Let's get the "American Indians" adopting and raising white children instead of birthing their own!

ADOPTION: get whites should be classified as Natives
this is already a thing, apparently: huffpost.com/entry/american-indian-indian-american_n_59402890e4b094fa859f1c44

I believe if native-status people adopt white children, even though they have none of the DNA of the parents they would become eligible for all the special benefits (both in US or Canada) afforded to people of "Indian Status". I'm not sure what all of those are (selling cheap cigarettes? fishing rights?) but they are privileges that white people lack, and that we should secure for our children.

There are also all kinds of bursaries/grants/scholarships only available to those people, so we should want to make those resources available for whites too.

If they have to provide for white kids, this might discourage them to have as many kids of their own (perhaps none) which also means less competition for resources.

We clearly deserve this anyway, the so-called "native americans" are actually descendents of invaders (the Beringians) who stole the land from Solutreans, an intelligent trusting people (like the Neanderthals) who were betrayed by new arrivals they opened their hearts to. Caucasoids are more closer to Solutreans than Mongoloids.

This is a benefit to these tribes' cultures: their people are weak in spirit and prone to drinking abuse and are corrupted by modern conveniences. White people are strong, we are more able to process alcohol so we will not be as easily drunk / liver-ruined. We are more intelligent and strong-willed, so we could actually be better historians for their culture than they eve would be. I know this 100% because I am actually a bigger fan of their cartoons on APTN than any of them.

This is also a benefit to white culture: it provides "pagan" polytheistic alternatives to the semitic/abrahamic trinity of Judaism/Christianity/Islam, which is presently not serving us very well. Studying "trickster" deities like "Raven" would better prepare white children to deal with Jews. Polytheistic culture would also make us more accepting of things like Norse/Greek myth as an alternative to Yahweh/Moses/Muhammad. Plus the discrimination against these cultures (and how obviously goofy it is) would probably make you more critical of the beliefs (thinking more in metaphor, like I think Hindus probably do) and probably think of those icons as people do Santa/Easter bunny.

There is obviously an inherent risk to this: white children might come to identify too much with non-white adoptive siblings, adoptive cousins, neighbors, etc and be tempted into miscegenation. We would need to be vigilant and work against this. One way would be to create a support system for white adoptees of native parents, encourage them to network with one another. They would be outcasts, and thus flock together out of their similar circumstances, and have white children together who (since their parents are now classified as natives through adoption) inherit the right of native status themselves.

Of course, the ideal way would be to encourage them to branch out: to marry other whites who lack native status, that way more white children enjoying the status could be born in the next generation. I think this would also mean your spouse could enjoy native status.

Which brings another IN: if you are already an adult and would find it hard to find an elderly native couple to adopt you (always look though! I'm sure some would want validation by adopting a 30-year-old white child) another way we could attain native status (possibly for ourselves, not sure how marriage works) would be through marrying a native person.

The trick is: do not procreate with them (unless of course they are a native-adopted white) instead, talk about preserving the environment (THE WORLD IS SO OVERPOPULATED) and that you want to adopt children, but only "click" with a white child. Do not adopt native children, they already enjoy native status, the objective would be to endow a native status on a white child via your spouse adopting that child.

Ideally pick high-quality white children (blonde Nordic Aryans). Settle for brunettes if you must, but no hapas/quadroons/hafus/mischlings and obviously no Arabs/Jews or other Semitic races. If your family has good genes (face it, some of us whites have trashy relatives) then consider adopting a nephew / cousin if for whatever reason their parents are having troubles, that way you build a strong family.

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Another option: raise your own children!
Raising other white children is better than doing nothing at all, but it probably feels a little bit like cucking out. Maybe you think your own genes are better than the genes of other white parents who give up their kids or have them taken away. Maybe you think you can bond better with a child who is your own, and vice versa.

This is a strategy white men or white women can accomplish. The trick is: have a child with another white adult, but do not raise the child together. One of you should find a native partner, marry them, and have that new native spouse adopt your white children.

In the case of white women: don't even tell the government who the white father of your children is. Act like a slut so that you can collect social assistance to raise the kids (like sheboons do, learn from them, exploit the system, compete for resources) and that way your white babydaddy doesn't have to have his wages garnished and can continue to use his money to seduce more white women and have more white babies.

In the case of white men: consider setting up a >>>/cuckquean/ type situation where you find a native wife who does not want to bear children (ideal if she is actually infertile/sterilized/tube-tied/hysterectomy) but who does want to raise them, and who gets off on the idea of watching her husband fuck superior white women. This way, you wouldn't just be limited to white children you came into the relationship with, but you could continue to have new white children with your white "vixens" and your native waifu would delight in it and provide assistance keeping the home, cooking, and babysitting the children while your white mistress is busy riding your cock and being pregnant as often as possible.

Another strategy would be to find a native guy with a cuck fetish, where he wants to marry a white woman but have her be constantly impregnated by a fertile white guy. You co-parent the kids (you just don't legally acknowledge they are yours, to avoid paying child support) but the native husband never fucks his white wife and just enjoys sadly fapping in a sock while you bless her with more white children for him to impart his precious native government status upon.

Basically do the reverse of that Dale Gribble / John Redcorn bullshit. Nancy should've married Redcorn and Redcorn should've adopted the white biological children of Dale+Nancy, not the other way around. We need to reverse their cucking strategies used to promote miscegenation and use it against them to enhance opportunities for white children and diminish the number of non-white children.

What could be super ideal is you find some kind of trangender/two-spirit pathetic native who is sterilized and can't have kids, just to diminish chances of them impregnating your white spouse. Have them be a loser (or just better yourself to be more impressive than them, shouldn't be hard) so that even though your kid might be fond of them (like a pet/servant) they will always idolize the white parents and not try to emulate them, and desire only to reproduce with other whites.

Shabbat shalom!

Mossad shill is obvious, you fear creative strategies to enhance opportunities for white children, reduce non-white birth rates, deprive non-whites of resources, redirect bux towards white children.

I know you Jews would prefer that whites just mixed with everyone and became easily malleable subhumans to serve your needs, but we have ways around it.

You're not allowed to operate a computer on the Shabbat moshe.

referring to this thread to your co-worker to get a unique ID doesn't hide your motives Moyshe, the kikes' fear is obvious against this genius approach to securing benefits for white children and promoting non-Semitic cultural upbringing that innoculates white children against (((certain ideas)))

I am part native, about as Native American as Elizabeth Warren. My gr gr grandad came home from the revolutionary war, bought a female Mohawk slave and married her after his wife died. kinda cool?

This was like 10 generations ago tho, and OP clearly has no idea what Blood Quantum is. you cant just be adopted in, you need to prove your bloodline is greater than 1/16th?. a few tribes recognize adopted kids but not most of them. Its not like theres a United States of Native America, all these tribes have been seperated and dispersed with different tribal leaders, and they have little interaction with eachother outside of Powwows

try calling a tribe and asking about it, they wont really care u less u got the blood

Source: Dated Native chick for a summer amd actually inquired about this



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Lets see your DNA test ? i can also trace my lineage back 99+ generations directly to countless people in history including Odin himself and beyond. My great grandfathers are in Beowulf and your faggot DNA couldnt even handle my fecal transplant, peasant

Retard .


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Fuck off nigger.

Maybe this works differently in the United States than in Canada?

Perhaps the US does not allow that? Dunno. Show me your law books bro.

I didn't notice the "as minor children" thing at first glance, I guess this prevents any "pay some 50 year old indians to adopt me as an adult to get status" loophole, but it still opens the possibility that you could, for example, have some white children, then marry a native when they're 17 years old, have them formally adopt your 17 year old, and since the adoption happened when they were a minor, they're technically Indian status forever now.

Non-whites having some role in rearing your kids seems okay to me. It could be preferable to some christcuck babysitter who will try to get your kid hyped to join the (((International Fellowship of Christians and Jews)))

Obviously a white father is paramount to having healthy white children, and you should be the most prominent figure in your children's lives, the one they respect the most. They should see your non-white wife being subservient to you, and understand you favor your non-white mistresses for reproductive purposes due to their superior DNA.

Every human who has ever lived is a mutt, and a product of what you would call "race-mixing" – you're just not used to being in such close contact ALL THE TIME with obviously different breeds.

Having said that, not every human is a Jew.

No. Fuck off.

Theres way too many laws and treaties, i wouldnt even know where to start. In US there are several tribes/nations within america. US basically killed 60 million people, scattered the surviving tribes into seperate geographical locations to live on free land "reservations" so that now each tribe/nation is considered a pseudo state or even its own seperate sovereign nation depending on which Treaty. i spent time on Blackfoot and Salish reservations, and on their Tribal IDs, literally there is a fraction like 5/16 or something that is based on your ancestry. I asked a friend what the fraction was and he explained it was designed specifically to keep outsiders out and coerce natives to marry eachother as to keep the populations dwindling. Once you got below a certain fraction youre children cannot join unless you mate with someone that has a Larger fraction than you. pretty ingenius

Natives get alot of benefits in America, and federally untaxed money from cigarettes, tourism and Casinos and the blood quantum caveat is used to make sure that the populations recieving these benefits only gets smaller and smaller

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This is what OP actually believes.

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Fuck off nigger.

Hi, OP here, that was written by guy responding to me, not me. I do not believe that.

So you think this 5/16 fraction is designed to keep the rights limited to a small minority and promote inbreeding?

Canada clearly doesn't have that policy (you can adopt a 100% white kid before they're 18 and they're native and so their white children will also be native) so if this isn't a tenable policy in the USA we can at least exploit it in Canada. I bet there's more pro-native programs up here (place is full of liberals) so please, white Americans, consider coming up here and snagging yourself a thirsty native wife to serve as your housekeeper. You can fuck her with a condom on to keep her happy (make sure your kids don't see it, don't set a degenerate example) and prevent her getting knocked up by some other guy, but only spill your seed in various white side pieces.

The solution is: knock up trashy white women who can't provide a decent home for kids, say you are already married (in an open relationship if need be) and offer to raise the kids yourself, and have your native wife formally adopt them so they can benefit from the government native programs. Invite your white babymommas (impregnate as many as possible, harvest the hippy/leftist/pagan communities!) over to visit and spend time with the children.

More is better because when it's more than 2 women in your life, they won't single out their hate. In a way, they will pity your native wife rather than hate her because she is the only one you refuse to bless with your seed and she is doomed to remain barren, only able to pass on her cultural traditions instead of her DNA.

Being raised by 100% non-whites is a bad idea, but having non-white servants helping to rear your kids is fine. They did this in the south all the time with black maids and shit making gumbo for them. It can work as long as everyone knows their place.

The difference between these and non-white teachers and shit is you're accomplishing two things:
1) filling the need for husband/children for non-white women so that they will not procreate to create more non-whites
2) giving white children the special benefits given to the "Indian status" people to enhance their economic opportunities and compete with non-white Beringians for those benefits, so that we thrive more and they thrive less.

Plus they have an interesting enough culture and I see no reason to wipe out their mythology, bringing back old mythologies is good. Right now the Abrahamic/Semitic trio have too much emphasis and we should combat that. Emphasizing non-Abrhamic alternatives harms the (((Judeochristian))) culture holding Whites back. We also learn that Tricksters have long beaks. Kids must be taught that.

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Who is they? Do you even know you stupid fucking retard jew. You did. Jews started the trend of slavery. They brought them here. They boasted about how using niggers would disrupt the social cohesion of a white society. Slavery is a semites favorite trade. Not ours.
Fuck off nigger. We will raise our own.

Any 18th century sources? Genuinely curious, and J.B. Campbell said something to the same effect.

I said maids, not slaves. Slaves were not the only maids in the south, and after being freed they continued to serve as employees.

You're not reading: obviously both the white dad and white mom are still involved, they're the true couple, but you have a token native to give special benefits to your kids and help disrupt the judeochristian background your non-Zig Forums spouse probably is attached to.

Not off hand. Most of the sources come from jews themselves, boasting about it among their publications at the time.

Abraham Lincoln is known for sharing the opinion that the blacks should of all been shipped back.

Then have a white maid. Why the fuck would you ever need a non-white ANYWHERE in your society. Your idea is stupid and non-actionable and has countless ways to backfire.

We won't need them once we deconstruct the special system of benefits that Indian-status get. Until then, as already explained, it is to get Indian-status for white children.
already accounted for

is the most eyebrowraisingly racist legal concept in America in the current year. The idea that Indians have to actually have a blood connection to their kinsmen to be formally considered part of a group that confers benefits on the recognizee? This shit pisses me off because you know that whites are not allowed to do this. 'American' has been an ambiguous title since the 14th amendments passing, but even in Britain they are having trouble with 'English' being applied to anyone that lives in England. Totally bonkers. We should use provoke the left by getting them to recognize how blatantly exclusive and racist blood quantum is.

Howard Zinn is dead mate, you can give up the charade. There were fewer than 2 million people inhabiting all of North America (fucking huge place, if you haven't noticed) north of the Rio Grande.

Just do this by promoting the idea that blood quantum = racist. It's not that blood quantum is bad, it's that it's such a clear solution to the problem of slow genocide that the left would risk condemning these folks in the attempt to deconstruct it. They would rather tie themselves in knots to explain why they get to have group memberships that are based on blood when others cannot.

That doesn't even make sense

This is so fucking dumb, god why is Zig Forums so shit these days.

That's a horrible idea you really want our children raise by alcoholic pedophiles?

Elizabeth Warrenism?

Don't fret, user. This is by design. These lazy fucks actually believe this shit works. Just look at how much effort they are putting into their bullshit. It's almost endearing at this point watching them squirm so pathetically and ineffectually. Imagine the money and resources being thrown at this one board alone.
And in the end, it has the opposite effect anyway. They are only pissing us all off, and strengthening our resolve. It's only a matter of time before they really start making some major mistakes in their desperation.
Enjoy the show, lads.
Honk at all the bullshit for now. They will tucker their lil' selves out. They will hang.
Just remember all of this when they are at your feet doing what they do best.
Whining like a worm.

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Indians are one of the richest ethnicities in American and are extremely vulnerable to this meme. They desperately want to be white or part of the Aryan legacy.

Not feather indians. Dot indians you morons.

Why not encourage white couples especially those who can’t have children adopt white kids from their own nations or lesser world nations such as Eastern Europe, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, South Africa, and Namibia?


Tfw dealing with a situation where I know two sisters and the brunette one wants me so very bad but the blonde one is a bit more indifferent. I'm still trying to get with the blonde one so I can marry her and have the highest quality children but the brunette one is amazing and trying really hard to woo me. Hmmmst. We'll see how this all ends.

Holy hell this is a new kind of malfunction I haven't enjoyed for a while.

Because summer time. All the collage/high school students with no idea but interest come here (and 4chan) on summer times and destroy the quality. Experienced channers know this and leave the boards 2-3 months, waiting the "summer-child"s or "summerbirds" to leave. And near autumn time things get back to normal.

The only good thing from this tread is the first character pic from OP.

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Even more kosher useless gayops, this time promoting cuckoldry.

They were Bedouins/gypsies, there's no proof they originally came from the area now called USA, they likely travelled through central and South America at one time but due to the vicious Aztecs ended up staying in North America as there were no such large tribes to attack them.

Tepee niggers have no claims on USA