FBI agent uses Discord to bust nazis


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Bust that Tarrant nut


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Really ought to bantz the Feds and juros more. Set up just enough to get these chucklefucks to get excited, then leave them totally blueballed.

Total waste their time and budgets on investigating nothing.

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FBI busted NAZIS, so ZOG plays make believe law enforcement against jewish propaganda on taxpayers dime. What a nifty little racket, and it even produces endless deceptive fear propaganda for the masses.

By drawing a swastika? LOL! This only helps the jew. If you're going to do something illegal like vandalizing then at least be smart and avoid the hate charge by simply dropping a redpill: "USS LIBERTY" or "THE CULTURE OF CRITIQUE"

Or not. They'll change the graves of unsolved crimes to put it on you and get a bonus for solving the cold case.

how is this not entrapment?

Seriously who the fuck are these people? Are we back to untermensch useful idiots?

I think he's really brave and cool to use graffiti to convey his political thoughts in a non-violent way. It's really dumb and wasteful of the FBI to spend their time investigating petty vandalism instead of catching murderers and terrorists. Good job showing how Jewish people don't have undue influence of the system by using a flamethrower to swat a fly.

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The right support law enforcement. This is straight up their alley.

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If your opinion doesn't agree with TV it's fake news

Stormtards helping the Jews again

This isn't twitter. The "Story" also reeks of fake.

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