Niggers bully white kid with death threats and racial slurs until he flips over his desk and leaves the room

Niggers bully white kid with death threats and racial slurs until he flips over his desk and leaves the room.

And Plebbit mods lock the comments for 'abject racism'

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Name the school and the nigger, with real addresses and addresses of their immediate family. Anyone within realistic geographic distance should murder whoever happens to be home.

Also names and address of all teachers at this school along with all on-site administrators.

Does anyone here have a reddit account? maybe message the uploader and see what he knows.

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The only thing that matters is leveraging this site for genuine, real-life vengeance. If it's three hour drive or less, give or take, I will murder this myself. There's the fucking effort post.

is there a compilation of black school behavior?
and how do you download a reddit video?

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Report Reddit cancer. This is more mindless rage fuel that promotes pointless chatter. We already know nogs are apes.

I almost hate to say this, and no white should suffer at the hands of the jews' favorite golem, but white students at these almost completely black schools (like 10% or less white) usually come from whiteskin nigger families and are often mental defectives themselves.

If they had a family that wasn't trash, they wouldn't be in that school, period. Catholic school, relocation, homeschool, microschool co-op, etc. Any good white family would choose that before dumping their children off at Juvy Nigger U.

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More White flight,
That seems to be the only thing we're good at these days.

Im retarded, I meant that literally what a fucking mess, sage because I suck cocks

That poor girl

Actually sounds like my sister

I've never felt my brain tubes before…. what does this mean?


I'm sure legitimates and tendons are torn

I did notice the "repost" thing at the top has anyone seen this video before?


Here go, im too lazy to resize it right now, the file is too big to upload here.

You guys really should check out the comments
Since when is reddit /ourguy/?

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Southern Trojans High School is what I'm gleaming from the comment section. Louisville, KY. Apparently the uploader pulled it from a YouTube video that claims it was from 2016. Need names.

mm idk how reddit works. I think it was probably posted in a different subreddit and the guy is reposting it to the r/publicfreakout subreddit or something. Just message him and ask him where he got the video from.

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8620 Preston Hwy

It's such a monstrosity of a layout, only retards would go there willingly


look at the faggot mods comment history. literally every other comment is him locking thread for "abject racism". you'd think he'd start seeing a pattern…

Try to keep the thread free from clutter and focused on identifying the people in it so they can be killed in real life.

Can we kill the reddit mods too?

It has been for a while, its just hard to see due to any post, comments, or boards that don't fall in line with american faggots deleted.

yeah I know, sorry, it's not like I'm showing off how stupid I am on purpose.

If you have their names and addresses, feel free. Post them here so people can make a decision about geographic proximity.


I can see that you spend a lot of time

on Reddit

welp, apparently this video is 2 years old.

you are correct, heres another video from the original uploaders youtube channel.

That is the school website, with all staff and administrators listed.

OK that's great then these kids have forgotten all about it and I am sure there's names and faces all over the place, more time more info right?

I say we fuck with them anyway and their parents and the school let's get some peoples lives fucked

What teacher or whatever was supposed to be in this room. How would we find this out?

post more videos, this is how we chemo the empathy of whites towards the muds

Some of the teachers have some stupid video of them being massive faggots where they introduce themselves. Let's try to match up the voice.

*long sigh*
Why do we let these apes abuse our children?

Keep the existential stuff to a minimum in this thread. The focus is on identification for murder.

He's in the video

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this looks to be the teacher

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Does his shirt say "Southern High School" or "Southern Football", like he's a coach? I guess it's the south so he might just be an infantile white nigger who is into high school football, though.

Well then I have watched it 3 times and I thought that was another student, I suck I shouldn't be allowed online.

White kid has a pre-algebra book so its probably a math class/teacher

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The three male teachers with videos are Kaufman, Stein, and nigger Thompson. None are a match.

here's all the males without videos the ones with are not this guy
Rodriguez, Javier
Barron, Gabriel
Blackwell, Ryan
Bocchino, Andrew
Fisher, Frances
Walker, Chris

I think it's probably

Yeah I just checked the same as you. If you click on their names if gives you their email address though lol. I doubt emailing everybody and asking for a photo would be out of the question though.

I'm not sure how to proceed from here.

Can we find the kid in the video and ask him? Or was there a statement from the school an any of this? I'm digging.

Should I email the principle?

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I don't think so.

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don't think it's Rodriguez. he appears to be the older dude at left in the red shirt and golf hat in the team photo in this article:

No. The only communication with any target is the crack of the bullet leaving the gun.


A math class wouldn't have that many apes in it, would it? It didn't look like they were doing much 'math' anyway.

I was just about to say if we can act all concerned about this bullying video you just saw on Reddit, and act like you're just concerned because you have nieces and nephews that go to the school, blah blah blah. Be really nice and professional. See if someone anyone can point you in the direction of more information about this.

If that is the teacher, that isn't a 'white man' in the slightest. No wonder nothing is being taught and he lets his classroom act like the apes that they are genetically.

Niggers still have to go to math class, and the result is this video

Stop cluttering the thread.

tbf it is the south, he might just be really tan

that's some kind of "study hall," or whatever the fuck they're called now. looks like a 50s greaser who never graduated, to be honest.
that school's website is pathetic. 90 kids on the football team, though. so they got that in before they bounced out into a life of mediocrity.
fuck it all.

I wonder if he is watching porn on the school's dollar.

piss off Reddit.

looking through the video for more info, looks like some of them scribbled their nigger names on the chalk board. Was hoping maybe the teachers name would be there but no luck.

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If it isn't a mathematics class, it may be a "resource room". None of the "resource" teachers have identifying videos up and only one of them has a name that can be identified as male – James McCabe. I think we can safely rule out all personnel from the "ECE" section.


A study hall without any studying, a math class without any math. Full of niggers and other subhuman trash. I bet you that kid wishes he was homeschooled. I guess it is just the icing on the cake that he is taught that transgenderism is not a mental illness but an alternative 'lifestyle'.

There is no way that mystery meat sandnigger is a 'McCabe'…he has to be a gonzales or something of that nature.

Kelsey, Destiny, Kandace. Assumption is that these are people who would be attending within a four-year window of 2016. They could possibly still be at the school today, since pre-algebra is typically taught in middle school.

I don't know how many grades attend this school. Some HS districts are 9-12, others will do 10-12, or even 8-12.

So sad. Imagine if that was your kid? Home school.

There is a list of presently employed teachers on the school website, which has been provided in this thread. The video has been traced back to circa 2016.

? Xavier Rodriguez
clean shaved?

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Doesnt matter, its not even directly the teachers fault. School districts have you by the balls, youre not allowed to do anything, and you can get fired so easily if a stronk black wimmin comes protesting to you for something mean youve done to their kid, even if it wasnt anything big at all

Forehead is not low enough…that male 'teacher' has almost no forebrain at all

Blame has already been assigned. The purpose of this thread is identification for the purposes of revenge murder.


The belief that people are the same.

Also, that potato eater Colin what's his face has all sorts of videos.

Only a fucking balless wonder would 'work' in that environment.

Clean shaves are for service personnel and the office

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We should get the teacher fucked up for life.
He literally sat there the whole time and joked about the kid becoming a school shooter.

The absolute state of public education …

This is James McCabe, taken from his twitter account where he identifies himself as a resource coach at Southern High School.

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Yes, that's the point of the thread. To identify the teach and the niggers involved and murder them in real life.

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Reason: bomb instructions


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Wow and he's some kine of semi white Amerimutt. What a total shit stain.

And people wonder why schools get shot up?

I love these 12 gauge toe poppers but I don't know how to test them out safely.


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