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From today's perspective, boxing is well-engineered white demoralization propaganda.

Even biologically blacks benefit massively from the Queensberry Rules. That is Due to smaller lung capacity than all ethnicities in this world, which is great for anaerobic sports and whenever intervals are present, West Africans literally get out of breath sooner but need shorter breaks than East Africans or Europeans to fill their lungs and get up again.

African Americans usually have fast-twitch muscle fibers of type llb (8% less slow-twitch and 7% more fast-twitch muscle fibers). They produce ATP (adenosine triphosphate, look it up) at a slow rate by anaerobic metabolism and break it down very quickly. This results in short, fast bursts of power and rapid fatigue.

Means the short breaks you have in boxing actually do more for black people.

All that on top of things like having longer limbs, being more aggressive due to higher blood pressure and being more salt-sensitive.

Back then, because there weren't any rules, grappling was allowed. Grappling is the bane of a black in an actual fight. Blacks have very long limbs like apes, but a very slim waist. Their joints and ligaments aren't as strong as whites, but they are faster.
Whites have a very thick pelvic bone and proportioned skeleton, giving us a lower center of gravity for more raw strength. If you watch MMA or simply fights on the street, blacks HATE going to the ground or fighting up close. Most of the time they break up the fight if the black gets slammed.

In boxing, you'll notice throughout history that white fighters and some Mexcans always came straight foward with a crouching style, generating power with their slips, bobs, and weaves. Whereas blacks naturally back up, step to the side, and rely on hit and run tactics. It's rare for a black to stand in front of you in the boxing ring if you take it to him. There are obvious outliers in history like Tyson, Foreman, Shavers, Frazier etc. Even Ray Robinson and Joe Louis would trade.
But for the most part, the negro is incapable of close quarters combat. The negro always benefited for Queensberry rules, not having to fear from aggressive fighters. MMA showed us what happens to fighters who run when grabbing is allowed.
Fun Fact: most white bare knuckle boxers in the past were, in fact, very good wrestlers. Boxing and wrestling used to be cummulative with each other unlike today.

Another contributing factor of so many black boxsers is that gyms are always located near either black or Hispanic neighborhoods.

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Boxing has been flagrantly rigged ever since Cassius Clay knocked out Sonny Liston with a punch that missed him by one inch.

Especially if the referee is scripted and a someone like Jake Paul wins anyways. Even though he comes out the fight a bloody mess, he still gets the W.

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Jake Paul?


This makes total sense. When I boxed a nigger years ago and was losing. He wouldn’t let me get close. And when I grabbed him to catch my breath he litterally couldn’t break my grasp. Good to know for future fights thanks user.

Informative. Good thread.

This is a really important redpill. Those of us who had to fight blacks growing up understand how comparatively weak they are when on a semi-equal footing. Don't get me wrong: if a black is notably stronger, they'll be stronger, but on even terms of physical development a white man will have the advantage. They hunt in packs for a reason.

Quote from Abraham Lincoln's works:

Everyone likes to pretend it's this "trade off" between physicality and intellect. It's not. Blacks will generally be better able to run fast, but they're a lot more frail than stereotypes suggest.

The whole penis myth is also an important bit. I think a lot of young white men get demoralized by the jew propaganda about black abilities.

I've never ever seen a nigger on tv doing anything, from boxing to football to porn, that ever made me feel demoralized, god hasn't yet made the nigger that I cannot decapitate with the same effort as swatting a fly. Any faggot who looks at a nigger dick or nigger ball and feels shame or envy in the slightest is simply not white, there must be some small bit of kike in them.

Cunt mods still trying to subvert Zig Forums

Kill yourself yid.

Its gonna be degenerate as fuck but you need to push the bwc truth because the worlds biggest are white mens, the 100 odd black porn stars with large cocks are overwhelmingly out numbered by bigger whiter dicks, and you will see by doing even rudimentary searches. Black dicks are only comparably bigger than jew dicks is the funniest way to present this btw.
Fucking hell even when we have to fight these fuckers you have to get into some degenerate shit, but no wars were ever won with a clean pressed uniform and clean hands.

Meh. All races have their strengths. Growing up in a diverse neighborhood where lots of fights were happening, it seemed like the Arabs and the Irish were both tough as nails. Generally nobody fought blacks; violence with blacks was usually them sucker punching you and that being it.

This. But then again it makes perfect sense. White's became the master of Europa, hundreds of generations ago. We stopped running from wildlife, niggers never did stop, until we forced civilization on them.

It's why niggers fear water so much. Our ancestors didn't have to swim with Croc's and even if they did, we would just have killed the scaly fuckers, because white man is not a captive of nature, niggers are.

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Niggers are king at the sucker punch. If you're fortunate enough to endure that punch they will shit themselves.

This isn't too surprising, but good to read nonetheless OP. Wrestling is the white man's sport, going back thousands of years. It was a constant in combat, even when we used swords, spears, shields, bows and firearms. Its the most reliable backup when everything else has been exhausted or the enemy gets too close or you're in a bad spot like a trench or building.

The magic negro is a myth, gay faggot. White men are a small global minority. Boxing is a global sport. Many times before the majority of champions have been white men. Niggers can have all the help they want. We have a much higher athletic IQ than all of the races. Our minds control our body. We could dominate boxing, if we put our mind to it.

Thanks OP. I read decades ago how blacks got shorter muscles or something in the legs thus able to run faster. But this is more detailed. As we are getting flooded with Africans information like this is invaluable.
In short if you are about to fight a black nibba quickly rush into him and grab him close as possible and use your elbow to punch "short distance fighting" quickly until he gets knocked out. Don't let him get any time to think or react to pull out some weird stuff. Must go quickly and fierce.
Don't use headbutts seems to hurt the one doing it more than the one it hits.

LoL at the faggot OP that sucks nigger dicks cause Anthony "black powuh" Joshua lost to a Castizo.
Now that niggers are getting BTFO in Boxing he is on dmg control.
Fuck off.

Just remembered I saw some livestreamer almost get suckerpunched by a nibba in LA. He dodged it and immediately tackled the nibba down to the ground. The nibba couldnt do anything he was there on the ground like a flat fish. His nibba friends put them apart, the nibba tried to suckerpunch again and just got put to the ground again by the wrestler dude and once again he was flappin like a fish on the ground, helpless.

Found the video clip:
Showing evidence to OPs theory how the nibbas got no chance in true close combat wrestling style. Two times splat easy peasy. Found the Achilles' heel of the nibbas.


It's all total shit. I looked it up and the gambling worldwide on sports is something like $750 billion a year. It's all fixed and a lot of it is beyond fixed; it's staged so that the games are cliffhangers to the last minute, to keep people watching all the advertisements right to the end. They caught the entire NHL shaving points for a Montreal sports lottery back in the early 70's. It's all fake and rigged as shit.


Let me try to break as much stuff down as as I can.

Blacks mature faster
This is psychologically heavy for young white boys, because they don't understand why the black kids are almost always much better than average from an athletic standpoint, and that includes fighting. The truth is that blacks reach sexual maturity 1 year faster, and simply mature faster. It is the same as if you were in 6th grade, then got held back a year, you would have a significant advantage the following year. You would be a better athlete and likely one of the toughest kids in the class, if not the toughest.

Whites catch up by their late teens, but at that point kids have decided who is athletic and who isn't, who can become a professional athlete, who can get an athletic scholarship, and so on. And 19 year olds generally don't settle things with fist fights outside the school.

Of all of them, this is one of the worst, because it really doesn't reflect anything about innate ability, only differences in maturity, and it can feed into the insecurity felt by young white males in a culture that is hostile to them. If as kids we were simply told that the black kids have an advantage of maturity that would be lost over time, it wouldn't be a big deal, just like you can live with the fact that the older kids are tougher/more athletic on average than you are growing up.

Blacks are faster
West Africans are great sprinters, and that matters in most of our spectator sports, making them prominent in things like football, soccer, and baseball. Unfortunately, this is not a skill that can be taught, only exercised. Almost all American blacks are ultimately from West Africa.

Blacks are genetically more diverse

West Africans are great sprinters, but lousy marathon runners. East Africans from Kenya are the opposite. There is more genetic diversity in Africa than the rest of the world combined, so you can typically find some group there who are really good at something. We just see them all as black, but they are really quite different.

Blacks maintain muscle mass and tone better with a sedentary lifestyle
Blacks can laze around and maintain better muscle mass than whites who do the same. If both work out or lead very active lifestyles in line with how early humans lived, the advantage disappears, and they are on a much more equal footing.

Blacks have fewer employment prospects
Most blacks have only a few areas where they can become really successful, and that is music/entertainment, or sports. Whites are not under the same pressure to pursue athletic careers, which are far from a sure thing, and sometimes can be physically risky, like combat sports.

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I thought it's completely contrary.

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I’ve never watched boxing, is it actually any good? One of my sisters liked boxing. Never my thing.

So why are Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier both Champions despite UFC Championship matches being 5 minutes in length for 5 rounds?

Actually headbutts are fine if you use your dome to smash their face, but if your hit their dome then it doesn't work.

niggers aren't africans. they are african/european mutt abominations.


i don't speak nigger.

Blacks also have much much smaller torsos and waists…for example 6'1" Bernard Hopkins fighting at light-heavyweight got his waist down to 28"!! So in boxing, with its weight limits and cutting weight, their advantage is huge.

Niggers are not inherently evil.
They are troublesome, but not evil the way Evil is.
Remember that, because someday, you'll be put to the test, and you cannot fail. Niggers are not Evil.


I don't pay much attention to boxing but Rocky Marciano the italian blockbuster still has the best heavyweight score of 49-0. 43 KO's… He was even 25 when he started and fought all the greats of the time…

Joe Calzhaghi has the best middleweight score. For the welterweight who cares, maybe that boring negro has the best score.

It's just that…TV never focuses on these people. It's all tyson tyson tyson. If you have an eye for these things though, go watch these people's fights: they are fucking awesome. Super entertaining but since they are white the jews never focus on them.

Here's undefeated records:
They are all white or south-american save for one namibian and one bleached negro.


Nice to see Joshua got his monkey ass TKO'd by a fat (white looking) beaner tho!

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wow just do mma then.


k Moyshe you don't gotta tell me twice

Dammit….. HIT ME

Two morons tie big puffy mittens to their hands and bestow an angry buffeting to their opponents head till one of them falls down.

Judo is of much greater value in most brawls. Gracie Jiu Jitsu too. If you punch in a street fight in the furious exchange of maximum blows you might break a metacarpal in your hand and then you're seriously fucked.

Better to grapple, hip toss and then smash the downed fuckers jaw with your boot.

So stupid to damage your precious brains like this. So much better to study higher level mathematics, so much more profit in it.

It's a sport, to many rules to really learn best fighting.
Good for teaching striking and moving around .

I'd agree on a hard surface he who goes down first loses the situational awareness and agile footwork of boxing are invaluable tools

Fuck off niggerjew.


That's because most people are soft poofs who can't even throw a proper punch let alone strike with any other part of their body. With a headbutt you're supposed to hit their nasal area with your forehead, hitting other parts of the face is risky and you'll never know who's gonna get more fucked up and headbutting someone's forehead is going full retard.

You're likely to get a headbutt from soyim because their neck is hunched forward and they misjudge their distance and come within perfect alignment for a headbutt. It's not even intentional, but since it's unexpected both are caught off guard.

people still into boxing?

MMA is much better

MMA has gotten cucked beyond belief. Back in the original days it was fine but the rules they implemented were designed to give shitskins help.

Then why is the best mma fighter a nigger?

They also burn out sooner. A candle lit at both ends.

Kronk Detroit pic related

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another race thread.

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Everybody is racist. Literally everyone. Get over yourself.

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speak for yourself. you don't know everyone on the planet and you shouldn't acting like you do.

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I was thinking about this in the cradle of civilization women go down to the river to gather water and haul back to their respective mansions for daily use.
Invariably the local crocs realize there is a steady daily stream of easy pickings for lunch and a few get eaten on a semi regular basis.
Did it ever occur to the tribal chief that they could easily dig a few holes in the river sink some posts in a semicircle next to the bank and like magic they could make a croc free water gathering spot for their women?


i'm trying to imagine a bunch of black women going down to the waterhole dressed up in nothing gator leather attire and come back with a lot more than just some damn water.

I wonder if he's playing NBA 2K19 in nigger heaven right now

Yes, but we don't use terms like Niggers, etc for the Jews.

Or post Corporal Adolf either.

On land the maidens can see them they pop out of the water and grab them is what I am talking about.

Honestly, the penis shit doesn't matter. I wish we weren't obsessed with sex, to the point where pointing out that it doesn't matter gets you labeled as unable to have sex.

Just means you're an aryan superman when you clean their clock, even with all the odds stacked against you.

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Which fight is this?

Nice thread, learned a thing or two.

It's happening everywhere.
A nigger, yes a nigger, is the Formula One chimp.
Sorry, I mean champ.
He comes with an emotional back story about how he takes care of his retarded brother and his personal struggles.

It hits all the sjw checkboxes for it to not be a cohencidence.

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Aren't you going to mention the fact that blacks have the strongest chins, and asians have the weakest? Many blacks have very strong chins and many are seemingly impervious to being knocked out cold. Able to recover quite quickly as well. Due to cranial skeloton or musculatre i presume. Poor asians.

You need to do body shots on blacks, not try to crack the coconut. Go for kidney and liver strikes, shuts down blackie quick

Similar advice was given me by my grandfather. Who i presume learned that the hard way at least once.

Stop watching kike run sports, cucks.


Tell that to Butterbean.

I've met MacGregor too.

Also, go fuck with a croc and see who wins the race. They can run faster than a human.

This is literally super gay fake Nazi larp thread.

As if just because you are white you will be stronger in a fight.
For fuck sake only the larpers and dumb asses think race matters this much that you get slight advantages in a fight.

Lol while this guy makes his case he mentions the "exceptions" all top black fighters who contradict OP. That's a lot of contradictions

If u stop trying to see EVERYTHING through race u might see the truth


Race does matter. The median best fight in MMA is always a pale person. The best boxers in history, have always been darker than average.

lol, Jon Jones is the greatest MMA fighters of all time. Blacks are a small minority of the us population and they got one of their own as the best mma fighter ever. Add the heavyweight champion right now is black. you guys are so dumb.

Jon Jones is the best MMA fihger. Get it in your head. Blacks are a minority in the US and still a black person became the best mma fighter of all time. Imagine if blacks were 50 percent of the population, theyd completely dominate mma.



Jones has the reach of someone well over 7ft tall. He's a freak nigger monkey with freakish reach for his height. All the people he's fought besides Gus (who he lost too in the first fight) have been 6ft and under with a massive reach disadvantage. No wonder he avoids heavyweight.


Fuck off faggot cop

This is a logical fallacy, MMA is full of niggers from all around the world, there's more than a billion of them and they still can't dominate in any sport besides boxing and short distance sprints. Only now are they taking championships, before like 2 years ago it was a bunch of Europeans and Meds dominating, with the obvious spics in the lightweights. You're either a nigger or a niggerphile (AKA jew) if you're this delusional.

I bet you think jews, asians and whites being on average much more likely to possess high level thinking positions is all because of racism and society as well.


I'm so tired of this meme. Maybe if he hadn't spent so much of his career being on the sidelines because of his own fuckups and won all that time i would agree. Silva, Pierre, even Gracie greater still.

None of this dickwaving shit in general matters. If it did we would say gorillas are better than humans. What sets humans apart from other animals is intelligence and dexterity, that should be the measure of who is better. And this matters on the individual level as much as the racial level.

He mopped up a bunch of bums. BFD

when the striking gets to IQ, they loose.
they're good at boxing because you have only two weapons (ur fists) and few patterns.

Increase the weapons available (Muay Thai, Burmese etc) and so increase the numbers of patterns available and so the IQ and you'll see that all the top fighters are Whites and Asian (you can add some muslim Berbers and Tchetchenes / Armenians).

Muscle isnt everything in the fight game

Jon Jones is a drug cheat whos tested positive, he also hid under the octogon for 8 hours to avoid a drug test

Callum Smith WBA Super Middle Weight champion.

Do you even watch boxing, nigger? The top pound for pound fighter is white, and there's loads of white champions. Hell, a white champ just KOed a nigger in the fight preceding the Joshua fight where Joshua got knocked out.

Stop being gay, faggots. If, you punch a nigger in his chin he's going out cold. They aren't impervious to pain, fear, and getting knocked out. lmfao why would you imply this

Sigh. MMA is a global sport. More white men should train and compete in combat sports though. Very few do.

Grappling is legit gay as fuck.

Indeed biologically speaking Africans are excellent for physical labor tasks and soldiery. Anglo peoples naturally excel at being highly visible at night (glow in the dark) and actually have an advantage in Vitamin D acquisition in northern climates.


Google: Andy Ruiz

Annihilated that NIGGER to a pulp
Pissed on his monkey ass made his bitch ass quit the fight.

much superior fightingz


But they aren't White and Jon Jones in particular is much more nigger than White. Your answer is whether unintentional or not stating that nigger/White mixed are superior, at least for combat sports. Do you understand that you can be White and be above the African while still not being better at every single thing than him? I am superior to the fish but I am not a better swimmer. I am superior to the hawk but I don't have better eye sight.
I'm also not saying niggers are inherently better at fighting, but when you look at 3 of the most dominant fighters in recent times that are all champions: Daniel Cormier, Jon Jones, and Demetrius Johnson you can't say they are inherently worse. Give credit where it is due, pleb.