Germany: Green party now ahead of Merkel's CDU and STRONGEST PARTY according to (((Forsa))) poll

Rip Germany

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Based Germany as always.
Germans truly are the Master Race.


Stupid fag. Greenies are actually going to be the ones who survive because they are addressing the real problem and if they can learn to kill the subhumans and sandniggers they will survive and thrive while the subhuman faggots are killed.

English is your second language?

Greenies are leftist humanitarians not ecofascists. They would never do this.

German here. Had a discussion @work about the polls, and there's a fat feminist bitch who voted for the green party (because of women and muh) while being against Immigration. First time voter, like most who vote for green.
Most of them are just hyped because of this Thunberg bitch from sweden.

Yes true. The greens are only open about immigration agenda in the city because they want to get the immigrant city vote. In the small towns they pretend to be agrarian only.

The greens are the most extreme anti-white, open borders party.
They do not care about the environment, they only care about brown people and bringing them into Europe so they can rape white children.

Could very well be true, but all that has happened with the green party not being in power.

Who is even supporting these Greens? The roaches?

You mindless fucking degenerate.
When they were in power germany bombed the fuck out of eastern europe.
They literally had fucking pedophile-friendly party programs in the past.
They are the worst possible far-leftist lunatics and the only thing these people will have to learn is that traitors get the rope.

So why didn't anyone kill them then? CDU, SPD, NPD? Bundeswehr? US occupational forces? Nobody?

Subverted, ruled germany for the last decade
Subverted, ruled germany for the last decade
0.5% Party that seems like controlled opposition given the amout of so called "V-men" or Verfassungschutz/Secret service personal amongst their ranks.
The US led that attack you dummy.
Google "Operation Allied Force"
I mean seriously, havent you heard of the balkan war ?
idk. Probably too scared to try to putsch a goverment with uncle sam everywhere. Also everything had Nato-green light so you would have to have really redpilled generals that also are not corrupt at all.

I think there must be a lot of fraud in the elections in Germany. If it occurs in Austria, a more conservative country where the leftists are not as bold, it probably happens in Germany on a much greater scale.

All the right wing parties including the afd had lower results on the election than expected.

The only thing positive about the greens that I see is that they could potentially make the country collapse like macron has been doing in France, undermine the system that is the source of the oppression of he German people.

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So everything is subverted, but the Green party in particular will be worse by implementing everything that has already been implemented?

No. Only the big parties are subverted. And the greens are just bottom of the barrel subhuman leftists and pedophiles.
Welcome to fucking germany, how do you think the refugee crisis happened ? Black kike magic opening a portal in berlin ?
WW2 has ruined this country and let the kikes set up a pretty much waterproof system.
Only the AfD contains some actually normal people, but their leadership is openly pro-zionist so that also seems to be a dead end unless they get that under control.

Oh, well that sounds hopeful. Great to hear.
Normal people don't fall in line with open zionists. People sympathetic with zionism do that. I have a feeling conversing with you is just going to be a circular affair since I have the sneaking suspicion you're a shill so I'll end it here.

The (((nation-wreckers))) will pay dearly for what they have done to the German people.

Do you want me to link a source on top-afd personal condemning bds as (((anti-semitic))) ?
You can probably make out "antisemitsche" even if you dont speak german.
Besides, most normal people dont even know what zionism is. Look at the US and how many cuckservatives hail people like mccain as a national hero.
You are simply uneducated or dumb and have no power to "end" anything.

Sadly that may be the only good thing. Far left faggotry will make things worse and potentially wake up more Germans. In France Macron actually creates a victory for le Pen. Even though she is only meh tier, some sense of national identity is still a step in the right direction

>Do you want me to link a source on top-afd personnel condemning bds as (((anti-semitic)))?
No, I'm well aware AfD is a zionist front. You're the one intimating that it isn't, at least not entirely.
I live here.
Because they agree with him. They know full well what zionism is and they support it enthusiastically. They aren't confused.
And filtered.

What a pityful display. Uneducated, dumb and delusional.

Germanon here,

Forsa is the most untrustworthy poll institute there is. The boss, Manfred G├╝llner is a long term member of the social democrats and his institute is known for manipulation.

Just this week two other polls showed the Greens around 19-20% which is also already way to high to be true.

This shit is the same as the Schulz-Hype they tried out in 2017 by copypasting Trump memes on social media. They hyped the SPD (Social Democrats) to +35% from their pretty low 20% with propaganda polls and hoped it would stick with the voters. The end result were the same 20%.
They do the same now with the Greens and that autistic swedish cunt by hyping it with nothing but hot air.

Who ever beliefs theres polls is a retard that doesn't understand that these are only there to pander to the herd mentalitiy of normies to manipulate them to vote for certain parties.

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