Why Women Are Called 'Influencers' and Men 'Creators'

The comments are more of the usual shit, but with a fairly even balance of those evil patriarchal misogynists vs actually wokefolk. Seriously, tho; Some thot who goes to the gym to be a public cocktease =/= a bearded nerd talking about niche topics.

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looks mixed and sounds retarded

OP here.isuxcox. I meant to add "video related". This tard is just one of the ones who is at least honest enough to acknowledge that she is an influencer solely because of her ass.

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Because she influences penises to become erect, she doesn't create the erections, the man's body does.

these hoes arent doing squats and hogging the pussy spreader to enhance their track and field times. be sure you never comment on what they are doing in their social media post. just tell them how they look. objects.

Any man who's ever once been to a public gym knows women love to be objectified.

Any man who's ever once been to a public gym is a homosexual and should be killed.

this isnt true

Wise words. I'll define influencers/creators accordingly.

This argument is irrefutable.

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Men are also the creators of the destruction of civilization because they give women freedom to influence that destruction.

Treatment of women and possibly the queers is all the derkas got right.

You give them too much credit, I believe such truths were universally prevalent in the past. Hell, greeks in BC had plays mocking women coming to power and destroying civilization. The mudshits simply enshrined these truths into their religion and it persists today precisely because they are such a stagnant race of people. We fucked up because we've forgotten history and thereby doomed ourselves to repeat it.

Well, yeah, broken clock and all. You're 100% correcto about en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lysistrata
It's amazing that the kikels are able to remain one of the three wiminz-in-kitchenz, Abrahamic cults while insisting only one of the other branches be destroyed, and the other pruned as necessary.

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Because kikesses meddle, I'm sorry, INFLUENCE but never create.


Looks like I'm a double nigger.

This greek fgt stol the idea from juwanna mann
disgust reacts only

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Is archiving just to stop wired from getting clicks? I remember doing shit like that during GG, but after a while I stopped giving a fuck.

For GG it was killing vidya advertising. Now, we don't want (((reporters))) writing custom clickbait like that "saved the druggie thot from blacked.com" shit when they see their referral logs.

Pardon my faggotry, but can you paste the link for whatever you recommend using to archive link? I googled a bit, but I'm probably using shit search terms.

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