German Politician Who Told People Against Rapefugee Invaders Shot In The Head Dead

Zig Forumsack (possibly) kills traitor politician dead
>The Kassel government president Walter Lübcke (* 22. August 1953 in Bad Wildungen; † 1. Juni 2019 in Wolfhagen ) is dead. According to media reports, he was killed by a head shot. The state criminal investigation determined.

>Still much is unclear about the death of the Kassel district president Walter Lübcke (CDU). The Hesse State Office of Criminal Investigation (LKA) announced on Sunday in Wiesbaden that it had taken investigations. About the direction of this investigation, neither the competent prosecutor Kassel nor the LKA wanted to give information.,luebcke-gestorben-100.htmlübcke

For more information on this scumbag

So which one of you glourious bastards did this?

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Good work!
Keep it up!

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Awesome. Whoever kills traitorous politicians deserves my complete and full support. Now if someone can get Merkel killed, that'd be excellent.

Finally someone starts killing people who actually matter instead of a random church full of blacks or some other soft target for the media to work the public into a frenzy over

I will pray for the person responsible for delivering justice to the German people

is this… dare a say it… a ACTUAL FUCKING HAPPENING!!?

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sounds like he committed suicide and they are looking for a scapegoat OP.
Zig Forums is a board of peace.

gary webb exposing cia drug running was shot in the head twice and the (((autopsy))) ruled it a suicide.

translate tells me, that this scumbag told germans on
14. octobre 2015 the following (after germans protestet against the mass migration into germany)

Who does not stand for these values (mass migration) is free to leave the country (germany) at any time. This is the freedom of any german.

Wow, just wow.
Right Wing Death Squads finally did what needed to be done.
The (((traitors))) must fear the people, otherwise these policians will just rape us.
Noise noise noise.

and this:

and this:

and this:

and this:

Security tools:

Stay safe, never give up and 1488. See you in Valhalla

Pretty incoherent. Add to that the fact that the video is totally in German and I've never heard of this guy and I'm at a loss to what is really going on here. I initially thought due to the ungrammatical title that an anti immigration politician was assassinated.

The problem isn't shooting up a black church. Blacks are invaders who will multiply and have hostile intentions. The problem is not simultaneously murdering media personnel and occupying their broadcast infrastructure. People who wring their hands about niggers getting lit up are generally unserious people who don't have a problem with the multi-cult outside of feeling a bit uneasy about the degree other people have a problem with the multi-cult.

Good, the more incidents like that the faster mainstream leftists will drop their retarded anti-gun views and will see the importance of being able to defend yourself when far right thugs will come for them.

It reads like he committed suicide or deep state 'suicided' him for FISA disclosure reasons probably. If they thought it was an execution from people fed up with their treason they would be using it to advance their agenda like they did with that brit politician a few years ago.

I doubt that. Politicians will get guns either way.

How many politicians have you executed, Amis?

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Nah, I doubt they'll do that again, considering it failed kek

Finally something good in this world.

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Hello kikefaggot. I know you want to take away the symbol and frame it as suicide. This will the (((media))) clearly do, due to the fact to take away the symbol of such a traitor getting what he deserves.
But we know better. Such a polician does not end himself in such a fashion.

The other policians will know anyway what happened and what can be their future.

whoever did it:
God bless the hero

Frankly ?

This is a great fucking news, wonderful that he's dead.

There should be more

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Ahh, feels like 1919. Feels good.

Read the post above you, translation is correct

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Do you mean he covered up gang rapes by rapefugess, or that he told people they weren't happening?

A German politician basically told every German who doesn't support mass migration to emigrate somewhere else.
And now he's dead lmao

Organisation Consul sends its regards


lol go away

I know it's just one instance, but it's certainly a good start and highly encouraging. If it was a boom headshot either someone RWDS'd him or he may have gotten suicided by his (((masters))) for reasons unknown to the general public.

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NICE! All that matters is politicians are dying, but this is very good. I'm going out for beer now.

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Boy that video is old. I remember seeing this on Reddit/Germany ages ago and being absolutely fucking outraged beyond my ability to hold it in (it was right at the height of the rape plague of little children and young women).
Whichever glorious bastard did this is a SAINT in my opinion. I wish I knew you IRL user.

He told the germans:

"Who does not stand for these values (mass migration) is free to leave the country (germany) at any time. This is the freedom of any german."


That warm feeling in my heart.
The fallen heroes are smiling from above.

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I'm curious, do European countries have enough military to suppress mass vigilantism? Are they physically able to stop the formation of pseudo state?

Oh okay.

Good then.

If he is smart than he does not know anyone and he will never tell anybody (especially not a women)

There was once a men who told the wise words:
If all talking does not help to protect what you love, you have only violence left.

why does this post feels so kikey?

'm kay

It just feels SO FUCKING GOOD…it feels so good!

What did he mean by this?

I am going to celebrate as well.

There used to be a video with an accurate translation but YT had a shitfit and deleted the video across their platform. We are lucky to be able to view one in German.

Don't celebrate, emulate! Much more needs to be done.

It is insane how good this feels.
It reminds me at the moment when i first kissed the women i was deeply in love with, when i was 14.

It is rare to feel these kind of intense emotions of joy.
Damn, whoever did this: good job, good job!

He told the germans:

"Who does not stand for these values (mass migration) is free to leave the country (germany) at any time. This is the freedom of any german."

Reminds the well read anons about:

seriously. i've been asking forever why people go on these mass shootings against nobodies. if they want to throw their lives away in order to be famous and terrorize people, why don't they kill people who matter like politicians and CEOs? that would make them a thousand times more famous but they never do it because despite their behavior, they're usually giant pussies.

Operation Consul took out one member of the (((300))) back in the days of Weimar Berlin, where he served as German Foreign Minister.

In his book he wrote that germany shall be like Prometheus who has to suffer every day till eternity. Served him right.


On June 24, 1922, two months after the signing of the Treaty of Rapallo, 1922, Rathenau was assassinated in a plot led by two ultra-nationalist army officers, Erwin Kern and Hermann Fischer. Also involved were Ernst Verner Techow, Hans G. Techow and Wille Guenther (aided and abetted by seven others, some of them schoolboys) linked to Organisation Consul.[6] On that morning, he was driving from his house to Wilhelmstraße, as he did daily (and predictably). During the trip his car was passed by another in which three armed men were sitting. They simultaneously shot at the minister with machine guns, and threw a hand grenade into the car before quickly driving away. A memorial stone in the Koenigsallee in Berlin-Grunewald marks the scene of the crime. Rathenau was fervently mourned in Germany, with flags officially at half mast, although this was not compulsory. After the National Socialists came to power in 1933, they declared Rathenau's assassins to be national heroes and designated June 24 as a holiday of celebration. One of the participant assassins was the future writer Ernst von Salomon, who had provided the car but was not present at the shooting. The main assassins, Kern and Fischer, committed suicide when surrounded by the police in the turret of Saaleck castle, near Koesen. The final main assassin, Ernst Werner Techow, who drove the car, was captured and sentenced to 15 years in prison. At his trial he claimed that he had acted under duress, as Kern threatened to kill him when he tried to withdraw from the murder plot.[7] Upon his release from prison for good behavior in 1927, he volunteered for the French Foreign Legion. During the Second World War he helped save hundreds of Jews in Marseilles, apparently as an attempt at penance for his crime.

So ein Tag so wunderschön wie heute…
Hope his death was painful. Hope he burns in hell for eternity.
And I really fucking hope he got RWDS'd. Although I wouldn't mind if one of his pet invaders had blown his brain out just so I could add him to my collection of dumb fugees welcome bitches who payed the toll.

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shut up faggot. The estrogen in your post palpable.


Headshot mate. It was instant, sadly.

this looks like it was posted by someone subversive with the intent of putting tag words on this website to use against us. luckily threads here get deleted after a few days automatically so it doesn't work like it does elsewhere on the internet.


kill yourself, kike. the judaism in your post is readily apparent.

Okay, this is epic🤣

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The german way. Quick and efficient.
I guess noone can escape his own racial heritage.
Germans are no jews. Jews like to torture. See (((IS))) or all the holowClaus propaganda where they just project their own cruelty on the germans.

Anyway. I will open the good bottle of champagne and congratulate whoever did this.

Good job. I bet you're crazy enough to come read this thread too. We don't need more Tarrants, we need more of you.

git fukt traitor

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Depending on caliber and point of entry there is slight hope possible that he did not die instantly.

Yes, Tarrant has done his job. Now comes the next stage.

Kill the traitors of civilization, liberty, and freedom.

Based and volk pilled.

You think removing members of an invasive, hostile tribe from the homeland of your blood is “throwing your life away”. What the fuck does that mean? Because they won’t be playing video games and drinking Mountain Dew in prison?

You think someone who carries out a targeted double-digit mass casualty event against their enemies in a highly-developed first word country is more of a pussy than you sitting on your computer. You reek of femininity and it’s off-putting.

Asymmetric warfare doesn’t have one single path. So far there isn’t even a single English news source about this death; even if it were a nativist assassination it may never get enough attention to accelerate things, certainly not in the way that something like Christchurch does. We don’t know yet. Removing politicians isn’t some magical panacea- there are literally hundreds of thousands more right under them who would be celebrating to see a seat emptied so they can get a promotion. Targeting the top is great- so is targeting the middle, and the bottom, and all places in-between. We need action on all fronts- what we don’t need is menstruating weak men moaning about that action when warriors actually take it.

Here's to Walther.. sucking nigger cocks in hell!

Well that was gay.

It was a false flag! You can tell because it happened! Everything that happens is a false flag!!


It was a false flag! You can tell because it happened! Everything that happens is a false flag!!


Well done.

Deutschland erwache!

Even if he survived it shock would have blocked the pain long enough for him to die without pain.

You keep telling yourself that's how the human body works.

who could have anything against such a (((confidence-inspiring honest career politician)))
doesn't he oozes integrity and respect, honestly?

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Its true though, human body ignores pain to a degree in "crisis" situations.

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Checked for truth. A lot of the time people will be running away from shootings, and will run down the street and around the block only to look down and realize they see blood because they get hit in the leg or whatever and didn't even realize it at them time due to adrenaline.

First off, they are not terrorizing people, they are DEFENDING OUR FUCKING PEOPLE.
Second they are not 'throwing their life away', they are our SAINTS, or HEROES our PEOPLE. Their lives were theirs to give in service to us and they loved us better than they loved their own life. That could never be considered 'throwing their life away' EVER.

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Zero evidence. Not even speculation in that direction. Kill yourself.

I know, right? They either talk shit, grift on podcasts to rant about jews, or shoot those uninvolved. Why not schedule interviews and hit them on the spot?

And quick but that is good because there are a lot of headshots that need to happen before we can restore our people and our nations. Slow is time consuming, we need FAST FAST FAST in order just to get through them all.

The freedom and liberty blocked the pain receptors to his mental mind prison as the cum from his death erection dripped into his belly button.

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Fuck that, it needs to be quick.
I want people like that shot, dead and burned to ashes before I've had breakfast.
I got shit to do, can't be bothered waiting for yids and traitors to be done squirming in pain.
One shot, one bag, one pile of ash. Move on to the next.

I just left your gif running so when I scroll past it he is still dancing on that grave and I can laugh.

This. Sadism is for non-whites. It doesn't matter so long as these niggers and kikes are all dead and gone.

Exactly. There is no reason and why would we ever stoop to the kikes level. We are just 'doing a job' to cleanse our land of parasites and trash. There are millions of our enemies who belong in their homelands but came in for the kill at the beck and call of the globalists. Headshot and "NEXT!"

Can't wait to see how the mods attempt to control this one.

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Yes, but we want to spook the rest. It is more humane to kill a few in extremely brutal ways. Otherwise we'll have to kill them all.

citation needed nigger

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They should really make murder illegal.

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It looks like he left the country

We're going to have to murder every last Jew AT MINIMUM. We've tried kicking them out before, and they always came right back. Enough second chances.

Do you want peace for White children or not? I am afraid that to fulfill 14/88 we are going to have to follow the plan that guarantees our survival. We have seen who the subhumans are and what their values are, now it is time to guarantee the survival of White children.

1,000th chances?

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This is the only way they'll understand.

They've submitted to the terror of the violent shitskins, showing them with gifts stolen from the public's treasury so they have left themselves open to submit to all other terrors until they submit too.

Murdering politicians is part and parcel of living in a multicultural society.

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it is isn't it? how odd. it feels so calm and natural. the things he was advocating did seem like he was suicidal, i am guessing it was probably suicide.

I'd like you to meet this one guy, pretty swell fella, really great with the kids.
He was named Hitler. Now, according to the legend, the guy killed a bunch of millions of yids in horrific ways. Now, I don't know for sure if that's what happened, but the yids sure fear the fella. But maybe he was a nice chap and thought "Alright, they're scared shitless, I guess they learned their lesson, we don't need to kill more."
Now look around you pal. Do you think they learned?
Better yet: do you think they ever will?

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, one of your students will never understand the lesson you're teaching. And all you can do is fail him with a 9mm grade.
Don't use anything bigger, it gets expensive quick, there's a lot of yids to go before we're through.

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I hope Sadik Khan learns this soon.

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Much better than (((Tarrant)))

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this. they have proven they are weak and will submit to threats of violence, they are now reaping what they sowed.

Zip it, Pepe. All who have sacrificed for our people are worthy of our highest regard.

This shit isn't even close to confirmed, in fact "nazis" being behind it is not even being brought up as a theory by the media you idiots.
At least fucking wait until we have some actual info.