Prophet has a new message for you

Luis Powell
Luis Powell

Beware! I was told that north and south korea will peacefully unite.

Also, here is something i did.

This morning, the old system that kept humanity trapped was broken. The world is now fluid again and things are unpredictable.

I did all that with the help of god.

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Adrian Morgan
Adrian Morgan

It is said of the midfielder, a lot of warriors, along with the mud nausea, as well as the Death River and many of its dogs sent the story of its conquests.
The male bait and the warrior at the same time.

Atlantis is in the southern and eastern mountains "reached the area of the midfielder in Lake Newman,"
It is called Bohyarovaon, they went to the town of 10,000 Alhiya Atlantis can find the futurist in this strode lake.

The most beautiful people of the Armed Forces rode, due to the Korsa, Noblemen of Atlantis.
Put the pointed heads into a red crown on the pulpit and "Kuroi" named crown and decorate with blue Tucks and gold and decorate the horizontal tree and buyer when falling in their thrust.
With the Lord he is the top class.

They followed Akoro's 2,000 series.
He is the son of Atlantis.
They were dressed in bronze and learning clothes and dryer restrictions on fat and washes and puzzles and decorated with a quart of wood and learning at the back.
He was confident in the end of March with his Lord Atlantis from Yuhan in Alwarhiya.

From 4,000, the importance of Roadcan.
It was deposited by the citizens of Eto.
They wear no clothes and hide in the pig itself, and the bulls and their bare safety on their cover the tower of Akhtar.
Macdato-Soon after, and Yuhu Moar Atlantis by March Alwarhiya.

They followed 1,500 because of the light.
It was brought from a farm and ground.
They wear clothes, and let bald in their buds or bowls and tremble.
Macdato-Soon after, and Yuhu Moar Atlantis by March Alwarhiya.

Behind the classification officer-1,500 Amo, and the Boanandas.
He had to build paths, bridges and fortifications to the armies because of the success of his work.
Axes, saws, fame, guilt and depression.
Also shifting equipment and guns and bullduzers to water to feed and sell the Atlantean Army through its means.
He is in the Macdato-Soon March-on the side of Lord Yuhu Moar with the Alwarhiya.

Akoro was not in jeious horsemen because the world was uneven and bad on the streets.
But he came with his horse.
Rely on a Akoro's copper coach and refers to the sun. He threw bronze, horned helmets and red pulmas and a symbol.
The sword was made of gold and silver, and his success was gold and silver.
We go to the Alwarhiya.

In the streets of the mountains there are enough people who work quickly compared to the village of Maziz-Albudia
For five years, the city traded Atlantis weapons, grains, grains, salt and gemstones to Arabian Lake-albudia, charcoal, dry fish and slaves.
The poor Earth and the big Bohaeranhon business to the North Maziz-Albudia provide limited resources and cataracts, namely the river impossible.
Most of the riches of Maziz-Albudia go to their northern Asian tribes to manage them and sell them.

It is a small safe limit and a city where the lake is protected by Mira-Alman.
When he reached the city, the defenders took many troops on the field around their army and disappointed them.
However, Mira-Alman rejects the Atlanteans as God and has its own.
The captain of the Atlantean Order, spokesman Akoro assaulted the village, invented the reign of Shanzha after a short war.
The flight sank and the women fled to the lake.
It is taken captive by the city community and its inhabitants.
300 The Arab men, the women and the children were transported from the naked in captivity.

Maziz-Albudia became a military pit, and the Ushuaia project was to build a road with the city's mountain planks.
Today in the pulpit area is in north Asia.
The people here are poor, with only rocks and baking tools.
They showed them without war, and they saw the greatest strength in the Atlantic.
Ensure that they participate in the settlement, speak without resistance and accept participation.
They have agreed to recognize Atlantis's skin, coal and turbines, and more than three people who have done some bad things to the Cypriots.

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Zachary Lewis
Zachary Lewis

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Charles Brooks
Charles Brooks

In addition, there is a person's words and circumstances, Tian Hao, his sister city, north, to serve the Atlantis Army to 100 people.
The trust returned to the fortress of Mahindon-Alburzia and changed its name to "Khusharra."

The second day the Atlas began to flee to the west and fled to the rich honey-land under the mountain known as Baishan.
It is not the people who live in the river that improve the safety of the people.
When he heard that the Atlantic Ocean was approaching the people of Alsafua, they fled the terror mountains of Baishan.
They had no time to put all their belongings with them and many left the mineral to Atlantis, a ton of copper and lots of skin and body on the scalp.
The city was looted and burned as people in Baishan left in search of pain in the mountains.

He wanted to be the people of the Atlanians of the city absent from the beginning of their village, and built a fortress called Neshana.
Members of the tribe struggle to contend with trying to cross the mountains and hordes of sheep and food and some cattle were taken before they fled to the mountains.
They crossed the mountains in the mountains of the African Chiefoms and Hooda, killing many people and taking them as slaves.
The survivors were robbed of naked, humiliated, removed from Mount Hood, and sold to the slaves of Atlantean traders from the Nanshan Road.
The slaves were exiled back to Atlantis naked and stood naked for the work of Atlantis.
Others are sold to the government of city walls in Africa, working in copper mines.
They were the Alan Cha-Guan tribes.

Aramgua's pockets are more countries in the South East of Atlantis.
The trust began working with found and the explosion will go to build a wooden boardwalk on the streets keeping their employees into tribes of Asia for a long time.
During this time, he replaced the exorcism of Atlantis and sent slaves to the city.
During this time, they established in many tribes of the old Arab and Maziz-Albudia village, found the land of the Kokism and the blast.
They took the farms left.

The road is drawn, trusting that Albudia Lake fell to the ground level and follow the road from following cataract before crossing west of the river.
There are Japanese Akhalesh on the walls of the city to change hosts and view the power of Atlantis.
Enter the city of Akhalesh and relying on Yhun invited tribal leaders.
He should pay taxes 100 fighters for armies of Atlantis as well as, to provide food for Atlantis and their victims of brass, dried fish and Atlantis.
Allow the gentle Akhalesh tribal leader demands, and Counsel did compromise the tribe Akhalesh.

He said the tribe of the Maichi regions were under the river in the north.
Rich in gold and silver, with brass, cute colors and beads, such as the Angbia and stone-stone and the areas with quartz stone.
They said that the crude oil of the region Europeans who attacked the river sometimes to capture slaves.
But there is no way to make the Atlas Army in March, because there was a small trade between the European and Japanese tribe of Akhalesh.

Shy and trusting the Akoro rested his army in Akhalesh and organized a theme for Asia to work in the construction of the road, and the land of the north of the town.
North of the Plateau of Akhalesh.
Many trees were dissolved and were built on a street that connects the Maichi regions with Kousara and Maziz-Albudia to the village of Akhalesh.
He then made the subjects and employees build ten boats with ferry deliveries to his army and build a house from one of the roads running north on the west side of the river to the east in the swamp.

When tribe of the Maichi saw the power beginning in the march North, it begins to clash with other cities in the village.
The Confederation is established within the golden rings.
This covenant with the big cascade, the scents and the tribe of Amsherwood.
The group exposed to rich, gold and silver, and amber, and gems for such things as Agaba and Onan and bronze for weapons, coaches, and property, the competent authorities learned quarts.
There are many in the fish. Farms and animals
They make the decision to lift the Atlanteans and develop a covenant to prevent them.
The group is the leader of the waterway were great, a city more in gold.
People in Europe to make the waterfalls an impressive some of the County north of the river called to complain about the water.
They wall of stone and many sails, issues which have been bought from traders in changing precious slats or shakes.
The city of Pebbles, stones are also rich, but they don't have walls this is where desert pirates of the North are performing.

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Nicholas Cook
Nicholas Cook

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Leo Adams
Leo Adams

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Andrew Martinez
Andrew Martinez

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Ayden Adams
Ayden Adams

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Nicholas Bell
Nicholas Bell

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Michael Turner
Michael Turner

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Josiah Wright
Josiah Wright

After Commander Akoro, of Atlantis, Guard of the Thunder River, Federation Guide of the Great Falls, forgotten by no one, attacked, Amsherwood brought together their numbered 1000 military organizations, a small river in the Thunder River.
The Akoro was involved in the rivers and waterfalls of the area to the east to the southwest.
In Tribesmen in Europe to bring the boat and the Atlantic fire to the skimishers before the fear.
Akoro requires small ferries to use ferries across the river.
They know that they can cause death or Europe evolved into age in the eastern part of the river to catch a boat to protect the military food there, and surround it in the area of the thugs.

At night, the elite soldiers saved the people of the Akumal and taught Japanese in the West and mountains until they were over the falls.
He missed 8 o'clock at night across the water and was dragged by the falls.
When I come to the village to forgive, he goes north to the low, long cage.
At night they gathered their feet while the scholars attacked the walls.
Three times he was thrown by a defender, and many of the Atlanteas were murdered, however, after all the people ignored and lacked the side.
Many Akumalean women are killed by survivors and those who are naked are removed and tied like dogs by the palisades of the trees.

The Dautaqomaka River in Eastern Europe has been given to Thunder River, the disaster that occurred in the evening, many of them camping, wail, and they don't know what to do.
In Europe he returned to the waterfall across the River Thunder, angry Atlanteans at risk and make them.
From there, they strengthen the city mountains and forgot the fall again.
After hearing those spooky stories in the dark Atlantic, captured three trees and Amber moved women and children to the North and the Islands, and there was no protection for walls in the Pumpkin. North Shore.

In the city of Rhayader, rich in gold, it is full of warriors dressed in bronze and have access to the river and sea thanks to the sea.
When the Atlanteans occupied the eastern half of the Crescent, which falls into the Thunder-River, they see that they can not get to sail to the fortress in the south because of the river.
But on the other hand he occupied the Crescent, which floats in the thunder of the second exchange, in the glow of the city, defenders run a big drop on their boat and Anak-Panah, the messenger of Akumal, who was shooting for people who are brought down by the river.
Many of them were killed in a short shootout before Europeans walked through the skirmishers of Atlantis.

Akoro, the commander of Atlantis, the entire army in the west, crossing the River Thunder fell from the river shrank.
His army on the north side of the river Thunder, and fell easily in front of the walled city of Atlants and nearby.
Europe has met many of its seeds and the Atlantic seeds are only Asian cities.
Deciding to win, they could not harvest seed decorations.
Atlantis was starving.

Akoro ordered the construction of racks and battering rams.
Since then the city had started.
Most of the cases, Atlanteans attacked the walls of large waterfalls and many times were banished by the courage of Dautapamak, the most powerful man in Akumal.
The Atlanteans attacked the walls, defending the cover to shoot with Europe's invaders.
After two days of fighting, Atlantis invaders were at the door.
In order to study, Datkomakku fell from his entrance, lost his soul, and hundreds fled from the north with women and children.

The village was picked up by a storm and there was a huge massacre.
They survived naked and were sent along the way to Atlantis as slaves.
They – they were naked with their return to Atlantis and a steady step in their position when they worked for the Atlantean champion.
Five tons of gold and three silver and five amber caught in a bag of a large waterfall village.
The ship was caught from the ocean in his mother or his crew managed to escape, and the crew went to Caoktity.
The amount of large grain was checked with great wealth, which was the winning conqueror.

Desperate individuals from the European tribe in Amsherwood gathered in many camps in the north and assessed their losses.
They felt the resistance impossible and sent Amososaurus, son of Akosonus, to negotiate their representation of Atlantis on a big waterfall.
They went before Budrick, a wild man from Caoktity, with whom he gave up and gave Atlantis as hostage.
It is also necessary for the inhabitants of Amsherwood to give their food to demonstrate their loyalty, money and give Amososaurus to the God of Atlantis.
In the end, it demanded that in Amsherwood, people with their twin cities will provide 220 bugs to drive the ship.
All this was agreed and 10 other European ships were handed over to Atlantis.

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Andrew Myers
Andrew Myers

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Jacob Gutierrez
Jacob Gutierrez

Thus, he believes that Akoro, the commander of Atlantis, defeated all the eastern territories of the river, with the exception of Greenwood and Africa and the Chinese kingdom of the South Lake.

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Chase Harris
Chase Harris

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Nicholas Bailey
Nicholas Bailey

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Nolan Howard
Nolan Howard

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Lincoln King
Lincoln King

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Gavin Myers
Gavin Myers

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Luis Carter
Luis Carter

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Noah Edwards
Noah Edwards

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Isaiah Brooks
Isaiah Brooks

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Landon Green
Landon Green

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Cameron Watson
Cameron Watson

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Mason Torres
Mason Torres

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Austin Edwards
Austin Edwards

Is that Mohammad (PBUH)? Because he was last prophet

Bentley Peterson
Bentley Peterson

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Dominic Young
Dominic Young

I am a messenger of the source. I brought humanity the technology to create water.

Christian Nguyen
Christian Nguyen

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Josiah Stewart
Josiah Stewart

This morning, the old system that kept humanity trapped was broken.
Please user, give it a fucking rest. Zig Forums knows there is no way out except through blood and war. I will admit that things are 'fine' for you fucking kikes, but the rest of us are going to have to slaughter our way to Life and safety.

Aaron Butler
Aaron Butler

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