Trump does it,Apple, Amazon, Google stocks taking a hit

Anti-trust lawsuits about to hit these fuckers bigtime.
Imagine being a leftist tool and not having patience trusting the plan.Zig Forums is just full of underage incels and shitskins I'll tell ya.

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have fun with government backed unregulated chinese tech companies filling the void

Their stocks will rebound. This is yet another designed underperformance.

Trump is all about defusing a situation by pretending to do something about it so whites feel like they're winning but they're not.

I'll believe it when I fucking see it m9.

chinese tech companies let you post Hitler memes

I'm not a "shitskin", I'm tanned by nature #MAGAwithDACA

I used to do that with my parents all the time, it's genius actually if I may say so myself

Trump is all about image. That's how he won the election.

Only because he's not relevant to them
but filter you for winnie the pooh or giant inflatable ducks

All prearranged to get out clean before debt usury annihilates the economy. Doing it like this and they can wash their hands clean about all the upcoming lay-offs.

I just use duck duck go. They are owned by a US company.

I used edge because the interface makes sense.

How the heck do you get fox news and the alt right media (whatever that is) to report on personal issues between you and your parents?

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i wish we had a word US cooperation bootlickers. i don't care if chink youtube is powered by chink babies, fucker.

Those Chinese kids better keep pedalling, it's the only music service that doesn't include homosexuals

smile at Indians

Good strategy.

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Remember the time Intel literally bribed manufacturers to buy from them instead of AMD when AMD was ahead in every way, and secretly modified all benchmarks (they control the compiler used for all benchmarks) so that they literally detected which CPU was being used and turned off any acceleration features present on an AMD chip? Intel paid a fraction of their monthly earnings from the scam and was set free. This isn't gonna kill the stock and if you're smart you'll buy it at this incredible, once in a lifetime discount.

No I dont remember that. I have a feeling it probably only happened in your mind.
But the good news is Intel hasnt hit its targets for the 10nm process that they expected 2 years ago. Where as AMDs new concept of producing core 'chiplets' and bonding them on to a main die really seems to work well. Even though many applications will need to change a lot underneath to make use of all of it.

Who doesn't like free money?

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This. Never forget that the Jew always wins in the end.

Not likely. When these CIA funded monopolies are broken up the web may return to its pre shit state.
Jewgle, Faceberg, and Twatter (among other less mentioned companies) all miraculously rose to extreme dominance during the Obama administration, and rumors and evidence that leaked during that time all showed that the feds were in some way funding these companies.
If you had lived before Obama, you saw the rise and fall of tons of tech companies because the only model these companies can use with the internet is inherently unprofitable.
These companies didn't buck the trend and achieve solvency, they were propped up by the kike feds and made to become the internet gatekeeping monopolies they have become.
I remember when Google was first rising, the (((media))) pushed them hard.
When MySpace was at its peak, the media was shilling Facebook like it was an actual competitor to MySpace.
Twitter, miraculously came out of no where, and remained a mostly fringe site for half a decade after it hit the scene, only having any kind of dominance after the media had shilled it for years as a bastion of free speech.
The media and the feds were all complicit in making these companies into the monolithic corporations they have become, because they needed a way to control the information on the web. As new alternatives came up, these companies were given money to buy them out. And if they didn't sell out, then the media and the corporate cartels that had grown up over time all worked to prevent these upstarts from ever gaining access to the internet as best as they could.

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I preferred my interwebs pre-myspace. But yeah, that shift to faceberg was state sponsored. I'm sure the gov thought they had a handle on it but they forgot they were dealing with fucking jews and one moment's lapse is all it takes for them to fuck you.

Indeed. Lots of fun back then, but it was inevitable we'd see a change toward catering to the plebs.

Fun days.

Preferable over ziocons.

I kinda figured it would go the opposite way because of the walled gardens like AOL failing but they steered a generation right back into it.

The art of the deal.

Lurk 2 more years

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This is also the strategy of all politicians, broadly speaking.

Hopefully google and facebook go down for good, along with all their subsidiaries.
None of the people involved in those companies should ever be allowed to work in the technology industry ever again.

Or any industry for that matter.

What search engine should you use then ?

Bing for now

I mean Bing looks better, but is DuckDuckGo really worst than Bing ? like how ? Is Bing safe ?

That's quite a good arguument, I should remember the rules of the austrians that only a state actor can create a monopoly because the free market devours inefficiency

It isn't. If you're going to use a commercial, monitored search engine, at least use something that can find interesting results like Yandex.

DDG literally uses bing.