First transgender school in Chile, Freemason symbolism everywhere

BBC shows off the First transgender school in the world opening in Chile.
School is only for transgender and their close family or friends.
It's a whole school of androgynous, puberty-restrained, cross-dressing, hormone displaced zogbots.

It's a demon kike politician's wet-dream for white countries, pushed and normalized first in the poverty stricken, back-water 3rd world, soon to be established in your urban centers in 20 years.

Video speaks for itself. MAG may seem too far into the abyss, but he's great for learning the kike/illuminati/freemason language of symbolism that they communicate through everyday in newpapers, magazines, articles, news and movies. Great for lazy /fringe/ anons.

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Fits in perfect to facilitate this.

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Pedophilia is the reproduction strategy of gays.
You have to damage children sexually from a juvenile, vulnerable age to mess with their mind, sexuality and dopamine system. Then that same child goes out like a predator to vent out the damage done to them onto another minor, sexualizing the traumatic event. The gays in the video admit to it, preying after children when they became adults and even so when they were children. Like a predator, they throw away the groomed child when they are done violating it's innocence to turn to fresh prey. This is a core aspect of the rampant promiscuity within gay culture. The lust for novel, young, defenseless, innocent prey for them to warp, ruin, and discard.

We have this, but now government subsidized, universally hailed as holy of holiest in our news, cinema and public policy. Transgender schools should have surprised no one.

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DOTR soon I hope?
t. tranny

Masons are into traps, user. You should know this. They're all gay.

I'm just piling up the war stories for my grandkids when they ask about why the Great Cleansing happened. Remember all of this when the time comes to play competitive Minecraft.

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Today if you want. Find your local sex offenders, check off the faggots.

Fits in perfect to facilitate this.

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Poe's law, right…?

Traps aren't trannies they are drag queens

WTF happened to Chile? Oh right, the commies took control. Be a shame if someone were to burn it down…

Why would you censor the name of this child abuser? You should dox and revel it so we may report it

Welp, time to fire up those helicopters again.

That is true, but the Jews are also promoting heterosexual pedophilia as well.

You mean kill it? In Minecraft, of course, glowniggers.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention Shoahzabeth Shoahberg. Now we're just going to hide the mentally ill threads like we always do.

I've talked to many from South America lately. Indeed the feminist movement is strong there and out of control making the males go violent and insane. Of course they think males are just randomly crazy they don't blame it on the fucked up feminist movement at all.

Talked to some Chilean girl lately she said she found her own Chilean males to be disgusting fucks. Apparently due to them not using Western fashion clothing. So she fucked arabs instead which lived there and had better clothing. That's the state of Chile atm.

(((They))) have been working hard lately to fuck up Chile and South America with feminist crap like Transgender and Homosexuality. Not many countries left in the world which is degenerate completely. By (((Them))).

Homosexuality is the tool used by homosexuals to try and damage normal people. The jew only advances the whims of child abusers, not pedophiles, because it can sneak in homosexual child abuse through the back door; otherwise, being rabid feminists, they would forbid it.

Third world shitskin epicenters are fertile breeding grounds for the kind of degeneracy the kike aims to establish as normal in our nations. They already have a mongrel racial and linguistic identity, a predisposition to peasant pleasing socialism and the icing on the turd, copious amounts of food laced with hormones.

Reading that post puts me in the perspective of a woman, now I understand why they are so sickened by male sexuality.

After looking into the tranny situation, it would seem a lot of mother’s turn their sons into trannies because they wanted a daughter and they like the attention. Also Munchausen by proxy. Society makes it so damn easy for them too.

You can thank the Jesuits. Jesuit symbolism abounds in all of those South American and Central American countries as well. The Jesuits original mission being the facilitation of miscegenation between Indio-converts and Europeans.

Its not a coincidence in the 1970s that "Christians for Socialism" was started in Chile by over 80 priests. Gonzolo Arroyo is one of the main Jesuit priests running that scene.

Excuse me, how is a brick wall painted white masonic symbolism?

Let's hope nobody finds any swirls or triangles, or the board tards will really come out in force.

Chile? Do the poor beaners that live there feel like this is what they were missing all along?
Or is it just a low security country that clinton & co can snatch children from?

do u even know what a zogbot is

Either surf the Kali yuga or ride the tiger.

Anyone have a webm of this?
I need to have a copy of this…

The reflection in her glasses looks like a hellfire. Like when the monster is revealed when it stands in front of a mirror.
Fucking perfect…
You know who is in charge in that family…

I'm sure in the school they teach the kids how to react to "homophobic" people, too. Why does my quick reply box have a gold edge to it?

Do you realize this vid has aprox. 400mb in mp4 form? I would get a ~130mb webm from it. I don't think it would be very useful.

What the fuck?
The bricks in the background are in brewster's loft pattern, Brewsters has nothing to do with Freemason.
After that retarded comment I quit.
I not with Transgenders schools.
I am just saying the guy who made the video is a dumb ass nigger.
For fuck sake..

The previous government was socialist, headed by the current (((""executive director of bla bla un women""))), and set up a lot of shit policies. During the last days of her presidency, she said something like "(((they))) tell me what to think" to the news. The current president is of the center-right, a businessman, he ran in last election against a mentally ill guy that would have been even worse than the previous one.

In some ((("high class"))) ones, but in poorer schools professors have actively refused to teach gender trash.
It's possible that it's sneaking in through the religion class, but as i said, some schools refuse to teach feminazi shit.
The Helicopters must be started up again to remove all the (((jews and parasites, etc.))) forever!

You can webm a lighter version downloaded using youtube-dl.

Interesting. It's like the (stereotype?) of Russian women being dissatisfied with the men because they are alcoholic and die early because of it.
The spanish chileans speak is far more degenerate that all the other variants. Partying is common, specially between the youth. Highest marijuana usage in the youth. The rich earn 40 times what a poor person does. Many obese children (centralized on capital). Etc…
In other news, haitian niggers are invading because of that previous (((""president's""))) choices. We have like … well ~1 million by now?
This (((transgender school))) is disgusting and abhorrent.
We really need to bring Hitler back!
Chilean Internet will be monitored because of the troyan horse (((transpacific free trade))) agreement that was signed recently.

I almost forgot! The only country in the world where the water is privatized!

I already tried. I can get to a lower size, but it would fuck the quality up. It would be good to have a webm chemist in this thread, those guys that can manipulate it and make it better and better at each try. Let me see what I can do…

I just want to remind that this thread is pure shit, not want to devalue chillean Zig Forumsacks, but the 'happening'' is really at the german politician that got erased by headshot thread. feelsgood.jpg

Also this is old, it's from april 2018, from when (((she))) was still president.
That (((michelle bachelet))) is clearly a (((jew puppet))), or a (((kike herself))). A medium to large amount of the stuff wrong on chile and a big portion of the feminazi trash was started by (((her))).
(((She))) had her first education in the USA, with a rich family, studied in (((karl marx))) university (maybe for a little while, but still), is now the (((high commissioner of human rights in the un))) (sorry for saying executive, had a bit of an issue), and earns basically 20k dollars per month doing effectively nothing that amounts to something good. She even faked her doctor degree.


bump for awareness

Helicopters death squad when?

I can't wait to herd these sick cocksuckers into an oven

People don't realize that Pinochet was a CIA asset who was enforcing neoliberal policies on Chile on behalf of his Jewish masters only so it could turn into what it is today. "Leftism" is only one part of the false dichotomy.

I don't have the original, obviously.

this. pinochet and thatcher were kike puppets