In this sense, they aren't lying. The ZOG no longer has an easy media monopoly. Long before the internet, the only way to get non-ZOG English-language news was to have a ham radio and pickup long-range broadcasts. Even when the internet first started getting popular, you couldn't really find much English-language news produced by enemy States. It's only in the fairly recent years that enemies of the ZOG have invested in 24/7 news networks aimed at English-speaking audiences, and the effect is something the ZOG propaganda wasn't prepared for. Hence the endless screeching about Russia destroying ZOG-mocracy.

> National Pharisee Radio (((NPR))) recently stopped being vague and insinuated that the Russians hacked Hillary's email.
Thats not new thats been claimed for a long time. The thing is you can determine the file transfer speed and it was obviously transferred to a USB drive within DNC offices as it was far too fast a transfer to be over the internet.

I’m barely even paying attention to this though so what do I know

Perfect. I'll be using this analogy with the three shitlib niggers who haven't cut me entirely out of their lives yet.

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they have long since disowned me.



"the truth is not an argument" basically

In honesty, there is proof of a seemingly unrelated phishing scam that Hillary (and Lodestar) fell for that they have erroneously blamed on The Kremlin.

Look, (((Russians))) can be absolute bastards. I would know, they have caused me a lot of trouble personally in the past.

Doesn't mean I think they screwed Hillary over, even if she probably deserved it.

Literally all they had was an ip in russia to reach that conclusion, as if that means shit for proving who it was.

You can try leddit but I think in the major politics subs you will be banned for trolling. Maybe you can try and concern troll and say you were a Trump supporter but the Russia Collusion is getting to you and you want to learn more from them. I honestly don't know entirely what they think the Russians did. From what I gather, it's all vague and there's no concrete examples of things Russia did. I am trying to write out some examples but they all seem so retarded.
stupid shit like that. It seems like anything involving a computer, Russian IP, and politics they blame on Russian hackers influencing/hacking/etc the election.

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If so I agree that's potentially what happened, some kind of inside job. The omnipresent stew of lies and disinfo is disorienting from time to time, and it's easy to forget about things like this.

Likely but there is no conclusive proof of that. What there is proof if is that the emails were not obtained over the internet. They were obtained by someone physically being in a DNC office and downloading them to a USB drive. Which means if it was the Russians they would have broken into DNC offices and they would certainly be on security cameras. The fact that they refused to turn over the servers to the FBI is all you need to know about their bullshit story.

to expand on this if they REALLY thought "Russians" were hacking their servers and threatening "our (((democracy)))" they would have wanted to turn the servers over to the FBI/CIA so that the method of attack could be understood.

US Federal intelligence agencies say Russia

This is good for us because it causes factionalization and accelerates.

Good for us as it decreases faith in political system (ZOG loses legitimacy).

Good for us because it dumped a lot of dirt on the DNC internal workings which also serves to weaken public trust in political system (ZOG loses legitimacy).

Yes. Yes, they are.
Russia was a deflective technique employed to direct the media narrative (and thus public awareness) away from what was exposed in leaked DNC affiliate emails to "omg! Russians hacked DNC emails!".

They say that this place itself is a nest of Russian hackers spies and spreaders of fake news.