Baltimore Cops Release Video Showing Hundreds of Teens Rush Streets, Attack Strangers at Random

Baltimore Cops Release Video Showing Hundreds of Teens Rush Streets, Attack Strangers at Random

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Here comes the diversity! The Movie.

brother gex where art thou

((This behavior is unacceptable)))
This behavior warrants the national guard and a massive extermination of literal parasites

Smells like Teen Spirit

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Those are niggers, and my god do they run in packs.


Woah, calm down. Are you a racist? Take your meds. Get a job. Go to church. Listen to the radio and smile.

They obviously need more money for dem programs.



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And these niggers are fast too!
Really amazing how lazy niggers become all energetic when there is mayhem to be had.

Only Aryan superstar Matthew Boling can outrun these nigger packs, the rest of us are too slow, we'll have to stand and fight.

I live here and it is pure suffering. Everyone is a leftist or a nihilistic, hedonistic degenerate or a fucking nigger. I've been thoroughly blackpilled and I have lost all hope for the future. Fuck this place is lonely.

He got banned lol, not even joking.

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There's no blackpill. Just the red one and the blue one.

He made effective propaganda, so kampfy banned him of course.

isn't kampfy gone?

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You heard it straight from the niggers mouth boys, money literally causes evolution. Darwinism fuckin rekt, Zimbabwe trillionaires evolutionary peak of all life to ever exist.

baltimurder has been a nigger infested shithole for years now, conservative whites don't exist there.


I hope you're not referring to Republicans.

When was he banned? Got a timestamp on that?

No, Bodymore has quite a few cowardly, weak, niggerball worshiping boomer conservatives. There are, however, very few members of the true right wing.

Fresh from h*lfchan, eh?

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Dem yoofs need ta be invested in.

keep trying.

Think you're disappointed now? Imagine how you're gonna feel when we hang you for letting it get this bad, kikeslave.

No, i mean it in the literal sense of the word. Whites that wish to conserve white culture and tradition. In hindsight I should have made it clearer from the get go.

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Clown World

1k whites marched peacefully with tiki torches - 2years in the news daily

1k niggers randomly beat citizens - 1day in the news

It was never in the news. Everyone I talk to doesn't even know it happened and one guy called me a racist for "making it up"

Tbh I think the soys starting to get to all the niggers,

Really low energy.

depends what you mean by "the" news. 2MAR that OP posted looks like a local station in Baltimore, obviously they would cover it locally. But as for state, national or international? SHUCKS

there's a reason they never had any representational forms of gov't, they live like animals

Do democrats destroy cities or do destroyed cities vote democrat?




Lincoln freed them though.

Part and parcel, I feel very lucky not living in the fucking shithole called United stated

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That just implies that you're subservient to us.

fuck off boomer

Americans aren't just old people, brah.

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Holy fucking clown world, batman. Did this nigger just speak the truth?

Here is the video the police released.

The memes literally write themselves.

Can you feel it, lads?! Are you getting butterflies in your tum tum yet? It's coming. Won't be long now!
Stay sharp, lads.

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Firearms can prevent this.

Only in Southern states that he had no control of and only ad a way to keep France and England from entering the war

daily reminder Booth did more to harm the South than Lincoln

what the fuck is going on

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My transgender turkish stepmother keeps cockblocking the resurgence of the white man.


I'm retarded and don't know embed syntax

Dimduz muffinz

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wow they only arrested 6 out of that
"We need mo money for dem programs" immediately from a nigger on the microphone

2 mins on local news more like it

When mobs of violent feral niggers are a 'minor issue' compared to all the other issues your city is facing. Nice.

it's warm out now at both day and night time and instead of tending a garden or going to see a movie, niggers are violently rampaging because it's baltimore and it gets cold for part of the year and they've been cooped up in their crack dens and trap houses for too long


all niggers.
Ooga booga


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I can't read english well since I'm a bad Russian, but here's what I saw on the video. A crowd of raging macaques leads to confusion police. They hit mostly their own kind. And once or twice white passers-by. Especially that guy with the leg. He kicked a clearly white boy in the face and it was approved by the other chimpanzees, which is why the color on this moment of recording is removed. I think this is a new monkey strategy for harming white people. How it works? When you run in a crowd, in an unexpected place, all of you can not be stopped. You inflict a lot of damage and a big part of you doesn't bear for it no guilt. It is important to understand that for such methods these animals use means of communication, messengers and other means available to them, such as smells, signal lights, special cries for coordination of their actions. If they are deprived of these methods of communication, it is possible to stop this demoniac herd of wild gibbons in advance.

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notice how not a single one of these people blamed the parents, well lets be real parent

My grandma told me Niggers are wild people. Train a monkey it still will bite you.

Dude, they are niggers, get real, their parents are in jail for rape, murder, or theft.
Fucking niggers.

They are chimpanzees (80% chimpanzee alleles/only 20% human alleles) but close enough.
Afraid the only thing that will help us Russian brother is ETHNOGLOBE.
See the chimpanzee humanoids on the DNA map?
Neither do I.

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It's funny because the solution is always "we need more money", it's never we need "solutions".

Point taken here have a Lain

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come on, you know that is why the jews are like they are as well…'money' fixes subhuman incompetence and low IQ…not really, eh

If a pack of nuggets come running at me, and I pull out either a knife or pistol and say "back off or I will defend myself"…. would I get in trouble for culling them?

This depends on how many of them you can kill in a mob.

Not by me.
Their kike brothers might object though.

Well the main point I was making is that the masses are incapable of coming up with solutions to these problems. It's also why the happening is inevitable. We're no longer capable of solving problems. We have hit a point in evolution where our civilization's problems have exceeded the masses ability to solve them.

Humanity is fucked.

So you are one of the Anime jack off kids.
How are you doing tonight?

It's already been proven white people are genetically superior. Black people are INSANE.

Baltimore mayor wants you to settle volience boxing gloves instead of gun violence

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Well, if niggers chimp out, what are you going to do about it?

Nothing is fucked, dude. Violence is Humanity.

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Those who say money fixes these problems are Marxists. Marxists believe in a doctrine called economic determinism. This is the idea that economics dictates history, social development, ones place in life, etc.

It is of course completely untrue and the blood is the true determining factor above all else. Genetic determinism as originally preached by the philosopher Herbert Spencer is the truth. Herbert Spencer it should be noted is quoted by William Walker Atkinson in The Kybalion.

I recommend to read the whole section on his political views but here is an excerpt to show how based this man is:

Sounds great! But we must remember - Putin is not the Savior of the white race.

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Shortly after he made With Open Gates.

yeah let's give these niggers combat training so they can be more effective at the knock out game

and he didn't come back? what a spineless cuck fag


and it will be paid by taxpayer money.

Daily Reminder: Pull the trigger on every nigger.