What can we do to secure the existence of our people and a future for white children in the modern age...

What can we do to secure the existence of our people and a future for white children in the modern age? Asking specifically from BFE in the US, but on a global scale is as equally important. Join the three percenters? Rampant shitposting on social media? Writing white nationalist essays? Just talking about this shit isn't doing anything except preparing.

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kill jews

going full christchurch on a temple, brb

Organized violence against non-Whites, preferably while they are gathered or cordoned in institutionalized settings such as schools. Rather than lone shooters, it would be best to work in small teams. Do not organize the teams here, do not organize your teams online in any capacity. Their children are the best target because it ruins everything they came here for and puts a permanent emotional hole in their life.

Always have your target staked out. Know where cameras are, know what entrances/exits are locked to the extent possible. Know what kind of security/police presence is on site and what the security response from outside [e.g. the local police or county sheriff] is going to be like [consider calling in a threat from a burner and observing what happens from different locations between your target and the local security services HQ]. When the time actually comes, be in position to suppress the responders, preferably with automatic weapons.

Which brings me to the importance of learning how to machine and making your own weapons so you don't leave paper trails.

based. Do your duty

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Thanks for the tips on OPSEC even though most of it is obvious. Nonetheless, excellent tips. Anyways, I reside in a location that actually IS diverse, though it's the result of rapid industrialization with large numbers of new blue collar jobs and several new white collar jobs. The town mostly keeps its own parts to theirselves (except for when they have to deal with each other at the half-dozen restaurants for 70k+ people).
Mind you, I'm in oilfield BFE, the nearest signs of civilization are 2.5 hours away. How would we disrupt them from the middle of nowhere?

I'm having trouble following you. First you say you're in a diverse location with 70,000 people then you say you're in the middle of nowhere. Do you mean this centralized collection of 70,000 people sprung up around new oil exploitation is not close to other population centers? If that is the case, then you already have 70,000 targets to choose from so I'm not sure what you're question actually is.

If you don't want to kill people, I don't know what you're looking for. Everything else has been tried and isn't working, but death surely solves the problem. If you aren't motivated enough for that, maybe you should reflect on whether you actually care about this in the first place or whether you'd be okay with an oil paycheck and an ugly flip wife who works at Subway.

Yes, I do. When the town wasn't particularly overpopulated, it was a very diverse cross between Mexican, white, and Amerindian culture. Now, it's too many East Texans, Louisianians, Okies, and wetbacks.
I see the light now, but I alone can't stop them all, and I know of nobody else to act. I work in a service industry and only know of one other person who might be prepared, but they are also likely oilfield trash imported from another state.

poastan in fbi bread

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checked & gtof jidf shill

Impossible. At least, impossible at present.
White people in general are not angry enough to even think about killing their own enemies.
And White Nationalists have neither the experience, nor the character to organize themselves into true insurgent cells.

That's why the only White resistance is right here in the virtual world. The leftist meme;
is true.

All we do is role play and suck each other off and pretend. OP is not going to form an organization and neither are you. You're just talking theory and your "resistance" to the jew is entirely contianed online.

Call me a shill if that is how you cope but what I said hurts because it's the truth and you know it as much as I do.
Everyone here knows.

Do a barrel roll.

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You can't really effectively raise White children properly in the postmodern world without taking some quite extreme measures. No TV, no Internet/social media, homeschooling is a must, ect.

That guys name is luke. He's from Ohio and used to be a skinhead. I know his ex wife

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Finally a good post

Shill post. Mass shootings are always false flags. Millitaries go out of their way not to hit schools and churches because it will turn the general population against them.

Run while you can, start substance farming and hope you can survive the upcoming storm. All is lost, the only savior of the eternal greed and lunacy of our modern world is nature itself.

Wuf wuf OP

Recruit in real life. Strike up conversations with your peers (whites only, this should be obvious). Be straightforward without sounding unhinged. Be respectable. As real life bonds form between revolutionary whites, our rural towns will become hornets' nests with a rifle behind every blade of grass. It's the best position we can make for ourselves in the meantime.

You do have half a dozen children trained in war fighting right?

And only this. Incite people and subhumans to kill jews. Mobilize masses to kill jews. Infiltrate groups and redirect them to kill jews.