The Chinese Colonization of Australia Intensifies


3 Chinese warships unexpectedly enter Sydney harbour.

If you wanted to know just how much the left in Australia is working with China to destroy Australia, and just how much China is taking over Australia, read on!

The Australian government retained its power in the recent election, BTFOing China's preferred party (Labour) which was expected to win a landslide majority government.

How did they react?

The Chinese warships sailed into Sydney harbour. In case you don't know, Sydney is Australia's capital city. So, this is fucking huge. Basically, they're threatening Australia to cuck completely to their will by committing an act of war.

This is current-year life in this shithole country and in all Western countries: the left neuters the military then sends invaders in and lets them colonize the country while calling you a racist Nazi for opposing their insanity. And do you know what the government will do? Nothing. In fact, our cuckservative PM declared that the event was planned. Obviously, that was a lie and one that makes no sense. Did he really use his power to get China to send warships to Australia to scare us for no reason? No, he is just a cuckold with absurd lies.

I've fucking had it. Seriously. Both left and right (actually pro-capitalism left) have no interest in defending any nation. And the oligarchs work overtime to dismantle any real rightwing group which they label as Nazis. They all want us dead.

Fuck you. Heil Tarrant. I can't wait to kill all of you and smash your children's heads open on the pavement, you fucking traitorous scum.

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Australia has been sold to china. I had a minor involvement in the deal, though my cut was only a fraction of the total profit.
In reality, the average australian won't notice any difference while under chinese rule. The official language will still be 'english' for the next 5-10 years while you learn chinese, and apart from that the only difference that might be met with mixed reception is that all european blooded australians will be chemically sterilised, but may continue to live out the remainder of their lives working for the chinese government.
Any children under 16 will be taken to reconditioning camps where the males will be castrated and used as interpreters, and the females will be used to create human-insect hybrids to allow for organ harvesting.

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Nice larp.

They would never hire such a shitty LARPer.

Tot ziens, mijn faggot.

Says the government knew. They don't ask you, remember?

It's literally nothing.

Are you the same autistic brainless faggots that post black and white pictures of fish skeletons for every single fucking reply.

There's nothing to indicate he was telling the truth? Why would they even do that? It makes no sense. We have nothing to do with China's navy. You're a brainlet if you buy that excuse.

Obviously not beccause none of my replies have memes attached, you fucking brainlet.

The Canadians grew a backbone so now they're going after our shitposters! We're with you, cunts.

Apart from you are a fucking stupid cunt and deserve to be stabbed to death in the throat.

Labour and liberal parties have long had deals with the chinese communist party. It's a matter of time before our country is majority owned by chinks, bought out with their monopoly money and used to oppress and genocide the whites living here.
Remember that asians aren't your friends, they are just as much our enemy as any other non-white
We have to hang all of our traitorous politicians and corporate fatcats who are selling our nation from under us. To any aussies who haven't done so already, read the turner diaries and hunter by William Luther Pierce. There's an audiobook available on jewtube and Visualise yourself going through the motions of resistance. One day we will slaughter the chinklets and send them back from whence they came.

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This the faggot who can't write a legible sentence. What now, cocksucker?

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This is hugely fucking embarassing for Australia

Seems true to me. Sperm counts are already down 50%. Can’t say I blame the politicians. After being call evil and racist 6 million times by whites I say fuck white people. Go extinct, the world won’t even notice nor care

Trump won't do jack…Kissinger sold you out long ago

Fuck sake. I am an American and even I know that a dumbass American made this post.

HA! Those queers have too much residual British culture to have one.

Leaves the impression of godless Chankoro dog rudeness.

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God, I fucking hate Chinks. This is the problem with China, they hate whites. They have no solidarity with whites at all, they're only interested in obtaining Chinese supremacy from whites and push onto the world their filthy Chink agenda.
They're not nationalists in the same vain we are, the Chinese have hijacked nationalism and made it party loyalty. In no fucking country do they make their army read Das Kapital.
It's such a shit show.

They're commie what do you expect.

Nah you hate China because deep down you know that no country on this planet can defeat them without the use of nukes. That fact alone makes you hate them; a classic example of the weaker Man envying the Alpha. Sure the US has it's powerful, expensive toys, but would get crushed in a true war against China.

Not really. We have no evidence of the Yellow man demonstrating a capability of waging war on the other side of the world. They'd get absolutely BTFO by even Russia, let alone the United States.

I do welcome the war with them though. Chinese are annoying, and need to be put in their place.

It's possible to see a Russia-China war over Siberia's vast, untapped resources someday.

< unexpectedly

Fuck off you larping nigger shill.
The Australian navy literally attended their naval parade with ships a month ago and been making crossvisits and joining each others naval games for years.

This thread has been brought to you be National Endownment of Democracy (formarly called Central Intelligence Agency).

Allen Weinstein, who helped draft the legislation establishing NED, declared in 1991: "A lot of what we do today was done covertly 25 years ago by the CIA."
Trojan Horse: The National Endowment for Democracy – William Blum

The National Endowment for Democracy (NED) is headed by Carl Gershman. In 1968, he worked in
the research department of B'nai B'rith, and in 1972 he served on the Governing Council of the
American Jewish Committee.

Heil Tarrant. Heil CHINA.

Go be a faggot elsewhere.

China is trying to counter the fact that we made a deal with Australia before the 20% went into effect. Australia has a comparable supply of rare-earth minerals.

This is one of those really rare moments when Trump/News actually synchronize. Simply put, the kike penis will now glide into the impoverished anuses of millions.

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Hi NED. How's the weather in DC?

Australians won't be sterilized. They will be mixed into the Asian gene pool within 2 generations.

Sounds like a better than having a US military bass in your country honestly

Why should they have solidarity with whites? We are self-destructing, and their women are luring our men into their race. The only reason for them to have a bit of measured restraint is in case we man the fuck up and kick out the kikes and racemixers. If we go full 1488 then China could face a serious threat if they overextend their push.

Boomer-tier thinking. Enjoy your genetics being flushed down the toilet.

lol that is the dumbest adhom I have read all week. Boomers are the ones with that gay support the troops ribbon bumper sticker

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Its the one they fly over in Beyond Thunderdome.

There is significant counter-evidence to their capability in a few copypastas on their extensive history of losses in war predicaments. They defer to zerg rushing a lot, and then suffer major losses. They have submitted a lot in the past. Their mongrel biology is primarily composed of the proceeds of battle loss. On a historical trajectory, they are sad and fake. Also, every thousand years or so, they have to go around covering up the superior foreign origins of anything useful the Occident had to give them so they wouldn't just succumb to nature and die. Japs, Tibetans and Koreans have a clue, but the chankoro have long been well rekt.

And whites haven't?

What I mean by a lot, is every time.

Heavily disguised golem tarrant thread. Hide.

Thanks for letting as all know!

Calm down, they probably had permission to dock.

Yeah, I don't care because I don't live there.
But it does make sense that if you live there, you'll feel pretty hurt as a nationalist.
At first it was such good news. Maybe a traitor was murdered.

The problem is indeed in China, Africa and India.
And then there are the cultural, cultural and national problems.
And then there is the climate problem and the ecological problem.

China has already become the new world power and could conquer the whole world.
Of course they will take Australia.Australia is just a pussy country.have fun in the Australian desert.

Being a nationalist has nothing to do with not wanting foreign military ships to dock. There is no real reason to refuse them, unless people seriously think they might use it as a ploy to attack and invade Sydney. In which case I question your sanity.

Wouldn't the responsible course of action be to announce the visiting Chinee military entourage in the Australian media; so that after the fact excuses wouldn't look like after the fact excuses? Can't tell who is ruder; kike media, cuckold leadership or chankoro dogs.

China has long since become the new world power.they can take the whole world.they have the biggest and best world in the world.they have also long been the most powerful country in the a race it is well united as a strong unity.there are no internal conflicts and there is no division either.
Why are you still acting weird as if China hasn't become the most powerful country in the world?
Of course they're after world power. And they will. it's absolutely not surprising.they're the most powerful country in the world.ha ha ha they'll be able to conquer your country easily.
Ha ha your fucking land.accept that that land is the's the New world power.

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At brices like that, who can resist?

How are they able to do this if 100% of white women are superior to 100% of Asian men in the eyes of 100$ of white men?

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80% of women are fucking 20% of men. This leaves the other 80% of white men without great prospects unless they want to beta bux a used up slut. But since white men are higher than asian men on the racial hierarchy, they have easy access to pussy by dating down and settling for an asian woman. Since the asian woman is dating out of her league, she will tend to act more submissive and give him less shit (at least in the honeymoon phase). Meanwhile, asian men are relatively content either going gay or becoming lifelong incels, at least until they get bored of porn and other drugs and rope themselves.

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Whites are already legally the untouchable cast of the west with jews running the show. There is literally no way it could get worse, only better

Meanwhile you're getting cucked by your own women. But you might get lucky and an asian woman will marry you after she's taken miles of white cock from Tinder. But is that really a great scenario for either of us?

Prove it.

Here's a more graphic one.

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You cunts will believe anything.

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Yes things can get a lot worse. Look at Latin America to see what happens when you follow the path of mixing to its logical extremes. If you want to include asians in the equation look at Peru, where they heavily mix with asians as well. If you want to see the future, just look at the past -> present of South America. Things are so bad they cannot even rule themselves, and have to outsource technocratic leadership to the nips. When you mix, you lose your sense of identity and become susceptible to further mixing. After all if you have no solid heritage, what's a little more adulteration? Suddenly civilization is outside of your grasp forever, as your genetics can no longer sustain a large upper band of IQ and you're doomed to the doldrums of regression to the mean.

Very Very Important But Bad News Agents and Stans. If your name is A Super hard name to pronounce or Missing a G, Listen Loud and Clear.

Religious Folks are being Slayed Everywhere Now by the Sword of the HOLY-SPIRIT. My Friend told me this AM, "IT IS MAJOR PANIC and DESTRUCTION for X5 EVERYWHERE" near her!

She Said It's apparent and Obvious that JESUS-CHRIST will win and will win soon. Its Happening and I myself am Scared Shitless.

So, all Fellow Friends of Isaac, you must Immediately either Run and Hide in the Forest or Concrete asap OR start messaging everywhere online in social media, 'praise JESUS-CHRIST forever' to have Any Chance of not being brutally defeated forever as well.

Hurry and Spread the word Now. THIS IS URGENT!!!!! No One should suffer and die like I'm hearing.

Don't forget the cunts were trying to blind pilots in the sea they are trying to steal from other asian countries with lasers. Their entire fishing fleet is basically part of their navy and acts accordingly.

To be fair they do think they are the center of the world.

kek, they're both in foreign pockets

OMg Heebs, say the name of JESUS and save your selves!


Definitely the center of faggotry.

Remainder that jews ruling Australia started killing wild cats recently with intention to boost rat population and spread disease Los Angeles style


3 ships visiting a harbour is one thing but when Bush and Cheney came to oz they literally shut down Sydney CDB for 4 days, its not even the capital city, we had our city closed down and blackhawks flying overhead for bush to ride over the bridge without traffic.

It still boggles my mind why they shut down a city for that cunt.

Fucking hell tho china has some boats in the harbour.

But if a Russian ship sails in international waters past England, we hear about it for days.

Japs did it easily. Only reason they didn't do it hundreds of years ago was one based korean, china was really going to get ass fucked then, but Zig Forumstier korean just fucking savage as fucked that plan up. Brits came by a while later and fucking rape faced the entire chink nation with like three boats and some stoners. Mongols when they got bored being injun's simply came down to take what they wanted whenever the fuck they wanted while chinks got not one say in the matter. If I recall right, few mongols even made themselves emperor a time or two for shits and giggles. Then there is the more modern actions of china, invading a bunch of subtier asian nigger nations and getting their asses handed to them. Hell, they invaded vietnam right after it kicked out the US and got its ass fucking handed to it like an 80 year old grandma trying to box an heavy weight world champion, and then claiming victory after like what a year?

Don't even get me started on your most recent military spat with the hindu's up on a mountain pass. Yall fucker soldiers were tossing rocks like a damned palestinian kid. Your military is nothing but cheap plastic knock offs of superior russian waifu funs. If you keep getting uppity the US might just tell the japs to rearm again and finish you ants off…. just so we get some wicked gundam's out of the deal… with requisite anime girl pin-up's as nose art. Maybe sidekick holograms to take it up a notch. japs fuck yea.(watch out for based solo mode korean guy tho)

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Come on, fam.
I have no sympathies for the chinks but you just went full retard now.

ching chongs doesn't hate whiteys they just hate US gov

You can't be serious. The chinese had technological superiority against every single foe they ever faced, with the notable exception of europeans. They still lost each and every conflict since the dawn of fucking time.

They're the french of asia.

The French won most of the military conflicts they have had…

Remember Trump's tweet saying Australia is Afrimerica's greatest ally? It's because Australian good goys promised to aim nukes at China. You deserve extinction for siding with Trump and his jewish handlers. You. Fuckin. Deserve. Extinction. Like. All. Bitches.

Good to know, ZOGbots are banking on falsehood.

China is the Fascist Ethnostate that a lot of us want. Luckily their fucking bugs, so they're not as big of a threat as a white ethnostate would pose as an enemy. The only thing I don't like about the Chink system is the insane Surveillance State of modern times.

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haha aussie fgt pussies the abbos wouldn't put up with that shit, cucks

Go sink those warships, bitches. Trump has plenty of niggers ready to fuck your women while you die fighting to bring 5g phones to jews.

I hear Australian women love guys who are always deployed until they lose limbs. Free yoga classes are on the table. Don't miss this great opportunity. Art of the deal.

Sydney isn't our capital you fuckwit it's Canberra. But yeah they already own the port of Darwin and huge swathes of our farming land. In Sydney they pay $200 a week to share a room with 6 other people. This bullshit isn't what we need to worry about it, it's the less obvious shit. Like owning our fucking ports and farmland.

nice try, jew.

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I don't have antipathy towards chinks as a race, but China after (((communist revolution))) is another thing.

We need to try and start a war with China asap, destroy their whole country. Practically unemployment will be impossible if a war starts and we can stop or destroy them, two birds on one stone.

Support war against China now

We need a war right now against China

What? I live in New Zealand and I firmly believe that my country alone could flatten yours. Chinks are historically shit at warfare, the one thing you lot have going for you is that you have nukes and we don't. Other than that there's no way you win. You try a ground assault and you'd get slaughtered.

It was a joke.

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Cats are an invasive species responsible for a fuckload of damage to native wildlife you actual brainlet, they're on a similar level to cane toads in terms of their impact, we're not a literal shithole like San Francisco or LA

It seems like a good thing if invasive species are kept under control and they can stabilise the ecology. Caring about the environment can be sensible and come natural to European people. It's a good long term thinking way of surviving.

Chinese behind migrant crisis as well.
Latin America, Africa…all places they buy up farmland. They throw out the young males who cause trouble, send them abroad. We in the west are stupid to be enablers.

China's not fascist retard.

Of course people in a single country would have more solidarity and common interest than a race of people, white people, who exist in different countries with conflicting interests, you fucking retard.

Lol what? You people are spineless. Ships are just ships. If their presence was a problem they would’ve sank; China is an unstable beggar-nation who nobody likes internationally anymore because their fascist psuedocapitalism is contributing too much to global warming. They’re your godawful far right utopia: the air unbreathable, the folk are slaves, the government is corrupt.

How is it legal to sell/lease land to another country.
That shouldn't be recognized by any country.
Citizens should be the only ones to own land in their country.

If burgerkike ships can enter everywhere except near israel lol uss liberty then why can't other world powers do the same?

I call bullshit on this story. Sorry, military vessels don't just "show up" at foreign ports.You can be well-damned assured that any Chinese warship that hits the seas is being tracked.

Fuck off lefty, you cunts lost. Go wash last nights cum from your mouth with a soy latte while watching your recording of the morning show. I'm enjoying a beer while pulling on the footy boots for an afternoon of sport and don't need your whining fucken arse shitting up my day. Cunt.

Dat was great. Ididin'T know Aussies made efforts on high quality memes like that.

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