My father inspects homes for rich people. I wont say more so as to not dox myself. Recently he has done inspections for two ex US intelligence officers, one from the CIA and one from the Navy(worked for NSA, CIA, etc though). My dad is an old white boomer, and they got along really well from that boomer comradery, and told my dad some secrets. First of all they never named the Jew specifically but they said that the "same people who are running the show now are the same ones who have been running it forever" and talked about how the "Rothschilds and Israel" are at the top pulling the strings, so as close as possible to actually naming the jew. On top of that, which is no news to us, the one from the navy said that the technology exists and is already in use to create videos of anybody from real life saying anything the feds/kikes want them to say through the use of CGI that is absolutely indistinguishable from real life. Basically, you cant trust fucking anything. Any video, no matter where it is leaked, is subject to question. They now have the technology to mass produce very realistic false flags at an even greater rate than before. I wish I had a source, but such is the nature of anecdotal evidence, and I sure as fuck wont name names because I dont want to commit suicide from two gunshots to the back of the head.

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You're a lying sack of shit and need to fuck off back to kikechan with your larp moshe.


This isn’t your blog. Fuck off with your autistic hoaxes.

My dad works at Nintendo and he says the next big game is a 3D FPS starring luigi. Shigeru Miyamoto told him while they were in line to buy hotdogs in the cafeteria.

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you should have posted the home addresses of these 2 Glow Niggers, so that we could go there and murder them in their beds. the only good ex-CIA is a dead CIA. also, your bullshit is just more "Trust the Plan, goys, lol the glowy bois are BASED and REDPILLED just like you too, only they can't reveal their powerlevel, so just keep doing nothing except waiting for the doompill while you whites are fleeced and replaced and diversified, so that us CIA faggots can continue our campaign of treason against America unopposed."

What are the chances this is just mossad jew pretending it isnt jews but cia fucking americans and europeans over the world.

Which is why anonymity is so important. The maskfaggots were on to something.

tl;dr ignore e-celebs because (((publicity)))

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Ron Jeremy as Luigi?!#Super_Mario_Bros._cast

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Die Boomer

This is kikechan

show a pic of your penis in a hotdog bun for proof

what is digital forensics for?

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Q predicted this

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didnt mean to green text lol.

Even if what you say is true and not made up, how exactly is this news??? Litterally anyone with a brain on this image board already knows this you retard, and anyway no one even names the Rothschild as you supposedly said, that's how I know you're bullshittting you lying faggot

Hey niggers, if you wanna tell what a shill thread is, check for a pretty suspicious filename.

my dad works at steam and your account library is really gay
Fuck off. The Adobe software for manipulating audio and video is already known.

What a wild world where went to having video evidence of all our history up until we had video, now all video evidence of history is questionable

honestly this is probably true

This isn't new. It was demonstrated at tech expos back in 2015. One that caught people's attention was made specifically for the election and showed a fake trump and a fake hillary video saying things they never said. You can still find it with a simple search.

This technology is in the hands of more than one company. It's not new or a secret. It's just not well known.

Butterfly war part 2 involves triggering blackmail cascade by making it known anything can be faked. This forces blackmail holders to spend their blackmail before it becomes useless. Large portion of jew international system is sustained by pedo blackmail. Interesting times ahead as spooks try to offload their burnt assets.

Btw china will start the fire because they have the massive gpu farms to induatrialize it and the motive. Bilderberger 2019 is panicked about it. Check their leaked agenda.

This is definitely true, I was told the same thing by an army man. BTW, I am not OP on another IP.


The technology exists and it looks good to a layman but the presence of such alterations cannot be hidden from expert scrutiny. People who know what they're talking about will be able to examine these videos and show if they're fake or not.

Seems legit

I don't always reveal secrets but when I do, it's to total strangers checking my ac and duct work. Yes faggot we all know about deep fakes.

You don't let your HVAC guy read your browser history when he comes over? What are you, antisocial?

your boomer dad told you some boomer lies
im not surprised

Well memed

Why the fuck is this schizo larp thread still up?

Someone is doing their homework. :D

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Dude, people who know what they're talking about will be able to examine these videos and see if they left detectable alterations in the fakes they made, and correct them. They are the complete masters of the data they release.
"expert scrutiny" only works if the fakes have not already been scrutinized by an expert for the purpose of fooling a competitor with the same skillset.

moare infos pleez?

Because this is the designated schizo LARP board now. Thanks mods

If your not larping you should totally name names. I was fucked and named everything I could. Moral of the story. They don’t kill you because you’re acting like a god goy. They don’t kill you because they can’t.

There was a thread about this some months ago. With a couple of examples, most notably a demonstration of it with a clip of Assange.

t. Captian Obvious

Kill yourself, subhuman kike. No one believes your "Tarrant was CGI" bullshit.

I hear Maryland is beautiful this time of year

For bullshiting. Any jew can be an expert liar.

I'm being patient. Finish the negotiations and bring him to the US. Much more work done.

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"The Weakness" is that the economic and everyday living conditions, the psychological worlds and interactions of those worlds between people increases in value as one goes further down the pyramid, and blackmail should theoretically lose its value in that direction. Therefore, the people from the bottom in the pyramids have more power to resist and deploy blackmail over those higher up in that pyramid. They would be even more powerful if anonymity were still a reality as it once was. That is part of the reason, among others, that all of the control grids have been set up, to stabilize power back to the top where it has been destabilized by an aggregation of information, technology, wealth, and personal power (of every kind) at the lower levels. So if people can REALIZE this is the whole REAL point of all current events (and history confirms that they are extensions of past events), then they can create a NEW PARADIGM of individual empowerment which inverts the pyramid in a constructive way, truly fights the battles that matter from now on into the foreseeable future. The problem is that the Jews have already gotten into that game to falsify it. The weakness, then, is to realize that it is the Jews, and that they are the ones who have the most to lose when this power pyramid should collapse.

The Jews are the greatest weakness.

Already (sorta) happened in Postal 3.

Sad to see no one has posted that the technology OP is talking about is called GANs, or "generative adversarial networks". They are deep learning technology, where you have two nueral networks. So basically one of them is trained to identify fake photos(well call it identifier) and the other one is made to create them(we'll call that one creator). They are used together "adversarially" so that while the creator creates fake photos, the identifier labels it as either fake or real. It is further trained by this and eventually improves to a point where the identifier cannot tell the photo is fake. I believe forensics may not be able to detect if it's a fake without further digital forensics of the hard drive where this may have occurred. I think this, because I think what digital forensics experts look at is the same pixel value patterns that the AI is trained to alter to seem real. This technology is as old as 2015 I believe and is part of photoshop, I forget what the feature is called.

If you want to learn about this it's tensorflow or pytorch, both are in python. It's not hard for a programmer who wants to learn, but there's no real value in manipulating people with a fake image or video, unless you're a kike or a kike-led government.

I forgot to say, I don't know much about fake video making technology, it's like the same tech (GANs) but to work with video would be more complicated. Then again it's just analyzing patterns in a 2 dimensional array, all the math involved is done by code already written and made publicly available.

It's almost like you've never been here before.

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Wait, what? OP is a Jew.

Also, I have met the Rothschild's. As in all of them already. They really don't run the show. They value personal freedom. The people fucking everything up are the retards in middle management on power trips controlling the flow of information.

OP is 100% right.People are idiots. The technology to recreate 100% face of public servants in videos and mimic them has been around for years to the public.

Look at this video here, simple student is able to use Drumpfs face and mimic his speech and make him say things through video. You fucking tell me the three letter agencies are not able to do much better than these students.

Face2Face: Real-time Face Capture and Reenactment of RGB Videos (CVPR 2016 Oral)

This stuff is old. 8ch surprised by this? 8ch filled with cavemen apparently.

Who controls the world? Ex top Banker from Europe:
Ronald Bernard, revelations by an insider

Fucking stupid. Obviously a shill, any moron who digs deep enough knows the truth these days. All facts are on the table these days and for all to see. Its not even worthwhile for shills to post since the truth and facts are out there in such a massive number now.

Welcome to 1993

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Real kike hours who shillin rn

There’s no point being scared. The manipulative, virtueless people are also dumb sacks of shit. I got drummed out of the left for sexual harassment, which juiced my quality of life because left-aligned people stopped sexually harassing me. It was a punishment, an exclusion. Supposedly. It was a relief. I’d been hit with DARVO from liars. Being no longer a suitable subject meant I was no longer under weird pressures to say yes to things I didn’t really want.

There was some of it that started up again when I was negotiating my return, but this time I was prepped to say no in ways that would stick.

False light types think they understand everyone perfectly, and that’s what makes them think they can manipulate everyone. Nobody really understands God’s plan enough to manipulate everyone… especially not retarded antisemites like OP.

Honestly it sounds legit, a lot of rich people have real insight, but they’re still just people. They’re still just one vantage point on the world, and they know it. They live in a greedy hostile world that wants what they have but doesn’t know what they know about it.

I’ve brushed wealth, didn’t ask for any handouts.

Someday maybe I’ll have rich friends again. Probably not, because I can’t prove enough of what I know to be a good source, but w/e. If I do, it’ll be same as before. I’m an honest node, more or less, and I don’t ask for money.

Actually, I can do better than just wishy-washing nostalgically and saying not to fear. You know what rich people need most in their lives? Honest business partners. You know what they stop getting if they’re caught telling lies? Honest business partners. You know who therefore probably isn’t ever going to invest in CGI framing of their opponents? Honest business partners.

By sheer chutzpah and being an unexpected source of it, they might get away with it once or twice, but oh god the risk. It’s mathematically unfavorable. Not to mention the psychological stress of knowing they did it, and knowing whatever they got by doing it is just that little bit less secure, and knowing that other people might do the same to them, getting away with it for the same reason. Then there’s the fact that the skill of buying into the economy isn’t anything like the skill of faking videos, so they’d have to hire others to make the fakes. Those others might flip for love, money, or attacks of conscience; they might threaten these things for blackmail purposes. Investigations might snare their contacts, especially if their dealings aren’t totally clean, and an evil person who fakes videos isn’t the person you most expect to have totally clean dealings.

You know how Trump was rumored to say Jews flip? So guess who isn’t suitable to buy for this purpose? Jews.

Just be honest, people. At least be normal-honest, you’re not expected to be perfect. Criminals lose their autonomy, they have to fight endlessly at the next necessary thing to stay functional as criminals. Honest people develop in every direction and sometimes get rich.

You don’t have to be niggers and aryans forever. You can regrow your spines and relearn the pride of participating peacefully in a progressing civilization.

Can you imagine the sheer vulture-ness that would befall any rich person who stooped to this? They’d never make an alliance again.

Is this the polsoy version of my dad works for Nintendo?

Wow, thanks for all that totally normal discourse. Nothing at all seemed amiss from that.
Would an accurate tldr of the message be that we should just trust the "chosen people's" god's plan and not concern ourselves with what the "chosen people" are doing?
I did totally get also how enlightened you are from the text, BTW.
So very enlightened.

Be honest now. Did you expect anyone you really want to influence here are naïve enough to believe any of this, or stupid enough to be confused by it?
Or is it just that you are retarded? I did assume that because you write like a complete egomaniac, and that you seem to think "antisemitism" is a bad thing, that you are employed with an agenda.
Try to make your reply fit in a single post. I don't want to hear about your special uncle and your childhood.

Has anyone actually worked with this tech?
I see it all over tv, and now we're getting again in this Zig Forums LARP.
Could be an excuse to cover leaks they don't want leaked.