No more free stuff for pajeets

Trump Declares Trade War On India, Imposes New Tariffs

Now if Trump could also ban the H1b issued to these pajeets.

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He isn't going to stop the H1b's because Hindus hate White people, but will go along with anti-muslim geopolitical policy and are suitably materialist. They are needed to reinforce zionist capital's position in the crumbling West. The imposition of duties is to capture a revenue stream for a struggling federal government to shore up its cash flow.

Has he put a $300k minimum salary on h1b visas yet?

Reelect me goy.

The Harley jews will be kvetching.


If you faggots keep this up, nobody will believe you when an actual jew shows himself.

I look forward to the REEEEEEEEE when he makes his next inaugural address after the 2020 election.

The yids running kikebush play all sides you stupid cunt. And nowhere did I disagree. The kikes over at kikebush deserve no traffic from content they left from the chans and elsewhere.

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Meanwhile tens of thousands of spics are legally becoming citizens.

You don't belong here.

Zig Forums doesn't support JEWS
It's still (((free))) advertising for their stolen content you jew sack of shit.

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Bobs vs. Vagene

Pick one, and only one. The clock is ticking.

That hasn't been my experience

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Fuck off.

I've never encountered this, really. It's Pakistanis (who are often way more jew-mixed than Indians) that are much more often anti-white. Not even Bengalis are really that anti-white.

They still shouldn't come into our countries, though.

Yes, you have. They invaded your country. You're just a kiked up faggot so you only notice it when its some raghead. Filtered.

I switched proxies so you could read it, faggot coward.

Now THAT's kikery.


Just spit it out directly next time.

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Samizdat opinion

Kek. Good job.

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Is that in India or San Francisco?


I mean really, for fucks's sake, several fucking hours and many beers later and this cunt OP is still up.

If they can afford a nuke and to put rockets into space then they can pay duty

Why are the mods here not banning this pajeetshits,derailing a legit thread.

Goa is full of Jew Indians

Indians have been bending the knee for Trump incase of reducing Iranian oil import, Defense deals with Russia or opening the Indian retail markets fully for American companies. So what more does Trump want? Does he want us to legalize gay marriage fully or does he want us to raise prices of generic medicines.

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ahhh noo more loo for you to poo sisumbaji

London's East End actually.

He isn't going to han H1B visas you absolute fucking moron. OP is still ajd always shall be a massive faggot who tries to peddle the Trumpenstein bullshit.


Isn't that related to Apple moving production to India?


He's going to vote for Biden to accelerate and make things worse! Really stick it to the kikes!

I thought that was Dr Smith

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Just legalize gay marriage.

don't like people that have an actual sense of nationalism, eh?

Companies directed by pajeets also bring in the most pajeets. I don't see a connection.

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India tarrifs SOME American products at 50-100%
And in America its suddenly TRADE WAR the moment you put a 5-25% tarrifs on stuff.

Kiked up media. No where else would there be an outrage on tarrifs on a foreign country.


Open Bob.

I'm guessing India told Trump to tell Israel to nuke China themselves.

lol trade war ya rite

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How about stopping development and humanitarian aid while you're at it, Don?

India sucks white people dominance.
Boo, India has done nothing to the new world but answers phone calls.
Now America says no more American business relief they cry like little bitches. India make a invention instead of littering streams and rivers.
India has done nothing and never fought a real war. India are weaklings that are worthless humans that breed like niggers who eat off white american wealth.

racist much?

if 5 comments in a row say "impeach trump" i'll post my nudes

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India is not brown enough and needs to accept more refugees. Also homosex and gay islamig gommunism :DD Don't forget to donate all your money to gologaust museum, ok?

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Hindu girls crave white boys though.

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White men don't have sex with cows.

You are fucking avatarfagging on a chan board, you have no right to call any nigger a newfag, kill yourself cunt.

which thread are we gonna do this in then?

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Calves, on the other hand…

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This is all that matters.
I can't stand seeing Trump on twatter anymore talking about all the supposedly great things he's doing for the economy and America.
I'm sure the record number of muds that are flooding are country will really appreciate it.

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I hate everyone except my race, spics, kikes, niggers, anglos, spaniards, italians, chinks, pajeets ect..I would be okay if we could just fucking gas the ever loving shit out of your degenerate people.

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damn that didn't take long. alright here you go:

You are so smart.

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You made your dad proud.

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