User states that journos are planning to deplatform Crowder in a series of hitpieces

capped from:
Sounds very plausible as Carlos Maza is connected with MediaMatters. A lot of hitpieces are plagiarized from their rag. They're also getting the leftist youtubers to shill it too. The reason why they aren't acting is because Google is in the middle of an anti-Trust suit

Carlos Maza works for Ezra Klein of Vox, try something different shills.

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Implying we care about Crowder.


More info.

You're finally trying something original for once, I commend you.

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Good. This monster needs to be stopped. It's a crime that he's been allowed to go on this long unchecked.


There has been an uptick in negative Tim Pool threads on Halfchan over the past week that came out of nowhere. It certainly appears that he's next on the media hitlist.

Crowder is in a long line of controlled opposition shills. He works for the company glen beck is part of. Jew puppets fighting jew puppets.

someone said he was linked to (((rebel media))) in another thread

sorry meant Mark Levin




Evidence for pool?

Oh no, what a shame. What are his fans gonna do about it? Think they can achieve victory by waving signs instead of threatening and committing violence?

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he is on youtube
he hangs out with lauren coalburn irl
he never mentions the jq


Why would we care about that cuck all he does is lecture retard college kids about how gender works with click bait titles for views. The one time a semi intelligent person came on his gay "change my mind" series he couldn't handle it and resulted in ad hominems and getting emtotional. Sage.

Pointing out that Tim Pool is the next target for censorship is a neutral statement. It does not imply support or disagreement with his political beliefs. Why are you so triggered by neutral statements?

Exactly what happened to Ben Shapiro, when he went on BBC's Andrew Neil show.

crowder is a faggot

lord almighty how dense are you? alex jones was a "target of censorship" too, does that mean he isn't a kike shill? only two types of people give a shit about these conservative youtube niggers: boomers and 75 IQ magatards. both deserve to be gassed.

another fucking crowder thread? Fuck off with this cock chugging homo already

What is your plan to kill 40 million "maga" whites spread around the country, edgelord?

start with you then repeat 39,999,999 times

making clear that you don't like people you call "e-celebs" as a pejorative doesn't make you sound more credible to people here. it just lets us know you're an unthinking retard or a kike shill. pls kys.

kill yourself, kike shill.

Social influencer who was very useful because he would go into the schools and have an open discord with the children about political topics. Then he sold out for jew money and his topics became kosher programming.

how many organic crowder threads do we need? Should I make a few more?

The thread so full of buttblasted crowder haters. Why do you even hate him? It's a youtube channel that has more than million subscribers, its main focus is destroying libshits and cracking down their delusions. What seems to be the problem here if you're not an MSM shill shitposting here?

Crowder isn't gay he is bisexual

Where is Sven Computer, user?
Where is Not Gay Jarred, user?
Where is Arron the Intern, user?
What's up with those non disclosure agreements? Why is Steven married for seven years but childless?

What are you talking about schizo?

Do some research, nigga. Don't just be a dumb consumer that gets his impressions solely by what talmudvision puts in front of your eyes. There is always a hidden backstory, you just have to look for it.

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You know, I have met quite a few Journalists in my travels. I never had any issues with them really. They do seem to take themselves very seriously though.

He's a philosemitic zionist.

I know I should tell you to go somewhere , but I'm not sure where someone like you actually belongs.

we don't listen to them, you kike retard
we use their fall from grace in kike media to prove media collusion and help dismantle the global agenda
go fuck yourself with a cactus

Crowder is an obvious homosexual. just watch an episode of his show. If you can't see that then you're probably gay too, you just haven't realized it yet.

Yeah, ok. He doesn't even know what wikileaks is.

Excellent questions. Gold star for you,

KYS Kike shill


Literally who.

no u


hey rabbi, whatcha doin?


Archived for posterity.

The press is the enemy of the people.

Uh, Crowder is a filthy kike.
Shut the fuck up faggot.

That includes the "right-wing' press, especially Fox, and Glenn Beck and Mark Levin's, The Blaze, both of which the person in the screenshot praised. There is no "good" arm of the jewish media in the same way there is no "good" jew-party.

Any explanation of our struggle that comes down to anything other than jews vs gentiles is false.

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So i do believe we should do what we can do help Crowder as he was a great stepping stone for my leadpilling with his proud anti-fag opinion, however that does not mean he's not a cuckservative who personally despises "nazis" and mocks Hitler regularly.

We don't need to help them, we just need to observe/document their tactics so that we can thwart them in the future.

Hating fags isn't enough to make someone not an enemy when the rest of their message is about protecting and supporting the major group behind the promotion of sodomy.

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And if you need someone like Crowder to tell you that faggotry is bad, then there's probably something wrong with you.


You already have a slide for your eceleb bullshit moshe.



Anybody who seeks this much attention was clearly fucked in the arse as a tot. See Colbert and both Jimmys.

Oy vey, what is this cringe e-celeb crap on my \POL\?
Don't you goyim know that Crowder is a filthy "cuckstervative" as my fellow NatSoc people say?
You goyim should stop worrying about homo Vox journalists sending their corporate dogs against their enemies, only lame and cringe people like (((Crowder))) would pay this any mind, so be a goog goy and just go back to planning your mosque shootings, remember that muslims are the real enemies of the goyim.


Don't pretend to hate jews while defending someone like him.

Crowder would agree with that, especially the Palestinians, Iran, and Syria.

Hi Crowder, you're a kike e-celeb and not welcome here.





you can go back to reddit any time though


Good and interresting read.
And fuck the shills and wacko tards trolling ITT

no u

lol you think you know whats going on? you dont. exactly none of this shit is real. all eceleb controversy is manufactured to either scare up shekels or bamboozle the goyim. the only way to win is to not play their game. any person who was legitimately not controlled-op would NOT BE GIVEN A PLATFORM ON JEWTUBE. its really not hard to understand.

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Owen Benjamin just turned against Crowder this week.

hi owen benjamin cult follower

this is mildly interesting. Thank you for bringing this to my attention, user-kun.

unsure weather to defend crowder or not.
I have common ground with his statements about trans and that garbage, but he is a zionist.

they Germans were the good guys after all. Wow.


this supersedes everything else

you're the bot, bot.

It's almost likeā€¦ you are trying to "shut it down"

asha logos is on youtube


The thread filled with documentation of the Wiemar Republic was killed so that you could talk about the latest conservacuck e-celeb drama. Go back to cuckchan you fucking faggot.

This is what happens when cuckchan faggots don't lurk a minimum of two years.

I prefer /shillpol/

Whoa, anything but muh liberalist e-celebs. How are we supposed to own the SJWs without our cringe shilled e-whoring tshirts? Absolutely riveting, this is the cause of our time.

This thread is actually trash. You are all fags.

crowder getting deplatformed is a good thing, it will push him more right. even that faggot milo posts about jews every now and then and he never did that before he was deplatformed

Jews are going to knock down the dominoes they setup.
No one gives a shit.

Crowder is part of the buffer zone, like Perterber, Shatpiro, they keep people away from going full redpilled. They wont take him down.

Just like when Jonestein was taken down, this is the start of a major crackdown, primarily on content that names the jew, but Crowder is the kosher "victim" who gets all the attention, while everything else happens in the shadows.

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Now that the real purge has started, do you myopic niggers finally understand how this shit works?

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Fuck off.

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that's a boy

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Imagine being this obsessed with someone you dislike.

Computerfag here. You realize the hashes and salts are useless unless you also post the algo, right? Oh wait, you're a fucking GITD shill here to waste time and effort.

Crowder doesn't name the Jew.

I just unfollowed Crowder.

That "far right" is for the stupid.

Support real deal.

Crowder is an idiot. But he's being attacked by a spic faggot soyboi. I spit on both of them.