More then just abortion

So this image of a child in a bed has been making the rounds on npc pages like facebook and twitter. Normally with the caption
which is gay as shit
while I was looking for information no this photo, because it's CLEARLY from another country, maybe even a war torn one, I think I found something interesting

While I still cannot find the source of the image I believe it might have been taken from a twitter user named ahmedreynad. His account is not viewable since it is not suspended. But from what this woman repeatedly says in this post, that this picture was taken in Gaza. Meaning, the Jews did this. (the post I took this screen cap from had a more normal caption like "count your blessings" or something like that.

The image is really exploding online as a dumb argument to justify abortion yet from what I can see the original image has been removed in order to over up the war and turmoil in the middle east.

Is there anyone else who can help?

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Variation on the "abortion stops black crime" argument.

I wouldn't know the brown-o's destroy everything it touches

To me the picture conveys a sense of beautiful and purpose. Something that will always make sense in a crazy world


I know, like, despite everything that must be going on with this family this little guy is tucked in and safe

Ledftists are the dumbest fucks.

We need to depopulate the third world in order to save this planet anyway. As long as whites live, whatever

Interesting. So liberals are saying that they wish this brown child had never been born.
I'd like to seem them tell the mother this.

Let's learn from the jews. (see pic)

nits become lice

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Typical liberal bullshit. Life might be hard, better not try at all. I might get fat in the future, might as well eat whatever the fuck I want until I die.

Abortion doesn't bother me nearly S my b as the 18 million niggers who've been aborted who would have if they were here today and their 36 million children and their 108 million grandchildren since Roe V Wade. We'd be a minority without abortion you dumbfucks.

it's the parents fault if they are poor and can't offer the child a decent life, that does not give them the right to kill a human just because they can't use birth protection

I would believe that is the US. That is how the spicks and niggers you are bending over backwards to save live

We're already a minority you dumb fuck.

we should glass every country that has war or crime to save the children.

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Yeah so 108 million more niggers would make the situation even better

Stop wasting time on abortion! The abortion issue is downstream from more important ones. Let nigs and spics murder their babies if they want. Whites must take responsibility for creating a culture that encourages eugenic breeding and minimizes the reasons why they would want to kill their babies in the first place, We live among shitskin savages that need to culled by any means necessary. Don’t interfere with the infanticide customs of subhumans.


Wait, why do you fucks want there to be more retards clogging up the roads and shit? All children should be aborted.

Fuck off moshe, this isn't kikechan.

The effect of this meme is entirely reliant on a staunch materialism.
The materialist sees only negatives.
The materialist overlooks the fact that the person pictured, is in a state more advantageous and comfortable than 99% of humanity preceding her ever had the luxury of enjoying.
The materialist ignores these luxuries, and be sure, they are luxuries when the entirety of human struggle is considered, and goes even beyond ignorance.
The materialist reduces the value of the person to a mere sum of their accessibility to consumer goods.
But who am I trying to convince, most of you are of the exact same materialist mindset. You do not see a luxurious resting spot after a 50 mile trek in sub zero temperatures, or a cool and shady place to rest after a day in the scorching desert.
You, like the humanist materialists, simply see "dirty sheets, why even live?"

It basically is though bud. This site is dead. The moderation staff are corrupt and hate the users.

Lol that is a picture of a shit hole and you know it naznigger

this isn't an pro-abortion argument, this is an anti-natalist argument. I think the kikes let their hand slip again.

also, as a note, I know this is a certified non-argument and rather an appeal to emotion

Go for the feels, cute things the babe's thinking, mock consumerism as determining value of a life because most parents know their children have too much Stuff, crop close to that little sleeping face. Maximum emotion, protective response, not arguments based on facts. Quick OC to get the ball rolling.

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Abort and sterilize the third world

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jews might hate me but my mom loves me

They'll still get the abortions, you dumbfuck. And as a bonus, some of the negresses will die along with them via coathanger!

Well they are pro assisted suicide.

Kill niggers and their babies

They're full of self loathing and want to be put out of their own misery. They'd rather be dead than be imperfect. But they don't have the courage to make a stand and actually off themselves. So instead they project.


Then ask them if they'd be okay with killing her. If the point they're making is that she would literally be better off dead because she's suffering or what have you, then sincerely ask them if they would kill her to put her out of her supposed misery.