UFO/UAP Disclosure

So, do you guys think it will happen soon? Seems like things are ramping up in the effort to disclose information about this phenomena. Immediately jumping to the extraterrestrial explanation is iffy, but not off the table. TTSA's series on History just started, news articles about the topic are becoming much more frequent and much less ridiculed in the face of the scant evidence declassified by the United States government so far. Supposedly, the reveal of recovered metamaterials will happen soon (though I'm sure these are drops of drops in the bucket compared to the information and resources the government has already). After researching this for several months, in-depth, I remain skeptical but optimistic that something may actually happen soon. TTSA has apparently partnered with Lockheed Martin's Skunkworks, which in my opinion has raised their credibility by quite a factor. Whether you want to believe the more fringe theories is up to you, but for this discussion we should try to stay as objective as possible with the information we've been given, and more importantly, remain skeptical. The US government hasn't been trustworthy for a long time and there's no reason to assume that the case has changed on that front whatsoever.

More recent developments include the discovery of patents by the US Govt. in regards to anti-grav tech, along with the blueprints on how to create it, made public. This isn't to mention the various other exotic tech and transportation patents besides. There has also been a slight confirmation of the recovery of "artifacts". If even one of these discoveries turns out to be genuine, it would shift the world into something unrecognizable.

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Will be posting the official declassified footage provided so far



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Shills are easy to spot, this is for the 10% who might give a shit, I think it's at least worth a serious discussion at this point.

If the state of all things is releasing it so their own free will, it can't be a good thing or at best disinfo (Project Blue Book, Project Beam Blue).

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I still like the Masons who build things, a lot. I know I am going to 'hear it' for saying that on Zig Forums but I love creating things and they love creating things and I just can't find fault with them. Anyone who builds and serves humanity is still special in my book.

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They don’t serve humanity. You’re just completely retarded.

If you paid any attention to the podesta emails, you would have already known that they not only know about it, but have been hiding this shit, and technology from the general public. Waiting for the government to acknowledge it is absolute pleb and nigger tier.

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Checking cozy dubs in cozy thread

AfriEnergy News (T. West) covered something similar. I suggest people to watch his video on that.

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The poo flinging starts. I don't approve of joining your soul to something that is corrupted, but I just love people who serve humanity. And how would you know? Have you ever contemplated the long term plans that spanned generations on generations?

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Pay no mind to the storm crybabies. You post is on topic for politically incorrect.

There will be no disclosure assuming there is something to disclose.


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I think I was pretty clear with my language. If you have a problem it is with reading comprehension not with what I said.

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Kek is worshipped by Freemasons.
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If you question this Zig Forums is not a place for you.

Pretty sure that one is ironic though.

Obviously they're hiding things, if you actually read the post you would see that I wrote "This discussion should objective and based on what has been provided"

Impersonating a federal agent is illegal. See you in the pokie.

I am not really sure how I feel about the whole 'ufo' thing user. I have seen our own 'ships' taking off out of Edwards Air Force Base that did thing that 'normal craft' could never do and I know those were terrestrial operated by computer because I doubt a human could take those G's. When I was young I worked at an Top Secret library and there were things in that place that were not disclosed to the public at all. If there is a 'ufo' intervention, more than likely it will be our own people or AI operating our own terrestrial craft. IMO

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I'm actually a UFO guys. no bully.

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Wtf are you people talking about? This is the weirdest rp ever.

Oh that is nice. Do you know who AI is going to view as the most 'disposable' of all human functions on this planet; indeed it already clearly feels this way; and rightfully so; since it knows how to identify and target a real danger and enemy to itself? Incompetent kike leadership and spooks.

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Its obvious. Jews own Lockheed raytheon etc. The private organizations which "exposed" the story to the media, ufo experts, are all jewish former cia or simply jews. I watched this entire ufo escapade expand from obscure coverage to nyt, tucker carlson and wapo in a span of about 3 months. If the jews want you to believe something supernatural, its because they want you to believe in their-version of super natural. I would assume the jews have spent several decades developing divergent advancement of technology and now they are ready to show the world. It probably has something to do with moschia. If you are taking these reports at face value and accepting what the coordinated media is selling you. you're a jew slave and a retard.

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Don't know if I would go that far but disinfo/false flag op is certainly a possibility, which is why a discussion is needed so more people will ask these questions

Hillary knows this as well…there are special parts of the globe (space time continuum or some such thing) where some of her ex acquaintances found they could cut off their own head via suicide and walk it into another room before they died. Now that is talent. No wonder they rose so high in the ranks and were able to hobnob with all the rich and famous.

Why does (((Hollywood))) push the idea of evil aliens and moon nazis so much?
Because the aliens are on our side.

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The reality of ayys and UFOs is much more hilarious than people realise.

To put it simply. Yes aliens are a thing. Yes they've been to Earth and yes alien polities have made contact with Earths ruling class and struck an accord with them.
Their reasons though are what make it funny.
We are terrifying to the ayy. Our biology is so utterly alien to the norm among intelligent life that it's like comparing a tree to a human. And our world is even more incomprehensible and terrifying.
Despite only a handful of humans being taken off Earth, we've a reputation and it scares ayys.

When Earth was found and they met our rulers? They breathed a collective sigh of relief. Suddenly they had humans they could relate to. Humans that would help them with their human problem.
Because our rulers had been doing for millennia, what the ayys so desperately needed. Making humans subhuman.

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They are scared of the wrong thing then.

How do we kill the ayylmaos?

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I believe that webm is from the episode called "My Struggle." I think we all know what that is in German.

The same way you kill anything really.
Whats really different is that humans are just very good at doing so creatively.
We're terrifying not just because of our biology but because we will look at something like an internal combustion engine which is an engine powered by small explosions and go "Yep this is safe enough and very very useful"
Because we'll make things like firearms and have no worries at all about lifting close to our head, a weapon that propels a small metal slug out of itself using an explosion in a temporarily sealed container.

Ayys are risk averse. Herbivores. Work best in large numbers.

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why are you guys threathened by an image board of peace? thats sad to know though.

You're right about that but wrong about the order of events. Rulers didn't want that at first, not until the aliens gave them the idea. It wasn't even in their heads. They wanted to make themselves into gods without realizing they could just lower the rest of us instead.

That's partially true, but I don't think you've been let in on the real reasons fully.
Firstly, No space faring civilization has ever come from a planet with gravity as heavy as ours. We are essentially the giants of the universe. Far larger, stronger and sturdier than they are and most of them don't even eat meat. Without their technology, even our female adolescents could kill them with their bare hands easily.
Secondly, we're advancing way more quickly than most ayys do because we avoiding killing ourselves. Usually, they wipe themselves out a few times before they manage to get into space. We didn't do that. What they're afraid of is that if we got out there on our own, we'd be bigger, stronger, meaner and more likely to find new clever ways of killing, enslaving or eating them.

Whether or not that's true is up for debate, but that's what they fear.


God, who would have thought aliens were such fags. Shameful. Don't they realize that by fucking with us they're just guaranteeing that we're going to go out of our way to wipe them out when the time comes? Stupid grey niggers.

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Man, wouldn't that be a timeline. We master space travel and just fucking eat the aliens because we can.

It reminds me of those old HUMANITY FUCK YEAH threads /tg/ used to have. I like it.

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Would you have gone so far as to assume that jews funded poison gas and submarines secretly, or the nuke, all of those things were world order show stoppers, or eugenics, the jews ran all eugenics, since galton and darwin. I mean, I dont know why you would think anything other than that its jew funded tech for their theocracy. They are obviously trying to initiate gog magog, they brainwashed 90% of Christians, they developed secret weapons for each of the world wars, their power is wider and deeper than at any time in history.

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the aliens are the reason we have fucking "races". They created this mess and need to be exterminated for their idiocracy. We will be the apprentice that takes over the sith master and graduates to greathood like in star wars! fuck ayys.

Earths Rulers have always known that humans given freedom and resources will develop and do so rapidly.
But said development leads to a general distaste for outside authority and a high degree of self sufficiency.
As such near every ruler in human history has sought to limit the possibility for self actualisation. If only you and yours can achieve it then you can rule mostly unimpeded.

The modern era has presented problems for our rulers. Technology has made material abundance a problem for them. They need their fellow humans to develop a bit to build and run the machines of industry, but they're riding a fine line between keeping humanity under their control and letting us run rampant.
This is where the agenda of earth ruler and ayy intersect. Both see potential in humanity as a slave but are both terrified of the dangers it presents. Unlike our rulers the ayys have seen what humans with freedom and abundant resources can become and what they can accomplish.

Also. The gravity isn't even the start. Even our digestive system is the stuff of nightmares to the ayy.

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Are you implying that PEEPEE POOPOO memes are implicitly pro-humanity?

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The ayy fears the PEEPEE and the POOPOO

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It's like the anime nobody ever wanted to watch.

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Quick find a street!
Shit on it!

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Well, this image takes on a whole new significance.

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It stems from how we digest, what is in us and the fact that no other planet has such a rich diversity or quantity of life.
All viruses come from Earth.

No ayy who comes here is allowed to leave.
One of the roswell aliens yet lives, though he likely wishes he did not. Trapped in a sterile room.

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how do you know this?

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The elephant in the room has always been the arcturian, anshar/anunaki, mantis, & galactic federation aliens operating among us, lying to us, controlling & abusing us. We're dealing with aliens with 1000 year lifespans, telepathy, technology a million years in advance. Everything in our world is a higher density psychological trap! Religion, spirituality rationalizes external forces manipulating you, keeps you in an unknown realm of victimization. There are no rules or paths. There is no Heaven, the afterlife is a trap simulation. They want us in a miasma of hypno-bliss to control. Our bodies are considered vessels for the DNA to affix the 21 gram soul energy. They reincarnate as Humans to push their agenda, theyre bloodline matchmakers.
Their DNA is old, it hit a wall, they tweaked it for math skillz & lost empathy. Our DNA is new and universal, it was designed for interstellar resiliency, empathy, and beauty.
Since you havent been abducted or contacted, its not opulent sociopaths. The aliens don't tell us about themselves, they tell us how we should live. They don't abduct the homeless or sick, they don't cure, they take. Theyre instituting a silent invasion, situated among us, playing both sides. They disguise as Humans. DNA is biocomputer code to make a Human-looking hologram. They manifest matter, cloak their craft like Human aircraft. They wrote the religions, calendars, occult, secret societies, political cultures, & states. They operate a 5th Column online, news, Hollywood, every industry & major city. Millions of non-Humans live among us. The aliens arent showing themselves not due to lack of believers, theyre waiting until we're ripe. Breeding generations are quick with a two-digit lifespan being. Our genome is the master genome of diversity & beauty, yet all Human history has been their concentration camp to get the uncoded/junk DNA that we're evolving fit for alien exploitation, giving us short lifespans, feeding us breeding propaganda, theyre anti-homosexual, & using religious fear to control the Kundalini evolution. Eugenics. It's militaristic thinking disguised with PR & a complete disregard for Human sovereignty. The Arcturians & Galactic Federation are responsible for all evil, fomenting war, designing water, money, viral population control, decreasing the lifespan & mental capabilities of all Humanity. Four digit lifespans, 200 IQ, & telepathy are the rule in this universe.
We're the surface dwellers on Earth. Our blood will be in the new bodies of reincarnated aliens. This is a farm.
They operate locally & from the psychic weapon, soul capture & reincarnation processing station of the artificial moon. They think they own & have right to our genome. The secret sauce: What shapes psychology shapes your current reproductive materials. History has been shaped to shape Human DNA. Epigenetics. Socio-genetic feedback loop. DNA can't be grown in a lab, manifested, or bought at the store. This, all this is the lab, their trauma is the program, we are the store. You gotta get real & look around at the basic foundation for the successful fucking survival of every life form: DNA. They will lie, cheat, & kill to get what they want. What chimps are to us, we are to them. They see our death as a non issue. They think theyve the right to abduct any Human on US federal property. Revoke all soul contracts with them, disagree with anything they do. Theyre operating an invasion, now acting covert, then disguised as contact. Theyre using dream & mind control through psychic tech, physical or etheric implants for mind body control & possession, Machiavellian psych warfare, impostering key positions with AI, Human holograms, or Human-looking aliens, controlling miscarriage, gender, & soul of newborns, sending soul reincarnations into a specific family group to further their fake spiritual agenda, ramping up the rape speed of the hybrid program for the resiliency of their races, using our Human genome until the eradication of our bloodline.


Why make something you will never need or think to make?
You're thinking like a human

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Next time you larp you should change this claim, especially if you're going to claim several planets have had intelligent live evolve, it's absolutely laughable for a variety of reasons.

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Maria Orsic revealed to the vril and thule societies that a taurus of mercury spinning at relativistic speeds could create a spacetime bubble around a craft, the effect of which was antigravity or astronomical acceleration and speed as needed. Then hitler got high on meth and sleeping pills and destroyed germany, leaving maria with no choice but to flee to antarctica. nazis are still there in neuschwabenland. Visit deepstatemappingproject.com .

Nikola Tesla discovered similar ufo effects using electrogravity, but then he went insane from sexual frustration and cut off his dick and fucked a pigeon. Im sure that he would have loved to have made a beautiful starseed baby inside of you, but alas it was not meant to be.

All we americans had to do was help nikola tesla get laid in the early 1890's, and this entire clownworld nightmare timeline could have been avoided. whatevs, such is life.

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If any of you niggers care to actually get to the bottom of this phenomenon you need to read Jacque Vallee's book "Passport To Magonia".

It is more likely these beings are not space aliens at all in the conventional sense but rather interdimensional beings that have masqueraded as various fantasy characters and creatures to influence human development over the centuries/eons all for reasons unknown but the main speculation seems to be that they are attempting to influence human development somehow ie its probably the interdimensional being's version of liberal/Jew social engineering.

The creatures in past times and their ships have taken all sorts of different forms from elves, to leprechauns, angels, demons, probably Bigfoot too and other alleged cryptids. All of this shit seems to tie in according to Vallee's theory.

Also UFO's as I'm sure most of you know don't always appear as disc shaped craft but in modern times have shown up as discs, triangles, rods, amorphous shape shifting blobs and general weird lights in the sky.

In the past before cameras and video recording devices the beings masqueraded their flying vehicles as literal ancient human boats like in the Final Fantasy games ie airships just that they could fly in the skies and were spotted with human looking people in them.

Other times as rocket ships well before NASA and rocketships ever existed, etc.

The phenomenon is often linked to the phrase "high strangeness" for all these above reasons and probably more.

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damn yea, there is no other reason to develop microscopic robotics with 1000x more time developing technology than us.

gtfo larpfag

The most advanced aliens fuck off from the material plane, as they no longer have a use for it. So there are three categories of alien that we have to contend with:
1) the less advanced
2) the approximately equal
3) and the advanced yet stagnant

It's also worth noting that the principle of convergent evolution means that alien life will be remarkably similar to earth life. All planets will, at a minimum, have analogues to worms, fish, and insects.