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Time to invade Iran cuz muuuuuhhhh faggots, boyim!

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it's not new info that the donald cucks. but he's still doing good

This is it. No rightwinger can support him any more. If you see someone supporting him after this, they're probably a patriotard or a cryptokike.

This is truly how we MAGA.

Spics are still crossing the border in droves, legally.

being not hillary isn't "doing good"

Where is the A for Asexual, how many old people of the same sex or of the opposite sex live together as friends, or what about people that live by themselves?
Sad Clown World.

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This is just 4D chess to get the gays to mass suicide out of anger and their programming running wild.

Of course they can. They have literally zero fundamental differences on anything with whoever their "opponents" are supposed to be.

It was a tongue in cheek comment. Don't take him seriously.

All the MIGApedos are going to buy them to own the libs by supporting sodomy.

Srsly ?

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Newsflash: cuckservatives are liberals and liberals aren't rightwing. liberals are literally where we get the term "leftwing" from.

lower unemployment
no world war
destroyed the MSM

Uh? well

So that's what they meant when Bush said they hate our freedoms.

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We get the terms left and right wing from the French parliament.

Kill me.

How can we meme this hat into a White Pride Hat?

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Yes, we do. ANd those who sat on the left side were liberals. Hence, leftwing.


More spics with jobs, that's bad.
He couldn't get one even if he wanted it.
You don't mean Fox News, do you?

They will unironically do this, guaranteed.
Get ready for a mass of articles about "conservative" faggots/trannies, outside of what national review has already done.

By next week once the orders are fulfilled there will be MIGAPedes posing for pictures in there MIGA fag hats.

Pence probably thought this up so he can identify which faggots to kill last.

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The fundamental point is that "rightwingers" whatever that fucking means in the US, have zero fundamental differences from anything being pushed by "duh liberals". Zero. You don't count. You're nobody like I'm nobody, irrespective of our personal lives. If some flaming faggot marches down Fifth Avenue in a NASCAR hat, waving the flag in a "Bomb Iran for the Fags" parade, he'd be a right wing icon in America.

Reported for supporting Trump.
Blatant lie.
Blatant lie.
Blatant lie.

You have brain damage.

This. American conservatives are just the left, but ten years behind.

That's what I said, mate. A rightwinger in the US is just a liberal who likes capitalism while a leftist is a socialist leaning liberal. Sorrry I wasn't more clear. It was a non-joke.

I'm very offended by the use of rainbow to describe the degenerate filth that is LGBT.

It's not what you said, but I'm not going to belabor it.

In this case, it's describing the entire country.

I was implying it you autistic cunt. Clearly you aren't used to the aussie way of communication .

Checked dubs


This is the cold hard unpleasant truth.
Funny thing is, on day one of orange man's presidency, maybe around hour one, first thing he did was to get rid of the's "lgbt,etc" webpage; completely removed it. There was about a whole day there when he was /ourguy/. It's been zionism as usual ever since.

no guys please you dont understand this is all a long-con 4d chess he's playing the left like fiddles MAGAMAGAMAGA

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I remember that, it was one of his first acts in office. Amusingly, he moved all the gay crap to Obama's legacy white house page. I guess Bannon really was telling the truth when he said the unfortunate decision was made in the first few days in office to cuck out, otherwise nothing would ever get done. And yet nothing has gotten done anyway.



How are some of you still this delusional? The campaign was a work from DAY ONE. Steve Bannon is an ISRAELI ASSET just like Trump. The only reason Trump was fronted to run was because they needed the most unflinchingly loyal and compromised jew slave in American history because clearly something didn't go quite right with the last guy.

You sound like you may have a prolapsed rectum faggot.

it's funny, he tweets all the faggot pride shit, then the next day all those Christian supporter retweets in support of him, is there anything more impotent then a hypocritical fag loving christcuck? This is why no one takes your shit religion seriously anymore, even you don't believe your own theology

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The only people who are surprised are the ones who don't know anything about spiritual matters.

Hi, jew. Try harder. You failed on that IP.

Well to be fair, it didn't start off very far from where it is now.

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You're not allowed to post red hats with text on them here.

no, I'm white and was raised Christian, but thanks for taking the time away from fluffing gays to post

Most Christians don't. If you take away their religion, just like everyone else, they're just rootless neoliberals who worship turd worlders. If you wanna know just how non-Christian they are, read the OT: most of the people in it are ethnonationalists. Canon books like Ezra are even more explicitely ethnonationalist to the extreme. The religion as it once existed is totally dead.

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You must have short term memory or you're just a dishonest shithead. You specifically stated cuckservatives are liberals, and liberals aren't right-wing. Now you're doing an about face.

Hi, jew. You failed. You're not going to get anyone to believe you. Switch IPs and try again.

Neat! I'll be sure to buy a few for my LGBTQ friends and family! MAGA!

your a schizo, I've posted twice in this thread, 3 times now, fuck off

Correct and that's always been my position.

Post it to the gay twitter accounts.

Well, we all see that now and have since inauguration day, pretty much. And the last couple of years have given us strong enough hindsight to see it was all just bullshit from the day he declared he was running. Some anons may be merely disappointed that orange man turned out to be just another zionist puppet, but I doubt any of us are actually surprised.

I knew…well, when I found out the Simpsons did it…I knew the shit was rigged.

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You’re brain damaged.

Switch again. You already lost.

make an argument about the OP, or can you only sperg out?

You don't find that odd?

Do you know the book "The Wreck of Titan"? Coincidences like that happen.

Fine. If you don't want to talk about it all you had to do was ignore me.

Yeah, I never got my hopes up much. Some user summed it up succinctly about three or four years ago on here, and it is an oft-repeated line deservedly: the people running this country are not going to provide you with a mechanism to overthrow them.

Doesn't even surprise me anymore.

yep, they're brain dead, they don't mind the fact their leaders and 'fellow believers' don't believe the dogma but still have the fucking audacity to push it on others, human garbage

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I say that all the time. Some people really think the kikes are going to let hardcore ultrafascists vote themselves into power to start killing kikes. LMAO, how more retarded could you possibly be?

✡Make America HIV Again !✡

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that simpsons episode is from after trump announced he was running.

Yes, i agree.

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Help an Aussie understand burgers, I know lolbergturdians are cucks but why are they such supporters of Trump? Are their minds just so full of stupid memes that they can no longer function coherently?

Spread a rumor that every faggot buying that hat is being marked for Ebil Nazi-Trump-Hitler's White Supremacy death squads.

the real hardcore true believer lolbergs don't support trump or any party in America really. A lot of people on the right call themselves lolbergs only so they can avoid being associated with republicucks and not look cool to their friends, but it's in name only, the 2nd is far more common then the first

The only thing that distinguishes lolbergs from the gommies is that they are economically right, love freedom of speech and guns (like any sane American, of course). But otherwise, they just copy everything what Marxists support (multiculturalism, race-mixing, open borders, HIV-rights, etc.)

Real lolbergs are liberals essentially. A better formulation I heard from my friend who has a PhD in philosophy is that the alt-right (arguably mostly lolbergs) aren't rightwing but just racist liberals. He's right. I think they are for real, just incredibly philosophically inconsistent thinkers.

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To be fair, like many I only voted orange man because the alternative was the Clintons. And I suspect this is the case for millions of voters. To echo a0000f (above), I don't believe I actually know anyone who is unaware that the entire system is corrupt bullshit, nor do I know anyone who still has faith in it.

FACT: The wall was an esoteric metaphor for the strength Americans fin within themselves when they are good to foreigners.

kikes on suicide watch #MAGAconDACA

I was following Nick Land at the time (NRx, ex Warwick philosophy lecturer) and he foretold what would happen and urged everyone to vote for Clinton instead because she would accelerate the collapse. Fast forward, and he was absolutely right: Trump only allowed the rot to set in deeper.

You have been at this for literally years. What the fuck is wrong with you?

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Very true. We were chomping at the bit back then and if the Clintons had won, particularly if it was obvious they stole it, White people may have begun to actually do something. That momentum is sadly gone. (For now, anyway.)

Be me.

A real American.

Vote in 2020 Presidential Election.


Trump reelected.

TFW already pinko anarchist.

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Mate, the Alt-Right at that time had a worldwide movement going they were active groups of ethnonationalists in every major city using the internet to organise themselves. We really had some momentum going but it has all fizzled out. I know the alt-right is faggy shit but it was still pretty promising.

You guys really are being intentionally blind to the chess, aren't you? Do you think it's a coincidence that he waited 4 fucking years to do this? It's a response to honkler and the alt right's appropriation of the rainbows.

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Be me.
A real American.
Vote in 2020 Presidential Election.
Trump reelected.
TFW already pinko anarchist.

pic unrelated

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I'll kill you if I ever see your face.

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Did Trump even look or ever act like he was going to do that though? A fucking billionaire who had his business ventures paid off by jewish bankers and had a record of using cheap labor, who never once mentioned ending or even slowing legal immigration?

Be me.

Real American.

Bat shit crazy as every can tell.

#Never voted.

Inalienably free.


Speaking of immigration!!!!
I think I've got a great plan

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Be me.
Real American.
Bat shit crazy as every can tell.
#Never voted.
Inalienably free.

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what? tariffs? what else?

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You made it up, idiot.

Switch again.

Be me.

Real American.

Cant be oppressed.

Am rabid mountain of liberty, freedom, and property.

Forge Delaware River with a river-boat full of captains

TFW so bad-ass teeth made of wood.

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still sperging without any evidence, you're convincing everyone with your non-arguments, keep it up