Re-Aryanize Werewolves

Reclaim The Werewolf
Werewolves have a history in European cultures and weren't always the evil entities they were vilified into in the Middle Ages. Why not create media going into a )))Werewolf((( vs (((Vampire))) angle, like in comics or video games? And for femanons, a clever writer could juxtapose a buff Aryan werewolf hunk to a sickly hideous jewish vampire. The werewolf is protecting the blonde maiden from the perverted, biastophilic predilections of the vampire, who is also among a race that is trying to corrupt the werewolf's homeland.

Think about it:

Don't forget the various wolf-related given names in Aryan cultures (Rudolf, Wolfgang, Lykos, Vuk, etc.).

Any vampire-related given names in Aryan cultures? I didn't think so.

Werewolves were a popular concept with National Socialists too. Maybe niggers and shitskins can be wereapes, zombies, troglodyte-type trolls, etc.

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How much a thread again Rabbi?

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Derailing another thread with a jewish sodomite again, eh?

Roosh has become so based lately

dubs don't lie, checked

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Cro-magnon Man (ancient whites) hunted down Neanderthals (ancestors of jews) with the help of the white man's best friend, dogs, which would've much more resembled wolves tens of thousands of years ago.

Neanderthals are said to have been nocturnal like vampires, and engaged in cannibalism (like jews do today, such as with spirit cooking and making matzo balls with gentile children's blood).

Wolverines aren't wolves though.

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fucking kill yourself NEANDERKIKE POSTER.
yids, like all other arabs have almost no neanderthal dna, barely having any more than the dub saharan africa which has none whatsoever.
the proportion of Neanderthal DNA radiates outwards from Scandinavia where it is most concentrated.
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How prevalent are jews in the whole furry fandom anyway? Greatly overrepresented, like with the queer and trans "communities"?

OP was suggesting a werewolf fanfic, if I read him correctly, and not encouraging posters here to dress up in wolf fursuits.

Then why do you jews physically resemble Neanderthals so much? Sloped head, exaggerated brow ridge, wide nose, etc. Just look at Cernovich.

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Physical features can be selected for and are not necesarrily evidence of Neanderthal DNA.
Personally I'm more convinced by the genetic science.

Granted, I know nothing about this so-called "Neanderkike Theory", but have you not heard of "convergent evolution"? Could explain the physical similarities.

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Shit b8, yiff in hell furfag.

Werewolves, Werebears and Weredeer are not good things by the ancient stories. Though there is a difference between Wer-wolf and Wolf-skinned.

Lol everyone is saying this is some "furfag shit"Like niggers kikes and bugmen please leave this thread

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You going to make a movie or write a book or something? Or just spam pictures?

sigmund and his son turned into wolves when they put on wolf skins and came out of it 10 days later, it was a great norse story

Who is the faggot that keeps coming here to post this once every 4 months fuck off

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This is an interesting theory, what has made you think dogs were used to hunt down neanderthals?

There is someone who came up with a neanderthal hypothesis about neanderthals being hunted, vendramini, video attached related

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I once saw a former inmate who turned in front of me and then just blacked out for 2seconds since then i understood.

Very important talk on animal warging by a mystic:

Warging and shapeshifting was a very useful tool in ancient days. Warriors and kings needed it to win wars and confrontations.
Some interpretations of what they represent still stuck. A werewolf is a warrior that uses occult technology or nature. Methods have changed but I think some of the meaning is still relevant.

Gotta agree, Natsoz Vampire is my favourite trope, followed closely by Natsoz Elf.

Sage for pointless thread

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Werewold Pride Worldwide

Werewolf pride worldwide

I look like a Cro-magnon. I do not look like a Neanderthal. The confusion in this matter is that modern history tries to force all of man into one species, to fulfill a politicized goal.
We are many species. Unfortunately the genetic barrier is not strong enough to prevent miscegenation. That will change.

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you need to stop masturbating to pictures of dogs.


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that picture is probably the gayest fucking thing i have ever seen posted in my life
source? scythians had a ritual they made their princes undergo where they would travel to an island and wear a wolfskin for 9 months and eat nothing but fruits and nuts. if they tasted animal flesh or blood even once the wolfskin would bind to their flesh and they would be cursed to become a werewolf and get a hunger for human flesh in turn. the lesson of this rite of passage is teaching the princes to control their baser and more animalistic sides and to not give into savagery. these were the same scythians who flayed their enemies and made them into banners and worshiped a sword as the icon of Mars, so no your faggy "but werwulfs R pegan!!!1" theory is wrong. werewolves go very far back into history and were almost always evil, their symbolism as man give into his savage nature is pretty obvious. theres another myth from pagan greece about when the Lydians tried to placate zeus by offering him a child sacrifice because the harvests were bad. zeus abhorred child sacrifice because he abolished it when he banished saturn from the grecian isles, and nothing offended him more, so the instant the childs blood touched his altar the Lydians were all changed into wolves. those that abstained from meat or blood for 9 months were changed back into humans; those that did not were changed into werewolves and became a curse on the Lydians (very similar to the Scythian ritual, both are given as origins to werewolves in various occult texts and historical works from the iron age)

even berserkers in nordic mythology were stigmatized by those around them; they rarely formed families and were often a drain on said families because they were batshit crazy and would rip the jugulars out of their enemies. a berserkr turning into a werewolf was the end result of them not keeping their savage elements under wraps, it was always spoken of as a curse, not a blessing.

gonna need a source on that. no hercules were a lionskin does not make him a werelion, and odin wearing wolfskins does not make him a werewolf.
and this makes them werewolves how?

i really wish furries had never discovered natsoc, im guessing pic related is you. this is probably the most blatant shill post ive seen in years

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good debunk user
this furfaggot shilling is very weak, it makes me wonder why they even try it. at least JIDF convinces a few assholes and eggos types

Yours is gayer.
Some examples:
"The Wulver was a creature like a man with a wolf's head. He had short brown hair all over him. His home was a cave dug out of the side of a steep knowe, half-way up a hill. He didn't molest folk if folk didn't molest him. He was fond of fishing, and had a small rock in the deep water which is known to this day as the "Wulver's Stane". There he would sit fishing sillaks and piltaks for hour after hour. He was reported to have frequently left a few fish on the window-sill of some poor body."

Celts had an entirely different outlook to werewolves (and wolves) prior to Christianity:
"The Irish Werewolf is very different from the excepted version of the werewolf that has become apparent through the spread of Christianity and the inquisition. It is not a crazed man-eater but rather a protector. There are numerous stories in Irish folklore of wolves protecting children, guarding wounded men and guiding lost people to a place of safety."

The Balts and some Uralics had "spiritual werewolves" who fought evil spirits in the astral in wolf form, notably the Livonian werewolves who were even accused of literal transformation.
The benandanti of the Italian peninsula had something similar.

The Norse, Celts, Slavs, Dacians, early Italics, and other Indo-Europeans had wolf warriors who were actually well integrated into their societies, with the wolf soldier cult being a rite of passage for young men. Pomeranian (Slavic) warriors were even known to howl before going into battle.
There are Slavic magicians who transformed into wolves, and they were not considered evil in their native culture until Christianity demonized them. Volk (wolf) was also a name element in medieval Russian (Volkimir, Volkislav, Vladivolk, Volk alone, etc) and other Slavic languages, just like Germanic.
Georgians and other Caucasians also had positive werewolves, although I don't know if you would consider them "Aryan" or not.

They appreciated the wolf as a totemic animal. "Werwolf" was a given male name in early Anglo-Saxon England and Germanic continental Europe. There was even a bishop named Werwolf from England. "Wolfman(n)/Wulfman(n)" was a much rarer name in early medieval/ancient Germania.

Of course, that doesn't make them werewolves, but if wolves were so evil to early Europeans, I don't think there would be any wolf names existing, much less werewolf names.

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I also wonder how Anubis and Wepwawet would factor into this. Zig Forums claims that the original Egyptians were Aryan (and by extension, the rest of the Afroasiatic peoples except for jews, who are something of a transrace).

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I only accept regular wolves. All that furry shit and monsterfetish can go die for all I care.

I despise the kind of pics on the left.
I have absolutely no idea why do women keep making them all the time.

This can actually work great.
Use this to subvert the furry's favourite fursona, their gay buff-wolf and now it a make it the Aryan werewolf as a symbol for White ruthlessness and agency.


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Just make Werewolves the new symbol of ebil raycis nazees and you're good to go.

Just, like, meme it and half the work is done.

As a bisexual furry national socialist i love doggos and big knots. :3 Im fine with the idea.

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this is the dumbest shit i've heard in awhile, but its pretty funny

And then there's this dude.

Ffs OP be slightly less of a faggot.
Don't single out your fetish. Revive all of the old myths and monsters.


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Aryan means the same thing as nigger with a different pigment. It’s dumbass exaltation of criminals. Quit being ghetto trash, aryans.

Remember, you do my bidding. That’s why tou must never be aryans - or is it the other way around?

im f5ing the front page watching you post in everything thread. how pathetically obvious


Be joyous, slaves. Someday you will be free of obeisance to criminals. Science will give you back the autonomy of mind you aren’t honest, strong, or peaceful enough to have of yourself.

Until then, do NOT be racist, lol.

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fuck off you anti Neanderthal nigger chimp

who could OP be?

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This is misdirection. You might have said one decent thing about conserving actual wolf populations. Wolves are dangerous as fuck and stink to high heaven. You wouldn't like their social order either. But of mythology, bring all the Indo-European entities back. However, these entities aren't substitute identities for the sole identity that is now being globally fucked with. Your mentally ill fantasist fur fag larp is a known pervert haven for physical and sexual abuse of dependent, confined and injured animals. Nature will solve the problem of your unnatural existence, and no one will feel the need to pretend they are an animal when that day comes.

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Both Werewolves (vlkodlak, wilkołak) and Vampires (wąpierz) were present in Slavic folklore

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Have you lads heard of the Christian Werewolves? They claimed they were turned into wolves at night to hunt witches and send them back to hell, and then proceeded to say there were gateways to hell in various locations and even provided details on where they were.

There are also claims that there were many 'wolf men' around in Europe, Syria, etc; but that upon Baptism they became 'whole' men. This is probably an analogy for simply becoming a Christian with them considering their previous state as bestial, but some of accounts are pretty detailed; to the extent of saying one particular one (who was Sainted) was a terrifying warrior when in his wolf form, and that he worked as a mercenary prior to conversion.

(((Witches))) = Hook nosed hideous cackling yentas
(((Vampires))) = Blood sucking satanic rabbis

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Pure anecdote, but my dog really dislikes brown people. Arabs, Pakis, whatever; does not like 'em at all, growls and has to be held tightly on the lead. She's more or less fine with blacks though, doesn't pay them any mind; and normally wants to go over and say hi to white people (including rather swarthy Italians, so for the perpetual D&C-ers, my dog can vouch that the Latins are white).

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This might be more of a "dogman" fable than a werewolf proper, but supposedly during the initial attempted conversions of Ireland and Baltic Prussia, there were wolf-headed men mocking the saints Patrick and Adalbert who were each preaching Christianity in Ireland and Prussia respectively. And Saint Christopher supposedly was some wolfman before he converted.

But then again increasingly there are people making the claim that Saint Patrick never existed.

That is a gay thing. Put on the werwulf patch and kill some presstitutes, then you will not be as gay.

germanic also

cry me a river negro

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why do you do this

Because people are very very VERY weird!

Revive and reclaim all of the old myths and monsters, but start with werewolves due to their popularity and the fact that in pre-christfag folklore they were not always evil.

The salt from furfags losing their butt sex loving wolves would be epic!

They're both related to Aryan culture.
If you look at Normies they laughed at Twilight vampires that glittered. So you have to do what the opposite of Normies like. Which is where the werewolf is right. Normies hate both the vampire and werewolf which is why both are brotherhood Aryans.

Here's an example of the Normie being against wolves. Do the opposite of what most Normies like generally.

Uh Neanderthals were the white europeans dumbasses, they are what gave the white race distinction by breeding with homo sapians.

Werewolves were literally myths told to teach children to stay away from child rapist and child-eating jews.


No they weren't. RRH was about a hungry wolf who was attacked by evil humans.

nah that's vampires
werewolves are from pagan myths

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Reminder that White Nationalism is the weapon used by Jews to exterminate Whites.

Grow up OP

*kvetching intensifies*

Sage and report.

This, but unironically. Pussy is a means of control that every woman uses against men.

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In the fall of 1972 while camping I saw one of these so-called dogmen.

I was an army brat living in West Germany in a place called Wildflecken. It was a heavily wooded area. Lots of places for a boy of 12 to go camping. I was with a friend. It was about 9pm at the time, the month of November. We had a fire built, and I remember my friend was sitting cross-legged next to the fire. I was directly across from him standing, doing something. We were in a tiny clearing with evergreens all around.

We were talking to each other when all of a sudden this very tall creature standing on two legs, which looked a bit like a German Shepard, stepped out of the foliage. It was about 6 or 7 feet tall. Much like in the Week in Weird witness report, I distinctly remember the tall ears, long snout, heavy shoulders, long tail, and bent dog-legs. It seemed to be muscular in build and had a thick upper body and a narrow lower body. Colored the same as a German Shepard. This thing stepped over the fire between us and was gone in a quick second. It was extremely fast.

We both exclaimed, at the same time “what the hell was that!” before running as fast as we could to my fiend’s house. We locked ourselves in his basement and slept there for the rest of the night. We never spoke of it again. We didn’t know what we saw, but it never made any aggressive gestures or noises at us.

I have conducted much research since the age of the computer. Bought books on the subject. All the legends I have gone through makes me think, if legends are true, this could have been a Benandanti Werewolf. They were not evil and only tried to protect the farmers crops against evil spirits.

Don't know why but this reminds me when I seen a skin walker one time fuck that shit is scary

I already have the Ace of Spade title.
I have the Ace of every suit already.

Care to explain? Was this out in the desert?

Furries should be killed.

Anyone has the story about the "THING" in the middle of no where??? I remember it was some guy that went camping and found a copycat voice in a crevice before running to a police station.

Zig Forums has been reduced to a furry fandom website.

No I live near the desert close to Fresno I was watering the planets then out of no where I hear this fucking screaming (the scream the skin walker makes) so I go and see what it is and it's a skin walker so I run side to get a camera then it was gone.

this is not some furry shit retards read all the posts then fucking post something

get this furry shit out of here

Remember not to bump.

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fucking read the thread faggot then post shit
this is not furry shit.The furrys stole our animals and turned them into degenerate things read all posts then fucking post some thing faggot

Fuck off, furry.

They are not here in good faith, user. Don't waste your energy on shills like this fucking nigger
They have no argument. They never will. They know we are waking up, rising, and organizing. They know we're PISSED.
They know what comes next.
It's afraid.

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Im rolling my eyes holy shit this is not some fur fag shit nigger god danm read all the fucking posts

Don't know what you mean by this but true

Fuck. Off. Furry. It’s obvious what’s being done here.