Free Speech Triumphs in the Netherlands

BDS will not banned in the Netherlands.

Jerusalem post describes it as a "Blow to Israel"

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Thanks for explaining what BDS means.

what is it?

US invasion in 3. 2. 1

In a huge blow to jews, non-jews won't let jews steal, suck their blood, or eat their foreskins


Boycott, divest, and sanctions, basically a movement to stop countries from using products made in Israel. BDS is basically illegal in a lot of places in the US.

Unironic good news, for once. If only we had that here in at least ONE state. Instead, we got based Texas and Florida banning BDS as an attack on (((our values®))).

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BDS is this except replace Germany with Israel.

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BDS is "boycott, divestment, and sanctions." It's the same trick the kikes used to strangle Rhodesia and South Africa. It's a good trick, and it will certainly turn the Jews back into a hated minority in their country, just like the whites in Africa. Not surprisingly, the heebs have responded to the reasonable request not to trade with murderers into a big antisemitic pogrom being organized by evil white Jew-haters. Which is true, of course, but that doesn't mean there's anything wrong with it.

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Trump will soon send i little bit of democracy here.

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Also, this story is from 2016, faggot OP. Why slide?

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How much were they paid to pose with those ridiculous outfits?

How would they ever enforce it?
"Eat your fucking Hummus…gorge on it or you are not BDS?"
What if you don't like Hummus?

WTF is wrong with you?

It's a news story from June 3, 2019.

There's a date on it.

While it's more than okay to hate jews,, BDS isn't anti-semitic. Lot's of liberal types involved in it for human rights type stuff.

You don't have to be a National Socialist to take issue with Zionism.

and if you cannot support BDS without showing your power level, please stay home.

Israel's only defense right now is cry "anti-semite" and try to ban criticism of them as hate speech. Don't help them.

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They're boomers. No one needs to pay them. They would gladly sale out their children and grandkids to pissrael

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I am still struggling with my revulsion over the fact that most 'calamari' served in restaurants today is the sphincter of the pig's anus, you know the wrinkly bit?
Something about these foreskins seems off.

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the push for israel to meet its peace with their crimes against goyim worldwide

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I know, the only israeli product I used to buy were Amana tools (router bits etc.) so I just switched over to Freud and a few other niche manufacturers.

that's not true, but anyone buying calamari in pubs needs to rethink their priorities

>In the end, Calboun was unable to find anyone who would admit to any knowledge of pork rectum being passed off as calamari, but many people in the restaurant industry told him, essentially, anything's possible.
If you read between the lines you know about all the unscrupulous practices in restaurants. For example, when I was a young teen I accidently dropped a gallon container of mustard onto the filthy floor in the back of the place I worked (it slipped out of my wet hands). The manager made me scrape up the mustard off the floor and put it back into the gallon container to be used as thought it was 'fine' (he was a shitskin and it came down to 'do it or be fired' since most of our clientele were White, what did he care who got sick from it). Do you think you would find a restaurant manager who would admit to THAT or to using meat glue to 'glue trash meat scraps together' to make a steak…yet both things are done, the meat glue is done routinely.

Did you think that the 'clean food' scene in Fight Club was ironic? :)

Reminder, in the United States of Freedom:


Bondage/Discipline/Sadism ingorant fool. Get with it, start racemixing like the coolkids.

I worked in that industry too, and you're not wrong. I just find it hard to believe the FDA would let such flagrant mislabeling to occur on a large scale

Think about the GMO industry and then consider the FDA's power.

Or lack of power.

Are these zionist agents trying to derail a thread?

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If you cared your comment would have been about the thread.

Netherlands, no!

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Kek. When boomers take a stand.

Sorry, wasn't trying to derail. On topic: BDS is illegal in my country, unfortunately my countrymen are far too asleep to ask why that would be

That image should have the foundation of Israel added. Does BDS even speak about it? Israel is build on so much (european) blood and continues to shed more and more even today, thanks to mutts going there and fighting the kikes war.
God Bless America