Israeli tourists need to be banned

Grillanon here, I don’t want to make a blog post so I’m sorry about this. But I came back home and on my way, a bunch of Israelis bullied me while I was walking alone done the street.
I didn’t want to make this post, but it’s unfair, I hate them, I hate being looked down upon by a bunch of filthy kikes. I couldn’t help it but start crying on the street and I don’t know, I just don’t.
Why are they acting that way? Why can’t they be human? Why can’t they act like normal tourists?

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Omg hun you feel better now?
The real question is why didn’t you tell them the third temple is going to burn aswell?
Fuck your b8 fuck your thread fuck your blog fuck your shit



No, stop, please relate with me. They hate me because I'm a woman. Where my white knights at?

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Why can't the children of Satan be human? Show us your tits or fuck off.

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jews jewing, op op-ing

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show boobs, whore

yes all jews should be killed, you are relatively intelligent for a vagina

Tits (or feet if you have nice ones) or GTFO you know the rules.
Anyway you know why.

Feet? You are a weird dude.

and this is slide thread.

Hey nothing wrong NICE feet, most people have nasty ones though which is why tits are better.

The kikes will die.

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Fuck off roastie

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Boobs, quickly

What the actual fuck, lol? I thought this was supposed to be natsoc party or something, lmao, not a bunch of incels who've never even been touched by a woman.
I swear, you virgin incels seem just as worse as the Jews, if not worse. I bet a lot of you aren't even white and you're NEETs and are probably gay and that's why you're trying to harass me, creeps.
You know, you won't draw people to your movement with this attitude, shitheads. But I don't know what I should've expected from a bunch of incels!


Whore, where was your husband?

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Somehow I doubt repeatedly calling them incels (outside of the fact that it is incorrect as most of them have been touched by women too often and are not chaste and pure for marriage) is going to help your cause here. Zig Forums is not a natsoc board it is the second lowest pit of Hell and it is populated with all of the subhuman, kike and nigger garbage you would expect when you are dealing with the second lowest pit of Hell. The sole purpose of Zig Forums is ground zero for White Genocide…[not sure what you were expecting] along with a handful of the people of God (meaning they are fashioned from the very material essence of God)

Perfect example of femposting.

Okay, tits or GTFO, thot.

Lmao, tits or gtfo, you stupid whore.

Did they even find Anne Frank's macbook?

Talk to other women for sympathy somewhere else, grillanon. Talk to Zig Forums men anons for showing your biological features. This is a man's world. Show ass, boobs, or feet, or leave. Don't waste our time.

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What did you expect when you came here with your tumblr-tier blog post? This isn't the place to come for validation and sympathy, go find an honourable natsoc in your neighbourhood and cry to him after you've sucked his dick.

Is it Perky nips or is it Puffy?


Something wrong with this post.

and then you wonder why they are no women in the national socialist movement.

Israeli terrorists will laugh as your people die… like on 911

I am guessing but I think 50% of Zig Forums is female. The larger problem on a board like Zig Forums is that most of the users think things like 'trannies or faggots' are cool and they don't realize that what they are identifying as NatSoc is actually Bolshevism and has nothing to do with family values or Germanic ideologies at all. Trannies would be dragged into a public square and shot in the head as a jewish abomination in REAL National Socialism. the rest of the people on Zig Forums who claim 'NatSoc' are just muslim fucktards who see it as an inroads for the conquest of European society. They haven't a fucking CLUE about what it means and simply pave over the whole concept with muslim laws and call it natsoc when it is nothing of the sort.

All right, I decided that I will personally respond to every single one of you incels!

Because I'm not confrontational, I didn't have my boyfriend around to ask him to beat them and protect my honor.

Enjoy watching man porn for the rest of your life.

I'm smarter than you, I bet! I'm attending a great university and plan to work in a stem field. Enjoy your 9-5 flipping burgers and sucking dick. You're not even a real man!

You all need to fucking get laid and get your shit back together.

I live in Poland. I don't even like blacks and fyi, since you're most likely an american virgin, one of the "last ones", hahaha, I bet your ancestors are blacks! SMH.

My boyfriend was at work, but I'll let you know he's a Polish Bull and if he heard the way half of you halfwitts spoke, he's probably grab and beat the living crap out of you all!
Most of you aren't even white I bet!

Keep coping with the fact that you'll never be with a woman. And touching your fleshlight/ anime pussi doll doesn't count as being with a woman. Haha, you wouldn't be speaking that way if you actually were with a woman, I wager. Keep being watching porn and see what happens.
This board smells of virgin filth, haha, and I'll let you know this is what a real woman is like, not those fatties you're used to. I'm fucking top tier and I will be treated better from now on. While I'm on this board, I shall be respected and treated like the great woman I am! Or else', you'll remain an incel virgin forever.

Post bank accounts first.

No, I want men to show me sympathy, not some damn backstabbing bitches, I don't even like other women because I'm not like other women. I'm better, I know how to cook, I take care of myself, I deserve better!

I expected some well educated young men, but I was wrong.

This is some reddit-tier shit right here, complete with the female freakout when she didn't get the attention and validation she craved.

I never realized this kind of bait works so well on the Zig ForumsGBT community.
I've never actually talked to a girl before, I grew up in a community with lots of qt3.14 traps.
Do girls really have a VAGINA????

Well "show boobs or puss of fuck off"Is chan culture its retarded but it works..not really tbh


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Kim killed one and sent his dead body to Trump as an election day present. Remember not to fight Kim when Trump gives the kosher orders.

stfu and post bobs and vagene you whore

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This is the worst attempt at bait by a low IQ youngster I've ever seen. A low IQ idiot who got a half decent education which is why he seems to be fooling a few idiots on here. This is not a girl, definitely not a polish girl, talks like an american who can structure words, but comes across s young, naive, and arguies like a child

Yeah, well, fuck you too!


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nice LARP 4/10

so many anons bumping this obvious kike slide thread/neckbeard larp. been seeing a bunch of cuckchan faggotry lately. i should have started looking for a new bunker a long time ago. it's all so tiresome.

If moderation does not care about jewish shills or posting quality, all boards will turn into cuckchan.

Thank you GOD that I will never 'be with a woman'. I would have to kill myself as degenerate if that was the case.