Brenton Tarrant really pissed these school kids off...they go full retard and do savage dance

"Students perform Haka to mourn victims of Christchurch shooting"


This might be the most retarded & hilarious thing I have seen in quite a while. I guess the native NZ'ers mourn the dead by dancing like a bunch of demon possessed retards?

Are we suppose to be impressed by this little savage dance display or entertained? It gets even more cringier when some of the white kids try to join in on the dance.

Some cultures simply aren't worth preserving.

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Yea its fucking retarded and they where all doing all over the country

Why did the colonists there leave so many shitskins on their island? At least here in the States we expanded our white Lebensraum from coast to coast and cleaned 99% of the filth out


Unfortunately the Spanish didn’t hold up their end of things, left too many alive in South and Central America, then formed mongrel children with them. Current influx is the result of this. Perhaps we need to finish the job those weak fucks left unfinished

OP is massive faggot

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Because we fought for and won our independence over 200 years ago. NZ didn't gain independence until 1947, when it was simply handed to them by a weakened Britain. This allowed us to develop the nation the way we saw fit, whereas NZ was dictated by the crown until relatively recently.

Polite sage.

reminder that mauris deliberately genocided the south island people just over a hundred years ago. The very last man of that unique genetic group died in 1980.
The mauri dance thing is supposed to intimidate their enemies, though it only seems to work on unarmed pacifistic island villagers living in the stone age.

Shouldn't you be posting golem news on marxist board OP?

The British decided to have sex with the native women for fun because – well, Eternal Anglo.

If there was one thing that Anglos used to be good at, is absolutely exterminating everyone in their non-white colonies.

To be fair, mesoamerica had a massive and highly concentrated native population, while US/CAN had only a few natives widely dispersed over a large area.

Anglos got lucky with diseases in north America. If featherniggers resisted those I'm sure there would be much more of them and their mixed offspring.

wonder where you faggots are from, are you negroids? is Zig Forums "people of liberia".

In reality though the Spanish are the most prolific race-traitors of them all.

peak shitskin culture

oy there! got a loicence for that word?

That is literally what they are trying to do. Maori have a mostly unique outlook when it comes to culture and dancing. They deliberately try to look possessed, evil, angry and twisted due to their religion and intimidation. I would not say they are savage, when they are achieving what they want. Savage is when you dance for the rain and get none. Savage is when you kill because you're scared but get surprised when you get wiped out.

it's the scientific classification for a specific type of ape.

portraying them as a mysterious gentle island people is an insult to the ones they exterminated.
maoris have nothing of value to them, they should be used for nuclear testing.

I never said they are gentile, it's not true, they were quite violent. However, they aren't now, and we should all be so lucky to follow our culture to such a fault.

my fucking god are kiwis tarded

it's a stone age tribe like any other, a relic that only survived due to its isolation.
that said, I have an arranged marriages with a mauri girl set for three months from now.

You're the type of user that hates Sikhs and Samurai too I bet.
Literally noble savage culture, the haka was often a way to avoid bloodshed through intimidation. Not a rain or sun dance, but a final means of diplomacy.
Also great excersise, seems classes are springing up all over the place. No western equivalent I can think of.

Polys used to do this dance at school.
School had an Ebony Club.
Wouldn't let a 5' blonde girl start an Ivory Club.

Because they never went there with intending to kill its inhabitants. Also many submen have arrived there after they built the country.

this is the gayest shit
worse than fortnite dancing

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We lost. It's over. We lost.
It's finished. Whites openly embrace their replacement. 95% of them.