Turks are Arab rape monkeys

Fuck turks, they are muslims rape monkeys descendants of genghis khan who genocided greeks and armenians for no reason, however if you want to make them become completely retarded and scream for their lives, call them an Arab, who they hate with a passion.
(copied and pasted from encylopedia dramatica)

"If you want to make a turks head explode, call him an Arab. The turks see themselves as not arab, and not muslim, despite Islam being followed by 97% of the population. After conquering the middle east, the turks thought they were done, raping and genociding to their hearts content. However the greeks, who the arabs tried and failed to conquer, were now sadly gone. The Arabs, seeing the new arrivals The Turks were Niggers like them, and missing their old Greek neighbours, decided to rape the Turks with the most evil cancer of all time, Islam. While people normally feel sorry for the people arabs rape, in this case it was justified and strangely amusing seeing how the turks react to being completely lobotomised, and their culture burned and annihilated. The Arabs did their usual brain rape and now watched as turks own converted people kill non Muslim's for them so Arab's don't have to. Turks are jealous Arab's are better at rape than them, and conquered the Middle East before them. They are also jealous Arab's seem to be unaffected by Turkey's rape, and constantly suicide bomb them and make their lives hell. Thus the Arabs are now the the most hated country in Turkey, whilst constantly being suicide bombed by arabs. The arabs get away with it because Islam, and the rest of the world doesn't care, making the Turks scream in rage. A strange irony that the most genocidal race on the planet, is completely turned on its head by a bunch of backwards desert dwelling niggers."

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Turks have a deep racist hatred for Arab that is reciprocated. Illustrative of this is the murderous antipathy of the invasive Turks.

The Turks in Egypt, also referred to as Egyptian Turks, Turkish-Egyptians and Turco-Egyptians[1] (Arabic: ‎Turkish: Mısır Türkleri) are Egyptian citizens of partial or full Turkish ancestry, who are the descendants of settlers that arrived in the region during the rule of several Turkic dynasties, including: the Tulunid (868–905), Ikhshidid (935–969), Zengid (1127–1250), Mamluk (1250–1517), and Ottoman (1517–1867 and 1867–1914) eras. Today their descendants continue to live in Egypt and still identify as Egyptians of Turkish or mixed origin, though they are also fully integrated in Egyptian society.[2]

Thus they persecute the Coptic Christians who are by contrast, the true ancestral Egyptians of the pyramids and heiroglyphs we identify ancient Egypt with.

God I fucked that post up.
Ottoman, Mamluk Turks persecute Coptic Arab Christians.

Two different races entirely. The invasion of Turks starts to seriously challenge the arab world by 200AD.

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arab vs turk = cancer vs cancer

However I agree, Turks HATE Arabs. Arabs now have suicide bombing which they invented in the last few decades to torture turks with some more. Psychotic place the middle east is. However I think Arabs might be winning lol.

Turks were white before they mixed with the Greeks

Christian europe would have no problem ignoring Islamic Arabs. But Turks cant and became muslim, proving that you're niggers.

Don't worry my friend. EuroVision popular song contest 2019 was in Tel Aviv this year. All is well.

We all know subconsciously that the world will be mixed mutt, but out of all the different mutt mixes I think Turks will turnout to be the master race.
I hope my future grand or great grand kids are Turkified.

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Don't you mean Arab?
Because that's what you are.

WTF are you talking about

I reminded turks that they're arabs, and watched them scream.

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I've never in my life heard of anyone talk fondly of Turks. They seem to be one of the rare universally hated races.

Turks are much more dangerous than Arabs will ever be.

Turks are Mongols dummy

Turkish is a nationality.

Checked, based banter ex dee

Turks are not even a race, most Turks are actually turkified thracians, greeks, arabs or anatolians who adopted the Turkish language and culture.

Replace Turk with European, replace Arab with a Jew and replace the Quran (i thinks that's what you drew) with a bible and you have the same shit going on in europe.

That is some next level bull prep

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Once they mixed it was over though

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I know some servers in a game I sometimes play which only have Turks in it. I also met Turks in RL on international classes. They always kept to themselves. Never mingled with other international students or were curious, the only group which acted that way. Reminds me of Jews. Jews behave the same way. Except for Turks are 100% NPCs nowadays. Like no emotions or something no inner joy. Just cold and death at least the males. Turks are the least threat to this world they 100% brainwashed. They are gone, even if their bodies are still around their minds are gone. Depleted and void. All turks the same which is kind of freaky.
Feminism is also taking over Turkey believe it or not. No wonder they are screwed up in head.

The land of "Turkey" is made up of many ethnicities and yes the majority is non-Whites of that sort. There are still some White minority groups but if these Whites are willing to die for their fellow non-Whites then they have lost their birthright and inclusion in White society.

You could say the same for Slavs or even Germans, both of them used to be bitches to turko-mongolic hordes, so there's a chance that a blonde blue eyes German have stepped bigger blood on them.

*Steppe Niggers
Fucking smartphones

Gas the likes

arabs invented islam, turks only follow. arabs are much more dangerous.

Genghis Khan was white you stupid nigger.

no they aren't you imbecile, the Mongols were white, Mongol loosely has the same definition as 'aryan', noble and so on, Mongol does not mean Mongolian.


"Genghis Khan was white"
He was Mongolian and Asian, and the reason no one likes asians, apart from maybe the Japanese who repelled the Mongols.

Anyway how does it feel invading everywhere without a care in the world then suddenly getting plunged into hell and your shitty Mongol culture annihilated and replaced by Arab culture?

All niggers are rapists.

he was probably a mongrel the kind which inhabited later Eurasian steppes, part Indo-Euro related(tall, red headed, heavy bearded, green eyes, these are traits of his family) and part east Asian(mongoloid appearance)
some Uyghurs still retain some of these features

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OK muhammad. dont you have prayer to be attending to?

why are you here and not wasting your semen on BLACKED.com, white trash?

No, Turks were Turkic before they mixed with Semites.

The Mongols were an Altaic people, you mongoloid.

Makes sense

The middle east - where indo european goes to die


Turks are the definition of mutts. They are not even human. A rough mixture of nigger, rag head, mongol, slav, and a dash of European which is the only part of there DNA that leads to productivity which is usually organized crime.

The great khan genocides for a very good reason, not immediately submitting to the great khan.

lol mad shit skin. you will never be considered human in your life

kek of the day.

Of all the nations i want america to invade turkey would be at the top. arabs will always have islam and are pointless to invade but the descendants of the mongols are dangerous and need to face modern science and weaponry and be blasted back to china where they belong

If only the turkroaches had done a proper job of it. Armenians are horrible creatures.

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Shit really?

Turks are too retarded to write a book. They'd be severely disabled and unable to string 2 sentences together before throwing their words away and gang raping a nearby european female, arabs at least hide behind islam and the quran before attacking, no matter how disgusting their culture is, so deserve to be masters of the turks.

They aren't even Arabs.

Sure mohammad

Thanks, that's a great honor in Islam to be called by that name.

So you admit youre arab?

Wait, I thought I was Turk, which is it? Yesterday I was Chinese, today I was Jewish, gay, Turk, and now Arab.

Make up your mind Moistie

Turks are owned by Arabs.

Really? Seems they just got done fighting a conflict with Saudi backed insurgents not too long ago. Saudi isn't a member of NATO, Turkey is.

Ok Mohammad.


I'm glad to see how the blancucks are mad because his time like the chiefs of the world is over. Is time that the SUPERIOR ARAB RACE takes the power and fixes the world that the christians and white assholes broken to pieces.

counldn't finish reading that without bursting out laughing, you're inbred mate

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As long as you stick to raping turks and dont bother europe you'll be fine.

maybe the so called "arab race" wouldn't even be so bad if you avoided impregnating your first cousins

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Turks are literally THE mongrel nation. Nothing good in it, nothing good of it.


They make me laugh, white fuckers.

Einstein was Arab now.


They were about to come into the EU

Schade they went crazy all the sudden.

It would have been nice.

Einstein was a nigger. The afro is a dead giveaway.

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He was Hotep Jesus?

OP is a turkroach

OP is armenian. Youre turkroach.

I laughed at that shit.

If you actually read the post youd see OP likes arabs for attacking turks. Oh well the fact you haven't even mentioned turks shows how irrelevant turks are to the arab mind.

What the fuck is going on in this thread, its bunch of broken english finger pointing between Semitics over whose more Semitic.

Did you faggots get lost on the way to the arab larping as nazi boards?

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its sweet revenge, the descendants of the mongolians who raped 10s of millions of greeks suddenly has their father suicide bombed by a cancerous arab and becomes an orphan. fuck turks.

turks are universally despised

nigger you're retarded

fuck off back to reddit, tumblr

all hate threads should be deleted and op banned

Found the Turk.

Turks neither have the strength to accept islam in full, knowing it was created by Arabs, and are too weak to fight islam because all their gods have been annihilated by islam, leading them to being to being utterly bitter but paralysed, and are murdered, bombed, lashed and suicide bombed by arabs until turkish culture is finally gone and they're another arab province. turks utterly hate arabs but the Arabs will annihilate the shitty mongol culture, who are just another pagan to them. You will be muslim until the day you die.


turk vs arab = nigger vs nigger