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Here's some OC to get the jewces flowing (preferably, face-down in the Dead Sea…). I figured I'd compile all these blatant anti-white, pro-turbo-kike news headlines together into one giant, "antisemitic" infograph to overwhelm the average, cringe and bluepilled viewer via undeniable, information saturation until he turns into a militant, black-honk-down, 'temple-denialist' (and yes, (((they))) actually have introduced that term into their vast lexicon of obfuscating obscurantism [see, we can do it too!).

Had to compress it down to under 4MB so here's the original link:

Seethe, Schlomo; Get ready for the noose…

inb4 "ptpimg?! Invite to RED/PTP pls?"
sorry, fresh out of invites…

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Dropping some OC.

Most top politicians today are secretly of royal blood.

Prince Charles father Philip is also the father of the Denmark princess Mary, since his sisters were also all Denmark princesses. When Phillip visited Tasmania (Australia) he met with the vice head of the University of Tasmania, which is Princess Mary's mother. It was said that she met her future Prince Frederik at a bar during the Sydney Olympics. Ha! Nope.

Hillary, Mary, Charles has a son in Benjeroop Victoria Australia (Prince William was sent to meet him too during the floods of 2011), they are all kept secret.

Hillary's father is Edward who abdicated the throne. Her mother is a royal (you can tell by looking at her).

Now go look into the politicians of your country, and find some more!

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"Temple Denial" introduced at this year's ZPAC. kek

We're so fucked…

As Speaker of the ZOG, Nancy Pelosi said at IPAC:
"If this capital crumbled to the ground, the one thing that would remain is our commitment to our aid to Israel"

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More Pics

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Interesting. There was a guy on r/conspiracy of all places, posting pages of the most interesting shit about royalty, bloodlines, and so on every single day for months.

I know I saved some of them; gonna have to go dig them up now.

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And Charles Secret Son of Benjeroop Victoria Australia, Outed for the first time.

Now when you ask why the Clinton's were bullet proof.. They had royal backing.

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So Hillary is the daughter of the king that abdicated and supported hitler?

Good stuff from AltHype and CC.

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is he a bogon?


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that must give Zig Forums a slight question of loyalty…

Well last week they were shilling that Merkel was hitler's daughter too.

sage for bullshit.

Jews & Hip Hop

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Why was 2pac really killed?

More AltHype, refined for your reading pleasure!

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The Lobby – USA (Abridged 1-Hour)

Fresh redpill from Wakanda, model of the future.

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He wasn't. That west-side nigger is still alive and well, chillin' in New Zealand last I heard.


FUUUUUUUUUCK it doesn't show the stat.
80% Illiteracy rate.

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It's true, you fucking British faggot

considering how what young Prince Philip looked like him having only one illegitimate child seems unrealistic

Oh there are more out there. They don't all reach their full potential of course

Honestly I can see the issues with the hidden connections but there are worse things to be than a scion of that cantankerous old bugger, never been afraid to speak his mind..

All Hail Purple!

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More sketchy links:
PURPLE Zig Forums

Doxes!wmQnzbQD!jTVNJT0HRUKxKDtqsjw4gEkFgkupSr3gKBpTxvGnPFs!gJA3nBYI!DbKzqa4imkRvCuptroY4duDxhHaZo4r-avPX9bSg1NU!Bp0HVYzY!3Ah9utCcfzv09b6d2ApI9CadRyu5O67-yOU_zQ_lcI0!kRtFgabR!xrxCPoVmfboWRP-C41bsNloSSlYofRVCCfFlgDBDNA8!8mh2jZxJ!snAwa5ig5Ak5KlXE8RYbudUZJlCMOVhUWkTjsw4gbxI!MFIRwSqQ!t-L42FmJ7YvOF-1s3-ZW8bz61_CAevvti4Fj3Hl1_V8!gJA3nBYI!DbKzqa4imkRvCuptroY4duDxhHaZo4r-avPX9bSg1NU (Dox)

couple are memory holed

I look at the sad reality of the lives of the Rothschilds and other "elites" and try to reconcile that these idiots somehow run the world?

The AltHype article on nonwhites and their political beliefs was great.
Above are Yuri Bezmenov's slides on the subversion process. Fascinating stuff.

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My mistake, didn't mean to post multiples of the same slides.

I should also mention that the slides are from a lecture he did in 1989(?) in LA. Definitely watch it if any of you have a few hours.

the worst lesson is that you can't persuade them with facts without massive effort to break the control

A real potential blackpill

leftypol don't like him

You talk alot about the danish royalties yet provide nothing but old pictures of Hillary Clinton

What am i to make of this?

I present to you, Prince Philip's 4 sisters. Note they all held titles of 'Denmark'

Princess Margarita of Greece and 'Denmark'

Princess Theodora of Greece and 'Denmark'–1969)

Princess Cecilie of Greece and 'Denmark'

Princess Sophie of Greece and 'Denmark'

Now look at the photo of Princess Sophie

Then look at the Photo of Princess Mary and her husband. She just happened to be born to the woman who met Prince Philip a year before her birth. Mary's mother worked for the Tasmanian University which Prince Philip toured and met Mary's mother.

Now ill attempt to explain it to a fucking child so that you might understand.

- The royals spread their seed and hide them, only to marry them under the guise of 'mixing with the locals' and to get away from the conversation of incest.
- This also lets them have multiple children to multiple women of status/appearance/location etc. Then they can fund them and keep them secret and pick the best fruit to marry off. This is what Philip has done. His four sisters were all married into the Danish Royal Family because that is his line. So of course his Secret Daughter Princess Mary was also married off to the Danes, under the guise of being a 'local Australian woman who happened to meet the prince in a pub during the fucking Olympic games'
- The royals have way more wealth then they are recorded as (they lease half of Canadian land back to its people) and this affords them to continue their old customs without the threat of the people judging them.

You think Hillary Clinton, a fucking lawyer, and her idiot husband Bill, a coked up failed lawyer and bullshit artist politician have remained so fucking untouchable for so long?

You think the Danish Prince just happened to meet a woman in Australia in a Pub that resembles his Auntie?

You think that Australian woman, who's mother MET Prince Philip a year before she was born, just happened to follow into the Danish Royal Family just like Prince Philip's family traditionally has?

What do you make of THAT?

Also, bonus photo of Princess Mary look alike Duchess Kate

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What do you make of the theory princess Diana's real father was a goldsmith
or kate's mother was jewish

OP here, ironically enough, I actually purchased his DVD years before his talks exploded on youtube.
Given all his recent popularity, I decided to make an DVDRip, fixing the interlacing and shit like that. Unfortunately, there are no bonus features or anything but here it is for anyone interested:

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Yeah that's why they're called old money. Now what does this white noise have to do with overthrowing the kikes?

Buncha redpills on race

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Tupac was a fag. watch the first 40 sec of this vid. He attended Baltimore School for the Arts.

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Historical Hero: Simon de Montfort


HQ rip user, this will replace my JewTube rip. Even has subs! Much obliged.

8000x5798… really faggot?

They had a choice between life and death, and they chose death. So fucking what. Victory is ours if we are true.

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Interesting stuff. Had no idea about the earrings.
Fucking Jews, man…

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