The world is going downhill FAST

Seriously, what kind of degenerate would be an LGBT fag… and also expose their children to it. This is disgusting, and it amazes me how many people support this. How will this wave of fags ever be stopped?

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Trump voters.

Are you retarded.

Read JD Unwin. Invaders will cleanse the degenerates. Once a Civilization has a sexual revolution is always and Everywhere dies in exactly 5 generations.

i've autism and I cant even get a job at a faric store. I need money but really like my work to speak for itself and I would rather set myself on fire than be a retard cumdump junkie.


Somewhere in the distance a chosen person is smiling at this horse shit.


Mate, I agree with you on the decline of civilisations, but I do think if we objectively look at the theory we would find it to be untrue, whilst I do think there is a definite and direct link between sexual liberation and societal decline but perhaps not so defined as 5 gens

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Are you?

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It will self-correct in 10 years
All these pozzed-proudies you see on pics will be soon dead
No-one has to do anything and it will fix itself

Trump is a piece of shit that sold out to the kikes. He had 37 billion dollars that he gave to Israel that could have gone to the wall.

Trump is a kike creation from the day he was born. His entire career is a fraud.


Start planning now to make your dreams come true!~

I'm still hoping this will ultimately be eugenic.

We are just going on 3 generations at present.

Bullshit op. Rainbow is clown world WN.



Most people in the first world support LGBT rights. Most third world immigrants do not. Elite hatred of LGBT is behind efforts to “include” massive amounts of migrants. We should instead be transitioning to cloning technologies to preserve our society for the peaceful and enriching force of the LGBT movement.

Did you know gay populations are a gentrifyinv factor that raises poor communities out of poverty! Gay people are also an inclusivity factor that doesn’t tend to leave people behind as they do this! You’re supposed to hate them because you’re supposed to be obeisant broken slaves just like your leaders are!

unless you can gear this thread into something productive, it's just pissing in the wind

You’re retarded, the wind is greed; all seek money, none seek slavery. Reminding people who seeks their submission and how to truly defend their interests causes sexual revolutions again and again and again. The clonetech future is inevitable because it is efficient, good, and physically possible.